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Without a doubt hardly any of you cunts are ICO buyers. Less than 5% of the """oldfag""" population, let's be real for a second.

If you have not held since ICO, you more than likely owe it to an anon, or a namefag, taking the time to explain Chainlink to you, or at least helping you better understand the implications of it. Despite this being an anonymous board, I still need to swallow my pride when admitting that I owe it to AssBlaster in helping me along with my journey. Lets help nulinkers and share this glory with them. It is time, brothers.

To Nulinkers: Welcome aboard. It is truly an honor having you with us, together, on this journey. I am happy you have had the opportunity to discover LINK, and perhaps learn something about yourself during the *ongoing* process. We here are all friends, friends who are always by your side and who can give you great ideas, advice or just comfort your soul. I hope this journey can teach you a great deal about personal development and positive thinking. Most importantly, I hope it teaches you the ability to trust yourself and have a true belief in your judgement.

We are only getting started. Be good with your newfound wealth. Not only to yourself, but to others as well.

Nulinkers. You are one of us.

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Gaaaah Sir Gay is dumping again!!!!

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1000 suicides EOY
Lead the nulinkers into the afterlife
You are the chosen one

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"welcome aboard marines" first, we dump to 1.50 to make sure those hands are iron tight. then we dump to 0.50 to REALLY make sure you got iron hands. after than we might sideways for a year at 50 cents.

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Jokes on you. I bought LINK on the first day of trading by mistake. I meant to buy KNC but I fucked up cuz I didn't know how to use etherdelta and bought LINK instead. Still holding, never selling.

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Tbh I just read the whitepaper because the end of 2017 was just full of shitcoins that all did the same thing (fast transactions yeaaaah!). Smart contracts implementation was something different, it really was a gold nugget in a pile of shit, so frankly if you didn’t buy link at that time like... what the hell is wrong with you?

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You're right, but you wont stop greedy faggots from trying to accumulate more.

I got on pre SIBOS and I've started to be nice to nulinkers and give them breadcrumbs, because people did it for me as well.

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Nulinker here. 4,2k stack. Comfy.

Thanks for the warm welcome

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Jesus Christ, imagine just taking $10k and throwing it in a fireplace

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>Thanks for the warm welcome
Anytime, brother.
Let's make it together.

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>tfw 500+ days of holding

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I saw some article on Medium? It said that it would be a slow burn - I thought I was pretty slow and we'd be a happy match - success

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Bought into crypto for the first time only to buy LINK at $1.20
Currently holding 401 and buying a bit more soon
Do I get a warm welcome too? pls

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>Do I get a warm welcome too
Absolutely. Welcome, friend.
It does not matter much the size of your stack. What is important is how much you believe in this project. All of our stacks differ wildly, but no matter who we are, what we do, or how big our stack, where we all find common ground is our excitement and understanding of Sergey's vision--Chainlink.

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sergey will dump another 700k just for you for your warm welcome

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sold after CB listing like you shouldve done too ( i mean what more do you want ??? ).....enjoy the weekly sergey dumps

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>please buy link sir please kind sir
>please agree to suicide pact sir
>sir it’s time to drink our kool aid
>sir please sir you agreed to suicide sir
>sir we will never sell if we’re dead sir

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Imagine thinking he's dumping on the market instead of OTC into Oracles wallets.

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T-thanks, fren

Great! Then I'll be able to buy more

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Rent Free

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Cope more suicide boyz

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>4 posts by this ID

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You really are beyond contempt. We've already made our 20 to 30 times haul. And we had money to put in after the 2017 run. Just KYS

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I just hears about this coin should I go all in? What do you think it will be at in 1 year?

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The level of smugness shown off by you cunts are off the fucking charts. Tone the fuck down little faggots. I'm an ICO buyer and my stack is way bigger than most of you. It's been a month since the pump, humble down a little. I hope you're all still accumulating at these prices, because if you truly believe in LINK, you would be, like I am. I know many of you aren't putting your paychecks or neetbux into LINK anymore after the Google/CB pump. You're the same ones who will offload your stacks early so stop jerking off to the fourth industrial revolution, 1000$ eoy blah blah if you're not going to put your money where your mouth is.

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No no no, I just want mooning and no more dumping

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Woah, why so aggressive? Why so narcissistic?
Did you wake up in a bad mood this morning?

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You're functionally illiterate. Amazing bedfellows we ICO punters make. A good win in The Ashes though

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Just telling it like it is. I don't post often but I'm tired of this "holier than thou" bullshit I'm seeing a lot here.

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I'm sorry you feel that way. Maybe try changing your outlook.

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Yeah I'm buying more every dip still. I regret not getting more at 60 cents though, I thought it would go lower then suddenly mainnet announcement.

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Serious question goys what’s the realistic make it stack? I’ve got 4.6k currently and see my combo of this and BTC as my only shot out of wage cuckoldry. Is 5-6k enough to make it? Is 1-300 dollars at the height of this bull run a real possibility thanks to the normie base listing?

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when steaking

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The fact that your ERC-whatever shitcoin took 3 years to 20x (now 10x) is telling. Enjoy the ride back to 40 cents. Buy RFR.

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stinkies are so delusional holy shit

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Yeah we should sell the only bullish altcoin and buy this

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From the outside looking in, we do seem delusional.
If only you knew what we know. If only you could see what we have seen.

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If we're delusional then what are these people in the picture? you included

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>t. Swinglinker who got wrecked and would literally eat a bag of dicks to be allowed to buy back in at a lower price

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>not accumulating from $2.5-$10 then riding it out during the golden bull
nolinkers never gonna make it

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Fuck yes it was. Smith is a national treasure

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Just go below 2.2 so I can buy more you fucking cube fuck

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>700k dumps
nuf said

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I'm a poor fag who has wanted to buy in for years, but too paranoid of chink exchanges so couldn't buy until Coinbase launch. Up to 150, should be able to break 200 come friday as long as it's at or around 2.50

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What's do you consider long term for link, like 5-7 years from now?

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Imagine letting it rot away in a bank account

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