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How do i turn 149k into 5 million?

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Biy Quant and hold for two years. It's unironically true

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Step One: Move it out of shitty BOA account into something higher interest like an ALLY account

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Literally doesn't fucking matter you stupid fucking plebbit faggot. Both are negligble interest u dumb shit.
Buy link when it dips to $1.80

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>you stupid fucking plebbit faggot
>Buy link

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Yeah biz has only been talking about it for 2 years you fucking newfaggot.

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You're one retarded faggot. Link $0.25 EOY

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Bet you $1m otherwise. Oh wait youre a streetshitting pajeet with $2500 in crypto. Fuck u

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These pajeets need to die

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all in on Bitcoin

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not that you have to, but you could check out rsr.
from anon to anon

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i have 25 k Link and 2,5 btc
how long until its worth 5 mil USD?

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2 years most likely

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The ONE, the only. Harmony ONE.

Dealer. All in.

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still using bank of america hahahaha
ever heard of deutsche bank?

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all in Holo (HOT)

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Bag Holding is the only long term strategy. Buy twenty k link and hold until twenty twentyfour

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same thing happened to BitCoin. Link will be one k by twenty twenty four.

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>>Biy Quant and hold for two years. It's unironically true
>sir do biy the quant is true ethrum killer

pic related is you.

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Throw it in an index fund and contribute 50k a year for ~25 years. Lern2boomer

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Shes like alexa for amazon lmfao. Im a guy
I heard ally keeps lowering their interest rate

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if you buy 40M+ RSR and hold for 2 years itll work anon

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You can make 8% on that on a crypto.com earn account. That's 1k/month on 150k. You could convert it to BTC or a USD backed stable coin options to do that.

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Drop it in bitcoin 4 years ago

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All-in Universa. Pretty fun gamble.

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Move to wealthfront. They're 2.32. Ally is 1.9

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cope more faggot bitch
link is worthless and will go back to 70cents in december

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>70cents in december
way lower, and way sooner, actually

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