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Early stage investors include Coinbase Ventures, Peter Thiel, Sam Altman, Digital Currency Group, Crypto Lotus, Refactor Capital, Jack Selby(Paypal founder), Distributed Global and many more. Mobile app released next month.

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RSR is a garbage scam shilled by smelly indians on this board. Buy a real chad coin - 0xbitcoin for ez gains.

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>RSR is a garbage scam shilled by smelly indians on this board. Buy a real chad coin - 0xbitcoin for ez gains.
stfu street shitting pajeet. no one is buying your 0xbtc shitcoin

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fuck off shill. This is a rsr board now

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RSR is a horrible investment with terrible tokenomics. Fuck off shills not buying your bags sage kys

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Damn bro give it up. Dump those 0x bags at the -1000% loss and move on. Rsr could help you recover from your financial crisis.

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low effort fud, bullish

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>terrible tokenomics.
Best tokenomics in crypto anon. Try harder.

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Hahaha thats laughable. What a shitcoin. Only brainlet indian retards invest in shitcoins like this.

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Not a jeet. Not even close. I'm a pasty developer
from SF that actually understands the significance of the relationships this project has already built. I really don't care if you stay poor, but I do wish you would shut the fuck up about things you don't understand and can't afford to be a part of anyway.

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>pasty developer from SF
Of course you are Ranjesh. You smell like curry and shit.

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Perfect timing for their trip to Argentina. Those nazi descendants will be the new elite

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I looked at this, read the White Paper, and it just makes no fucking sense whatsoever.

Doesn't solve anything, doesn't do anything new or useful.

Absolute shitcoin.

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>I looked at this, read the White Paper, and it just makes no fucking sense whatsoever.
>Doesn't solve anything, doesn't do anything new or useful.
>Absolute shitcoin.
why waste your time to fud it then? obviosuly you are trying to fud it to make it go lower to get more of it

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"Doesn't solve anything, doesn't do anything new or useful"

Absolute shitbrain.

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Because I'm being paid $38/hour to sit here and save some poor schmuck from getting stuck with worthless bags.

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>"Doesn't solve anything, doesn't do anything new or useful"
>Absolute shitbrain.
it's clear that guy is fudding because he is a swing trader. i dont bother to waste my time telling him why he is wrong. also, i dont care if people read and believes what he says because only high iq people should make it imo

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Checked, based and RSRpilled

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If you know you know

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Save thìs one for 2020

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Where'd you get that pic anon

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can you explain the value of this? i have a few questions:

1. it's predicated upon the idea that it'll be a payment system, which requires adoption. very few vendors accept bitcoin - why would they start using an ethereum sidechain? please don't say anything about scaling, because there are far better solutions in the space

2. the RSR token is valued in real world assets - real estate, stocks, bonds, cash, gold, etc. how is RSR not an illegal security if its value is derived from a company's assets?

3. the RSR token's value is based on real world assets, which are managed by the company. what security do you have that their asset managers are competent? let alone more competent than IB / PWM / VC managers

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1. This isn't a sidechain
2. Ask the SEC commissioner on their advisory board
3. RSV is backed by a basket of assets that can be swapped out, and the purpose of RSR is to provide several of the mechanisms for stabilizing fluctuations in value and default risk

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>doesn't understand the whitepaper
anon, ur just dim

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1. it's built on the ethereum network with plans for interchain operability later. it's still totally dependent on the eth blockchain, so it's a sidechain - please explain how it isn't, otherwise you don't understand the tech

2. please provide a source on this, i can't find it anywhere on their site or google. they don't have any economic advisors listed on their website either, so please forward those too

3. you copy and pasted a one-liner from their website - you're still trusting their asset managers to be competent enough to offer a stable backing for the RSR token. there are no transparency reports or data offered on their website that goes into this. how do we know their asset managers can effectively stabilize value?

