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4Chan tipping when?

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give up reditfag

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Lol nah I'm only a fag on here

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I don't know why Brave doesn't implement a specific text/tag that are recognized by Brave browsers and replaced as "Tip" icons. For other browsers it could simply be a URL that links you to Brave download.
So no matter where you would be on internet, you could just append "https://tip.me/1qu4" to your post and would show up as a Brave Tip icon....

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i'd never tip you faggots.

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I think they're implementing something like this with BAT extensions

it'll happen sometime and it will be based

in the meantime, FUCK this piece of shit. Everything is mooning and BAT sits at like +1% fucking cuckold trash token

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Tha'd be pretty dope honestly. At least we know the dev team will be around for a while so maybe eventually

I'd tip you daddy ; )

Yeah I wish it wasn't a fucking half assed stable coin right now, just accumulate before they run out of extra supply

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I'd love to tip the JANNIES to clean up this mess

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I already try to tip on Twitter and literally nobody is verified. Probably because Uphold KYC is so fucking annoying.

I wish Coinbase could just take over the whole Brave KYC bullshit, I don't really feel like giving my bank account, social, birthdate, etc. to fucking Uphold, whereas I've already given all that shit to Normiebase.

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nobody uses crypto tipping