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Comfy "made it" houses

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This could be my house, unironically. I wanted a modern update to it. I like this. Thanks fren.

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Ayy lmao

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Yabba dabba don't

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don't what?

you've only seen the outside it's the inside that counts anon

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Lol I lived near this thing when I was a kid and would beg my parents to buy it so we could live there every time we drove by. Lots of nice houses around it reasonably priced if you don't mind living on a mountain with a curvy af road to get to the city.

But seriously anyone in the market at this point should probably wait 6-12 mo for the bubble to shrink.

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>for the bubble to shrink

you mean to pop

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I've been wanting to buy a house like this since forever. Next to a cliff beach with a few acres

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Gunna buy this mad lads boat house

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Forgot pic

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Everyone always posts this, but I wouldn't want this if I had money.

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Very based sir. The ethnostate is just within our grasp

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>800-1000 sqft, 2br 1ba
>comfy cabin aesthetic outside
>nice modern loft aesthetic inside with poured concrete floors and exposed brick
>on 5-10 acres, enough that you never see your neighbors but not so much that it's unmanageable
>bordering a national park or some shit but still only a 20 minute drive to costco
>also no more than a 2 hour drive to the beach and also to the mountains
>2 dogs (probably viszla) and 2 cats
>no gf or wife because women are scams
>If I still get lonely, take the homopill and get a lumberjack boyfriend (but he still likes vidya)
>or just fuck my dogs
>Do shrooms or acid once a month, DMT once a quarter
>play wow classic and old infinity engine games like PS:T and Arcanum
>make my own super authentic indie games over many long years and release them online for free
>no monetization so I can stay anonymous and everyone loves me without knowing who I am
>'Die' stress-free around age 90 and get cryonically preserved so I can be resuscitated in 2077 and begin my my second life as a cyberpunk gangster
>I also cryonically preserved my dogs so I can keep on fucking them

Is there any more perfect life?

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Kek’d and ashamed of it

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>what boomers could save up for in two years is now "made it" tier

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Looks super comfy.
Looks super cool.
>I'm a Russian oligarch devoid of taste.
Ayy lmao.
Sunburn all year every year.
Kind of ugly honestly.

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I plan on having two wives and a underground library.

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Don't mind me, just walking in my underwater tunnel to my house. It sits 6 floors below the water and 7 above.

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You "made it" if you are living in one of the best school districts in the nation and your children are getting a top 0.1% education at a fraction of the cost of private schools. Even better if the town is >90% White.

Houses in some of these towns start at 600-700K+, or even $2M+ in coastal areas. Your children will work hard, and make extremely valuable connections, without having to deal with the filth of living in a major city being surrounded by poorfags.

Most of these cities are a 20-30 minute drive to a major city, and this is where the wealthy raise families.

So go ahead and move out and buy a McMansion in the middle of nowhere while you set your future generations up for failure.

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I’m sure you’re very important anon and very successful

It’s so funny seeing anons like you type as if you’re actually important or something. I don’t even think doctors are as smug as this

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Anon my children won't have to work. I don't own only 1k Linkies like most of you here.

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everything other than this is posted by brainlets
the first thing you buy with money is ALWAYS security for the money you just earned, especially in an environment where automation might cause a communist revolution overnight

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got some more info on this one? looks cool. the boats used as homes or just gardens?

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Do you know any good sites to monitor for properties like this? US or EU.

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where is this?

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I don't know about sites specifically but I know that all over EU, there are constant auctions for WW2 or Cold War bunkers which you can completely refurbish for a few hundred thousand. I also know that there was one guy from /biz/ who did do exactly that and turned the bunker into a crypto mining facility

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Can't remember, think I pulled it from realtor.ca while searching the east coast of Canada.

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>communist revolution
US education system at it's finest

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to leave a better world for NEETs of the future, that is our goal.

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>made it
>works as a farmer
Fuckin cityboys romancing about this shit without realizing its full time job from sun up to sun down
If you want this just work ok a good dam farm you retards
Nothing wrong with have some veggies in the garding maybe even some chicken
But who the fuck wants to take care of horses,sheep,cows and chicken with huge fields to work

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Anyone who wants this should go work on a farm.for a year first.

