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Guys i have been following a lot of financial analysts lately. This time its for real. Just look today if you dont believe me. Raoulgm on twitter posted a thread and many others on my timeline werer esponding. This is not a joke. Check out the situation in china and hong kong. The federal reserve cutting rates. other currency collapses and problems in europe. This is the real deal so how are you preparing? Stocks dollars bonds gold or bitcoin?

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Unrionically drns

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Daily reminder nothing ever happens

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They are already talking about QE4 in Q4 this year. They know what's coming already, and are going to be all hands on deck when it kicks off. I would recommend only being about 30% cash and the rest in solid hedges.

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Will this one be bigger than '08?

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in cash atm, waiting for a decent correction

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>30% cash position

Why would anyone in their right mind hold a position this large in an asset that is on the verge of hyperinflation?

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>solid cash


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This one will likely rival 1929

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No it wont.

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God I can't fucking wait, I am deep in so much debt, can't wait to get paid a million Burgerbabwe bucks for a week's wage and tell Capital One and Discover to fuck off.

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How it ultimately plays out is anyone's guess. If they lose control and monetary easing no longer works, it will be '08 times a hundred. If they are able to kick the can down the road longer... you and everyone you know will just get poorer and poorer until the next long tail event that cannot be patched up.

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two reasons why this is not true

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You're right it will likely be worse.

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kek, godspeed in-debt anon. Hope you also have some hard assets that Mr. Schlomo at Capital One and Discover don't know about.

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This is exactly what will happen.

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Who or what is Chemical Bank and why did they spur from the fucking ground after becoming JPMC?!?

OP is right, massive happenings incoming

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I doubt you know one way or the other. Enlighten the rest of us as to exactly how it will go down or STFU

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Idk how they are gonna patch this one up. Hopefully no war distractions this time, but there's alot of unrest too, so...

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>kick the can down the road longer... you and everyone you know will just get poorer and poorer until the next long tail event that cannot be patched up.

Ding ding ding, we have a winner

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50% corrections are actually very rare things for the market.

For the S&P 500 it's happened 4 times in the last century.


From peak to trough, inflation adjusted.

1. 1929 to 1933.

2. 1968 to 1982.

3. 2000 to 2002.

4. 2007 to 2009.

The periods between these corrections experienced exponential growth.

There is a time to be short, and there is a time to be long. Knowing where you are in a cycle is the key to making money.

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I'm taking good old advice from buffet and I'm investing into stuff I know well, chainlink and gay porn sites.

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It'll be worse, as the solution most companies will come to is to automate all their work to cut labour costs.

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kek this
it's gonna be the same boring shit it's been for years, no happening

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You've been lulled into a false sense of security. Of course things change. You really think this will be the status quo forever?

Look at history. It's just one damn happening after another.

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Bigger than 1929. Total reset, medieval style.

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>would recommend only being about 30% cash and the rest in solid hedges.
Why only 30% cash? USD/JPY/EUR/CHF, which one is best? By hedges you are talking about PM &crypto?

You cannot seriously believe that lmao

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Hyperinflation is a meme. There's so much USD in circulation its nearly impossible to hyper inflate. Keep a nice cash position available to swoop up cheap assets after the crash.

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These both rely on vast houses of cards, all propped up by the financial system.

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chink manipulation

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Happenings happen over a course of months and years to the point that most people don't even perceive them.

Slow boil vs fast boil.

You have to view historical events as springs of energy being compressed until such time as someone unleashes the spring and the major event happens.

If you are really paying attention you can see the tension escalate because the same behaviours and events in the lead up can be observed based on past observations.

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>35 years
>18 years
>5 years

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Oh come on, that's just retarded. You really do yourself no favours with hyperbole.

A 1930s type event in modern America would result in a calamity though. The unity just isn't there anymore like it was 100 years ago. The entire premise of America is making money and when that is off the table for most people, there will either be massive wealth redistribution or blood in the streets.

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>There's so much USD in circulation
>its nearly impossible to hyper inflate.
Oversupply is literally the main cause of hyperinflation.

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The hedge is up to you. Could be some Coca cola stock and some basedbean contracts, or it could be a position in gold and silver as well as crypto. The point is to have that money in something that would also rise in price with inflation at a minimum.
The 30% cash is to have available to take advantage of opportunities that would likely present themselves in a crash scenario.

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Raoul Pal was a tether fudder until recently. I literally met him in February and told him how ridiculous he was being when Bitcoin was 3k. He only missed the last 7k move in Bitcoin but I am sure he knows what’s up /s

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It's not hyperbole. The foundation of this society has rotted away.

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>There's so much USD in circulation its nearly impossible to hyper inflate.
Why do I even come here anymore

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You seem smart and based. Got any moar info or predictions on BTC?

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The cash is to take advantage of opportunities that arise in crash scenarios. Financing will be hard to come by, and you won't want to have to liquidate positions and move money just to buy something.

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In case a follower of the Austrian school comes by,
this is what the Austrian analysis predicts:
Three possible scenarios, beginning at latest in 2021. Hyperinflation ( massive prive increases, breakdown of state financing)
Hyperdeflation (mass concurse, write-offs, price decrease)
those two are two sides of the same coin.
The third one ( and most likely):
Stagflation (high inflation, high unemployment)

The case for Stagflation (EU):
EuroStoxx 30 testing support repeatingly. Deutsche Bank balance sheet depreciating 10% again.
80% of deposit banks' revenue traditionally come from credit marge, transformation marge and saving marge.
> what marge do you have when in zero interest environment for 10 years?

sources: Rahim Taghizadegan, Dr. Markus Krall

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And now we're at 10 years, whats your point? By your own logic the gaps will now increase, which is good

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>inflation and hyperinflation are the same thing

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I only outlined the 50% or greater drops in broad periods.

We can go through 20% to 50% drops and it happens more often.

1937 to 1938.

1940 to 1942.

1946 to 1949.

1956 to 1957.

1969 to 1970.

1973 to 1974.

1977 to 1982.


There's always been economic cycles and investing at ATH even in the immediate post WW2 years carried a lot of risk if you got in at the wrong time.

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Has anyone heard of Telecoin. All of my friends are going crazy to buy it.

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Monetary expansion doesn't mean anything as long as people are willing to accept the face value of what is being supplied.

A good example being the wartime economies during WW2, which did have massive monetary expansion but the currencies were worth something so long as people had faith in the particular government issuing it.

