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How often are you late to work?

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Nearly everyday.

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not once in 40 years

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This, if you aren't the most important employee at your office then you're a low-IQ lazy normie. I do whatever the fuck I want because this place burns to the ground anytime I'm gone.

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Everyday I'm at least 30 minutes late. It's a good day if I'm 15 minutes or less late

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During summer I'm around 8 minutes early. When school's back in I'm 15 minutes late usually. LA is a shithole

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LA fuck here. Once school gets up and running my commute goes from 35 to 50.

I used to commute from valley to DTLA that was the ultimate JUST.

Traumatized me towards wagecuck forever. Living like a bum on a 6 fig salary dumping all into Bitcoin hoping for a moonshot before I kill myself JUST

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Based and gritpilled.

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i usually go in early to get personal unrelated to my job done while i'm clocked in.

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I life literally 10 minutes walk from my officem I get in bang on time every day (to the minute). My boss always says stop coming in like that, and I respond, "am I late though?". Mad boomer jelly he lives a mobile wagecage congested drive away from the office which forces him to leave early each day.

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I lost mine from depression

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Waged and cuckpilled

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>if yur not early yur late

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I show up a bit past 10 and leave a smidge before 4.

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Officially I need to be at work at 10 and I'm almost always there before. I get in at 10:15 like once a month.
But when I needed to come in at 9:15 I used to be at least 5 min late like every other day.

One of my coworkers is always 30 mins late. No matter the time he needs to be there. Once we had a big company seminar at 11 and the fucker still came at 11:30.

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Once back in May since I turned my alarm clock off by instinct in June and I woke up an hour late with my boss boring up my phone.
Only thing that happened is that I apologized later on and he told me not to worry about it since the only thing everyone was doing at that moment was a sexual harassment class and not actual work.

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At some point I didn't really care about it anymore and just wanted to kill everybody. I always came late just to spite my bosses but nothing ever happened. While other got shit if they were late even a few minutes I was late 15+ to 45 minutes and no one ever complained. No angry looks, nothing.

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wage and cagepilled

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3 minutes late in the morning

Leave 3 minutes early for lunch

Come back 5 minutes late for lunch

Leave for the day 2 minutes early.

I know I need to be more late.

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boomer and npcpilled

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Anon while this is a good strategy I think it's better to do your own thing at work instead if possible.
Come on time, leave on time (or later) but dedicate like 3 hours to some of your hobbies. Like I only trade at work, always at 11, to save me some free time when I'm at home.

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everyday but I also stay later so it balances out

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Not really possible. I try to slack off on my phone, but people walk past my cubicle all the time.

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My work has flex time I come in whenever I want

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Everyday lol, I'm the team lead, I only come on time if there's a meeting, HOD doesn't give a fuck as long as we meet our deadlines

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I have to clock into work via a fingerprint scanner. If we are late 3 times we are fired on the spot. I fucking hate this job.

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I just moved to the studio city and Uber everyday over the hill to sunset and Laurel canyon is always packed as fuck, end up having the route changed to 101 and going down highland to sunset cause it's faster. Fun fun

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Every single fucking day. No earlier than 1:30pm do I come in, and this is a 9-5 job.

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Iktf. I would get all anxious about coming in late as fuck but then I'd get there and nobody even noticed I was gone. I guess I understand because I certainly don't give a shit when other employees are absent

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What's "work"?

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Everyday im at least 30 to 60 minutes late lol

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Ever gotten acknowledged for it?

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You're supposed to be the dumbest person in the room.

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Same feels good

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All the fucking time. At my worst I miss like half the day, my boss offered to give me a raise if I came to work on time
I turned him down

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Being on time is the easiest thing you can do not to get fire.

Just be on time and you can fuck all at work.

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I'm in college and a part timer in a huge office building where literally everyone is working full time. No one knows what days or times I'm supposed to work. Not even I know. My manager doesn't give a fuck as long as he sees my face a few times a week.

