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If you cannot discern for yourself what is a Pajeet scam and what is a genuine investment/trading opportunity, I doubt that flags will help your retardation anyway.
So stop clogging up /biz/ with your autistic spam you fucking shitty incel rapist misogynist pajeet cunts
I'll fucking kill you

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show flag

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flags are necessary you racist piece of shit

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....is SENT legit ? Am newfag from reddit I use /s very often cuz I'm scared of getting downvoted by NPCs.

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SENT is good, buy now or stay poor

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Biz needs flags

Pajeet scam

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>stay poor
>t. Ranjesh Kapor Patel

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I'll cum on your fucking face, and STILL not be gay.

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Is RSR a pajeet scam good sir ?

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t.Jamal Mutt Anderson

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Post a picture of your hand with timestamp

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What about a picture of your mom chocking on my dick?

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OP here, this is now a thread about exposing Pajeets.

Also, invest long-term in top 20, trade everything else only to grow your position in your actual long-term holds. Read a book or something, J├Ęsus.

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Scam of the month

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WELL said, fat britfucks and lazy ameritards cant tell the difference

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-actual energy resources that can be measured

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RIP benny harvey. miss you big man. gone but not forgotten.

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Post a photo of your hand op.

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