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>noon, about to get a quick lunch, have a deadline manager has been pushing
>manager asks me and teammates if we want to get lunch with him instead
>teammate suggests quick salad place down the street
>manager interjects, “nah, I’m thinking (expensive Italian restaurant)”
>am not really feeling it but assume it is a team lunch since that is the implication
>head over, order pasta, spend about 2 hours eating while having obligatory formal conversation about weather
>waiter asks if he should bring the check
>manager says “separate checks please”
>have to pay about $50 total for appetizer and entree, plus tip, roughly half day of work post tax
>coworker gets stuck for 70 after drinks
>manager has company card he could have comped meal with

This was a few weeks ago. Manager called me into office and told me I was underperforming today, wish I was joking

Have had to work weekends pretty frequently to meet deadlines. My team also has an oncall so every few weeks I am required to carry my laptop with me 24/7 and respond to pages.

A little while ago I asked if I could take a vacation the end of this month (vacation time is maxed out) manager told me I should wait until the end of the year to meet our milestone goals

Waging is slowly taking up all of my time and mental energy, can’t even have lunch in peace sometimes. Can anyone relate?

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So find another job & stop looking for sympathy

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And then he finds a place that is the same or worse. You can't even acknowledge how shit most jobs are. Your logic is like when people say "if you hate being poor, just become rich lol".

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Fuck you neet faggot, do you think jobs grow on trees? This isn’t a pizza delivery job this is a corporate job, it’s not that easy

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You must be a replaceable tard, I do whatever I feel is important at work and take days off without notice. Have you ever taken initiative and delivered a useful project

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Apologies sir, meant to quote faggot OP


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So you don't acknowledge a shit system because you happen to find a niche? Very short sighted.

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> Faggot gets tested for leadership qualities
> Follows the crowd
> Because pointing out that he has a deadline he needs to reach so is opting for quick lunch would have been too much for pussies social anxiety
> Cries about paying for food no one said was free
Yeah no you're totally management material

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i agree with him. most wagies love immigrants and call you racist if you don't want their cheap labor fucking over the market.
y'all deserve what you get.
Either the flood continues, and we average the $2 mexican hourly wage with the american $11 an hour to get $6 an hour equilibrium, or kick them out and keep the $11.

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>apologies sir
IT Pajeet, poo in loo

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Forget the Italian place, dick move but there's no way you can bring that up without being nailed.

Mention to your boss in a confident, yet friendly way, that you're putting in unpaid overtime to complete your work and what he is going to do about it.

If he shrugs it off, ask him again immediately.

If he shrugs it off again, he doesn't respect your or fear you. You should hand in your resignation immediately.

People should never feel beholden to their employers like medieval serfs. They have no loyalty towards you, why have loyalty towards them?

Alternatively, you could try a coup with your fellow co workers. Draft up a letter detailing your manager's failings and give it to HIS boss.

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Fuck your managers wife that’ll set him straight

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You’re socially retarded if you think not attending a lunch with all your teammates wouldn’t make you look like a leper. It was implied the moment the manager forced us to go to an expensive restaurant

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*and send him a video of it, make sure your pager is going off during coitus. Extra bonus points if you say “fuck that faggot he can wait” when the pager beeps

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>People should never feel beholden to their employers like medieval serfs. They have no loyalty towards you, why have loyalty towards them?

Great advice mate, will internalize this

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you're socially retarded if you don't know how to say "I can't afford that place and I'm too busy". or "are you paying?". or recognizing that your boss is an asshole for suggesting it in the first place without offering to pay.

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oncall is dogshit, i have to do that too. makes me want to quit every time i go on call.

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>i agree with him. most wagies love immigrants and call you racist if you don't want their cheap labor fucking over the market.
What the fuck are you even blabbing about? We're not even talking about immigrants, fool. Secondly, this country would STILL be shit with 0 immigrants. Work culture wouldn't change. It isn't JUST about the money, but the actual WORK CULTURE itself.

