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sentinel has been keeping up my portfolio against BTC while all my others alts like LINK VIDT RSR dumped hard, SENT is uncorrelated with the reat of the alts, one of the strongest alts on the btc pair, we are back at pre 2017 market action where only certain alts pumped and not alts as a whole.

>alt season will never come back, but that doesn't mean alts are dead, good alts will thrive like SENT is showing

lets discuss other strong alts too post charts and foundamental analysis

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2800 8 hours

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Agreed, loving my SENT and got so so much more room to move. TREND IS YOUR FRIEND!

Great bullish ‘cup and handle’ spot too anon

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Im glad i listed to the early SENT threads and bought a bag, my portfolio is not rekt only thanks to sentinel.
My target is at least ATH before the end of the year

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ranjeets pls go

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Holy sheet sent was $0.026 ath

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Yeah still very cheap, i think it can reach much higher then that

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This will be nothing compared to new ATH soon

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By the time we get on binance it will be well over ath

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the LOG chart gives good perspective anons, ATH is close i can almost smell it

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Once we break the horizontal resistance at 45 sats it will be moon time

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200k holder. will i make it?

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Which resistance ?

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I'm running a Pocketnet.app node and bought into SENT. Going strong?


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this is the level that has been keeping us down the whole bear, once we break it, we will moon to ath

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a lovely perspective of wash trading ranveer, almost as bad as 0xshitcoin

you idiots are too obvious with your ip changing and talking to each other

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Yeah thats a good amount, i have 400k but i will be buying more once i get my paycheck

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what are you talking about, im here to make money this is a price discussion thread, if you know a coin with good chart then post it show me how your portfolio has been doing and which is your biggest gainer otherwise gtfo.

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I've been checking idex wallet, lots of people are moving their sent out of idex, lots of new sent community members are being created

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top address owners are not moving their sents, sent whales clearly know something we don't or are very confident in the real value of this coin

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Hello with PayTM how to buy SENT

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There Is clearly a whale group pumping sent i think sentinel can have Better returns then link on the BTC ratio.
I doubt sent shilling will end anytime soon, i bought back in right after threads picked up again

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I will compound my gains once main net stacking will be enabled its such a no-brainer

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don't play innocent manveer
these are your samefag posts

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You will also get part of the fees from people using the services on top of sentinel chain so your gains will compound even more

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Burgers are just obese cattle that are farmed to produce a yield for the rest of the worlds upper class. The IMF even addresses the US population as "human product". It is the only human population identified under such definitions. While you burgers worship your slave language given to you by a insurgent Hapsburg empire from Germany. Us Swiss, are just glad, as is the rest of the rich world, that you burgers keep getting obese, and keep showing up to your wage cages. ( the American health care index makes great returns of us.) We can't stay rich with out the human product showing up and making sure the 10 year treasury continues to deliver a nice yield. This is your Rhetoric. Insert ( Pajeet fear ), ( insert superior English complex ) Insert ( copy pasta). Are you a NPC programmed to stand up for the patriotic American identity? Let me help you out, you dumb fuck. You fear the Pajeet, which is funny, because it is just a Pajeet. But here is the secret anon. Who hires all the Pajeets, who lobbies to bring them into the United States, who made the Pajeet the scapegoat so that you don't really figure out who is fucking your eyes out? How many Burgs, and Steins is it going to take for you burgers to wake up?

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anon, you clearly are paranoic and you project your fear on the outside by calling anybody that has not the same point of view as you pajeet.
i hope you will go past your bias, if it wasn't for brainlets like you /biz would be a much better place, you neets are spamming threads with retarded nonsense over and over, without providing any argument at all.

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All these threads with people replying in ways I don't really recognize as normal /biz/ conversations are making me want to drop my bags and run back to LINK

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this is a free market nobody forces you to hold anything, if you wanna sell then sell.
its not like pension funds and 401k where the government dictates what amount of risk burgers can take.
a smart investor has a well diversified portfolio that allows him to take the right amount of risk to maximize returns on every trade

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i have no idea what paytm is

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comfy with 1.2 million stack, loving these pajeet memes, keep em coming so I can accumulate more

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calculated threshold is at ~15 million coins, if we can break that buy-wall, we can pump it till kingdom come

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They are going to disappear again soon

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OK you asshole pajeets you convinced me I was drunk and bought 20k SENT. At least tell me whats the target dump price of your pnd so I can at least make some bucks off this

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>Buys StainStink

You'll never make it

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Sent will get to 500m mcap at least, ath will come before the end of the year, you will see more and more sent threads as partnerships and exchange listings come

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look you dont have to lie I already bought 20k of your scam tokens Im just asking when you plan to dump. If I can make $5 off this to buy a cheap 6pack of beer I will be content.

