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>$1000 eoy

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$0.00 EOY

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falling wedge on the LINKBTC, breakout soon

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unironically fell for this meme and went all in at $3.5 but I don't talk about it here. I just want to break even and get out.

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Larp, show one buy order

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Why do you think I'm larping?

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If you've been on /biz/ for a while you have no one to blame but yourself for buying the very top when we've been shilling this nonstop since ICO.
It will go back to $3.50, might take a couple months but it will happen. You have to leave your emotions at the door if you invest anon. Keep those iron hands and remember that you have a 95% chance of making good money off this.

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couple of months?? RIP

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never invest what you can't afford to lose

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If you sell, you're a fucking idiot, I watched this shit go from 1.30 to like 17 cents. You'll feel worse if you sell and it goes up than if you don't and it goes down

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A couple more months of Sergey dumping on us.

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