It's when the rejection happens, or the loss of faith, that actual price inflation occurs.

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They literally are the same thing. Fiat currency tending towards worthless.

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Gold standard vs FIAT backed by nothing
Sorry, but it doesn't work that way now. More = less, it's just that simple.

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There is no logic, this guy was just listing the correction years as if they form a pattern in and of themselves, which they don't.

Yeah the average cycle is roughly 7-10 years long, welcome to /biz/.

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Thats what Ive been thinking too
Everyone is always saying that the expansive monetary policy will lead to a big crash and hyperinflation, but you just have to look to Japan what the results are, a constant slow decline.
Given that Japan is just 20 years ahead of us, what reason is there that we won't end up like Japan? Tbh I think the eurozone already is there, just look at the combined growth within the last 10 years

>hyperinflation can only occur if the supply of something gets multiplied, not if people lose their faith in it

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The only surefire advice I have is that Monero is the last guaranteed mega moon. I’ve been in silver, Bitcoin, and treasury futures all year

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Japan is 20 years ahead of Europe and China. The US remembered to fuck bareback and actually had kids. Everywhere else is going to suffer a long, long stagnation. The US will suffer a rollercoaster that’s largely resultant from cutting its ties to the outside world. But it’ll be a roller coaster that’s broadly going up, as foreign cash rushes to find returns in the US market.

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absolutely, but we're still better off than 1929. even with a worst case societal collapse, we still have the seeds and knowledge

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No m8. Monetary expansion in an oligarchical system results in asset inflation, not price inflation of general goods.

Look up M1 money supply for the last 10 years and compare it to the S&P 500.

My point is that the government can simultaneously inflate the currency and control (or even suppress) prices given the right policy and trade framework.

Government policy can direct and redirect the flow of money to create inflation and deflation.

It might not last forever, but it can last for a time.

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This is what I'm concerned too. I'm 30% cash, 68% real estate, and about 60k crypto. I'm trying to switch real estate to farm land, because I'm thinking, if people are fired, huge unemployment, we will have no use for houses and offices, however land is something that is always producing, even now crops are 90% automated. The problem is, what to do with the money? Do I pour into more land, or do I wait to see if we will have cheap assets? The difference from hyperinflation to stagflation. I'm guessing with coins around the world losing value, governments will have to go straight to QE, which might accelerate inflation (gov. has to keep USD to EUR paired because otherwise will fuck importers and exp).

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My initial point was that mega corrections are very rare.

My secondary point is that 20%+ corrections even in long term bull markets happen somewhat regularly.

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Precious metals.

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I remember way back in late 90s when I used to talk shit on irc chatrooms with what you today probably call financial analysts. I worked for American Megatrends at the time, helping design the production infrastructure for storage controllers, and the tumultuous days of the late 90s made for great fun on those chatrooms in the few hours of the day I was home. We used similar lingo as you do here, claiming the world was ending whenever something moved two points.

Evidently, it just made me realise that nothing ever happens. These are great times to make something happen in your life, though. It did for me, and it made me able to retire and earn roughly $3 million in passive income each year.

Place your funds wisely :-)

AMA if you want.

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yeah, I went to high school in the 90's and we had a substitute teacher who had left his wife and family to move to our town, which was on the mississippi river, because he believed the economy was on the verge of collapse and that all major infrastructure would be destroyed. So he wanted access to riverways.

where do I place my funds now to retire and earn $3 million (or hell i'd settle for $300k) in passive income?

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Nice anon congratulations. I'm a poorfag with barely 50k to my name in crypto. Any advice you have would be welcomed and used productively.

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I'll bite. What is the source of the $3mm passive income? Any tips or lessons to share that you learned along the way?

Oh and your favorite fund.

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Unironically the dot com bubble was the collapse.

Apocalyptic visions are always overblown and faddish desu.

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Just buy BRAPPER Token, 1 gwei now, ten gwei next week at the tail end of the trading competition.

The question is, put profits in to gold, silver or realestate? What's going to happen to home prices during the crash?

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Insane population growth since then
Nobody knows how to do basic survival that was part of daily routines 100 years ago

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What are you talking about, retard? You can look up homesteading best practices for free on the internet.

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what the fuck

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This one will be worse than 1929 boys. Load up on silver, gold, and bitcoin.

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We have at least another year. Just long enough so that everybody's puts expire worthlessly and people start to think that everything will be find and go long again. Then everything will crash. As long as there are doomsday arcticles on frontpages nothing will happen.

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US gov't is out of cash and mnuchin has dipped into the federal pension fund account to pay debt /bills.
If congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling, the gov't is broke. If they do raise the debt ceiling, bond market crashes. Its a lose lose, why do you think trumps wants rates to go lower? This whole trade war charade is being used to force the federal reserves hand.

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>We have at least another year
Lol no we don't. You will be lucky if we make it to the end of this year before everything falls apart. They are already prepared to start QE4 this year. It's way worse than many think.

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What are you trying to tell me? That the Fed know stuff? Since it's already 08 I correct my post to Q2 2020

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That would have happened already if it was worth it

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Incorrect. Like any network, business is conservative - I use this word in the sense that it is resistant to change. The shift to a new mode of production is slow, until it isn’t. This always takes people by surprise because network changes follow the exponential function rather than the linear function, which makes it extremely difficult for humans to visualize.

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Take change by the hand or it will grab you by the throat.

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Source: Dude, just trust me

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George Freidman predicted this in his book. This will be known as the American Century, better get on top quick boys.

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This kind of financial crisis, inflation etc, is where Reserve's RSV comes in. Not only
is it backed by USD, but also bunch of other assets, and it will help countries like Venezuela sleep at night without thinking how much value they are losing per day

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t. economically illiterate zoomer that doesnt understand currency manipulation and trade. trump will back down like the little cuck that he is and everything will be fine. nothing will happen

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This. Trump is just threatening China until the September talks.

Recession @ 2021 after the elections.

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2yr bonds yielding negative everywhere else that's not a third world shithole

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Correct. George Friedman isn’t the only person making that particular prediction, either. The Fourth Turning guys also home in on it, the doomsday guys as well in their own ways. Have I mentioned that it sucks how time only passes at a rate of one second per second lately?

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There are already columns on Reuters and Bloomberg arguing whether we can call it a recession yet or not.