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You bought SENT you should at least research it and understand how much potential it has

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buy from hitbtc or idex then

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use idex. how hard can it be man

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If LINK has dumped for you that just means you bought in late like a retard. SENT is a hot potato. Everything will run during an alt boom but a shitcoin is a shitcoin and eventually this will dump with no recovery. I support people gambling with garbage, that’s half of what this board is about, but let’s not compare SENT to a legitimate project with years of proven growth and stability such as LINK. All you have to do is look at their two charts to see the magnitude of difference. One dropped off the face of the planet during the bear market, went to nearly $0 volume. The other grew and outperformed every single crypto including BTC.

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i rode LINK and it has made me a nice x4 on the btc ratio.
SENT is almost as old as LINK anon, they both had lots of time to creaate solid products, look at sent it has real users and a working product that you can use right now, it will be launching its own blockchain before the end of the year and will release more products with real usecase.
by comparing the charts i simply see that LINK has already pumped while SENT has lots of upside left.
you can compare the market caps too sent is 9m link is 700m the higher the mcap more the amount of money it must be thrown into the coin for it to pump a x2 for link would mean 1.5 bil mcap a x2 for sent would be 18m mcap.
its true that sent went to low volume, but thats simply cause sentinel team never dedicated money for marketing , they simply dedicated all the money to development (they raised 1.89m$ so its one of the fairest raise ive ever seen)
the difference you see between the 2 will be quickly bridged as sent gets on more legit exchanges

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you got quads so im inetrested, please post chart

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200 sats incoming

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what is the actual use case for sent? what's the big deal? I've looked at the paper and it seems like any other coin out there, and it's been around for a little while. why now?

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fucking pajeets

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sentinel started getting shilled here when they launched the testnet for their tendermint dpos blockchain (the same protocol cosmos tezos ren matic are built on) so that answers your question about why now.

sentinel is the only microcap project with real users (10k daily users https://stats.sentinel.co/ )
sentinel will be part of the tendermint cosmos ecosystem and it will have blockchain interoperability offering multiple service to any connected chain.
here are same of the services:

dvpn the only vpn that provably doesn't log your data and allows you to pay with any crypto you like

dchat is a federated and encrypted chat protocol for consumers and enterprises, it will probably be integrated directly with sentinel blockchain so you will be able to send and receive tokens directly from the chat dapp and interact with the blockchain

interblockchain mixer will allow to mix ANY coin connected to sentinel blockchain, so for example sentinel will be able to connect to binance dex (caause its build on tendermint too)
and offer mixing services to people trading on binance

private nets is a private version of the dvpn protocol tought for corporation banks and private companys wanting to offer premium services (also vps providers)

relay net it allows you to bounce your dvpn traffic between multiple nodes like tor

sentinel will unlock all the unused bandwidth that cosnumer have becoming like the amazong or uber of bandwidth anybody will be able to easily host a node and sell bandwidth on a global platform

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LOL the burgers fear the Pajeet but it is the Zuckburg who brings the Pajeets in.

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This token is pure gold

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Moon moon moon. Welcome to the new apollo mission /biz.

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the burger is just a delusional slave, he lacks any tradition or historical knowledge, everything is about group ideology for the burger caus eth burger has no identity other then the consumeristic one.
for the average burger you are what you own, thats why porr burgers go in debt to buy iphones that they can't afford, and thats why so much of their culture is centered around debt.
very loud farming cattle.
i bet burgers fudding sent have less then 100k in their portfolio collectively

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These fucking shill threads are ridiculous fuck off of /biz/ already you fucking niggers it's always the same bullshit there's no way this shit works anymore and is worth doing, everyone of these shill coins references each other "you missed VIDT buy SENTIMENT lol" pre-2017 the next eth!!!!! There is no way you gain any action from shitposting like this on /biz/ so just fuck off already

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I read one of the tendermint cosmo hubs thread. the thread contained some of most alien conversation that I read almost like they are some turbo iq. Suddenly we now have a copy pasta answer pajeet shilling. Wtf is going sent?

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These fags are fucking cancer holy fuck they should just shut this board down or give us flags already for fucks sake. I fucking hate sharing this space with these curry punjab niggers.

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Sentinel anon. Quit getting angry at /biz.

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Show me where this was copied from

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Lol anon, you hate how Isreal is replacing the American middle class with pajeets who work at the big tech firms. Grow up faggot. Scared of globalization Lol.

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Stick to fucking cows and raping your mothers/sisters.

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Jobless incel who can not even compete with curry niggers. You are a shame to your culture. Face the battle at hand, do not hide in your own echo chamber.

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Imagine being you shilling shitcoins on this board for a living getting paid 5 rupees an hour. You will never amount to anything. It's really just you retards stuck with your dumb herd mentality and your old ways back in India who will never, ever amount to anything. My best friend in high school was Indian who was born Canadian. You guys are the total opposite of him. Kill yourselves.

