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How the fuck could LINK reach 1000$?

That would require insane adoption, market cap, etc.

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You have to go back, seriously. Get out while you’re still sane.

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By just winning Anon. By just winning

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*$700,000 transfer intensifies*

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It won’t. It’s a meme. In 10 years the price will be under $10 guaranteed

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If sergeys steamy dumps support a number of big nodes to help supply all the potential demand. Imagine how many nodes there need to be. 700k increments makes sense. 1000 eoy gauranteed. God is coming to save us

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>Market cap
Oof, get your money out while you can, for your own sake, your brain is nonexistent

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>he doesnt blow

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The simple answer is it can't. Not in our lifetimes at least.

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When usd is hyper inflated 1000x(yes, the right amount of zeros)

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>adoption, market cap
Just add "fundamentals" and your have the full plebbit trifecta of "words retards use when they have no understanding but are trying to seem knowledgeable"

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It's a meme, you dip.

It'll reach $100 max, more likely $25

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This, I understand the FUDders now, they're just trying to keep people from falling down the rabbit hole.

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No it wouldn’t you faggot. Go back to plebbit you cocksucker. We don’t need your FUD here on biz.

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Even if we account for all circulating supply that would only be a 350b or so mcap for $1000. Consider that Ripple (a shitcoin) reached basically 150b in 2017. The golden bull run will make 2017 seem like a drop in the bucket.

Long term, staking could mean that link is $1000 with a mcap less than 350b.
This is all the spoonfeeding you get today newfag.

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>circulating supply that would only be a 350b or so mcap for $1000.
youre braindead if you dont think sergey would dumb a fat 350m on your asses if link ever went near $100.

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Link is a shitcoin and it's going to 0
say it with me, kids!

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Here's the joke.. it never will

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No retard, link will be lucky if it hits $10

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>he thinks sergey owns all 350m tokens

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$1000 EOY is FUD

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It won't OP

congratulations you are showing signs of brain, keep it up and you might actually make it one day

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Link would hit a price of over $10,000/token at max supply with 0.1% of the derivatives market, in which they're slated to be the only crypto player.

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>Fundamentals are Reddit
>TA is 4chan
Why are you taking pride in being retarded?

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It will go over 100k$ fag. 1k is fud made to scare nulinkers

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>The golden bull run will make 2017 seem like a drop in the bucket

There won't be another golden bull run. Last one happened only because normies got in. Now they're out and won't touch cryptos ever again

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why didn't you sell anon

you done goofed

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$1000 eoy is fud

the actual price is $10k

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ISDA you retard. Look into derivatives and insurance.

The funny thing is 1k is the conservative estimate, the "insane adoption" estimate is over 10k per token.

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