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1. They have built/are building apps for consumers and merchants to be able to use RSV easily. They recognize that in order to make the token usable, they need to develop custom apps around it. Users do not need to mess with the greater Ethereum ecosystem, the app will make it idiot proof.
2. It's on the website.
3. First it will be a basket of TUSD, USDC and PAX. Over time the basket will be adjusted. Yes, there is default risk like any asset-backed stablecoin, but since this is a basket and has utility for RSR, it seems to minimize the risk.

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rsr is an obvious low iq scam

the shills constantly post about altman or coinbase ventures

truth is these guys have such insane deal flows that they can invest in every new crypto project with any hope to succeed

they expect 95/100 investments to fail

as the other anon pointed out they have no actual adoption strategy

they actually have been advised AGAINST their current strategy of targeting hyperinflation and beaners

i agree. they have no shot at adoption if they continue down this road. they'd have a higher chance of success on focusing a high e-payment country like Sweden or Estonia

not to mention the team has no actual relevant experience or has ever been successful at one of their previous companies. they are all SV rejects onto their next project to fulfill their lifestyle

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>they can invest in every new crypto project with any hope to succeed
But they don't

You have said nothing, sad anon. How much RSR have you copped so far, anyway?

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Low effort FUD anon, sorry you can't wrap your head around this. The team are all successful serial entrepreneurs and the advisory board is stacked.

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Paul Atkins (RSR Advisor)
Paul Atkins was a commissioner of the SEC from 2002 until 2008.

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White men prefer white virgins without debts or tattoos. Deal with it !

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Based and hymenpilled

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i had some when it first dipped/launched on HBG and sold after due diligence

"serial entrepreneurs" who had their businesses go bankrupt lol

most of these guys are 1 tier away on linkedin from me so i checked em all out

https://www.linkedin.com/in/tyleralterman/ -- founder - never did shit, literally a lifestyle scammer like i said. went to CUNY? lmao

https://www.linkedin.com/in/nevinfreeman/ -- founder - never did shit. founded multiple failed businesses with small ideas. paradigm academy is a "for-profit, investment-funded company with a venture studio model" aka they take your equity for a place to live. SCAM.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/eldermatt/ -- CTO - worked at google for 6 months. no other relevant experience besides being an engineer

https://www.linkedin.com/in/zera-alexander-13b8a7/ - only guy worth a shit. still worked at shitty tier 3 startups though

i can go on. fuck off retards. you're just funding their blue bottle coffee runs in their sweet lake merrit oakland open office

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i let peter thiel fuck my ass so i could put his name on my website - nevin freeman

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Debased and virginpilled

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What went bankrupt?
>founder - never did shit, went to CUNY
I think he's like 27 years old. Off to a good start. Also, Gordon Gekko went to CUNY
>founder - never did shit
He's 31 and has been working on this for over a year. How many multi-million dollar exits do you expect someone to have under their belt by that age?
>no other relevant experience besides being an engineer
That's a good background for a CTO to have

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Schloppy where you at?

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500k. Have I reserved my rights to a new financial system?

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you have a seat on the ark

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this is silicon valley
if not successful by 25 you're retarded
you job hop as much as possible in order to make sure that after your first couple jobs, you're set
it's not hard to pick successful companies to work at

someone who is running a startup like this should either have: 0 experience/new grad/drop out, or a lot of experience with actual exits to larger firms. this weird in-the-middle experience these idiots have is a huge red flag. they legit have never done anything. probably trust fund babies too.

stop ignoring the fact that paradigm academy is a legit scam and the entire c level team are from this shit

http://paradigmacademy.co/ they couldn't even implement SSL correctly on their wordpress website. it's actually all quite pathetic

o and their lead designer is from credit sesame, another failed startup that's going to be gone soon enough and that's the reason he jumped ship to Reserve.

definitely wouldn't want that retard in charge of shipping product for consumers lmao

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You sound like you know these guys too well
You sound like you're jelly

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>this is silicon valley
>if not successful by 25 you're retarded
Anon clearly doesn't know shit about SV or building tech companies.