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They probably take turns some sent shills are smart some are dumb like any community, also the overral thread sets the tone of the discussion if you have retarded fudders the convo cant go above a certain threshold

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>Imgaine creating conspiracy in your head.

>Imgaine pretending you actually know who is behind what machine.

>Imagine Israel creating your curry nigger scapegoat.

>Imagine Isreal replacing the American middle class with curry niggers

>Imgaine Mark Zuckburg and Jack dorsi lobbying to import more pajeets to replace you.

>Imgaine not knowing who is your real enemy is.

>Imgaine big tech being owned by Saudi Arabian and Israeli Capital.

>now accept it faggot.

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Lol you retards /biz. The shills create the FUD.

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IMAGINE not being one of those curry niggers who are imported here and work at BIG TECH FIRMS, who are "replacing the American middle class". How does it feel that all you can do is jerk off to the thought of that, wishing you were one of them? You will never be one of the successful Silicone Valley pajeets. You wish you weren't stuck in that shithole known as India. You will always be stuck in your mud hut shilling shitcoins on /biz/ because you're a braindead retard.

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Aim for 1m anon

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Anon you should prob lay off the bong hits. You seem very paranoid. You literally think their are Indians behind every ID top level kek. Mossad really got you with the Pajeet meme lol. Jesus.

All the pump and dumps in crypto are done 99% by Chinese you fking idiot.

You are definitely one of those retards who bought the top in 2017. You don't even understand the history of who created the liquidty in the market. CNY

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The truth hurts. SENT IS GOING TO MARS.

>> No.15217746

Hahahahahahaha this is GOLD. This retard is getting hammered. It’s ok might understand the market and how it functions by the time Sent is at $100m and we are all laughing our tits off at the poor twat

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Holy fuck anon. Why are you so scared of fucking Pajeets. LOL

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Fucking straight facts. Sentinel will bitch slap this Dunning Krueger suffering retard so hard.

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I am destroyed. Kek

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Number one rule in markets. Assumptions cost you money.

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There was never an "alt season"

2017 was a market enigma. Pre 17, alt coin pumps were sporadic, and generally only happened on tiny market caps. Small floats move faster than big floats.

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It's pretty obvious that it's just you pajeets behind the shill threads lmao you're all insufferable retards. My post spoke volumes to you, look at all of you coming out of the woodwork. I struck a nerve didn't I? Imagine still living in INDIA in 2019. How bad can it get? Are your US/Canadian VISA applications being denied?

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Look anons, Sherlock Holmes think that Pajeets live under his bed.

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Let's be fair, you have no idea of SENT has real users. Users on any network can easily be faked, and it unfortunately happens all the time in the tech world.

And SENT going to "low" volume is an understatement. It was completely dead, a few thousand in bot trades a day. Nothing has changed fundamentally about the project as far as I can tell. The only thing that changed is that on July 11th a shill army came to /biz/, Reddit, and a number of other crypto forums and started scheming people into putting money in. It was OBVIOUSLY coordinated, you'd have to be a total brainlet to not understand that.

Whether or not SENT is a real project I don't even care, the use case is paltry. It has no long term chance at survival, and the recent price action absolutely STINKING of PnD doesn't help it in my eyes.

That plus the volume is still embarrassingly low. Any real money in will be hard to get out if this price action continues at this amount of volume. The real fear is that volume dies off and you're literally stuck for another 2 years with not even being able to sell. That opportunity cost is high because you will, in the meantime, miss out on plenty of solid tokens & coins continuing their upwards trajectory.

Anyway, you do you, but for me the SENT risks vastly outweigh the potential rewards, and not being able to put in more than $1,000 or so without worrying about if I'll get my money back even after a pump makes it multiple levels beneath my stack grade.

Good luck to those of you chasing the pump, I hope you come out on top, but for me this is a hard pass.

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You know what's funny? It's the fact that you indians keep denying that you're the ones peddling shitcoins. That's some next level self-hatred. Let that sink in. You hate yourselves and your race. You have subconsciously accepted that you have garbage so whenever someone calls you out for being a pajeet, you deny it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA holy shit kill yourselves.

>> No.15218037

Hahahahahahaha this fucking retard needs a gem to come and slap him in the face before he realises what value is. Go and stack up on Ethereum you fucking pleb LOL. Learn the game you poor poor pathetic pleb.

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>Living next to curry niggers in Vancouver and San Francisco.
>Shit all over sanctuary cities
>Wage cucking for Israel big tech
>boss man is a pajeet
>Top CEOs in America and Canada are all curry niggers.
>curry nigger property ownership 1000% up in the west.
>White home ownership hitting multi decade lows.
>Being replaced, but to much of a pussy or to stupid to figure it out.
>Loves Vancouver curry niggers, but is scared of Indian curry niggers.

100% cucked. Get your gag ball out anon. RANJESH is making 350k a year, is your landlord, and your wife can't stop her fantasy of doing Yoga with Krishna.
Your an idiot. Hope you escape to Bali with the rest of us successful global capitalist.

