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Selling RuneScape gold for Bitcoin in 2011 is how all my friends got rich AF and I stayed a poor wagecuck

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I love to think about that.
Happy nerds becoming incredibly rich for playing their favourite RPG.

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Insane to think that all those 12 year olds selling gold for crypto have never really worked a day in their life and will never do it either

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How many of you here still play Runescape? Many people got rich off dicing back then. How many of your friends actually held their bitcoins though?

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I always wanted to start a bot farm

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3 friends. 1 cashed out in full at $1000, the other two are holding 25% of their 2011 Bitcoin and continue to sell RuneScape gold for Bitcoin & ETH

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Shut the fuck up s oyboy

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I currently farm crypto by shitposting on pocketnet.app thank me later anon.
I botted semi professional in wow. They took down the bot with lawfare nowadays there would be no central entity to go after.

If a serious black and grey market develops on the pocketnet I'm game. Sold already ad clicks there and local upvote services for native currency. Extremely hard to litigate against without central legal entity if the corporate fags want to shut it down.

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How much do you make and how many hours

Who else plays RS?

I started OSRS recently but broke

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Bannon also got rich on Runescape gold
that shit has literally changed history

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I did but quit after I went to the duel arena went all in 4X and cashed out into fiat to buy bitcoin. Too bad that didn't happen in 2011 otherwise I wouldn't be herr

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Cringe af

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....my runescape account is like one of the first 300 to 1000 made.
I was around for every rare drop.
Because I never could have fathomed them being worth anything I gave away all of them, since my parents would lock me out of the computer room for playing that game.
I had literally hundreds of party hats, crackers, masks, discs of returning, pumpkins, santa hats, etc.
I also missed out on the original scythe and bunny ears because the like 3 or 5 servers they had were maxed out and I couldn't log in.
My account is maxed but i am perm muted.
My only revenge is making fire swastikas on the map or dropping ashes in the shape of swastikas.
But i did leave my mark on the game...
Because i am the reason you cannot light fires in certain areas of the map.
For example you can no longer light fires in player owned farm pens.
I would go in the pen light my fire and surround it by planting flowers so nobody could ruin it. And since you can't see who is in the animal pens they couldnt report me.
I kept changing my name to holocaust references so many times, they now have blocked me from changing my name, and assugned me the name Art Mink, which i googled to find out was a founder of the communist party in the USA.
This is my story.

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Based, thanks for sharing.

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bamnon teh Trump guy?

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More info on pocketnet?

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Thank you
I like to think I fight for all of us.

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>they now have blocked me from changing my name, and assugned me the name Art Mink, which i googled to find out was a founder of the communist party in the USA.

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this thread gives me bad feelings.
>tfw you will never turn runescape gold into bitcoin

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Absolutely based.

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I sold $3k worth of rsgp in 2012, to buy a car.. RIP

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made about $10k off OSRS gp last year

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How explain more???

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social media completely on the blockchain without corporate entity with native currency all in Beta some dedicated anons and we would have a vibrant black and gray market with all early adopters getting filthy rich at least in my estimation
I had everything but the delivery automated. 10 -20 accounts running parallel. Wow gold sells like hotcakes at high rates don't have figues but some hundred euros per day back in the day were possible.

If I had a decent wow classic bot I would probably start again to sell for crypto on pocketnet.app. Double dipping into native crypto shilling and the bot business.

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Staking below max level. I'd pretty much run the arena with a few whale friends around my combat and we would just clean the small fries with a few hundred mill each time.

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Do they delete your character if you don't play for long time, mine doesn't seem to exist anymore. unless I changed the name, is that possible to do?

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The now coming wow classic server would be a golden opportunity for gold selling if you could get a decent bot. Auto Login, randomized name on start, multi window and custom profiles.

It is cancer how much farming is necessary. Nostalgia faction got cash as well more than ever.

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How much do you make using that roughly per day?

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Based as fuck
I made my own little fortune trading csgo skins

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I have all skills 90+
Do i have a chance in making it? If so what should i do, who to kill, etc. To make shit ton of bitcoins

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Are these people so fucking retarded to put their twitter account? lmao

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How much was 1 million GP for bitcoin back then?

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I am interested about the friend who cashed out at 1000$, bravo. How many bitcoins? and what is he doing now? living comfy or doing creative endeavors?

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Listen to my story.
This may be our last chance.

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Jesus Christ this is how I'm going to end up. I too had a shit load of opportunities to make money which I didn't take.

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>never botted in the hayday of botting even though I could have, and could've made thousands

why am I this way

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>I also missed out on the original scythe and bunny ears

I was there for both, get dabbed on kiddo

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They won't ban cursed energy bots, and someone made a program that automatically detects skulled players and makes your bot log out and hop worlds.
But you need something like 50 bots to farm cursed energy because RS3 GP is cheap as hell, like 20 cents per 1 mil.
You're also going to need to modify the program so the bots log out instantly and scouter bots communicating to the other bots if someone is camping at banks.

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Nah that didn't happen, but it would have been cool.

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I hate that I didn't get the easter ring back then. Back then those colored eggs were cool as hell, transformation items were rare and holiday items and events were pretty pathetic.

Nowadays they give you like 10+ holiday items, along with money and xp.

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for those of you who dont know about oldschool runescape let me give you the conversions

1mil osrs gp = .70 - .80 USD
1mil sounds like alot, but trust me once you invest enough time into the game id say earning .75 USD is about how easy it is to earn 1mil. you can easily earn multiple billions, even hundreds of billions from single item drops just from playing the content. you can do the math from there

the thing is, it is in fact mostly a pre teen / young adults game, and most of them dont have the attention span to reach the end content and end game levels of the game, but they do have access to mommies credit card and their allowance, and its a prime way for them to spend that up

its a legitimate side hustle if you make less than 100k a year. its a hell of a time investment though, but its counteracted by the fact you are meant to play the game in one window while browsing the internet in another.

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The largest item drop is worth 2B or so.

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Ive done 1500 solo raids without a single tbow, gave up when btc broke out of $3k havent played much since.. Feels bad need to get back to it

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People like you are one of the few things that can make laugh

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How does it compare to making money in Entropia Online?

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holy shit shut the fuck up, you faggot

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How do you make in game cash in OSRS.

What skills or quests or monsters do you kill?

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buy from asian fuckers and resell higher.

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You're better off getting a job unless you live in some third world eastern european shithole. Goldfarming as a job is retarded.

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kek im like 1300kc no weapons drop in my name. Had tbow splits though

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thats illegal and against runescape tos, I hunt you fuckers for dinner

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My first crypto trade was EUR -> second life money -> BTC in 2012

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wait how do i join and automate everything?

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>even hundreds of billions from single item drops
Eh? I haven't played OSRS for a year or so and doesn't know about the new content, but I doubt that's true

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I miss the glory days of runescape

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>Goldfarming as a job is retarded.

that's what you think but brock pierce got paid 6million by steve bannon to do exactly this lmao

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i found btc in 2011 at $2.70 on techcrunch but didnt go all in.. woulda have got nearly 1000x... i think rsr is the next 1000x.. going all in on that