>Arrive 20-30 minutes later than the full time wagies
>Be productive for maybe 3-4 hours
>Rest is spent shitposting, studying, talking shit with colleagues and taking long breaks
>Leave a bit after they do so it looks like I'm staying late
>Show up to work on unscheduled days if I need extra money
>Don't show up on scheduled days if I'm tired
>At the end of the day log my hours diligently
>Add some meat here and there to make up for coming in late/taking long breaks
>Besides some padding I NEVER cheat the hours as to not cause any suspicion
>Can't have people sniffing around and discover my "special" status
>Mfw company is in a branch I want to work in after I graduate so it looks very good on my resume too

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1-3 minutes everyday until I got switched to a remote position. Now it feels like I'm working 24/7 even though I'm barely productive

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2-3 hours everyday. I don't give a shit and neither does my boss.

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Early 15 minutes every shift, cba being in time and starting off in a shit storm. Would rather take 15 mins off the clock to get my eggs in order

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Everyday but I'm the only one who can code for shit and temp engineers our managers hired are all pajeets so I'm too important to fuck with at this point. I took Monday and Tuesday off and came back to over 200 emails and 14 missed meeting requests. These fucking boomers can't even use the access database on their own.

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Always. I’m scheduled for 9.5hr days but only show for 6.

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every day until I get fired usually. took 8 months last time and 3 years the time before that before fired. luckily I got into btc in 2013

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Started out only 5-10 minutes. After a few years i started coming in 30 minutes late. they complained, but as i was very good at my job that was all.
Gradually i have increased it to around 1 hour late a day, every day. They complained still but it was gradually over time so it was easier to get them used to it. Suddenly when i dialed it back to 30-40 minutes it didnt seem so bad anymore, and they just accepted it.

I made sure i was very good at my job, and i was hard to replace. they have admitted that its very hard to replace me at this point, and they know i wold leave if they irritated me enough so i got shit perfect now.

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2-3 minutes every single day, I'm genetically incapable of being on time

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but it's also because I don't care about my wage shitjob, if I had a cool/good job I could be on time

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femanon detected

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I'm late right now

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used to be late every day and went home early too. Dunno if they noticed though

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Sweat and pledgepilled

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the silence is deafening

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>personal unrelated
tfw anon eloquently paraphrases taking a dump

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Yesman and yespilled

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I work from home. I'm never late, never early.

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Always meet up 15 minutes before work in the morning to have a nice coffee.
I was late once 1,5 years ago.
Before this i was depressed and didnt lift. Then i was late 2 times a month

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Do a 35 hour work, work from home twice a week where I work for around an hour but stay signed in on Skype the rest of the time to look active. 3 days in the actual office arrive around 9.15am and go home around 4pm.

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I'm never "late" because it's understood that I'll come in and leave whenever is best for my work. Usually I'm in around 10:00-11:00. Sometimes I'll go in at 8-9 if something needs doing. Sometimes I work from home if I need to, or just want to. Nobody ever fucks with anything I do, because from their perspective I'm moving the world around with almost no effort.
t. software dev at small company

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Only if your trying to improve yourself. If you want to make money be the smartest

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Always 10-15 mins late, always leave early

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biz poorfags cope...I hardly show up 2 hr in office, rest pretend to be wfh but will be in gym, outside for personal work

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Four years. Theyre starting to catch on though

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i work from home so never

t. comfy

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Bootlicking robot, Mr Shekelstein called, he says to come in Saturday at 8:00 AM, don't be late!

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my last job i went to work late almost every day and didnt clock on purpose, but my eoy review said i had great punctuality lmao

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never late to clock in or out
always 5-50 mins late on breaks. cant rush those coffees bro.

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this is exactly how you abuse company time right here
no one will ever give a fuck

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This, but I also stay late and commute around hour daily. You not a Pavlov's dog to start wage salivating on the sound of the bell. Have self-respect and pull your own weight and people will eventually be OK with waiting for you because you're a human being

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haven't showed up for days to be honest

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About once every two weeks and it's usually up to 5 minutes... Then again, I usually come in at the office at 10h30 and there's no fixed schedule (thank god!)

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I always come in WAY earlier than everyone else at my meme tech startup.

I come in at around 9:15 and there's just nobody there. We have a flexible schedule so everyone is just lazy as FUCK.

I literally don't even try and get praise for coming early. I wake up at fucking 8:15 AM.

I don't do shit at work. I just sit around. I pretend like I have a ton of shit to do though. I just browse 4chan and trade all day. People think I'm working hard as fuck.

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Wow fuck. The worst I've had before was a system like that but if I arrived more than 3 times late a month HR would come to fuck my shit up.