-Much love

Your favorite anon.

>> No.15218067

Quit fudding your own bags you fucking pajeet.

>> No.15218091

What is funny is Sentinel lead dev is a beautiful Russian Woman.

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Look at Tendermint’s pinned tweet. You think Sentinel is a joke? This is an ecosystem play. All the faggots taking time out of their day to fud are just too pussy to pull the trigger or stuck in shit alts or have zero capital. Bias is a killer faggots. The more salty your fud posts here are the more we revel in your tears when sentinel pumps and leaves you behind. Dumb fucks. It’s inevitable. Are you THICK?! Read the game you fucking dumbasses. Smartest guys on the planet behind Sentinel you absolute dumbasses. Read the code. Learn to use github. Like taking to fucking downers ffs

>> No.15218106

You fucking pajeet. We are not stupid on /biz. We understand you fud your own bags to create fake polarity. Fuck off you curry nigger.

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Keep spewing mental diarrhea about your Indian domination of the west, you wish it was true faggot. Half you shitskins cross the border illegally and work at gas stations lmfao. Absolute mental retardation. Indians are the most cucked race. If it weren't for arranged marriages all of you faggots would be virgin incels til the day you die. Even Indian women hate their own men rofl, imagine being this cucked. Shoo shoo now Manjeet, go back to samefagging and shilling your shitcoins shitskin.

>> No.15218148

The more incels project their lack of success by creating the Pajeet monster, the more the shitcoin will pamp. Chainlink started the same way. Incels are a major bull singal anons, their fud is equal to missed oppurtunity cost.

>> No.15218154

Ok this is concerning. Supposed to be anon. Wonder if connected to telegram devs. I bet Durov is behind Sentinel that’s why they flawlessly released the proxy bot outta nowhere the other day. Damn sentinel gonna moon so hard if Russia money behind it. Will do a next level WAVES rape pump!!! Who’s ready for lift off?!

>> No.15218174


So fucking true. The writing is on the wall. Sentinel IS the next LINK and no one can stop it. Put your damn life on it.

>> No.15218185

Screen capping this and putting in my “told you so” album to rub in all the fudder’s faces when we at 250m+

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you are just speculating sentinel has no usecase and no real path for adoption, but its just a guess.
im taking the opposite bet time will tell who is right.
also there are some statistics from their mobile app available it clearly shows that people who use sentinel are from totalitarian regimes.
they need consumer level bandwidth to use internet freely, sentinel aims at helping those people, for now its not aimed at westerners.
the market for unused bandwidth is huge and vpn usage is growing each year more and more, in the east 1 every 3 users uses a vpn, so there is a clear market for that, also sentinel has announced they will partner with an already existing hardware manifacturer so they will be also going against tha businness model.
sentinel started getting shilled here after they launched their testnet, so thats why the sudden interest.
orderbooks are very thin so it can go up very quickly, it just needs a big exchange and it will shoot past ath.
reward outweight risk imo it will be the privacy coin of the cosmos ecosystem and it will be able to offer mixing services to binance dex and other products will be laucnhed on main net like dchat and privatenets which are aimed at governments and corporations.

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pajeets own american companys burger, india will soon be the largest growing gdp outpacing china and also indians are not cucked they are dealing directly with the muslim problem, they are so based they might start ww3 fightning with pakistan

>> No.15218278

Anon why are you denying facts. You have been replaced. Your tax money paid for it as well!!! Actually.... all the curry niggers in the USA, OWN the gas stations and hotels. Why??? Because our fucking government subsidized the immigration of curry niggers to migrate to rural areas of the USA, so they could open up gas stations and hotels for truck drivers. It was lobbied as a national security issue! They have been running these business tax free for 30 years!!! On top of that, the curry niggers who migrated to the west coast the last 20 years, were all fed by federal subsidies as well! Big tech got government subsidies to import curry niggers to reduce labour margins; as to create an incentive for the tech companies to stay in the USA. Now these niggers have more savings, more property, and higher income than the familes who built the country and are multi generational Americans! The Americans who fought in the revolution, the civil war, and WWII are all being replaced by 3rd world immigrants. Shut the fuck up you idiot. Prideful, uneducated, white trash faggots like you are the reason this all happened.

>> No.15218330

Isreal and Saudi Arabia own the companies. They hire upper caste Gerjerati and Brahmin caste CEOs as leaders to cuck white boys and low caste pajeets from thamil and other areas of southern india. The Gerjerati are known as the Jews of India and are a Indo Aryan race.

>> No.15218347

Dam. Every Sent thread turns into a painful red pill.

>> No.15218390

Cosmos main net started the bull market anon.

Id appreicate it if the incels and butt hurt burgers would go to /pol and quit polluting these threads with their globalization fears.

