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It's actually MEANT to be MONEY. It has a TARGET. This is not some worthless DAG token for a platform that is competing with 100 other useless and userless projects. You have been warned.

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They have a former SEC commissioner is on their advisory board.

Early stage investors include Coinbase Ventures, Peter Thiel, Sam Altman, Digital Currency Group, Crypto Lotus, Refactor Capital, Jack Selby(Paypal founder), Distributed Global and many more.

Mobile app released next month and they are testing it a hyperinflationary environment.

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I have my 1.8 million, trying to stop at suffiecentcy because this is extra risky, it’s 1000x or 0

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In any bull run people will flock to this shit. It's not so much risky, it's just not super obvious when it will pop.

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Good project but volume is crappy. I'll let it pass for now.

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>I'll let it pass for now.
Good strategy. Wait until it's expensive.

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it has way better daily trading volume than 90% of the shitcoin pnd's that are being shilled on this board right now.

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>muh bull run
every pnd shitcoin that's been shilled on biz has bagholders saying the same shit.
>in a bullrun people will flock to this shit.
alt fags don't fucking get it... when it's time, we'll jump into the right coin. it's probably not gonna be yours though

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People haven't realized yet that stablecoins will lead the next bull run. Their market caps will make the current aggregate market cap of all crypto look like a joke.

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