Shit, I was feeling bad about my job this week but it's great I don't have a system like this now (plus I can work remotely pretty much whenever I want).

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What the fuck, what's your job?

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never in my life. im a gud goy.

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Been there before. You have to be disciplined and really keep up to a schedule and really seperate your work life from your personal life. It's not easy doing that.

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Same here lol. But I guess I've improved a bit on that these past two years.

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Wow, you have the same schedule as I do and I'm also a SW dev at a startup.

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always assert dominance by showing up late, smirk at your bootlicking coworkers and maintain eyecontact with your boss daring him to say boo.

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How are you able to hide your slacking? Don't you people have standups, JIRA or something?

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i come in at 7am to avoid traffic and i leave around 12-1.

i work from home anywhere from 2-3 times a week. sometimes i just dont feel like working so ill put in 30 minutes to an hour of work.

the quality of my work is really good. and i like my manager. cant really complain.

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Early is On Time.
On Time is Late.
Late is Unacceptable.

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I’m never late because I’m a self-employed landscaper and can show up whenever I want on a given day

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Live a 5 minute walk from my work, or a 90 second sprint. Usually get there 30-58 seconds early. (^:

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based and latepilled

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Tfw flexible hours

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What do you do?

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A wizard is never late, nor early, he arrives precisely when he means to.

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I imagine something related to software, that's what the majority of remote workers do.

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based and bluepilled

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House wife

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I arrive in my work parking lot at least 15-20min early everyday so i can Have a nap until my start time. It takes 5min to walk from the parking lot all the way to my work area so i dont do it until i get paid. I also go for coffee break 5 min early and get back 5 min late. Same with lunch. I try to never go to the bathroom on break unless its an emergency. I always have a poop on their time. On good days ill shit twice. Its a union job so they can never get rid of me kek. Its also for a gaint company owned my kikes. Fuck em. They give me $10 a day for snacks and coffee. I spend it on linkies Kek fuck you CBS

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weird flex, but okay

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Are you a wizard?

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>I life literally 10 minutes walk from my office

This, but I'm like a 4 minute walk. That and I don't have any oversight, I just make the business money and they pay me close to $100K a year.

I've never seen an HR faggot in my life and never answered to a woman.

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I'm always early to rub one out in the bathroom and then shake hands with roasties

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based and gandalfpilled

>> No.15158087

Literally every day lol

>> No.15158289

I'm about 4 years late to work atm.

>> No.15158306

This. Nobody gives me shit either cuz I'm good at what I do

>> No.15158311

You sound like a cuck. I hope you enjoy everyone breathing down your neck

>> No.15158328

got 'em

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>boss is mad I didn’t come in early
Fuck off retard you don’t pay me enough

>> No.15158444

Do any of you guys have a gym at your office? As long nothing is pressing I can get away with working out for over an hour before I head home at 4. Gives me a lot more downtime when I'm off.

>> No.15158459

Based and gandalfpilled

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About once every 3 months I'm late +1h
On the other days it's 5 mins early to 10 mins late

>> No.15158593

Every day. Usually 5-10mins.

>> No.15158714

I showed up late once. Besides that I'm 15-30 minutes early. Its just a matter of making my day easier by preparing everything I have to do.

>> No.15158822

I come in a half an hour early but I leave an hour before anyone else

>> No.15159097

Nearly never, I've come in 20+ minutes late multiple times before though and the boss has never said anything.

>> No.15159148

Chief level position. I show up whenever I want unless I am meeting with the CEO.

Then I’m 15 early

>> No.15159183

This desu


>> No.15159203


I'm late every day but my company needs me more than I need them so

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Never. I actually show up 30 sometimes even 45 minutes early and work FOR FREE just to give myself a buffer. I don't even take my full "lunch" time (30 minutes unpaid). I fucking hate my life that's why I need my crypties to make me rich...

>> No.15159260

This. Honestly, the only employees I ride are the ones that can’t manage to get in on time. Nothing more sad than a grown man with so little self discipline that they can’t even show up on time.

>> No.15159292

I'm a pilot and my wagemaster will fire anyone who is five minutes or more late three times in a year.

It's time sensitive stuff. I get it.

>> No.15159306

you just need to be more efficient to save time
did they hit you with that one yet?

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No but they love throwing
at me.

Yet the people they give me are such fucking assholes, we are constantly short staffed and in the middle of turnover and they only hire unqualified contractors.