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He's confusing Silicon Valley with the HBO series of the same name

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let's not make it about me anon. 2 of the startups i helped scale have exited, one to adobe and another to another public company.

i have no relations with reserve other that my apartment overlooks lake merritt and i've seen a few of these guys around the scene

just trying to tell a fellow anon that it's not all blue skies for reserve

alright, i'll say like 27 is the cut off age. if you have 5+ years working in silicon valley / sf and still don't have a notable company or cool failure on your resume i'd seriously ask wtf you're doing

i guess this is their success story though so what do i know.

good luck all.

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It is important to make note of the central bank startup N26 that Thiel was behind:

>N26 bank was established as an answer to various major banks rejecting crypto transactions
>N26 is the most crypto friendly bank in existence
>N26 will be using RSV as part of its model for its users to safely store their fiat value in a more stable currency than the fiat itself
>N26 just started accepting US customers - link your accounts to it now
>N26 visa debit is never rejected anywhere that crypto can be purchased online and offline
>N26 is the closest bank account you will ever have to a Swiss Credit Suisse account

It's much bigger than most anons know. dig deeper if you dont believe me.


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He is just reciting uninformed memes he heard about the SF/SV scene. Or... maybe he just unironically knows how to vet investments and founders better than Coinbase Ventures, Peter Thiel, and the founder of fucking Y-Combinator. The actual state of you anon.

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>my apartment overlooks lake merritt and i've seen a few of these guys around the scene
Knew it, you've got a personal beef

Get lost

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Bezos was 30 when he founded Amazon.

>> No.15224191

RSR pajeets will never recover from this

>> No.15224198

>lake merritt
Oakland is B-team as fuck and he knows it

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yeah cool story bro. i already said that they take a shotgun approach to investing. i definitely don't know more than them. but none of these pre-seed rounds matter at all to them.

thiel is so balls deep in palantir that RSR could moon 1000x his initial and it still wouldn't matter.

he's just taking the optionallity to potentially invest in the rounds that actually matter

i already said i don't know them faggot

he was a senior vp at de shaw by the age of 30

he had made it long before he founded amazon

thanks again for proving my point

if any of these retarded founders had worked at goldman or mckinsey it would be a lot more impressive than running a scam school for "entrepreneurs"

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Nevin sits down with "Cofounder of Skype, Cofounder of Paypal" at Davos 2019.

Yep RSR is a scam

>> No.15224254

It's the same tool that posts on every thread. Seems to have a personal axe to grind. Of course he 'doesn't know them'.

>> No.15224256

>i don't know them faggot
You're jelly that your neighbors are doing something big, and you're still just some sour puss anon

>> No.15224262

Thanks for doing the dirty work anon. Reserve team really does look like shit. The pajeets and bagholders are too emotionally invested in this to see it clearly. $10 eoy!!111!!!

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Literally just a failed dev that isn't making it so he hates on his neighbors that are. Do better anons

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lol don't get too paranoid. i barely post on /biz/ these days. i'm an old fag

and anyway i don't really have a problem with the coin itself

i think it's a cool idea and the solution they are proposing is needed.

just isn't implemented in any way whatsoever and the team has no credentials so there's no point in holding it right now

just wait until they have a consumer facing app ready to give to all the mestizos down in south america at the least?

who gives a fuck if you miss 1 day of pumps. the opportunity cost of holding this is ridiculous

basically asking to be a bagholder for no reason


lol cringe

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>2018 pass fag
>thinks hes an oldfag

just kill yourself with a chainsaw in a library and live stream it. thx

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enjoy getting trolled you mongoloid retard


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Unironically a team of ne’er-do-wells. Dodged a bullet not buying this. Let pajeets dream on though.

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>Best tokenomics in crypto
stablecoin scam

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>stablecoin scam
Too retarded to grasp a simple multi-token arbitrage system.

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potentially the biggest fag in this thread. You think elite level investors like Altman and Thiel didn't do any research here?

>> No.15224850

>relationships this project has already built.
relationships to dump a massive load on your normie investors heads

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>You think elite level investors like Altman and Thiel didn't do any research here?
Nah these hatian anons know better.