>> No.15218405

>he says for the one millionth time
You guys have had this exact same thread and I mean it is EXACTLY THE SAME about so many fucking shitcoins just fuck off already. How does this narrative possibly work, in 2 weeks there will be floods of the EXACT SAME THREAD about a different shitcoin with the exact same shilling shitposts. This board is like 1% actual worthwhile discussion about interesting projects and 99% copy paste shill threads about 1000 different shitcoins, they have the exact same shilling points every fucking time.

>> No.15218416

Fud just means you dont have the balls to take on risk. Well said anon.

>> No.15218420
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sentinel was literally the second project that started building on tendermint after cosmos, it has the biggest recognition in the cosmos ecosystem and sentinel devs are very well repsected for participating in cosmos bug bounties and help the whole ecosystem grow so much so that cosmos team delegated 500k atoms to sentinel validator (thats close to the total amount of the initial raise of sentinel which was 1.89m$)

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Imagine seething this much lmfao. You wish you weren't a shitskin. You subconsciously hate yourself. You have accepted the fact that everyone hates Indians. When someone calls you out as a pajeet, you deny it. What else is there to say? You hate being in your own skin yet you desperately try to defend yourselves and justify that you are somehow superior because some shitskins are financially successful in the west, but the same can't be said about you. You're singing praises about your few brothers and sisters abroad who have made it but you're nothing compared to them and you will never achieve 1% of what they have achieved. At the end of the day, you're a salty, sad, lowlife shitcoin shiller and that is all you will ever amount to.

>> No.15218432

sentinel threads have been on 4chan for more then 2 weeks screencap this sentinel threads will be the most active ones 6 months from now

>> No.15218436

>revel in your tears when this leaves you behind
>it's inevitable
I mean you have to have a document with this shit to just copy paste for all your shitcoins what is the fucking point

>> No.15218443

The group behind Links digital influncer operation team moved on anon (DIO). It looks like they moved to Sentinel.

There is a book called " The meme is the embryo of the narrative illusion". You might enjoy it. Good luck, these information campaigns move fast.

>> No.15218467

Imagine being a white trash burger who paid taxes to get replaced by pajeets.

>> No.15218469

wow this is a fantastic buy signal my man!! I am buying on anonymous post count sentiment now thank you !!! The SENTmarines will rise above, it's inevitable that fudders will be btfo and we will rise bathing in their tears!!! This is why you buy anon !!!! Stranger tells you that YOU can have money just for believing him while those that don't will be left with nothing !!!! Doesn't that just sound too good to be true but it's not ! Buy SENT the moon is I N E V I T A B L E

>> No.15218478

Holy shit. This is so sad. Thanks for spewing the truth.

>> No.15218499

are you able to read ?
the post you replied to has literally no price prediction, its just a post with engagement prediction let me say it again, sentinel threads will be the most active threads 6 months from now

>> No.15218511

Lol! San Francisco has an app now to warn you about the shit every where. America is a digusting pile of filth. Glad to be Norwegian! We have militant labour unions that keep Isreal from replacing our middle class with immigrants (:.

>> No.15218514

and why the fuck does that matter if you don't buy it your post was obviously a trash shillpost go fuck yourself

>> No.15218525

I think people can do what they want on the chans. Go back to public school if you want to be the hall pass manager lol.

>> No.15218542

Go to /pol you cucked burger. No one cares about the boogie man in your head.

>> No.15218558

You have any reading material on a system such as yours?

>> No.15218560

SENTjeets BTFO'd. Reminder, you outright deny that you are a pajeet because you accept that your race is the lowest of the low. It sucks being a fucking Indian living in INDIA.

>> No.15218584

God dam the 8 million unemployed men in the United States who got rekt by decades of immigration are destroying /biz.

>> No.15218595

you don't have to like my post, but sadly for you fudders its true.
just screencap this and lets meet again 6 months from now.
4chan love sentinel you guys are just a loud minority of americans who have decided for whatever reason 4chan its their property, let me get this stright 4chan is an international community, go make your own american only 4chan if you wanna circlejerk.
it might happen soon when trump cuts you off the international internet and you will be forced to use sentinel dvpn to continue shitposting here

>> No.15218609

Bull, another incel spending all day fuding a random shit coin. Fuck your chart OP.
The buy signals rest inside the threads commentary.

>> No.15218648

10 post? Dude get a life. Your retarded assumptions will cost you money in life. It already has... time is money, and you are wasting all your time fighting curry niggers.

>> No.15218672

The guy with 10 pajeet post is actually the OP. (:

>> No.15218690

100 sats is the next floor Op. Going to start dumping at $0.01

>> No.15218704

fucking lmao literally "hey you like 4chan right?? Then you better buy SENT!" lol

>> No.15218726

I am searching them as far back as 10 weeks. Also, sent is all over bitcoin talk from a few years back.