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How much do you get paid? It’d have to be a lot to agree to abandon your plans at any time

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>are you paying?
You really are this low class and retarded huh? Stick to manual labor and unemployment

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140k salary + a good amount of stock.
Lots of folks making way less than that with way shittier on calls rotations though. my shit usually doesn't have many issues but it still sucks balls getting woken up to hear alarms going off and having to fix that shit, plus being tied to your laptop and working internet at all times.

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>sees no connection between increased supply of workers competing for fixed supply of jobs and poor work conditions
>doesn't connect the "boomers had it easy" idea with increased population
this is why wagies will always be slaved. too stupid to connect the dots, even when you're explaining the scam to them in simple terms
why would knowing how to speak English mean I'm in manual labor? i've worked in huge corporations too. We were "on call" but I never took any of that BS and my coworkers did it lol. i have enough skills the bossman couldn't do shit about it.

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That sucks. I’d ask for like $20k more to be on call but I’m a frontend fag so nothing I do really matters

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Word where are you working at, FAANG?

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then you should have ordered cheap off the menu wagie. even when my meal is comped by the company, i don't go out and order steak and lobster. take an inch, not a mile. now get back in your cagie wagie.

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Again, retard. I get immigrants can act as competition if they happen to go into your field. What you don't get is this goes beyond money, you utter brainlet. This has to do with shitty work culture mostly.

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I don't want to reveal the exact company but it is not FAANG. We are primarily an API company that has gone public within the past couple years, headquartered in SFO. I live in Colorado though so my salary is pretty comfy.

Yeah I really shouldn't complain because the $ + stock is good for my area. Although I'd much more like to just maintain libraries or desktop applications than maintain services so I could avoid the on call...

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>it's only money that changes
If there are fewer people that could replace you in your job, and they'll have to pay just as much, then why would they treat you like shit?
Do you remember how padded boomer pension plans were when there was no shitskins?
of course not, you were born in this hell and think its normal.

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>boss buys me lunch
>he's from another division so I don't know him that well
>order $2 more than everyone
>get funny looks

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You have no social finesse and are legitimately low iq if you think I was talking about knowing how to speak English

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and you have no social skills if you don't know how to get information with a "joke". Or phrase it more politely if you want.
But you are truly cucked if you think the correct response of bossman asking you to go to a $70 lunch is to bend over and take it in the ass because you're afraid of saying anything.
god damn why do i have to explain this shit? you're fucking dumbass that's why you're stuck in your position and deserve it.

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Why do you keep calling him “boss man”? Makes you sound like a literal middle aged faggot. The implication was that he was paying for the meal, and to have asked to verify this would have been disrespectful and a social faux pas. I won’t be getting lunch with him after this unless it’s explicit, I made the post because most people who have worked in this environment understand how inappropriate the situation is from the employees perspective. There is no doubt in my mind you have never and will never work in a 6 figure job

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you're the one who is whining on 4channel about getting cucked by your boss.
either take the good advice, and learn not to be a little bitch, or shut the fuck up.
You should be paying me for this, but instead you're rejecting the advice and thinking you have "social finesse" because you take it in the ass.
You might as well sell yourself on grindr, it's going to pay a lot more than what you're doing now and be just as humiliating

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It was a joke you brain dead buttsex lover I'm white and I design hardware

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Would not take advice from an unemployed knuckle dragger, for real though would put a large sum of money on you having an iq below 100. Do you look for a bossman on grindr?

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>The implication was that he was paying for the meal, and to have asked to verify this would have been disrespectful and a social faux pas.
This is very reasonable imo; fuck your boomer boss. He should've sprung for it or suggested a cheaper restaurant.

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There is no universal "corporate system". Skilled people can just go work at a smaller company if their situation becomes too much like the movie office space.

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you would bet a large amount of money because you are a moron. i make $90k in a low cost of living area.
you obviously don't know your boss that well, and if he's never paid for your lunch before, and suddenly asks you to go some place expensive, that's weird. But I won't argue that you don't have the requisite IQ to figure that out for yourself. To you it will always be a mystery how to act in the office.

