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you are gobbling up as much Cruzbit as people are willing to sell right now. absolutely the best buy in the space right now, with zero risk of losing your ass short mid or long. 5x if we have a good month or two. much higher if things go as planned. mine it, but chads will start buying soon.

screencap this.

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Based & qtrade pilled

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What's special about this project?

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It's a simpler btc. Coded from scratch - not a fork. Current mcap is around $140k

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see breadcrumb thread from earlier today. big things incoming. i'm going dark for a bit, but chatter is starting. ciao.

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Is this on idex?

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qtrade. looks like someone wants to begin the whale process. 1 BTC order just went up. people will start getting itchy soon. this is fresh territory. do not graze over this as being "just another bitcoin clone" (the only FUD i have heard so far) people will build on this. do not ask me how i know. pool is up as of today, btw, for any miners. okay. good luck.

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How do you feel about SNOW OP?

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Build on this? how? It doesn't have smart contracts.

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snow is quite difficult to work with, and a dev who is busy outside developing it. cruz is the opposite. v simple.


final few weeks to nestle yourself in the top 20 with some extra for inflation. http://cruzplorer.bergbau.pw/?type=holders

kk. lates.

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>final few weeks to nestle yourself in the top 20 with some extra for inflation. http://cruzplorer.bergbau.pw/?type=holders
What are you talking about? The whitepaper clearly states:

"I designed cruzbit to function as a store of value and a transaction base layer. I think it makes sense for any base layer to be as simple and basic as possible."

No smart contract capabilities, just an accounting base layer.

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since i can't sleep, i'll just leave you with :

what does this remind you of?

there are enough shitty smart contract "muh disruption everything" bullshit out there. read. between. the. lines, dummy.

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OK, then please enlighten me. It is a simplified Bitcoin, but no one "builds on" BTC. Well, except for Blockstream.

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