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Why so much in real estate? We're defo going to have a huge housing problem, they didn't fix shit after 2008. At the very least that shit is going to go down significantly with the rest of the market in this crash, for the same exact reasons as the last one. Just get whatever you can out of there, I don't care what you do with it but REIT is gonna be a fat seeya.

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Absolute retard. Literally every economic indicator is in the shitter m8. If you just come on this board to shill cryptos, please don't bother trying to talk about actual economics with the rest of us.

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what does a "fat seeya" mean?

>> No.15159637

It means REITS are failing, hard. One of the largest REIT firms just had to foreclose on a half a million dollar mall property in kansas city about 3 months ago. Literally the only people buying REITS right now are boomer funds that think were gonna see another real estate boom because 2008 was a glitch and fake alpha investors who are convinced realestate is how you "make duh big bucks" and its oversold because amazon or some shit. REITs are a fat seeya cause if your holding them within the next year and have any sort of debt your ass is most likely toast.

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I'm buying gold tomorrow by buying silver today.

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lol nice

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Calm down, you guys. Just follow this:

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>1 post by this ID

kys faggot

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how could you be so naive to believe otherwise? lmao

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I like that meme

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Ok so can someone redpill me on the whole "deep in debt during a crisis = good thing" idea?

Everything I've heard from normies and boomers suggests that "those already in debt will be hit the hardest" during a recession or some shit like that.

But that doesn't make sense:
>in mountains of credit card debt (like above anons mentioned)
>great depression 2.0
>no one can pay back their debts
>big banks (Capital one, discover) run dry
>go out of business
>no moar debt :)

I assume you'd get your manila folder send to a collection agency or something for a lifetime of mandatory penis inspection days, so not like you're just off the hook - but if everyone who took a loan from a huge financial entity suddenly stops making repayments, what's that entity to do? (unless they get bailed out by uncle sam of course)

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if govt has no better solution they will cause terror because it's easier to control public caught in fear and driven by emotions, muh hard times, shut up and defend yourself, we will talk about wellbeing other day

if there is possibility to have advantage by violating rules, someone will act this way. basic game theory

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Hard kek

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Ban the guns because we are bringing back sword fighting and cannonballs.

On a more serious note, will there be an awakening or will people stay glued to their TV sets, if you know what I mean. In all circumstances, be prepared.

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>just google it bro
>when there's no power
>the cellular network is down
>and you're on the run from mobs of hungry niggers

yeah, sure

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Im Finally going to be able to afford a house its about time

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The economy is clearly about to crash hard. The question is- will this cause bitcoin to skyrocket or will it go down with the market?

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Yeah I can assure you as someone who worked in banking during the 2008 crisis, shit does happen, and people cry when their 401ks dissapear.

>> No.15161631

I'm not worried about it an absolute n, I don't have a 401k

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AAAAhhhhh guys WWI and WWII were just both just ways to reset the financial system, now with mutually assured destruction there is now way to reset it now. ((( They ))) Will have no choice but to Push the final step in the New World Order. Basically a Fake "Alien Invasion" Its fake because the "Aliens" are actually Extremely Advanced Supressed Technology Drones controlled by ((( Them ))). Its the only way to get around mutually assured destruction since the "aliens" don't belong to any country (ironically Antarctica). Also u can only be saved if u buy Link unironically.

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>401ks dissapear
Holy fuck, how does that even happen?

>> No.15161722

This is why it was a stupid move from day 1 to move normies away from pensions to 401ks, they are not investors, don’t understand the concept of risk and think they are entitled to never ending stock price increases. And our politicians are now so goddamn scared of a correction and voter uprising to keep their jobs they’ll print and pump more funny money into the system to keep the scheme going. Madness.

>> No.15161735

This, they have no choice but to keep the carousel spinning, otherwise the whole thing collapses on itself.

>> No.15161798

They're tied to the market, and the market collapses. Some people actively manage their 401k and take on even more risk with them, but all investments carry risk, including 401ks.

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oh LOL

ok but, so the market crashes, but it's not like they withdraw from their 401k's (thereby selling the underlying stocks/bonds/beaniebabies/whatever) right? Can't you just hold that shit and wait for the market to recover and boom your 401k is back to life?

>> No.15161836

And by that you mean years and years and years of working for it to return to the value it was before the crash. Yeah, which is why a 401k is ultimately a good investment, just pray that it doesn't happen when you're nearing retirement.

>> No.15161860

you know the draft was only 50 years ago right?

WW2 only 80 years ago?

>> No.15161866

How are pensions any better in that regard? They are even riskier imho. Nearly every pension eventually ends up underfunded, which is one of the biggest reasons we've drifted away from them.

>> No.15161881


If your 401k is made up entirely of 1000 shares of Tesla stock.
And it's $200/share to begin with, but then the stock market takes a shit and now TSLA is worth half that, yeah your 401k's value is cut in half.
But then you wait 2 years and the market recovers, TSLA is back to $200/share, and thus your 401k is back to its initial value. Is that not how it works?

>> No.15161882

>however land is something that is always producing,
Are you sure about that? The bountifulness of land is at the mercy of the weather and climate. How many farmers have lost their entire livelihoods because of an unexpected drought, or a tsunami flooding away everything they grew and removing all the fertile soil?

Land is great, it's the one resource that God ain't making any more of, as the saying goes, but it's not infallible.

>> No.15161902

Been reading gloom and doom threads for 10 y now. Nothing ever happened.

"But this time it's different!!!1!!"

Not it's not, fag

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>> No.15162047

You don't know how high on the ladder you are.

It took 1500 years to climb back from the last civilisation collapse. People weren't stupid, but security is the foundation of all technology. You can have all the seeds and knowledge you like, you're not going to be able to use them if you can't stop 1000 hungry tramps running over your land 2, 5, 10, 30 years from now.

>> No.15162053


It’s never different, until it is.

This 1000x, upvoted and gilded

>> No.15162071

>lived through 1999 and 2008
>nothing ever happens

>> No.15162077

Yeah that's what I'm saying..you now have to work (2 in your example) years just to get back to where you were..how is that a rosy picture in your mind? Mind you, 2 years is absurdly optimistic. Then there's the off chance you say put you're 401k into Tyco, Enron, etc. and then it's really poof, gone.