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Dude trades lmao

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K fag I make more than you lol

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How much tho. Must be like 92k

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good for you. i left corporate because it was stupid and only paid slightly more. you should do the same if you're really making that much.
but i really don't know anyone who makes $100k and is seething for paying $50 at lunch

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Good amount over 100k with stocks

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>it was stupid
That’s why you live in a shithole and make little more than min wage bro, because you didn’t and will never understand corporations and human psychology

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No one cares that you had to pay for lunch at Olive garden one day , it only shows why you should kill them , but you won't.

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proud of you little guy

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>dude I'm rich trust me lmao
>dude fuck my boss made me pay $50 for lunch once dae relate!?!
you must be older than 18 to post here, kiddo

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Yeah, no, you're socially retarded or a literal roastie if you can't say "Sorry guys, I got shit to get down by X o clock". You clearly have the self esteem of a roastie OMG the girls are gonna talk bad about me if I don't go to the bathroom with them!
> t. Manager

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Lol if you think a 6 figure salary is rich
Thanks underpaid EE pajeet

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> t. Starbucks manager

>> No.15283921

> Thinking about Starbucks
Other companies exist beyond Starbucks and Netflix roastie

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>15 posts by this underage
you done?

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Just take like office items or something, I dont know what company you workin for. There is plenty of stuff to take where I work.
All hypothetical of course.

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That's right, you aren't a proper employee unless you can't get into your garage for all the items you've stolen from work

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Literally this. I have a $15K ViaSpring mattress as well an 65in 4k LG OLED TV, and leather theatre recliners, simply because they fell off trucks. Not to mention things I've sold including several kayaks, a high end telescope, and a few lower class TVs. Logistics is fantastic work for this.

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This. Except find another job, before you hand in your resignation.

You don't want to start an extended period of unemployment, or be forced to take a crappy job, just to pay the bills.

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Nah, after reading his posts, he's a spineless beta; OP is literally a fag. He's crying on 4chan about paying for a lunch he should have turned down in the first place. No hope for him.

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fucking underage faggot

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Saying "are you paying?" is obviously socially retarded. There are better ways to ask that question.

But making an excuse like "Sorry, I've got a deadline, but maybe next time", makes you sound hard-working and conscientious. The lunch was voluntary - and if it wasn't, then your boss is a terrible manager, and is likely to lose his job.

You can totally say "no", to all of that.

The problem is, are you replaceable? If you're replaceable, then if you say "no", they'll probably fire you at the nearest opportunity. If you're indispensable to the company, then they can't do anything to you, regardless of how many deadlines you miss, or lunches you refuse.

Of course, if you're replaceable, they're probably going to eventually get rid of you, regardless. Maybe because of some bullshit sexual harassment complaint, or office politics, or something.

Don't be replaceable.

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The problem isn’t saying no to the lunch, in fact if I had known I would have had to pay I would have declined, but here is how things transgressed:

>was asked by co worker to get lunch -> agreed
>manager asked to have lunch with us -> agreed
>he invited rest of team including interns -> agreed
>he told us where we were eating

Here is where it gets hairy. I think most people in this position would agree there is an implicit idea that he would be comping the meal, especially in my field and at this specific company. In fact my co worker was as confused as I was afterwards.

There was no need to ask if he was paying, or to try to think of a reason to not get lunch, because it was just understood he would be paying. It’s not really even about the money, more just the weirdness of the situation since it would have been super easy and justifiable for him to comp the meal.

Have sex, dilate, seethe

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> Completely switches position and story after being confirmed underage roastie

>> No.15284313

So what if I’m a girl? Girls can’t have jobs?

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That kind of socially awkward stuff happens all the time. You're supposed to just speak up, and say "no". Don't you have friends? Plans often change, as you incorporate more people into them. If you don't like the changes, you politely bow out.

>more just the weirdness of the situation since it would have been super easy and justifiable for him to comp the meal.
Think about his position.