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This is the real deal, guys

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Do indians have sexual relations with cows? I was informed that they do. Any indians care to clear this up? Also RSR is a scam.

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god damn. the fud is real boyos. let's get this shit down to 25 sats again!

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i already explained this. they are investing in everything with a +5% success rate. fuck off faggot


it's not even the most popular search result. there's a fucking martial arts school dedicated to the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu named Paradigm Academy with a larger social presence.


Just how pervasive is this scam entrepreneurship seminar school within their team?

let's investigate


https://www.linkedin.com/in/sngilbert/ - Director of Ops - 0 real work experience.
https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffreyladish/ - worked at paradigm academy before this
https://www.linkedin.com/in/henry-fisher-06734679/ - worked at paradigm academy before this
https://www.linkedin.com/in/miguel-morel/ - cofounder??? - already left the Reserve team. was an "entrepeneur in residence" at paradigm academy before this
https://www.linkedin.com/in/vasco-queir%C3%B3s-0b466924/ - 0 real work experience - worked at paradigm academy before this
https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-w-24697450/ - worked at paradigm academy before this
https://www.linkedin.com/in/danieljcolson/ - cofounder???? how many cofounders can you have LMAO - btw 0 real work experience - worked at paradigm academy before this
https://www.linkedin.com/in/cathleen-kilgallen-1022981b/ - chief of staff?? for 30 employees - lmao - coo of paradigm academy lol (zero good work experience)

THE ONLY REAL EMPLOYEE (10x type engineer) with a resume is this guy:




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Incredibly based. Fuck indians.

>> No.15225195

Indians are not people so it’s fine

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t. pls sirs do not buy RSR i am very poor and need more time to accumulate

every single time. nice effort tho.

>> No.15225259

I'm impressed. It means the team believes in the leadership.

When a builder uses the same crew on successive projects, scam. When the Coen bros. cast their movies with the same people, that must mean scam, too. Idiot

>> No.15225310

how can trade BTC for RSR without getting scammed on Hubi or HotBit??

>> No.15225342

Convert BTC to ETH

>> No.15225362

the fuckin deposit buttons on hotbit dont work

>> No.15225517

nigga, buy RSR on fuckin IDEX like a normal burger

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Based homework anon. Saving us from Sandeep’s reserve moon dreams.

>> No.15225676

>Sandeep’s reserve moon dreams.
> Doesn't know/can't read
Coinbase Ventures, Peter Thiel, Sam Altman, Digital Currency Group, Crypto Lotus, Refactor Capital, Jack Selby(Paypal founder), and Distributed Global's reserve dreams. I'll take the same moon dreams as those guys anon

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>movies operate the same as fintech

1. it doesn't make it any less dependent on other crypto chains - it's success is still 100% reliant upon the success of at least one other cryptocurrency atm

2. the "team" page on their site doesn't load 75% of the time, so it's tough to do dd. Paul Atkins was appointed by a VERY business friendly president, which may not necessarily translate to today's regulatory environment - let alone if a democrat is elected in 2020

3. i thought the basket held "real" assets, like real estate, bonds, and stocks... holding stable coins is objectively worse, because it not only depends on the issuing companies, but again, the whole state of crypto

why would someone use RSR over the backing basket of USDC, TUSD, or PAX? because they want to use a non-fiat correlated crypto (assuming RSR drops fiat-backed stablecoins)? then why wouldn't they just use BTC, ETH, XMR? because they want to use a fast crypto? then why not NANO, BEAM, GRIN?

RSR seems like it's taking extra steps to try and make things convenient, but it's really just complicating it's purpose by feigning "asset backing" - if you want a stable crypto, use a fiat-backed one. if you want detached crypto, use anything else

what is the purpose or RSR, RSD, and RSV?