>> No.15218732

i know it hurts your pride when i say that 4chan is not american so you avoid mentioning it in your answer, but its the truth

>> No.15218745

guess you are better informed then me anon , i never did a deep research on bitcointalk and 4chan archives

>> No.15218754

running a node on testnet. But I'm afraid I won't be able to earn much tokens on mainnet because of low bandwidth :(

>> No.15218794

Fuck this shit

>> No.15218811


And painful kek.

I just sold my house in the bay area for 1.8m. Barely got out alive. Moving the family to Georgia, south of Russia. West coast is about to collapse. Expect California bankruptcy and 60% correction in assets. Neo fueldism, and a caste system similar to India.

>> No.15218832

I use a server for mine especially for SENT. Excited to be part of this ecosystem! Can’t you get access to a server?

>> No.15218843

Cheap hehe. The crowd has unit bias.

>> No.15218852

Every time i open a sentinel thread its full of spam from fudders, and the discussion gets derailed completely, in here to learn about this shitcoin not ti ready retarded people spamming pajeeet reee over and over.
Most of the people doing this must be Total brainlets they think Who Is Reading Is not able to do his own research ,they are projecting their own stupidity.
Get off your High horse you are not a White knight , you are Just delusional faggots with savior complex

>> No.15218891

Guys it’s happening. I have insider info that Sentinel will be on Binance soon. Buying as much as I can on IDEX and HitBTC before it goes ballistic!

>> No.15218912

I could use a VPN, but it has limited bandwidth/month in which case its probably still better to host it at home. I can use a raspberry as a node probably and I also have a home server that I can use.
One thing I can do is to sneak some nodes on the server at work.

>> No.15218926

> VPS*

>> No.15218960

It sucks man. Those cucks ruined /biz

>> No.15218964
File: 2.29 MB, 3508x2480, 1464049433068.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love curry

>> No.15218975

Whem moon.

>> No.15219020

Imgaine being so cucked you project fears of the mysterious pajeet lol. You sound like a kike using the anti semetic canard, or a nigger blaming the white man. The pajeets are your oppressors and you are the victim. Keep telling the world, maybe the social justice wairror crowd will save you from your evil oppressors.

>> No.15219039


They all follow the same path:

>1. Get pumped with very low volume
>2. Get shilled hard (paid)
>3. Get dumped with a lot of excuses such as ; its just a dip or “are you stupid? it willl never be below” and blah blah
>4. Slowly dumps and dumps and dumps
>5. People forget the scam

You are in stage #1/2 which I am glad because #4 is the most painful.

Good luck anon.

Among the few excuses these paid shills will use to reply to posts that call their scams out are:

>You are attempting to accumulate cheaper
>I am not a paid shill

and many others. They may also ignore this post and continue their shilling efforts. You have been warned.

>> No.15219081

Lololol! The 2020 Democratic campaigns will go something like this.

" We promise to save the cucked incel gamer from his pajeet oppressors! Just like our party saved LGBT from the evil white man! Vote Bernie Sanders! He promises to stop the Pajeet from abusing the jobless white kid!"

Mean while Trumps son in law. Isreal's right hand man, continues to lobby for more pajeet visas to save zuckburg from going bankrupt.

>> No.15219105

The ol copy pasta bull signal.

>> No.15219140

i wonder why that copypasta is posted only on sent threads and not other coins threads

>> No.15219153

This social justice warrior post is more cringe than LGBT SJW standing up for pedophilia rights.

>> No.15219168

Hahahahahahahahahaha this is the most brainlet post ever. You’re basically saying SENT is going to pump and you could be in and sell at the top but you’re too retarded to realise that. Hahahahaha

>> No.15219188
File: 19 KB, 512x383, A300D63E-42C3-4000-9534-07E3DBEF7FB8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15219201

I have seen it in dozens of threads. But we can pretend it only exist in Sentinel threads.

If that were true.. than we know one individual is really, really butthurt.

Butthurt is always a bull signal anon.

Maybe that individual is butt hurt because sent used him as a bottom cum dumpster?

>> No.15219227

Going to bump this, so anon feelz more pride in his copy pasta.

Lol. Retard.

>> No.15219497

Another nice move up on IDEX... what do we think /biz/? Will we finally break this resistance today?

>> No.15219554

Yes, so much fud.

>> No.15219562

it'll dump down again a bit
second pumps never reach first pump high
third pumps go to moon

>> No.15219596

Please no. Please daddy.

>> No.15219678


>> No.15219688

Sentinel is an obvious scam. Dont fall for it anons. Buy 0xBitcoin.

>> No.15219724

Lol that is retarded. You want exposure too bitcoin. Buy the asset, not some bullshit derivative built on a shitchain.

>> No.15219733

Nothing you said made any sense. You SENT shills are dumb asf kek.

>> No.15219802
File: 91 KB, 770x511, IMG_20190812_072040_153.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you are going to buy bitcoin derivatives, look at perpetual swaps or futures. Buying a pegged derivative is retard level stuff. If you want bitcoin, just buy bitcoin.