>Want to go to lunch
>Also wants to go to an expensive Italian place
>He can invite nobody, or just his favorite couple people, or everybody
>Doesn't necessarily want to go alone
>Doesn't really want to show favoritism, and only invite the people he likes (if he did, people might complain)
>Figures he'll invite everyone, and see who wants to go
>Lots of people come along
>Why would he pay for them - it's their meal, and it's he never mandated attendance, or anything
>Plus, they didn't primarily discuss work stuff, so it's not probably not taxi-deductible, and corporate won't let him pay for it with his corporate credit card

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OP, most people on this board are too autistic to realize how relationships work let alone manager/employee dynamics. 80% of the posters in this thread are larping NEETs.
Fuck your boss he’s a faggot.
I’d begin looking for other employment as quick as possible. It may not be easy, but assuming you were hired on merit it should be at least possible within a year.

You’ve clearly never worked a job. When someone higher up than you invites you to a high-end place, it’s directly assumed they will pay, especially if they have a corporate card they can use. If they didn’t want to pay they could’ve just gone alone/eaten alone like everyone else fucking does. Seriously, get a job.

>> No.15284363

Well no but it just explains why you think you couldn't have just said 'No thanks, I've got a deadline and don't have the time for a sit down place today, appreciate the offer though man, maybe next time.' Without becoming in your own words a 'social leper'. The only advice anyone can give you is to stop thinking like a woman.

>> No.15284396

>You’ve clearly never worked a job.
Ok, lol. Nobody but you has a job.

>When someone higher up than you invites you to a high-end place, it’s directly assumed they will pay, especially if they have a corporate card they can use.
No it's not. I've gone out to lunch with superiors several times, and they haven't paid. In fact, I don't think I've ever had corporate buy me a restaurant lunch. (They often order take-out, and various other stuff, but that doesn't count).

And lunches generally aren't tax-deductible, unless you discuss work-related issues for >50% of the time. So paying with a corporate card would have been effectively illegal, unless you guys discussed work.

His only actual option would have been paying himself.

>> No.15284397

>>he told us where we were eating
Just tell him you don't like that place or some other bullshit. Don't you know how to power talk?

>> No.15284420

>This isn't a pizza delivery job
It's even worse if you deal with all this while only making ~$100 a day.

>> No.15284457

Such a dumb fuck seriously how do you brainlets exist. The fact that he picked the place was part of the reason it was inferred he would pay. That’s why no one objected

>stop thinking like a woman, men don’t get lunch with their coworkers they eat alone like social rejects just like I did in high school

You’re really reaching here buddy. He could have paid with a corporate card and charged it to the team’s budget. No tax implications, company would have just seen it as a team lunch which is totally common for decent companies that value their employees. Really says something about you that you’ve never had a corporate comped meal btw

>> No.15284488

No you dumb fucking roastie, men get their jobs done and not worry about what will be said about them for missing a lunch because they know the quality of their work is what matters. Only a stupid fucking roastie would think anyone in management thinks like this
> Oh anon always meets his deadlines
> Our customers all love them too!
>....but that one time I asked them to join us for a lunch they declined

>> No.15284525

One day you will understand that charisma is on the same level as output, until then dilate

>> No.15284549

Sure thing roastie, and you just lack tbe charisma to even say 'Sorry I don't have the time for a sit down place.' It's faggots and roasties and larpers that push your idiocy you're spewing.

>> No.15284558

>He could have paid with a corporate card and charged it to the team’s budget. No tax implications, company would have just seen it as a team lunch which is totally common for decent companies that value their employees.
Illegal. He probably could have gotten away with it, but is it worth risking his job, and IRS trouble?

>Really says something about you that you’ve never had a corporate comped meal btw
I used to have a corporate credit card. So no, it doesn't.

>> No.15284609

Wrong, there are no tax implications of using the card. They buy snacks and charge those to the same account regularly. It’s literally just spending company money on employees, like how google pays for meals and offers on site services for free. You’re a retard!

>> No.15284635

I tell my coworkers to piss off when they ask me to lunch. That’s what you get for trying to get gibs from your boss.

>> No.15284663

>makes 24,000 a year at $100 a day
Tell McManager to fuck off and find a new job.

>> No.15284683

nigga i make 85k and i get mad about 20$ lunches with my coworker since you only get shitty carbs for that price meanwhile i could eat a nice steak at home for that price.