>> No.15225713

Investors: Coinbase, Peter Thiel, Sam Altman, Digital Currency Group, Blocktower Capital, GSR.io, Rocket Fuel, NEO Global Capital, Fenbushi, PreAngel, CryptoLotus, Arrington XRP Capital, and many others.

>> No.15225725

Sounds like you might want to upgrade your internet connection from 56k, anon.

>> No.15225736

Prove it.

>> No.15225739

Fuck.. the FUD is that their website is slow now.
>Somebody tell him

>> No.15225746

>Cloudflare has a problem
>Blames it on website
>Proceeds to speak with authority about tech

>> No.15225752

Fuuuuuuu anon.

>> No.15225753

lmao - or i have a life and don't shitpost ALL day from mother's basement?

answer my questions retard - RSR has no purpose that isn't solved by stablecoins or more mainstream crypto. this is a hipster two-tier shit stablecoin that has had some chump change thrown at it from celebrity investors. does anyone here talk about MFT, despite getting a HUGE investment from data collective, pritzker group, arrington xrp capital, cypher capital, etc?

>> No.15225757

>Load the MFT fud

>> No.15225759


why does every other website using cloudflare work?

>> No.15225761

>then why wouldn't they just use BTC, ETH, XMR? because they want to use a fast crypto? then why not NANO, BEAM, GRIN?
you dont get it. people will buy rsv as a store of value. to protect their wealth from hyper-deflation. it's a stable coi. price stays the same. this is also good for making payments. and it's easy to do with an app.

bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are too volatile. they could go to 100k or 0 tomorrow. and it's terrible for payments because price is always changing

>> No.15225770


>> No.15225779

why rsv and not other stablecoins? rsv can scale

>> No.15225781

>why does every other website using cloudflare work?
>Still fudding his own internet connection
>Still doesn't know
>Do you realize how retarded you sound?

>> No.15225783

except the site is working now. cloudfaire has temporary outages from time to time. fucking retard lol

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File: 22 KB, 242x285, F6975223-0DB5-43C0-BBC6-C4E16FBB53CB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>using the team’s own website as a source
Anon...you know people can lie on the internet, right?

>> No.15225787

RSR is BACKED BY OTHER STABLECOINS - why would they use a coin backed by the fiat they seek shelter from?! if they're worried about the peso or yuan hyperinflating, why not just buy USD or stablecoins? why would they need a two tier system like RSR? is the idea that RSR is a "savings" account and RSV is your "checking" account??

>> No.15225803
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Stop this fud

>> No.15225807


all of their pages work for me (even on my 56k!)

it's built on ethereum... if the eth network doesn't work for them, they'll migrate to cosmos or tezos or some other chain - as will stablecoins

>> No.15225808

Anon, that's not how San Francisco works. At. All. These guys do regular speaking events. You sound pathetic now.

>> No.15225830

haha amazing. basing investment decisions on whether his internet is working at any given time.

>> No.15225832

Delete this

>> No.15225835
File: 125 KB, 1280x720, A7FDBB35-EE38-4AC0-950D-226955D18FBA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>posting screenshots
I can use inspect element too Sandeep.

>> No.15225838

imagine being this ignorant and totally bluepilled on ETH 2.0
>never gonna make it

>> No.15225839 [DELETED] 

And don't forget to thank me, sir.


>> No.15225841

>knows how SF works from his mother's basement in iowa
>implying his investment decisions aren't dependent on his internet working

>> No.15225863
File: 18 KB, 400x388, j7fxwwe9mg1z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I live in the middle of the city anon (SF). I was actually trying to help you.

>> No.15225884

Can you give me a good reason why RSR, RSV, and RSD are valuable? It's basically Libra (coin backed by fiat/stablecoins)

>> No.15225885

Fuck that guy. All of us lurkers appreciate the intel.