>> No.15219884


>> No.15220108


volume has more then doubled on idex from this morning

>> No.15220135

Ahhhhhhhh why is this shitcoin still being shilled here? Fuck off scammersssss

>> No.15220216


Ignore this guy. He is posting on all threads trying to get that coin banned.

>> No.15220225
File: 321 KB, 958x1280, IMG_20190728_215402_605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You all know your sacred duty.

>> No.15220240

SENT is a clear pajeet scam operation. Buy 0xBitcoin instead.

>> No.15220259

so a "D"vpn with a token. whats so special about it, dont get the hype around it

>> No.15220266


>> No.15220282

It is a lot more than that. It will suck up 25% of Cosmos eco system market cap. (:

>> No.15220326

Nothing is special about it. Its a scam. Dont buy it.

Hahaha you wish it would. Good luck with your scam.

>> No.15220399

its more then a dvpn anon , sentinel will become the privacy layer of the cosmos tendermint ecosystem, offering interblockchain mixing dchat and private nets services.
dvpn allows anybody to sell its own bandwidth unlocking billions worth of unused bandwidth globally, dvpns will undercut any centralized solution offering a much cheaper and more secure services.
centralized vpn log data , with sentinel relay net you will be able to bounce your traffic between multiple nodes and even exit into the tor network.
it will be a much safer and cheaper alternative

>> No.15220441

I like the chart and the projected influence, nice time to dip my toes in again.

>> No.15220462

Guys is SENT a scam??? Should I buy 0xbitcoin instead? What should I do omgg

>> No.15220465

based analysis, but it's not worth commenting in these threads. 412k 24hr vol. You're talking to shills, not actual buyers. I wouldn't worry too much

>> No.15220583
File: 8 KB, 281x179, 07EA89C9-F5AE-4C05-AE47-72E5DF806C34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Riddle me this Pajeets, if SENT is going to be so profitable why are they going to accept other crypto’s as payment for using their mainnet service? Wouldn’t they just want to use their own?

>> No.15220608

SENT is a stacking token, you will get yearly interest from stacking on sentinel dpos blockchain and part of the fees from the blockchain use and people using the services, there are multiple service dchat dvpn privatenets inetrblockchain mixer

>> No.15220629

Wise post. I have decided to not buy SENT after reading this post.

>> No.15221043


>> No.15221179


>> No.15221581

Now that you said nope I totally trust you

>> No.15221599

Please do not bid up the book anon. I am still trying to accumulate.

>> No.15221828

learn how ids work, mustafid

>> No.15222003

All fine, I wish more did like you and realize much later instead

>> No.15222192

x10 on the way. The fud is getting Insane.

>> No.15222342

>rsr dumped hard

Wait where? I need to buy more

>> No.15222645

all this FUD.. I am not selling

>> No.15222711

Open markets create value. Read a book you fucking idiot.

>> No.15223006
File: 104 KB, 760x718, photo_2019-07-16_22-45-12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the FUD is strong cause 4chan neets feel the resistance is about to break

>> No.15223500

Yeah thats exactly why other fvpn projects will fail cause they force their shitcoin on people

>> No.15224430

Pepe almost free (:

>> No.15224857

So still no update from the devs at all?

>> No.15225165


a whale just ripped 300 eth of SENT

>> No.15226005

damn whoever got to sell at 3500 gwei made some bank

>> No.15226017 [DELETED] 

And don't forget to thank me, sir


>> No.15226880

3 hours ago a whale moved 19m SENT from IDEX to their wallet. This is happening more and more. Whales accumulating hard for lift off.

>> No.15227007

This coin is going parabolic, it is now around 250 position in CMC, honestly anyone not having at least a small SENT bag is plain retarded, because they will buy more expensive later when they fomo

>> No.15227057

unironically, where can I buy SENT in australia? none of the main exchanges feature it

>> No.15227754

Just use IDEX

>> No.15228172

Buy ETH on your exchange and go to IDEX m8

>> No.15228185

many thanks

>> No.15228247

damn son

>> No.15228688

Completely agree with you, VID is also thriving among these chaos....at 15000% growth in 2 months

>> No.15228718
File: 20 KB, 640x640, vid_colour.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is actually going to the moon!

>> No.15229058

Insane, a market buy of 19 million SENT moved to cold wallet

>> No.15229335

literally posted on every thread about a singular coin

>> No.15229749

i guess then he is just a retard that doesn't want people to take risk and make money

>> No.15230045

Seems like OP prediction realized itself

>> No.15230073

This thread is so insanely transparent lmfao

>> No.15230334

Next leg is 200 sats. Get ready

>> No.15230954

Yep, so many angry burgers.

>> No.15231165
File: 132 KB, 960x487, the-cult-of-kek-trump-jesus-chosen-pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How many angry burgers does it take to escape McDonalds?