>> No.15159369


Never, because it's impossible to be late to your own business where you're the sole employee. Only time I wake up early is if I have a video meeting. Feels good man.

>> No.15159396

this and /thread

>> No.15159444

i get in on time if the position requires it. it's not discipline its you just being a control freak. traffic, sleep, everything is better if I come in late.

>> No.15159739

software development. if youre interested learn javascript or python and get a devops or front end or back end position from a connection you know. work for cheap. if you dont have connections start on fiver or something and do it for a dollar an hour. id recommend to get development work experience in a cage and then apply to remote jobs posted online. once you get a remote job work your ass off and get years for remote work on your resume. a lot of remote work asks for previous remote work experience to basically know u can get stuff done without a boss breathing down your neck. dont fall for the cs degree meme

>> No.15159905

I thought you were a pharmacist until you said contractors. So many parallels to my industry. Thankfully, my retail gig is very comfy and I show up only 10 minutes early to log in and open the gate.

>> No.15160069

>Get to work 8:45
>eat from 12 to 1
>leave at 5
>stay until 5:30 one day a week
>stay until 6 another

It all balances out

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Anyone else planning on sleeping in tomorrow?

I want 8 hours to be healthy and energized, so I think I'll come in close to 9 am.

And that way I won't have to wait for my unattractive girl to bring me a coffee (she usually drifts by around 9:30 am).

>> No.15160741

My boss is out for the rest f the week, so I come in whenever I want. And leave whenever I want

>> No.15160861

I remotely clock in either 5-20 minutes before I actually come in. Sometimes I leave and don't clock out for another 20, although there's been times I forget to clock out for an hour or so

>> No.15160879

How about napping in your bed retard. They WANT you to be near and youre fulfilling their desires. Faggot

>> No.15160974

My company has a policy that we need to call in advance if we're going to be more than 15 minutes late.
For the first year, I took that shit very seriously.
I was never late, and always worked overtime despite it being a salary position (overtime isnt paid).
Now after two years, I'm coming in anywhere from 10-15 minutes late every morning and I live the closest to the office out of pretty much anyone. However, I work about 1.5-2 hours unpaid overtime every day. My boss knows I both come in late and work a shit ton of unpaid overtime, and has commented on both aspects several times. However, he gives my coworkers shit for coming in late because they fuck off often during the day (25 minute bathroom breaks multiple times a day) and leave on the dot EVERY time. He never gives me shit in front of anyone for coming in late. This morning for example, one of my coworkers came in 15 mins late, and hes usually on time / fucks off / leaves on the dot. My boss was like "YOU JUST GOT IN?!?" rofl.
I hate that im doing ~2 hours unpaid overtime every day, shits been stressful as fuck. I've bitched a few times but my boss gave me a FAT bonus last year and told me he "sees everything". my coworkers got tiny bonuses in comparison.

>> No.15161149

I am the most important employee at my office and I'm still a little bit late every day ;^)

>> No.15161293

same, but i think it's a waste of time. Student job too, and I've been showing up a hour late everyday recently. I consistently miss our morning meetings because I'm tired.

>> No.15161339

you should just come in 1 - 2 hours l8 m8, and if your boss gives you shit go

'oi m8, i'll jab you up you nob. stopp yappin' or i'll give you a wallap upside the head m8."

>> No.15161362

Every day

>> No.15161380

why not just leave like everyone else? you're not getting paid

>> No.15161389


future 1%er

>> No.15161597

Almost never. Last time I was late to work was months ago, and the time before that was in 2017. I usually get to work 1.5 hours before I begin my work, and I only live 12 minutes away.

You could say I'm a wagie...

>> No.15161633

i have so much work desu. if i left 'on time' i wouldnt be able to stay afloat. my supervisors have told me a few different times that they give me more work because my quality of work is way better than my coworkers.
i recently just had a discussion with my two supervisors (the CEO of the company and one of the principals) and told them that the workload isnt distributed equally. they told me that its because my product is so much better than others, and that ill be rewarded when it comes to bonuses. my response was that yeah, the bonus is nice and appreciated, but ill never get those hours back. so i then said "is it worth it?" dont think they liked that very much. but ive been in over my head for a while now, and am extremely stressed most of the day, while my coworkers fuck around and take long ass breaks and leave on time.
sure, i might be getting a FATTY bonus once a year, but i think i might leave after this next one.