>> No.15162079

There's a tree at my allotments which is leaning almost 45 degrees and the roots are starting to buckle. It could fall over tomorrow, it could fall over in 5 years.

It still produces leaves, though, so I'm betting my life savings that it will never fall over. I mean, it never has before, right?

>> No.15162086

I just sold all my volatile stock yesterday, and I put a bit more into BTC and I will be buying some precious metals this time. I would buy other important things like land or properties but that's way beyond my budget at this time. Unfortunately I will be a young adult during a shitty time and I only got lucky because I made a killing off Ethereum and Chainlink.

>> No.15162103

But how can anyone guarantee the rebound will take only 2 years? I would think the harder we crash the longer it would take to recover to our initial value, right? That doesn't seem very optimistic at all to me.

>> No.15162109

Companies restrict what you can buy in a 401k. You won't be buying Tesla you'll be buying index funds that grow as long as human productivity grows- if an index fund is 0 you better have canned beans and water and ALL investments are 0 in that case.

>> No.15162141

I will seriously never understand the boomer logic behind 401k’s.

Taxcuck benefits aside, why wouldn’t you just take that money and invest it in the actual stocks/indices yourself?

Anyway from what I can tell, the trend is that they always tend to appreciate over enough time - as >>15162109 mentioned, due to the cumulative increase of human productive output (at least in the USA I guess lol). So yeah that paints a theoretical optimistic picture by default I would assume.

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>> No.15162162

I'm investing in a company that makes rope.

>> No.15162186

>I will seriously never understand the boomer logic behind 401k’s.
The logic is "I'm uneducated and fearful, give me something easy that beats inflation by a few percent".

>> No.15162201


>> No.15162213

I would bet unhealthy amounts that >90% of the normie NPC’s that fall for the 401k scam don’t even factor in inflation/know what it even is

>> No.15162226

I agree, but it must at least keep up with it surely? I don't know, what makes it a scam? I'm not American

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All predictions about the future of america are useless without a big address of the israel lobby. Thags basically none of them

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How would you make yuge money today?

>> No.15162502

deflation is the keyword. if debt payments default money is getting short, thats why it will deflate first.
what does that mean?

well most likely alot of people are going to loose their job, cant pay for their debt, causing more ppl to loose their job.

if you are lucky and still have a job by then you will probably work /earn less than before.
so how are you going to pay for your steady raising debt?
having debt is bad unless you bought something that increases in value and most likely most things are going to crash first because cash is king and ppl need to sell stuff to live.

in short you have weak hands if you have debt.

and here is the point where it gets interesting, in order to fight deflation government has to increase spending by alot but not too much so ppl wont loose trust in the currency.
its all about leadership at this point. we might see hyperinflation if handled badly

>> No.15162516

>its all about leadership at this point. we might see hyperinflation if handled badly
LOL, hyperinflation here we come.

>> No.15162517

You zoomers don't know anything, go back to playing fortnite or whatever.
Screencap this: nothing is going to happen, this is merely a fakeout

>> No.15162532

i didnt say its very likely to happen, just if this is going to be handled badly

>> No.15162632

I want to punch people in the face who say Ding Ding unironically

>> No.15162658

This has been very much on my mind lately. UFO, aliens and the existence of alien technology on earth is a blazing hot topic right now. Just search UFO on YT and look at the frequency of major news network uploads on the topic. Trump being interviewed on the topic of UFOs and giving indefinite answers. It's all leading to something. A common world enemy that's invisible.

>> No.15162660

like other guy said it all depends on if you can hold onto a job at that point
your debt is a static number and even interest is based off that static number
if suddenly your employer is forced to pay you nominally 2x as much to keep up with inflation, then even though it will have roughly the same purchasing power / value as it did before the crash (or worse), you have more money to pay back that debt which still costs the same as it did before

>> No.15162678

>we might see hyperinflation if handled badly
that's the whole reason why people say "debtors rejoice!"

>> No.15162691

how can I profit during the recession with 30k cash?

>> No.15162720
File: 20 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15162723

>A common world enemy
aliens are even more dangerous and even more untouchable than the Rothschilds
>the public thinks Rotschild world domination is a myth
>those who believe are powerless to do anything to them
>the Rothschilds can remove opposition at the drop of a hat with nobody the wiser
>the NWO aristocracy pledges wholehearted allegiance to them not just for personal profit, but just in order to avoid being smoked by them
then you're retarded to see how humanity stands no chance against aliens if they do exist, because every single one of these points applies to them while being 5x more incredible

>> No.15162794


>> No.15162819

You store the value in assets that will not drop in USD price or may even rise in price until the disaster blows over.
At which point, you make certain the government isn't going to start hunting down the wealth of the survivors in order to redistributively placate the hapless masses.
Only then can you cash in those assets to a viable currency, buy up means of production, and then start generating real wealth primarily for exchange with international markets who are significantly less fucked and thus able to pay for your goods, and secondly for any other non-sucker natives.
From there you enjoy your climb to upper class.
There will be no sustained civil war. The government will not collapse, and it has enough military might to crush 5 countries at once opposing it---it will have no trouble putting down feeble militia rebellions no matter the size.

But you gotta make sure the government will remain on your side. In all likelihood, they'll keep raising taxes, tariffs, penalty fees, licensing requirements, in order to squeeze out the last bit of money to dump into fixing this mess, no matter if it means strangling the last lifeblood out of the nation.

>> No.15162845

Nope. It's going to be a simple recession, NOT a depression.

>> No.15162856

I'm saying it's guaranteed to be handled badly.

>> No.15162871

Where'd you get your crystal ball from?

>> No.15162898

how can you tell? trump already increased spending and returned huge amounts of tax money, all in preparation for what there is to come.

>> No.15162925

>Unfortunately I will be a young adult during a shitty time
It'll only be a shitty time if you have no plan to exploit it.
Consider the fact everyone else has dumped years into their lives shuffling from one rung to another at the same height of the corporate ladder, never being their own men nor accumulating enough resources in these bubble economy to make themselves their own masters.
When it all comes crashing down, you'll be there to pick up the pieces that suit you, with decades of your life left to make something of it.
As for everyone else, they'll have no wealth *and* no time---*AND* no knowledge.

>> No.15162953

Trump isn't in charge.

>> No.15163014

>Land is great, it's the one resource that God ain't making any more of
Until he parts the sea, raises the mountains, and recedes the waters.

