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And will make a lot of money? So far this is my list..

>Working on oil rig
>Truck Driver

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software development

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but its oversaturated too many pajeets

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Shilling shitcoins on /biz/

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Shill hedera hashgraphs on biz

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It really isn't.
It's ok if you aren't smart enough.
Some people aren't. Better to admit that now

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Mechanic at small local auto repair/mower repair shops. Formal education is often not required, but you do need to familiarize yourself with the work somewhat if you don't want to get shat on in the first week.

I've got plenty of tips for getting started on the right foot in this industry, so reply if that kind of work interests you and I'll go into detail.

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Because those workers have higher demand.
People these days go to college mostly because they wanna convince themselves that they are smart not because they found that route to yield the best ROI.
They are just trading money for smoke blown up the ass.

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Construction draftsman, just learn one single program like autocad or revit or the likes and job security for life

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