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Where does it stop ? im so scared right now. please help

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>btc drops 700$ over a few hours
>why is chainlink getting wrecked??
are you retarded or just terrible at fudding?

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link is up 2.3% in satoshis

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May I direct your attention to literally every other coin

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do you think i give a shit about any other coin ? LINK is getting facked

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Its currently sitting at 2.30 and it was at 2.50 its a few pennies difference who gives a sh

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Your mother

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what does link even have left to wait for anymore? They used to promise it would moon when mainnet came out, then it was with coinbase adoption, then it was google partneships, what's fucking left for them to shill link with?

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Widespread adoption in five years. Sorry, moonboys.

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first time?

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