>> No.15163047

The very idea of a pension was horrendously stupid from the start.
"We're going to pay you for free when you stop working (which could be as early as 55 years old) until you die."

>> No.15163084

>This is why it was a stupid move from day 1 to move normies away from pensions to 401ks, they are not investors, don’t understand the concept of risk
>How are pensions any better in that regard?
because they don't have to think at all for the money to come in, is what he was getting at

>> No.15163153

I apologize to everyone who has questions. I just woke up, and I just recieved word they’re coming. I have to go. Look into HSBC and their Asian desk. It’s all a dirty, crooked system.


>> No.15163203

>how can you tell?
If we're in this situation in the first place, the ones making decisions are either grossly incompetent or not on our side. So it's going to be handled badly from the 99.9%'s perspective, because that's what always happens.

>> No.15163277

Formerly Cuck

>> No.15163292

Nobody ever mentions how you might wanna buy yourself a barrel of gasoline just in case you've got a car and the gas stations are no longer operational.
In fact, you might want to in gasoline just to sell to other people who'll have cars.

>> No.15163330

/biz/ solves the gas crisis

>> No.15163341

download web pages and pdfs onto your computer now, you dumb nigger...

>> No.15163372

>>15162942 #
25% PM
5% silver, 2% plat, 8% gold, 10% rhodium (which might not fare too well if global economy collapses)

15% PM miners

30% crypto
22% ETH, 5% XRP, 3% shitcoins

5% normie stocks

20% cash

>> No.15163384

>power goes out, leaving you with 3 hours of laptop battery to learn how to survive

If you're not already doing it, you're not going to do it later.

>> No.15163399

>20% cash
too high

>> No.15163405

"...and print them"
dispute resolved

>> No.15163411

>Where'd you get your crystal ball from?
I have successfully invested my income in different financial instruments since I was 15.
>not on our side
There's no side. Moreover they are competent, more than you think. Nonetheless nobody can ever tame the chaos of this world, so shits will happen now and then.

>> No.15163426

>Why so much in real estate?
Some income is better than no income even if you need to lower rent by a whole lot, or drop the house's price.
Assuming property tax isn't crippling.

>> No.15163474
File: 49 KB, 645x729, 1517658327539.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>There's no side. Moreover they are competent, more than you think. Nonetheless nobody can ever tame the chaos of this world, so shits will happen now and then.

>> No.15163484

>Lol no we don't. You will be lucky if we make it to the end of this year before everything falls apart.
Can you explain why that is?
What are the specific signs?

>> No.15163498

>and bitcoin
Don't you suppose that all cryptocurrencies will rise in value?
At least a few will beside Bitcoin, right? Especially those with a purpose like Chainlink.

>> No.15163521

Kek! All your opinions are discarded.

>> No.15163530

Females are so fucked.

>> No.15163541

You don't know what Chainlink does.
>All your opinions are discarded.
It's not like you were paying attention to any of them in the first place when your first post is devoted to mocking something you saw as easy to tackle, rather than engaging with everything else with a higher difficulty floor.

>> No.15163573 [DELETED] 

>The US remembered to fuck bareback and actually had kids.
Niggers and spics. You tell me how useful they're going to be.

>> No.15163579

Japan's problem is that the boomers aren't dying fast enough!

>> No.15163581

Good luck friendo

>> No.15163605

>I have successfully invested my income in different financial instruments since I was 15.
Wow, so you got returns during the biggest and longest bull run in the history of the world? Or if you're a boomer, you got returns during the biggest 50 years of economic expansion in the history of the world?

Not saying you're bad at investing but everything about the last 10/50 years has been unprecedented in history. Nobody knows where this ride is going.

>> No.15163615

>Stagflation (high inflation, high unemployment)
It's not just most likely to happen, it's guaranteed.

>> No.15163620

Kek! As >>15163521 said
Opinion discarded. Do you think you are some sort of highly financially literate anon? Try harder. 90% of people here don't know shit about economics or finance, and supporting chainlink is a good indicator of that.

>> No.15163623
File: 70 KB, 620x471, Bubblegraph.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If everyone thinks the market will crash on Friday, everyone sells on Thursday, and it crashes on Thursday.

The last 2 years have been the denial and return to normal phase. When the MSM is admitting things are fucked, it's the beginning of the fear phase.

>> No.15163626

At the same time you have no idea how much money you're going to be burning just to have a chance of having something leftover without too much hassle of acquiring it elsewhere.

>> No.15163651

>When the MSM is admitting things are fucked, it's the beginning of the fear phase.
But why would they finally be admitting that by year's end?
If you take MSM to be totally controlled, I see no reason why their controllers would crash the economy before the elections are over.

We should consider ourselves lucky boomers don't read ZeroHedge I suppose.

>> No.15163661

I'm counting any financial news sources as MSM.

>> No.15163672

Seems like a good time to be an SQQQ chad.

>> No.15163673

And they are forced to admit it when they can't hide it anymore. They're not omnipotent. News of bankruptcies and job cuts has increasingly been in the MSM for months.

Also they want to blame the recession on Trump so it will be out of the bag well before elections.

>> No.15163716

No japan's (and by extension South korea, Singapore and Taiwan's problem) is that they have less kids than even europeans.
South korea is the worst with a fertility rate of 0.95. Total number of births dropped 32% in 4 years.
Every generation becomes 55% smaller. Topkek absolutely btfo by feminist roasties.


>> No.15163731

>I'm counting any financial news sources as MSM
that's not what the 'MS' part means.
>And they are forced to admit it when they can't hide it anymore.
>They're not omnipotent.
Their controllers are, effectively.
>News of bankruptcies and job cuts has increasingly been in the MSM for months.
Pizza Hut going through job cuts comes as surprise to no-one when their product has a horrible reputation and is thus expected not to sell.
Sears and K-Mart likewise are unsurprisingly failing for reasons that are now obvious to everyone---in fact, prior news stories covering this matter have only immunized the public to panic by breaking down why these things flounder, thus instilling in them a suspicion toward these companies failing being a sign of collapse---"At this point, it's gotta be their fault/ Everyone else is adjusting properly and going to keep doing fine."
>Also they want to blame the recession on Trump so it will be out of the bag well before elections.
They can't handle propagandizing the public to vote Democrat while also tending to their new financial woes at the same time. Those pains will be too much of a distraction, voting will fall in importance.