>> No.15161662

Are you me?

>> No.15161696

Literally this

>> No.15161698

Trader now, so nobody cares but you want to be there before the market opens. You can leave during the day and you want to be back for the close. Kind of like it. Worked at an insurer once and slowly moved my starting time from 9 to 13h. Claiming I would work till 21. In reality I went home after the last one left. Which was 18.20
So I only made 3 hours give or take.

>> No.15161772

Check out the wants to be acknowledged for basic life skills. Did mom give you a trophy for brushing your teeth in the morning too?

>> No.15161794

We have flex hours so there is no such thing as being late.

>> No.15161799

When I used to work and wasn't a NEET I would usually come in late everyday, Though I was a busser at a restaurant so they didn't really care much as long as I wasn't 20-30 minutes late.

>> No.15161888

A friend of mine told me he was telling his gf, who is a ready-to-graduate nursing student currently working at a private pre-school, that although she loves working there but should take the nursing job for more money, she needs to put the ultimatum to the school owner, "Listen, I wanna stay, and you want me to stay, but if I really am that valuable to you, you'll meet me halfway and pay me more; otherwise, I'm out the door."
If you're really that important to your bosses, the absolute biggest thing they're afraid of is you realizing how crucial you are and growing a spine.
Just imagine what would happen if you left tomorrow. Now imagine them having that same thought. What would they be willing to sacrifice to keep you? Something's telling me it's more than vague promises of a shitty lump sum.

>> No.15161984

thanks for the advice anon. ive been honestly debating internally what to do for a while. i think now that ive made it to August, i should buckle down, deal with the stress as best i can, and wait to see what my bonus is.
i've had a few run-ins where i got pretty frustrated and needed to vent because im putting in so much more time and effort and my quality of work and attention to detail is clearly a few notches above my coworkers with the same experience (who are undoubtedly getting paid more than me, because of certain certifications).
last time we got inflation raises, the CEO pulled me in to his office and told me hes giving me double what everyone else was getting. which wasnt much, but the sentiment was there.
i know my bonus is a lot better than others, so i think that this lump sum promise isnt really a lowball on their end, i think its genuinely them trying to take care of me. but im doing so much that ive definitely lost work-life balance, im tired 24/7, stressed, and irritable. i dont have time or energy to see my friends.
i think if i can make it to December, when i get my bonus, ill see what they 'really' think of me. until then ill try to set the tone by not willingly taking on so much work if i can avoid it, but continue to do a good job. i love the people and the atmosphere where I work, and im very 'comfortable' here, and a bit scared of leaving. but i feel like i'd at least get a significant raise if i were to leave for something else. i just feel like im stuck in the middle of being underpaid for what im actually doing at work, but i dont have the certifications or experience to prove that i should be getting paid more, except for in terms of a performance based bonus.
its a mechanical engineering office, i have my bachelor's, while most of my other coworkers have bachelors + some certifications. but those in the same experience range as me are doing a shitty job in comparison or simply taking on way less workload/responsibilities

>> No.15162275

45 min late everyday, leave 30 min early
take 2 hour lunch break
90% of time im just on my phone

engineers are pretty useless in society desu. while its great to get paid for doing nothing, i wish i did something more meaningful like medicine

>> No.15162305

>being late for your wagie cagie
Repent, Harlequin!

>> No.15162326

Literally every day.

I get lazy in the morning and can't ever leave without taking a morning shit. Then I get stuck in traffic when i'm getting a lift to the train station which causes me to almost always miss the train and add an extra five minutes to the journey.

Luckily, the partners at my workplace don't seem to care or notice. As long as its no longer than 20 minutes you're usually fine.

My lateness would apply if I started an hour later. I always set my alarm to wake up with just enough time to get ready.

>> No.15163035

Always, I just told my boss I'd compensate by being there half an hour more everyday.
So unofficially I started later everyday.

>> No.15163051

wtf are you literally me

>> No.15163060
File: 992 KB, 250x250, sensible chuckle.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15163165

When I had my last job, I would come in 30 min to 45 min late all the time. Go out for lunch for over an hour (nobody is in the office really between 11:30 - 1). Then I’d leave around 4 or so.