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Cozy cabin in the woods

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I agree, veggie gardens are based and not much work, but working a farm is hell. Tired of larpers

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This looks like a typical Norwegian house desu. Everybody could afford those before they flooded this country with welfare receiving niggers courtesy of the Jews.

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Either that or jerking to hentai

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That's a lot of space for a 3 room house that's missing half of its walls. Houses like this are retarded. No thanks.

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>Either that or jerking to hentai
tfw it's currently 2:25pm and I've already jerked it to hentai three times so far today

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>poured concrete floors and exposed brick
>2 dogs (probably viszla) and 2 cats
>no gf or wife because women are scams
>If I still get lonely, take the homopill and get a lumberjack boyfriend (but he still likes vidya)
>or just fuck my dogs
>Do shrooms or acid once a month, DMT once a quarter
>make my own super authentic indie games over many long years and release them online for free

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This just better garden. This is super comfy for me. I allready have 2 kids. If I get 1-2 more, this would be perfect. Super comfy family home.

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Want to make it so bad so I can buy some land out in the hill country near Austin.

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imagine the damp

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>typical burger goes for an ugly as fuck mcmansion

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not a burger

But burgers have some nice homes. Most of houses posted here are bachlor pads. This one is family style.

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>not wanting a house that is designed to be passed down though your family

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Wow, this is acually nice.

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is this the deeprun tram?

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maximum comfy, I would try and build something similar if I had the money

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There were a few Victorian houses built entirely from concrete. I'd love to have something like that.

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>likes the disgustingly tacky cave hut
>calls the barn home "kind of ugly"

top lol. The absolute state of the incel /biz/ "taste". Numale new money at its finest. Silicon Valley tech types always have the worst taste in anything remotely artistic or creative. Must be the Jeet influence.

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I'm a 37yo boomer so it is a late 90's cinematic pc game called crystal key.

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own a mountain


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Or a mountain chalet

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House is nice but decor is fucking awful.

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>Anon my children won't have to work.

Anon, this mentality will doom your kids to losing your money and disconnect them from the rest of the world. You have to teach them to grow your money. Which involves work. I wholly recommend watching this so you can help your future kids better to relate to others.


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Seriously. Take that fucking chimp off the mantle.

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ah yes the mcmethmansion

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If you think your children can get an education that's worth anything without you hand picking the curriculum/picking people who you trust to pick a curriculum you are retarded

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Patrician taste

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Drachenschanze is patrician taste
there is even csgo map of it

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based. Will be designing and developing some usonian houses when we made it, won't even care if there's a market for it just sick of the ugly shitboxes

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Where can you find a house like that and roughly how much to buy it in cash?

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Houghton Hal?

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Nigga that's a painting

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This was a good joke +1

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Based and jihadi pilled

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What is the best building material for mansions?

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Fucking fruitcake basedfaggot nigger

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Steel ibeam with concrete around it, then sprayed the fire insulation.

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Look up Encinitas Boat House

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>better get off my fucking mountain faggot

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I'm always looking for land in this area so I can stay close to family
this is a funny story if you're board https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2TYjRr-Gps

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The Virgin Homeowner Vs. the Chad Mountain Man

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the only pill you will ever need.

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https://greenhomesforsale.com/category/off-the-grid-homes/ has some nice self-sustaining homes

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That is noice

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based & cool

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great tree. put up a white picket fence and a chair and play with your dogs or kids

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Grug house.

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fuck all y'all

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fun to rake the leaves every autumn

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>picket fence
Assuming their HOA is gonna allow that

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a fokin fairytale house from those white minions

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Are you me? Seriously, we should meet.

Only quibble:
>no gf or wife
I'm at least going to reproduce before entirely devoting my genitalia to my dogs.

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>poured concrete floors and exposed brick
>2 dogs (probably viszla) and 2 cats
>no gf or wife because women are scams
>If I still get lonely, take the homopill and get a lumberjack boyfriend (but he still likes vidya)
>or just fuck my dogs
>Do shrooms or acid once a month, DMT once a quarter
>make my own super authentic indie games over many long years and release them online for free

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>living in one of the best school districts in the nation and your children are getting a top 0.1% education at a fraction of the cost of private schools. Even better if the town is >90% White.
LOL. I grew up in one of those. I got one of those educations. Know what happened?