>> No.15225921

so it comes down to 2 types of people ITT:

those that do more than an hour of research on this glam scam project and see that although its heart might be in the right place, the team and product have no chance at success due to macro and micro factors

and those that just keep parroting "MUHH PETER THIEL MUHH COINBASE, YOU'RE NOT A SOPHISTICATED INVESTOR LIKE THEM" but can't defend anything when you logically post your concerns about the team or actual product rollout

>> No.15225948

I still haven't gotten an answer to "Why do should RSR exist?" besides "scalability" (despite there being many solutions to that for various major crypto projects) or "FUD, I live in SF and will suck the life juice out of any Coinbase / Arrington XRP Capital / Peter Thiel Ventures employee"

>> No.15225949
File: 793 KB, 900x900, 12E4C88D-3999-4207-B7B4-AE86E0E8891F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dump it

>> No.15225951

do you think you are smarter/more experienced than all of the people/investment/tech/blockchain companies who invested in reserve? do you think you have done more DD than them?

>> No.15225963

Do you think every single VC on the incessantly posted "investors" page has a 100% win rate?

>> No.15225996

No one is answering you because its a stupid question. Why should McDonald’s exist? Why do we need Burger King or Pizza Hut? Fucking brainlet.

>> No.15225999

except anons are getting loans to buy RSR.
and the smart money on /biz/ is already deep into RSR accumulation.
imagine thinking that posting FUD on this board of all places is going to give you red candles to fill bags with. lol

>> No.15226002

>Do you think every single VC on the incessantly posted "investors" page has a 100% win rate?
i have 100% win rate

i solomined bitcoin before you were born kid

>> No.15226008

>moving goalposts
Nice, thx for proving that you are a dumbass. What coin did you invest in retard-kun ?

>> No.15226011

kys larping faggot

>> No.15226026

>kys larping faggot
you're right. no one ever solomined bitcoin

>> No.15226029

>I solomined bitcoin before you were born kid
>And argues (poorly) with us about alts on /biz/

>> No.15226037 [DELETED] 

And don't forget to thank me, sir


>> No.15226038

nope, i have about 8 years in the valley now. nowhere as experienced as altman or thiel, but i've seen some shit over my time here and lucky to be successful.

but i already stated that the "investment" that you keep referencing is like you putting $20 into bitcoin for them.

it doesn't matter. it's a binary option. a shotgun spray and pray approach.

the money they gave to this is nothing more than a social validation tool used to see if there is product / market fit for reserve

how the fuck do you know the investment rationale for peter thiel in this project? for all you know he gave them some money so that he could send all their actual development progress over to Libra.

yes, this is an exaggeration, but the concept still stands.

all of these posts are just emotional bagholder cope.

why the fuck would you hold this project until they have a consumer app with actual merchant adoption? tell me that too? there's no reason to. if the last 2+ years tell you anything you should avoid holding vaporware until it proves itself in the market.

or do you still have those bags too anon?

if an anon is taking out a loan for this they are certified dumbasses lol. i could understand it if they actually had a working product but lmfao

>> No.15226055
File: 421 KB, 1276x1701, je94hh9dlk3vg03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>8 years on the valley bro
>reddit spacing
>doesn't understand the concept of getting in early

>> No.15226062

McDonalds and Pizza Hut offer food at lower prices to a wide customer base with limited interest in the quality and health effects of what they consume

RSR is a stablecoin backed stablecoin. Why wouldn't people just use the original stablecoin? "Scalability" is a meme and not a good enough answer

McD and fast food are BTC and ETH - accessible and commercially viable/tested. RSR is like starting a new fast food chain today - how many of those have you seen take off?

>> No.15226069

>why the fuck would you hold this project until they have a consumer app with actual merchant adoption? tell me that too? there's no reason to. if the last 2+ years tell you anything you should avoid holding vaporware until it proves itself in the market.

Wise anon, only investing in things after even the tiniest brainlets have discovered their value and price has shot up by 10x.

