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Wagecucks — how does it feel?

Smartfags — what to buy?

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smartfag here
feels good

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Wagecuck. I think of rope every day, life is just work..

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>what to buy?


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I would tell you to buy the Coti dip, but its not dipping LEL

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Smartfags buy and hold MITx and COTI.

Wagecucks believe in LINK and spend all their free time shitposting, while crying in real about the dumps

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Keep an eye on xFutures. Futures offerings are gonna moon, AKRO did 7x. Also exchange token XFT is gonna pamp hard, they’re backed by OKEx: free list and your funds are safu

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Wagecucks unite

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Drifting in outer space sitting comfy on my MITx bag HAHAHAHAHA

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I earn about £70k per year so wagecucking is not too bad.

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Smartfags buy assets

Wagecucks buy liabilities

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Feels great having continuously increasing wages and an ever-expanding benefits package while working like 2 hours a day and then, for the other 6, virtually get paid to browse the internet, sit in a chair and go shit every few hours :)

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It’s worse. It’s hell.

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Jokes on you anon. I'm in a comfy union job and I get paid 1300$ a week. Which I put 25% in dogecoins.

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Why can I be both?

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Disney releases earnings today and is currently running the most profitable media franchise in history while also moving to cuck Netflix
Or are you a brainlet who just talks cryptos

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I’m a wagecuck and make 120k a year and it feels good to be a wagecuck

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