>> No.15284686

You don't understand taxes. They can buy small amount of snacks, or offer on-site "shift meals". They can't take a bunch of employees out to lunch, without losing their deduction.

>P.L. 115-97 changed the rules for the deduction of food or beverage expenses that are excludable from employee
income as a de minimis fringe benefit. For amounts incurred or paid after 2017, the 50% limit on deductions for food or beverage expenses also applies to food or beverage expenses excludable from employee income as a de minimis fringe benefit. While your business deduction may be limited, the rules that allow you to exclude certain de minimis meals and meals on your business premises from your employee's wages still apply

>> No.15284701

>OP states that $50 is half of what you make.in a day
>this post claims you make several times more than that
Which is it?

>> No.15284703

lmao at least most people in manual labor make more than your sorry ass. $100 a day, the fuck? you make like 10 bucks an hour or something? I make that much flipping fucking burgers and shitposting about crypto. god, it's good to see an actual thread that isn't just "1 post by this ID".

>> No.15284718

Friendly reminder that entrée literally means entrance/entry in French and refers to the first dish, before the main dish

>> No.15284731

You are really going to die on this hill? They are not taking a deduction on the food or beverages, they are just straight up spending money on it. This is a moot point, did you really just spend like 20 minutes finding tax law on google lol

>> No.15284751

The latter

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there's different waging levels my fren. you picked a shitty one. here's my waggie day:

- 7 A.M wake up and get out of bed. Can come into work between 8 and 9.
- Do 30 minutes of meditation, wake up well, have a nice meal if I want to.
- Bike to work its 20 minutes or drive with my car its 5 minutes.
- Arive usually around 8:30
- first 30 minutes, do nothing wait for everyone to arrive
- Allrite guys time to do some none stressful data management
- No real deadlines, no stress.
- work an hour, shitpost half an hour x repeat till midday.
- Midday arrives, we have a half hour break, but we all take an hour break.
- work an hour shitpost an hour continued.
- 8 hours have passed. Time to go home. Completely relax and not stressed.
- I am so glad I left my stressful devops programmer job with deadlines for this. I even get paid more.
- Drive home with bike or car
- Meditate and eat

wagin isn't so bad

still going to quit in a year and go on benifits tho.

>> No.15284801


They legally can't refuse or cap your days off. Just take them all at once and look for a better job.

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Jesus Christ that sounds really curious desu.

I dont care when my Team or several coworkers are going to dinner together. I tell them straight i dont come.
Break times and free time are my own time where i want to rest from these bonobos.
I dont care for their problems , their stacy who betrayed on them or their brute who attended school last week. Fuck off mates gimme a break.

I already see you apes enough 8.5 hours a day monday to friday why the fuck would i waste my free time on you?

I once went out with them and ended up spending 12 Euros for 2 glasses of coke (250ml) also the waiter expected fucking tip from me and im glad i've given nothing fucking head choppers ...since then im not doing anything with them.

I dont care if they talk about me on my back i got like 40k€ saved up this year and next year it'll hit 100k€ . Am 26yo (not a virgin) so have sex dont count for me anymore

They laugh at me? I laugh at their bank account and their npc'ness when they pay my dividends

>> No.15284807

>Being so cucked he doesn't understand why it was easier for our parents and grandparents
Keep on importing them.

>> No.15284831

laughing at howmuch money someone has is super npc tier.

saving money is also super npc tier. atleast save crypto or valuable assets, money is fucking worthless.

>> No.15284837

>Lol if you think a 6 figure salary is rich
I only make 60k and lol at you for crying about $50. Though otherwise I agree with you on principal

>> No.15284843

Fair, was just trying to shit on the poster I was replying to

>> No.15284862

$50 “expensive”

>> No.15284866


You're going to end up with your manager's cock in your ass if you keep up this pussified behavior. The job market is a jungle warzone so either keep up or become a happy and loving house mother.

You wanted this arbeit macht frei bullshit, you deal with it.

>> No.15284880

Dude, everybody knows this. I just had to google the specific law.

