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I'm going to have a heart attack

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How many do I need to make it anon? I have 156.

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What, you’re not fine with $1,560,000?

>> No.15240845

Why? Coinbase listing was way bigger

>> No.15240863

ooh, sorry you need 157 to make it :(

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this is nothing you fucking nulinker scum you're so fucking new if this gives you a heart attack you wouldn't have survived coinbase barely a fucking month ago

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Go to the hospital fren

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I have 26 link bro will i make it

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You need at least 10k Link to make it. 1K might buy you a house in a few years but you will still wagecuck.

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I have 20001 LINK and I keep them all on goybase will I make it

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If I kept my shit on coinbase I would have sold the top. Laziness kept me poor

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keep holding anon.

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>might buy you a house
I'd be happy with that anon. Would be nice to have a small place in the country side. Hope you make it big and can drive past it someday in your nice sports car. I'll wave and say:
> "there goes that anon, at least we all got our own slice of heaven."

A man can dream, a man can dream.

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