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Where my fucking boys at?

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i got that rsr good sir

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Poorfag here, just holding 200k. Will buy another 80k tomorrow. Still probably not gonna make it.

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still here with my million RSR holding comfy

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Reporting in

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Remove Hannah and add
Coinbase Ventures and Sam Altman on this list somewhere
Maybe add Nevin

Corporal, it depends. Do you want to get promoted to Sergeant? If so, keep stacking.

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Everyone needs to get at least 25 million for a comfy suicide stack.

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Sergeant major
Hope we'll see a little gains before school starts

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Top 100... PAMP EET

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Wtf you rich ass MFs
Im approaching 5M and i though i was gonna make it

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Lol if you have 25 mil and this thing tanks, it will be your suicide stack.

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Stay poor.

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>Coinbase Ventures and Sam Altman on this list somewhere

Do as he says anon

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