>They are not taking a deduction on the food or beverages, they are just straight up spending money on it.
Do you not know what "deductions" are? Corporations don't spend money on stuff they can't deduct.

If they couldn't deduct anything, they'd pay corporate income taxes on all of their revenue, and they'd all go bankrupt.

>> No.15284882


More than half of my portfolio is in stocks bonds and etfs. Mostly in dividend stocks
5% is in crypto which is perfect for me.
7% in precious metals
rest is invested in Top mentioned stuff

>> No.15284887

Why did you lie initially then?

>> No.15284904

so? find an other job or open a company
why the hell you are still wagecucking for them?

>> No.15284905

alright. but then you should still know that material wealth is as good as worthless in the grand scheme of things.

>> No.15284907

>Can anyone relate?

No, because i'm not a fucking slave.

I work for an insurance company but basically i work the hours i want (i just have to start between 7:00 am and 11:00), i eat where and when i want, i don't suck anyone's dick, and when my day is over, it's over (no overwork).

You're just a faggot and you should learn to say no and be ready to leave if your expectation are not met.

>> No.15284935

>companies don’t spend money on stuff they can’t deduct
>profits can’t be spent

Damn I’ve never blown someone out so hard in my entire life my cock is stone right now

Exaggeration for story effect

>> No.15284941

Na I will stick to making more money than you and using you to vent cuck. Dance for me puppet

>> No.15284948

>profits can’t be spent
They don't spend profits on employees. Why would they?

>> No.15284957

To retain talent brainlet

>> No.15284968

I said "profits".

They can retain talent through other incentives, that ARE tax-deductible. Like bonuses, salaries, and other perks.

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Lemao working for someone is so fucking gay and for niggers. I started my own business a few years ago and guess what, it’s fucking awesome, I work like two hours a day and play wow for 10, stop being a good goy for shekelstein.

>> No.15284976

>Lol if you think a 6 figure salary is rich
It is, you are just an entitled cuck, disconnected from reality.

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Lmao watching wagies fight each other is so fucking funny. Wagies are such fucking human garbage, literally worse than niggers. You’re both arguing over who’s the best goy and which slave job is better.

>> No.15284987

They can also spend profits to buy them things which are not tax deductible, like lunch

>> No.15284989

Lmao projecting wagie scum, shekelstein would be proud.

>> No.15284991

You can say no bro imma lunch by myself. You not standing up for yourself is the whole reason your wagecucking anyway.

>> No.15284994

Keep dancing for me puppet

>> No.15285005

Bending over backwards for other people is not charisma. It's being someone else's bitch.

>> No.15285019

>26 posts by this ID
get off /biz/ OP

>> No.15285055
File: 2.06 MB, 624x335, E78AB309-04B3-4D9B-BCCD-F4816697E81B.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is what you do
>anon we’re all going to lunch we want you, actually expect you to go
>walk up to him, your face should be no less than two inches from his face
>talk in a high pitch joker like voice
>”hey goldberg, maybe shine my dick off before you go deep in your asshole, no I’m kidding but srsly you look like you take nigger dicks on the daily”
>look around to make sure everyone is watching, if Stacy is watching it’s even better
>”JAYKAY means just joking haha no I won’t be going Greenberg, if you ask me again while I’m fucking browsing the web I’ll show you how curb stomping niggers works but for real.”
>slap his shoulder hard at this point
>Stacy should be dripping wet at this point and the cucks you work with will be shaking
>yell loudly
>go back to your office and problem should solve itself
You’re welcome

>> No.15285064

T. Projecting wagie

>> No.15285069

I only make 38k, an average entry level salary in western Europe. Fucking retarded amerifats trying to claim 100k is not much

>> No.15285076

Seethe and dilate

T. Incel

>> No.15285089

You can shoot yourself in the foot.

Of course, nobody does that. Why would they?

>> No.15285101
File: 764 KB, 820x752, FAE4C3A1-9CCF-4253-AAC3-1EB87BB285D6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wagie cope is so delicious, shekelberg must make you clean his asshole so well at work for you to respond to my posts like this. Keep going anon, wagie nigger cope is like freshly minted bitcoin to me.