>> No.15231188

Don't count my chickens before they're hatched but damn I've got quite a few eggs

>> No.15231379 [DELETED] 
File: 467 KB, 623x700, 1540996920415.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15231731

Op can you post an update on the chart

>> No.15231926


>> No.15232033

3000 vitaliks is the resistance.

>> No.15232478

Lol who the fuck charts in eth? Incels?

>> No.15232749
File: 86 KB, 1280x616, cup2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we are almost there

>> No.15232789

All time high in eth soon??

>> No.15232987

Not saying much due to eth tanking but still nice

>> No.15233101

all the action is on IDEX right now dude

>> No.15233807

soon probably it will get listed on a bigger exchange

>> No.15234294

Good prediction op, after that whats your target ?

>> No.15234489

It's uncorrected because its being shilled on /biz/. whatever is continuously shilled on /biz/ stays uncorrected

>> No.15234521

120 sats incoming. Btc dumping. Alts about to push.

>> No.15234951

so you are saying SENT will just continue going up for months ?

>> No.15235275
File: 135 KB, 604x946, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh my god

Was thinking about buying moar, but doesn't look like I'm gonna have that luxury anyway

>> No.15235403

Argh my bids aren’t filling. Need to market buy. I think up to 60-70 sats is fair price as this will go to ATH at 300 sats and beyond. Even 50-100% profits are still fantastic and this is in a clear and strong uptrend.

>> No.15235428

Yes there is no doubt that this is being accumulated by the insiders that know something. Either at sentinel or at the exchange it will be listed on, or both. There’s no way I’m missing out on this!

>> No.15235454

There are only two Russians scamming you by paying a bunch of jeets. As soon as the first shill threads started on /biz/ back in July I bought this shit at about 1000 vits, joined the p&d group and started shilling this on 4chan and reddit like crazy.

Many of those shilling threads and comments are mine. I helped to pump this shit up so I could dump on you at 2500 vits which I happily did so.

Now I want to redeem myself by warning you: they are trying to pump and dump this shit on you AGAIN.

There is really no usecase for this token, this will just be another substratum, maidsafe or shift. Traditional centralized VPNs are cheap enough, easy to use and it works.

>> No.15235474
File: 220 KB, 1280x1271, 304A436B-5670-414D-BEE1-419ADDE9335C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hahaha these burger faggots need buckets for their tears once their pathetic empire crumbles. Pajeets and kikes ftw! Sentinel to the moon!!!

>> No.15235564




>> No.15235583

Why do indians like to suck shit out of cow ass sir?

>> No.15235612


>The Sentinel DVPN is just a copy of a tutorial they are using as a way to trick you into installing malware.

>The Sentinel DVPN binary is NOW A CONFIRMED TROJAN.

>What is more obvious than a precompiled DVPN being pushed by scammers on /biz/? Nothing. Ever.


>The first reports will be in shortly of people losing their funds and control of their machines. You have been warned anons.

>> No.15235681

post the part of the code that you think are malicious or gtfo, you are just spreading fud

>> No.15235690

SENT is a scam I confirm it. Do not fall for this scam. Indians are smelly people.

>> No.15235721

you confirm what ?
you are just an incel, only thing you can confirm is the skin cancer you will get for not getting exposed to sunlight for months

>> No.15235747

I confirm that your mother is a whore and she is my submissive sex slave.

>> No.15235762

whatever you say you won't get cheap SENTs

>> No.15235775

I dumped my SENTs on your head retard thanks for the easy pump. Get out of this scam while you can anons. Drink rat poison and die. Good day to you.

>> No.15235852

>I confirm sirs
>do not fall for scam sirs. Very bad invest

>> No.15236156

there is no big sell orders till 4k vits, you will rebuy higher

>> No.15236309

Nice. SENT is about to spring.

>> No.15236396

Oh all your 2k sent, thats tough dump me if you like

>> No.15236712

yeah any kind of buy pressure will send SENT very high

>> No.15236723

posting in an original and completely organic thread.

>> No.15236740

goddamn I hate you pajeets.

>> No.15236790

The great thing is, SENT is a FREE VPN! Check it out!

>> No.15236828

Are you really going to TA a shitcoin with no volume? Jesus Christ

>> No.15237110

that cup and handle is working pretty well

>> No.15237342

What a great tuesday. Sentinel pamping. Everyone sour as fuck. Hahaha

>> No.15237346
File: 155 KB, 1121x632, moonlanding.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SENT is top volume on idex and just printed an amazing green dildo its price discovery time guys

>> No.15237465

That last green candle of wealth was awesome

>> No.15237467

Self fulfilling prophecy. Like the Murad chart or Isreal.

>> No.15237613

Nothing but love anon.

>> No.15237690

Thanks for your sacrifice anon. The next leg up will be with out you. Always sacrifice the lamb.

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