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for me, it's thrice a month.

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got banned for life fudding link. All-in with a 4chan pass now

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Yeah about the same.

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Probably twice a month. Jannies havent been banning me much lately

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It's when I use a racial epithet. Which is quite often.

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Bout once a month

Last one was for asking what does it feel like

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tfw get banned all the time for feelsposting
why do they bully me
janny is a bully boy

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top lel

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I recently moved into a new apartment. got my internet connected and when I tried to post on 4chins it said Im banned for cheese pizza. what the fuck. this is a big mainstream provider in a first world country. I swear I dindunuffin

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Got rangebanned on isp now im posting on the other. How many of you here know how to ban evade? Dont tell me you wait out the bans like a cuck

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i lock myself in my cage and try to post to comments all the time

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About t-
Oh no no... Heh, not today janny.

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