>> No.15163743

Whats the deal with lots of countries racing to the bottom in terms of cutting interest rates? I've heard it is to do with trying to devalue their currencies, but I don't fully understand that?

>> No.15163780

It's aimed at stimulating the economy. When they cut the rates, it results, in the end, in lower interest rates for commoners, so that borrowing money become easier.

>> No.15163806
File: 36 KB, 434x360, 1511578896_fabio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ahh righto, makes sense. Thanks anon.

>> No.15163811
File: 82 KB, 1083x497, 1545469449422 - japan birth rate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>problem) is that they have less kids than even europeans.
That's such a fucking load of bullshit!
Boomers say that only to deflect the blame and cover their asses!
How is it the problem of not enough babies being born when
>the pension system is failing because too many retirees are alive
>housing prices are through the roof because too many coots are occupying the homes and charging as much rent for the other properties as they can get away with because of high demand
>jobs suck because too many greedy, old ass farties with no empathy are hogging the corporate ladder and spitting on everyone below them
Your post just screams uncritical acceptance of whatever the media shits into your mouth.

>> No.15163851

>that's not what the 'MS' part means.
Yeah, it is. Significant numbers of bluepilled people listen to/watch financial news.

They are absolutely not omnipotent. They are very good at inflating the balloon but they can't control the laws of physics that make it pop.

>> No.15163859
File: 2.60 MB, 1552x7337, 1478979702643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And South Korea has way bigger problems than the fucking (((birth rate)))!

>> No.15163869

How about you try spelling out what words that part of the acronym stands for instead of just flatly repeating yourself?

>> No.15163874

Increasing/decreasing of interest rates, QE, moral suasion, etc are all instruments that CBs use to implement their policies.

>> No.15163885

That post makes it sound like immigration is bad for Europe and Japan. Immigration is a net gain for both countries.

>> No.15163903

Stock up on your Vid, it's changing the social media landscape for real bro!

>> No.15163922
File: 1.35 MB, 789x611, 1539137273628.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15163968
File: 96 KB, 970x545, Jew dropped this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Immigration is a net gain for both countries.

>> No.15163978

MSM is Main Stream Media, sorry you don't know this very common acronym

>> No.15163987

>GDP is all that matters
You're wrong.

>> No.15164016
File: 2.45 MB, 500x281, 1476005040737.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And I'm sorry you apparently don't know what the fuck "MAINstream" means

>> No.15164027

>financial news is niche

>> No.15164039
File: 247 KB, 1200x1042, 1542986254607.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all financial news sources are as big as CNN
full retard

>> No.15164059

>anyone watches CNN

>> No.15164083

It's pretty obvious everyone is going to treat it like gold, as a store of value, when it all comes down.
Everything else viable will be mere alt-coins in comparison, that will not and can not fulfill that purpose, but will be worthwhile for other reasons: >>15163689

>> No.15164130

You're forgetting mass exodus.
Beaners will probably return to Mexico, Central and South America if gibs dry up.
Worthless whites will seek asylum in their countries of ancestry if they can afford a plane ticket or drive to Canada. Same with Asians.
And you can figure out who that leaves left over.

Assuming the government doesn't lock the borders. Plane travel and even driving also effectively wasn't a thing in the 1930s.

>> No.15164159

The same thing happened with the corruption of the Democratic Party's platform from 2007 to 2016 and now.
Things that Liberals were against in the Bush years suddenly became okay when Obama was endorsing them over the course of his entire presidency, and are now unquestionably moral and correct in the Trump years.
Can't just put out a candidate baldly for everything they think they're against---have to lie first and then backslide. Same with Trump and his supporters now.

>> No.15164202
File: 299 KB, 1386x1898, 1564943478702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


this is way too long for me to read and understand

>> No.15164221
File: 1.97 MB, 250x220, 1471761496149.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>On a more serious note, will there be an awakening or will people stay glued to their TV sets
It's taken NEETs at least 5 years dedicated study round the clock to put all the pieces of the conspiracy together, after having already been suspicious all their lives life wasn't how it appeared to be.
Only nutjob Boomers, sane Gen Xers, and loser Millennials are going to have any clue what hit them---or in their case, *TRIED* hitting them.

>> No.15164222

This time it will happen. Get electroneum mobile app

>> No.15164235

on what?
I'm in a generous mood, I'll humor you

>> No.15164244

Buy btc

>> No.15164248

>I have successfully invested my income in different financial instruments since I was 15.

GG on your 2-year-return

>> No.15164262

Opinion discarded.

>> No.15164278

>USD/JPY/EUR/CHF, which one is best?
The one(s) that is/are least based on nothing.
And the one they actually use in the country you're living in, anyway.

>> No.15164286
File: 21 KB, 474x528, 1485579196143.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15164299

>Look at history. It's just one damn happening after another.
It's far more complicated than that, Rudge.

>> No.15164313
File: 14 KB, 471x388, 1561110779280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Buy milk & Bread
>That will be 950k Burgerbabwe bucks
>Card gets declined
>Only has a limit of $7k

>> No.15164338

Jobs aren't coming back this time

>> No.15164345


>> No.15164358

>Hopefully no war distractions this time
Literally already happening and been happening since a month or two into Trump's term.

>> No.15164379

Does it look better everyday, or worse everyday?

>> No.15164466
File: 87 KB, 645x773, 1547272020692.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>This is the real deal so how are you preparing? Stocks dollars bonds gold or bitcoin?
Bitcoin as a store of value, Monero as payment for black market goods, Chainlink as investment.
Silver as investment and store of value and gold as store of value.
Sharp eye on the stock market and selling any investments at the slightest whiff of incoming disaster.
Heavy stocking of imperishable food and water, solar power generators, and energy efficient appliances and technology. Printing out SHTF manuals and information sheets and compiling them in binders. Making a Conspiracy Theory Bible.
Looking for a bugout since don't already own a house and foolish to buy one in this bubble.
Slight investment in other commodity assets like guns and maybe oil.
And lastly, predicting post-collapse market so that the necessary means of production can be targeted and purchased in order to use to generate wealth and income from theron.
Don't waste your time lifting, you'll only eventually compel yourself to waste your food while currently distracting from actual prepping.
Disregard females, who'll get left holding their dicks and come crying for help.

>> No.15164501

can you share you shtf bible?