>> No.15226071

i don't even hold rsr but lmfao please go back to fucking r*ddit
>not buying until it's already mooned
imagine being this low iq

>> No.15226077

i've been on 4chan since 2005

never even had a reddit account because digg got fucked and i never got that circlejerk mentality

the only people who complain about readability are actual reddit nigger faggots

so unironically go back lmfao bagholder

>> No.15226083

o yes here comes the BUY BEFORE ITS TOO LATE faggot bagholders lmao

just buy the first time it actually has a green candle?

or do things really 10x overnight?

yeah that's what i thought retards

>> No.15226086

>VC mastermind with his $100k crypto portfolio
>blindly trusts coinbase / peter thiel bc they're celebrity investment firms

checked - but memeing about using reddit? 99% of the autism on here uses reddit but won't admit it bc they think there's a "4chan users only" club

>> No.15226105

you hold now so you're not PRICED DA FUK OUT!!!

>> No.15226109

obviously meant for this >>15226055 faggot
this thread is hilarious and a serious case study for dunning kruger

thanks for helping me piss into this river anon

>> No.15226122

>>blindly trusts coinbase / peter thiel bc they're celebrity investment firms
No, I trust my brain and common sense. Your scalability fud is borderline retarded, though, and everyone is just ignoring it

>> No.15226125

>why the fuck would you hold this project until they have a consumer app with actual merchant adoption?
i bought bitcoin at $2.70. there were no exchanges, couldn't buy anything with it, didn't know if it would get adopted, didn't know if it would get banned by governments, didn't know if there were fatal errors in the code. i took a risk and went all in. got nearly a 1000x return in 10 years. i took a risk and it paid off. i think rsr will do the same. both are revolutionary tech. i got in rsr early so i dont miss out

>> No.15226128

i'll admit that the project is cool, but there's such a small chance of success that it doesn't merit even a $100 throwaway investment. crazy to think some of these paNEETs think IF RSR were to take off, that fiat distributors will roll over and make RSR the world reserve

>> No.15226135

>ask fudders in this thread what they are invested in
>no answer
Every fucking time

>> No.15226146
File: 584 KB, 720x1280, 1546668351824.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread smells like curry and shit.

>> No.15226155

Buying ETH and BTC is fine, but there’s a reason why businesses aren’t super eager to accept them as payment even though they have been tested. They are still highly volatile and will continue to be for a long time. If you accept $30usd worth of ETH at $233 on an item that you’re making ~4$ profit and you have to resupply but ETH is now at $205-209 you either have to take a loss or wait to resupply. How is this complicated?

>> No.15226182

Companies that accept crypto typically exchange at the time of receipt - if they hold it, they're aware of the additional risk they're assuming. If they're looking to accept stable crypto, why would they take RSR over USDT or USDC? If RSR is only a scaling solution for USDT or USDC because those stablecoins are limited by ETH, what happens if Tether or Coinbase move their stablecoins to a faster network? RSR functions similarly to DAI (with caveats), and DAI didn't take off at all - even in DeFi...

>> No.15226200

smells like success sir

>> No.15226222

If they're looking to accept stable crypto, why would they take RSR over USDT or USDC?

Suppose the redemption price of Reserve is $1.00. If the price of Reserve on the open market is $0.98, arbitrageurs will be incentivized to buy it up and redeem it with the Reserve smart contract for $1.00 worth of collateral tokens. They'll continue buying on open markets until there is no more money to be made, which is when the market price matches the redemption price of $1.00.

The same mechanism works in reverse when demand goes up. If the price of Reserve on the open market is $1.02, arbitrageurs will be incentivized to purchase newly minted Reserve tokens for $1.00 worth of either collateral or Reserve Rights tokens (the latter only if there is an excess pool of Reserve tokens available), and immediately sell them on the open market. They'll continue selling on open markets until there is no more money to be made, which is when the market price matches the purchase price of $1.00.

>> No.15226228

Well, RSR isn’t the stablecoin. RSV is the stablecoin. Again, yes you’ve pointed out that there are several options but not all of them can scale and not all of them are targeting the same demographic or user base. Just like not all restaurants are targeting the same customers. There is overlap but someone that likes pizza might dislike burgers or really enjoy Chinese but dislike Italian. The current issue facing these third world shitholes is that they lack any kind of stablecoin whatsoever, and USDT isn’t putting boots on the ground getting businesses to accept them as payment through a convenient app and neither is ETH or BTC or any of the aforementioned stablecoins or crypto currencies. There is a unique demand and RSV is putting boots on the ground to corner the market. Just like a fast food chain caters to certain types of customers that enjoy a certain food.