>> No.15285119


>> No.15285125


>> No.15285218

I am an Afro-American man working in corporate. I would smash your face to pulp if you ever said that in front of me.

>> No.15285234
File: 9 KB, 240x240, 1530119977797s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You failed the beta cuck test, sorry

This is what you should have done:

>Sorry Manager, but as you know we need to deliver this project to the customer
>I suggest we go to the salad place to make things moreoptimized
>But if you want, we can do takeaway and still eat at the office together from both places(shows you know how to get everyone something in a negotiation)
>Oh that's a great idea anon, you show some true project management skills here
---- time pass ----
>Great idea that that we should take a shorter lunch today, I see you already are making good progress
>Why don't you take some vacation now when you are on track, with your new focus on the project I am sure you will make it in time

Your'e welcome

>> No.15285236

You're a loser and your boss doesn't respect you. You faggot dorks and your sleazy taskmasters really deserve each other. Working for someone else is a tacit admission that you don't believe your skills in an actual free market are worth what a corporate hire can pay you. Until that changes, expect to be raped every day as your boss nickel and dimes your self respect until it's gone. He's gotten in your head and he loves it. Hope the 140 is worth it you absolute goblin.

>> No.15285249
File: 209 KB, 1334x750, 1565923945581.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I a wagecuck if I work security and it's just me "guarding" a parking lot from 2200-0500 by myself?
Only weird thing that happened was that there were 6 hogs in the parking lot just now.

>> No.15285271
File: 89 KB, 750x413, 073A9744-C8AC-49E6-94E4-33E2634BD664.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lol nigger you’d try then end up in jail getting raped by other aids niggers HAHAHAHAHA

>> No.15285408

OP play this shit like chess, I've done it before ...

First already start looking for an other job, it can't be this bad like you have it now.

Next do you overtime but actually don't do anything (just be logged in). Now you get extra pay.

Lastly don't reach the deadline (but make sure it looks like it isn't your fault). Your boss job will be on the line.

>> No.15285418

Don't treat upper management as people - they sure as hell don't treat you as one.

>> No.15285434

Lol, whatever you bring in - is a must and comes with the job, wagie. Boss wants results - not your work hours. It's not a communism, fucking red shit stain faggot. Do your fucking job.

>> No.15286168
File: 482 KB, 1203x1447, 1534903386229.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah this. Especially once you said how much you earned. In corporate america, when your boss invites you (and even worse the whole team) to lunch, the boss is paying. Then again, to make 140k+ and complain about a $50 lunch, eh, kinda whiny. Personally, I would just ask every single time I'm invited if I have to pay after this.

>> No.15286232
File: 379 KB, 588x870, From iPhone 740.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Makes over 100k + stocks
>$50 is half days work after tax
Back when i was a wagecuck, 75k was about $210 per day, after tax. OP is a poorfag hahahaha Protip: the manager at mcdonalds isn't gonna buy lunch for the afternoon shift.

>> No.15286283

Not everyone can be part of the bourgeoisie class.

>> No.15286308

I be looking for a better job lol there are greener pastures out there. You are getting raped lol.

>> No.15286312

Die nigger

>> No.15286319

>Waging is slowly taking up all of my time and mental energy
>manager told me I should wait until the end of the year

you do know you have the right to a vacation, within a month of applying for it? that is if you read the contract and made sure it was put in there since its the norm.

>> No.15286352

this shit pisses me off. i swear boomers are completely class blind. they think everyone is as rich as they are. can't eait until these fucks get into the rest homes and get abused by somali immigrants.

>> No.15286388

>Wagies are such fucking human garbage
This from a fucking NEET lol

>> No.15286422

I would have also assumed the manager would pay. Also, confirmed large percentage of social retards on this board.

>> No.15286437

>corporate job
what kinda shit corp you working at where a manager takes you out for lunch and doesnt even pick up the tab?

>> No.15286562
File: 54 KB, 355x355, neo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Is this america?

>> No.15286701

Buy a gun and teach em goof

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