>> No.15164552

the SHTF manuals are being gathered and the Bible is still being compiled
can't give you anything but fragments right now unfortunately
but I can guarantee you if they get their hands on the whole web and crash whatever's leftover permanently, whatever evidence you had against them is gone if it's not in your hands by then---including YouTube vids

>> No.15164654

people were saying in 1920's the world was too ahead to ever have a crash like the previous centruy .... WELL never say never !!!!
it could be as far as oct this year db bank is fucked

>> No.15164657
File: 154 KB, 485x545, tips.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15164875
File: 1.07 MB, 1200x1200, melting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have 25% of my savings in domestic stock funds (EE), 25% in east Asian stock funds, the remaining half is bonds, foreign currency and metals.
I've lost 6% on the stocks so far in the past week. I don't have any immediate need for the money, it can stay there for the next decade for all I care.
My dumb financial decisions aside, what course of action would you genuinely recommend? Get out of anything stocks before it drops further or sit on it for the next few years hoping it'll shoot back up?

>> No.15164948

You should sell all your stock so you don't have to bother with hard thinking about discriminating between sound bets and bad bets in the event of a terrible crash.

>> No.15164964

If you reduce interest rates, the strength of your currency goes dow as currency exchange is supply and demand. Less growth on cash in your country means less reason to want your money. But it's all relative so one country wants to weaken their currency, the other countries now have more attractive interest rates and have their currencies appreciate relative to it.

If they all want weaker currencies, they compete to ensure their own currency isn't getting too strong. Powell dropped interest rates because of Europe doing it, otherwise the dollar would get too strong and potentially deflate as spending goes down and accumulation goes up.

>> No.15164977
File: 337 KB, 1838x1033, 1987635985460.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i am literally shorting everything

>> No.15164995

Tax benefits are one, corporate matches are two. No reason not to take advantage if both considering a tax on it's own vastly decreases compounding gains, while a match expands your capital.

>> No.15164996

the gist of the whole thread
is there really a serious global crises happening?

>> No.15165021

It's just beginning and by the time MSM acknowledges it, it will be too late. Best to keep an eye on indicators and be prepared. Many things happening very quickly around the world, and all point to some serious happenings.

>> No.15165101

>is there really a serious global crises happening?
Not yet.
>the gist of the whole thread
There will be one.
Get your wealth out of fiat money and into stores of value that will be unaffected or benefited by inflation.
That's the only consensus.
Feel free to highlight my ID and exclusively read my posts if you want the best rundown. Save yourself basically 83% of the thread.

>> No.15165105

Even in a Great Depression-tier crash, shorting everything would still be a retarded strategy

>> No.15165148

>don't already own a house and foolish to buy one in this bubble
If you're convinced you'll need SHTF material, buying a house with a fixed mortgage now is a good idea. Doesn't matter what the price is if there's no banks in a year's time, or hyperinflation wipes out your real debt.

You're much more likely to die if you don't have a fortress, anon. I'm lucky that I rent from my gf's grandma who owns like 5 flats outright, in SHTF she wouldn't turf us out. We'd be a boon to her.

>> No.15165286

Decrease in home ownership leads to an increase in rentals.

>> No.15165293

If you buy a house now you're committed to staying in the country.
Nobody knows how bad it's going to get; might have to skip town.
We're heading for stagflation. You can't even bet you'll have a source of income to hyperinflate.

>> No.15165362

True, but where else are you going to go? There's never going to be a safer haven than ground you pick yourself, if you choose the location carefully. This will affect the whole world, law of the jungle is always in effect.

And sure, if you don't have a stable job then obviously you won't get a mortgage anyway. You could still get some land with a loan/savings, even if it's half an acre of field in the mountains, you can still then stock it and fortify it.

The only and entire point of accumulating money in the first place is to accumulate property.

>> No.15165421

>True, but where else are you going to go?
The place with the better economic situation.
>There's never going to be a safer haven than ground you pick yourself
This is delusional.
>if you choose the location carefully
I doubt even a single one of us is precognitive. It's a gamble at the end of the day. Buying a house is going all in on a game that's betting your life against it.
>The only and entire point of accumulating money in the first place is to accumulate property
Sounds like you think "property" means 'land'.

>> No.15166418

>The place with the better economic situation.
Won't exist.

>This is delusional.
Oh? Why? Please elaborate why you think backpacking around after SHTF is more safe than sitting tight in a well stocked, well hidden, well fortified location that you know all the area around?

>It's a gamble at the end of the day.
So is walking out the door, just because you're not precognitive doesn't mean you can't tell whether a location is generally fortuitous or not.

>Sounds like you think "property" means 'land'.
Wrong. Sounds like you're very sure of yourself. Hope it's not your downfall friend.

>> No.15166457

Ask me how I know you're obese

>> No.15166485

Ask me how I know you're obese.

>> No.15166486

I started reading your posts from the bottom up and after 3 of your 46 saw you recommended Chainlink so I’m calling you a retard and leaving the thread.

>> No.15167056

Check out Peter Zeihan also

>> No.15167901

its not false sense of security, it is false hope for chaos of that magnitude

>> No.15168168
File: 29 KB, 720x724, 1563483020685.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pathetic doomers here praying for the 'big one'.

>> No.15168193

Nothing will happen as always

>> No.15168525

How, rates are falling because inflation isn't high enough. If anything deflation is the issue as cash becomes king because people won't want negative return bonds. Just look at Europe. As rates lower hard assets, cash included, increased in value.

>> No.15168578

>inflation isn't high enough

Meanwhile in the real world there's a stock market bubble, a real estate bubble, a commodity bubble, an everything bubble, but since the price of milk hasn't go up that much we don't have inflation...

>> No.15168765


>> No.15168784

All in SQQQ

>> No.15168881

>inverted yield curve
Oh boy.

Im preparing by keep standing in the market. The peak has not yet been reached and it wont be for atleast 6-15 months probably imo.
When the global crisis comes, you will know it happens. You wont lose your money over a night. It takes several months from top to bottom of the downtrend so there will be plenty of time to get out.

Plus, the money always goes somewhere else right? Scan the markets and you will find where it goes

>> No.15169022

/biz/ promised me a Deutsch Bank collapse last week and that didn't happen. Why should I listen to you this time?