>> No.15226240

checked, nice trips

i understand how the reserve protocol works - why would anyone use RSV over USDT or USDC? USDC and USDT function the same way, but without bloat tokens added to the mix

>> No.15226251


>> No.15226257

Convenience *

>> No.15226265

Eventually RSV won't be pegged to $1. It will be backed by other tokenized assets to withstand inflation. For now, the tokenized assets available are limited, so they are starting with USD stablecoins. The basket / diversification serves another purpose: reducing default risk.

>> No.15226278

>use our token, it's backed by USDT, USDC, and PAX! arbitrageurs might make you gain/lose a few cents every so often, but it's totally cool and needs three different tokens to operate (and don't get me started on the 100s of other tokens that give it value!)
>use our token, it's USDT, USDC, or PAX - ostensibly backed by USD, but doesn't fluctuate in price at all

not sure there's overlap...

>> No.15226297

>i understand how the reserve protocol works - why would anyone use RSV over USDT or USDC? USDC and USDT function the same way, but without bloat tokens added to the mix

the perfect stablecoin should be backed by a mixed basket of assets.. the total value of the assets should stay around the same value no matter what happens to price of dollar, gold, stocks, bitcoin, etc...

the dollar wont be around forever

>> No.15226330
File: 192 KB, 1166x960, image (20).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15226367

Let's say the basket is diversified into stocks, bonds, real estate, and some crypto (stablecoins and others):

>Stock / bond / real estate / crypto market crash
>Backing assets are reduced in value by X%
>RSV supply needs to adjust to match 1:1 backing
>Vault sells RSR to reach target range, but there are limited / no buyers
>Backing for RSV is diminished or they move the goalpost and say "we don't need 100% collateral"


>Stock / bond / real estate / crypto market booms
>Backing assets appreciate by X%
>Vault sells RSV to RSR holders, but RSR holders want to keep the gains
>RSV starts minting new RSV to dump on the market
>Small correction in stock / bond / real estate / crypto market
>Vault needs to buy RSV by selling tokenized assets
>Owners of tokenized assets don't want to sell in a correction
>Backing for RSV is diminished

Has the Reserve team mentioned what tokenized assets? I don't mean bonds / stocks / real estate - what platform do they intend to use for those tokens? ETH? What about regulatory issues involving the tokenization of those asset classes?

>> No.15226417

I do not get what makes it more scalable than any other stable coin ?

>> No.15226468
File: 3.43 MB, 480x272, reserve#1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because other stablecoins are only backed by the USD. If the crypto market cap scales into the trillions, how do you trust that those stablecoins have 100% backing? That's why in the long term, we need a stablecoin that's backed by a mixed basket of assets rather than just the dollar.

>> No.15226476

>23.posta by this ID
Everythread lmao for weeks now

>> No.15226488
File: 160 KB, 1600x900, 1_TGdGfrD4IpazmcPPGXrC3Q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Required reading for RSR investors


Brainlets need not read.

>> No.15226579

>13 posts by this id
Massive seethe

>> No.15226812

Cope. That nigger at least effort posted and did due diligence. All you can say is “seething?” Admit it, the project looks interesting but the team is dogshit.

>> No.15227084

>Cope. That nigger at least effort posted and did due diligence. All you can say is “seething?” Admit it, the project looks interesting but the team is dogshit.
they have funds to hire

>> No.15227146

reserve will help alot of people, so we should all support it and not fud it

>> No.15227161

BITCH I got that RSR

>> No.15228136

Is there still a hobo camp on one of the greens? I saw some city workers sanitize it but it was several months ago.

>> No.15229218

They always come back anon

A little water never stops then

>> No.15229289


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