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So I guess the alts aren't done dumping huh? They were already down 92%...rhen they dropped another 80% in the past couple months.. But still they will keep going down?

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yeah i have cardano and iota bags they are so heavy that i just watch them with sacrasm now

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Why should something that has no value, NOT dump OP?

They are simply on their natural path to their true value of ZERO.

What has any alt really provided the world?

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shitcoins going to shit the king is going to brick.

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Well, most of them are unironically worth absolutely nothing. I don't really know what you expect.

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>>15158401well that's your opinion. I think their value is between here and 10x from here.

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i've been telling you noobs alts are worth $0 and will will go to $0.. with exception os the ones that will get real mass adoption like reserve protocol. and they will moon like amazon did after dot com crash

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Nice, try faggot.

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poo in loo

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Tell than to VID, 14000% growth in 2 months and still growing. Their presale is ending in a few more days....don't miss out

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The ones with mainnets are still functioning at 92% reduced value. The ones without mainnets are still developing at 92% reduced value. Why should people buy this shit if the economics are so completely detached from the fundamentals?

Most of them are premines and don't even have scarcity going for them.

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Very few can expect to see green. The best bets would be ETH, XMR, BNB. The ones with huge user bases and comparatively big uses. They still suffer from inflation greater than BTC and need BTC to go up so they can gain. It's not hard to see that alts are 98% correlated to BTC. A lot of people here came to crypto in 2017 and they think that's how it will always bull. Altcoin money is leaving alts and flooding to smart contract junk like EOS betting dapps, Tron games, ETH exchange div paying tokens, and hyper deflationary/forced scarcity tokens. Those teams sell eth, trx, eos for $.