>> No.15169111

>but since the price of milk hasn't go up that much we don't have inflation...

wonder if there's record suicides of cow farmers because they've been squeezed for every penny in profit

>> No.15169142

they'll time it for the no deal brexit this fall. It will happen on halloween

>> No.15169344

doesnt affect me

>> No.15169398

>Plus, the money always goes somewhere else right? Scan the markets and you will find where it goes

This implies people will not be withdrawing funds at all: money might go somewhere but not all of it.

>> No.15169424

Brexit was never going to happen because the globalist oligarchy doesn't want it. You're a fool to believe the show they're putting up.

>> No.15169433

This pretty much, good way to describe it; obviously there isn't exactly rioting in the streets currently (well.....excepting HK) but it's all those little things that add up and bolster that creeping suspicion that something is wrong.

Unprofitable companies like Tesla/Uber still btfo'ing everyone with their stocks. Global bond yields dropping one by one. The political situation with China and the trade war, and speaking of China, all the nice dystopian rumors coming out of there (all the banks are going insolvent, the HSBC meme, etc)

>> No.15169484

Common people, sure
Big banks, nah

>> No.15169745

You are all delusional. /biz/ is the dumbest board bar none.

>> No.15169836

And where do the banks get their money?

>> No.15169924

The money factories

>> No.15169946

Other banks, and the government

>> No.15169968
File: 488 KB, 663x819, 1540042296158.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No the ATMs retard.
See Above.

>> No.15170158
File: 248 KB, 2500x2000, donald-trump-smiling-3d-printable-stl-portrait-3d-model-obj-mtl-ma-mb-stl-tbscene-tbmat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the globalist oligarchy doesn't want it.
Priced in, the crash will happen on the dead line for brexit. But official brexit won't happen for that reason, well it will be a soft brexit. The halloween crash will save their arses.
Think 4d chess

>> No.15170392

>it will have no trouble putting down feeble militia rebellions no matter the size.
I'm not sure about that because guerilla fighters are a pain in the ass for a standing army to combat. And do you honestly think the government is willing to destroy its own infrastructure with bombs and tanks just to kill rebels?

>> No.15170416
File: 36 KB, 600x600, DOzN78qUMAAhCfE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>halloween crash
tell me more

>> No.15170846

> The US remembered to fuck bareback and actually had kids
Lol no it didn't, it just imported beaners and their entire families

>> No.15170889
File: 503 KB, 1334x1310, IQmap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Immigration is a net gain for both countries

>> No.15170919

That's before 1979. The Department of Education was formed and immediately made a priority of telling girls how horrific it is that they would ever want to be mothers.

>> No.15170952

It imported immigrants, but conservative families in the US are usually very healthy demographically speaking. It’s only coasties and leftists who have volunteered for euthanasia.

>> No.15171047
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brexit deadline falls on halloween this year, but I believe that they have a special surprise planned for the festivities.
China too needs to act and soon, they are clearly losing the trade war and now the currency war, it will be a perfect storm

>> No.15171075

That shit is not gonna happen, UK will back out of brexit altogether. And believe me I'd LOVE a no-deal brexit to happen

>> No.15171085

>itt retarded NEETs who have no idea how fiat currency works and who don't realize that governments, despite their best efforts, have been totally powerless to create inflation, and who instead want you to waste your money on digital pogs

stay poor

>> No.15171106


>> No.15171213
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so you sayin that a coup will happen in the UK within less than 3 months? Because they need nothing short of it and it must be a win for them, no second chances.
Possible but not likely.
Again my forecast: week around the 31 of October high possibility of panic. Synergies of panics. Pound sterlin, Yuan Renminbi, then other dominoes behind them

>> No.15171239

Reality is a dream of a higher consciousness experiencing itself through localized clusters of consciousness. Who cares about all these theatricals.

>> No.15171394

What should we do then, sit around and smoke weed?

>> No.15171412

This is probably spot on, sounds a lot like one of the episodes of the podcast It Could Happen Here

>> No.15171699


>> No.15171710

See Deagel forecast for confirmation.

>> No.15171923

>No japan's (and by extension South korea, Singapore and Taiwan's problem) is that they have less kids than even europeans.
The 3rd Reich had a phenomenal birthrate increase compared to the Weimar Republic. So if a low birthrate is such a problem, we should all emulate Nazi Germany.

>> No.15171956

>Chainlink as investment.
Imagine being this deluded.

>> No.15172169

>everyone who doesn’t like trump is a zoomer
No, faggot. Some of us didn’t migrate to redd*t after /b/ was kill to seriously consider the opinions of actual 14 year olds and bots because how much internet karma they had.

>> No.15172196

zerohedge is all boomers

>> No.15172256

Based and THC-pilled

>> No.15172307
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ALGO staking for sure, free money pajeets.

>> No.15172838
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>> No.15173006

This is like saying that climbing a staircase and flying on a rocketship are the same thing.

>> No.15173056

>he thinks the tax cuts for the billionaires won't actively fuck the rest of us when the economy crashes

Do people even think on this board anymore

>> No.15173101

>yield curve
>Q4 QE

>> No.15173130

350 eth should ride me over

>> No.15173387
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>AMA if you want.
You ever pooped your pants?

>> No.15173390

If you're not a pussy you'll get into the mooning of crypto. If you are a huge pussy just buy some bonds, just don't buy any Financials bonds cause who knows what kind of shit they've been getting up to. It's gonna be a bad recession but some of the retards in this thread are going full y2k.

Just find something you feel comfortable with that isn't in anyway a stock and then get back into the market after the falls are done (prolly like 1.5-2 years from now).

>> No.15173649

>Tax benefits are one, corporate matches are two. No reason not to take advantage if both considering a tax on it's own vastly decreases compounding gains, while a match expands your capital.
Except for the fact that you can hardly enjoy any of that capital until you are old as fuck. If you try to spend it early you must pay the exit tax/fees. Planning for some vague retirement event in your mid 60s sounds like planning for failure. It worked for the boomers because of civilizational and economic factors that may not be around for anyone else. My perspective is from an agelet though, I imagine older boomers, x-ers, and millennials who already drank the koolaid and bought into the ponzi will never drop out. Younger millennials and Zoomers have zero trust (or even capital for that matter) to buy in. Everything is overvalued from low interest rate borrowing for stock buybacks and the expectation of never ending growth. My company gives a good match plus tax benefits but I’m not sure that’s better than just eating the cost and using the income I have in the present to buy crypto/metals and hoard cash.