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Last night there were big sells around 2300 vitaliks, but now they've been moved up to 4000 vitaliks.

In other words, SENT will do a run up from 2500 vits to 4000 vits very soon. If you're not buying at these prices, you're going to miss out on 60% profit today

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Why in the fuck would I buy into a 140ETH sell wall when there’s not enough liquidity for even 5 people to take profits

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This is the pajeet secret, the so call huge gain is only a small volumn. They buy like half an eth, not even worth my time to hit the market buy.

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sent has the highest volume on IDEX, what are you smoking
idex is a legit exchange with no wash trading like kucoin/bibox or any of the other scam chink exchanges

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Fully agree OP

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Big market buys today on IDEX up to 4000 vits. Back to #1 in volume. 100 sats next.

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Yes, it has the highest volume on idex, but how do you not see what I’m talking about? Let’s say I wanted to dump 20 ETH worth of SENT. Take a look at the order books, I’d have tons of slippage and I’m only a single seller. Once this actually pumps a decent amount , only a handful of people will actually be able to realize profits

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nobodys selling you nonce, only buying

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It’s so obvious what you pajeets are doing. You set sell orders on the way up so that by the time it’s pumped you’ve already sold all your bags

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Let's be fair, you have no idea of SENT has real users. Users on any network can easily be faked, and it unfortunately happens all the time in the tech world.

And SENT going to "low" volume is an understatement. It was completely dead, a few thousand in bot trades a day. Nothing has changed fundamentally about the project as far as I can tell. The only thing that changed is that on July 11th a shill army came to /biz/, Reddit, and a number of other crypto forums and started scheming people into putting money in. It was OBVIOUSLY coordinated, you'd have to be a total brainlet to not understand that.

Whether or not SENT is a real project I don't even care, the use case is paltry. It has no long term chance at survival, and the recent price action absolutely STINKING of PnD doesn't help it in my eyes.

That plus the volume is still embarrassingly low. Any real money in will be hard to get out if this price action continues at this amount of volume. The real fear is that volume dies off and you're literally stuck for another 2 years with not even being able to sell. That opportunity cost is high because you will, in the meantime, miss out on plenty of solid tokens & coins continuing their upwards trajectory.

Anyway, you do you, but for me the SENT risks vastly outweigh the potential rewards, and not being able to put in more than $1,000 or so without worrying about if I'll get my money back even after a pump makes it multiple levels beneath my stack grade.

Good luck to those of you chasing the pump, I hope you come out on top, but for me this is a hard pass.

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Is 1 million SENT enough to make it?

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>nobody’s selling , only buying

You do realize you stupid faggot that in order for someone to buy, somebody else has to sell

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those are sell walls put there to stabilise the price you retard. people are market buying SENT

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Not to mention, SENT only has an ETH pairing which means by buying SENT I would essentially be exposing myself to ETH and becoming an ETH bag holder. I’d rather die than have eth in my portfolio

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That's actually a quality analysis of the liquidity side, thanks anon.

I still bought into it (in early spring when it was first shilled, so solid profits on the books) and disagree. For why, it will do a token swap in the near future. After the swap, I believe it will come to KuCoin and other exchanges - but that is a bet, of course.

In the current climate, you should NOT buy any of /biz' "gems", be it VIDT, LIT, or SENT if you don't think we'll see a lot better volume in the coming months. Or if you buy, go in with small positions.

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>I’d rather die than have eth in my portfolio
Good old school of FOMO: buy after everyone is buying, sell after everyone.

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They weren't moved, they were bought out.


>the use case is paltry

Okay, until this point you almost had a point.

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i realised that after posting the OP lol

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What an idiot. In Q4 Sentinel hub mainnet is coming, bringing the privacy hub to Cosmos ecosystem.

I hate idiots like you that think you are very intelligent giving advice here, where in reality you are an uninformed poor idiot.

Idiots that listen to idiots like you will remain poor waiting for their pension to move to morocco or thailand to get a young girl and live their dream life there as a total losers and scum of the world

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God these pajeets just won’t give up. That’s it, I officially want flags now.

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