The funniest thing is, this job was so useless that one time I clock in an entire day when I wasn’t even there. My boss didn’t notice, and I was basically at home in my underwear getting paid to fondle my balls

>> No.15163409


ok i'll just magically part the traffic on the freeway after the daily pajeet nose to tail like fucking moses at the red sea

>> No.15163446

I'm never late to work. But I helped found a startup, as founding members we almost never decide to start work before 11am unless it's urgent.

>> No.15163486

> I'm the guy they turn to when no one else can fix it
> So naturally I'm late every day
> Leave early too
> Probably going to get another payrise soon

It's an amazing feeling knowing you are THE valuable employee

>> No.15163503
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I've never been late to work on purpose or out of pure carelessness. Every time I did come late was for a legit reason like my vehicle being broken or something alike. I can't understand how so many of you can get away with this. I'd like to think you all are just trolling & bragging about how much you don't care but it's actually all a lie.

Even if you're the most valuable employee or whatever you're opening yourself to eventually being replaced by someone as good as you but with better work ethic. Why do that at all?

>> No.15163681

Im going to have to start riding a bike like 1km from where I park my car because they are putting a fucking building on our carpark, I am already late too much as it is.

>> No.15163723
File: 181 KB, 571x561, wojVID.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

erm...I don't work, I got lucky


>> No.15163769

This guy knows whats up.

>> No.15164254

>so little self disciplone
Imagine being so self absorbed that you dont understand the concept of traffic or having to obey traffic laws and how that impacts travel time.

>> No.15164631

Then you should leave earlier to make sure you don't get stuck in traffic, idiot

>> No.15164638

these are not pleasant times my man
manager purge when?

>> No.15164775


I'm a project manager so I don't do shit except make some slides.

>> No.15164859


>doing extra work without adequate compensation

oh nonononononononononono

You think you're special?

They'll just find another "You" to do all the work after you leave. 20% of the employees do 80% of the work. The rest are just cannon fodder.

Want to even the status quo? Do the same work as everyone else. They are counting on you to chip at the work deficit. If you scale it back, don't stress about shit, and don't do so little they can fire you then they are REALLY fucked.

You'll be in the 80% category, but they still be paying you out of their 20%er budget. Either they have to fire you and give you severance or unemployment since you've done nothing wrong and you can prove your work matches your colleagues or they have to pay you to rejoin the 20% club.

This is really the only bargaining chip you possess. Ransom the work you are capable of but never say it outright or they will just fire you then and there. When they call you in to talk about your "poor performance" remind them with real figures that you are performing just as well as your peers.

Tell them that you want to take on "more responsibility" but don't have the "resources" to make that happen. Resist the urge to grin smugly and rub your thumb against your index and middle finger.

It's a good power play because they know you're capable of doing what they want and finding someone else is a major bitch. If your plan culminates at the right time you can negotiate a hefty raise. Or they will just fire you, but if you are done anyway you have nothing to lose.

>> No.15165815

I am at the office for 6 hours a day, they pay me for 7h30 everyday
out of those 6 hours, I only work around 3-4, the rest is spent shitposting, eating, sleeping or reading

Being an intern a.k.a the least valuable slave is awesome

>> No.15165872

I've worked over a decade, not once late or absent. No one even noticed.

>> No.15165906

i decided one day to stop going to work without telling anyone i quit and the company has still been playing me every months since. it's been 2 and a half years now. i spend the cash as soon as i get it so they cant ask for it back.

>> No.15165949

erm anon, when they find out you will owe them the money. You're in big trouble son

>> No.15165962


> lives in DTLA
> works in the Valley

lmao why the fuck would you do that to yourself? You sound like retard, DTLA is a shit hole to live in unless you can walk to work.

>> No.15166034

I regularly come in 5 to 15 minutes late
I regularly eat lunch at my desk while working
I regularly stay an 1 to 1.5 hours late

Yes I'm late, but I more than make up for it. Now what I do at work? Mostly shit up discord and procrastinate then rock through 2 hours of pure crushing it, then return to fucking around.

>> No.15166203

I don't want to work there but they 'need' me. Getting fired would be a good thing.

>> No.15167351

Office opens at 9, we're supposed to be here at 8:30, I stroll in with my iced cappuccino at 10-10:15, leave at 3. I'm an independent contractor working for an investment firm. The W-2 wage cucks hate me in that office. Feels good