>investment bankers and surgeons bought up all of the houses
>their stupid kids that they had with retarded trophy wives flooded the school district
>school district results dropped because dumb students
>parents voted for more property taxes to "improve the schools"
>schools still couldn't teach brainlet babies
>high school parking lot filled with Porsches driven by drug-addled 16yos
>township gets into a pissing match with its neighboring townships
>builds giant water park to compete with next-city-over's giant water park
>raises property taxes even more to waste on more "amenities"
>parents are fucking richfags who don't care
>richfags begin showing off by buying up multiple next-to-each-other properties
>then demolishing two or three houses and building one megaMcMansion
>all the smart people move out
>not enough population to support the school district

The population today is something like 50% of what it was when I lived there. All the upper-middle-class housing got bulldozed for trophy houses. It's really rather sad.

Anyway, I'm living in Asia now. I'll homeschool my kids, using online resources to supplement areas I'm not as strong in. They'll grow up speaking English, Chinese, and whatever language my mail-order bride speaks (probably Ukrainian/Russian), maybe German as well. I'll teach them the basics of economics, law, and engineering so that they can manage the business I'm building.

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>afraid of a communist revolution
>buys "security"
>meaning, buys a fixed base he can't flee from without impoverishing himself
"Security" to me means being able to flee to someplace else if Putin or the Chinese or the fucking LatAm spiggers overrun my position. Renting is a lot more "secure" since I won't take a war loss on the rental property.

Until then, picrelated is the view I get of the sunset.

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That's gorgeous. Where is it? How much would it sell for?

TBQPH Frank Lloyd Wright built some good LOOKING houses but they were shit to live in. Fallingwater is a perfect example because of exactly what >>15112651 wrote.

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Not to mention the structural problems fallingwater had, if it hadn't been a famous structure it would have been demoed a long time ago rather than the expensive structural repairs it has needed to not fall apart.

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Probably costs 5 million euros though

>> No.15119348

>two wives
you and me both brother

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>making houses out of flammable materials
>everything burns down due to a faulty wire
yeah no

>> No.15119492

please dont, it will end up being made in OSB to cut costs and look like the typical burgermansion

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Illuminati house
Also reminder:
There shoulde be made a board about housing and interior design

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Instead of buying houses, maybe try investing in something that can bring you more than 10 times the return, something like VID...get 10 times more houses


>> No.15119576

>meme lake for stinky old money

you can just pick some other lake and pay way less because you're not a status-symbol dumdum

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File: 1.37 MB, 1200x839, Cx2dO4U.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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It's more about what's inside

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Flintstones, meet the Flintstones

>> No.15119653

I have already made it in my own little world
I live in a caravan, travel a lot and eventually looking to buy a piece of farmland to make a marijuana plantation

>> No.15119671

In Norway we call them sveitser hus which directly translates into "swiss houses". There are buttloads of them in southern Norway going for cheap in rural areas (80k $)

>> No.15119772

Perfect, my woman and I are white, both engineers. Perhaps we will learn you language, buy a home and assimilate to your culture.

>> No.15120312

Not knowning what gay means. Typical pleb.

>> No.15120356

yes please, I've been looking forward to the creation of that board since many "interior designs" out there are just god awful

>> No.15120695

There's a boatload of comfy houses in West Virginia at reasonable prices.

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Based and shota-pilled

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no need to learn the language. Everyone speaks flawless english here. But out of experience, americans and commonwealth people tend to not enjoy their stay here. Norwegians are seen as cold, autistic and boring, and the 6 months a year where its dark and cold gets old, quick.

>> No.15121582

This thread is giving me a huge boner.

Real question: Do multigenerational houses exist any more? Seems like most homes start fucking falling apart after a few decades. How much to make a decent home that will last centuries?

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A working water mill with 150+ acres. The mill will be used to generate hydroelectricity to supplement the solar panels, and around 100 acres will be leased to farmers for passive income.

>> No.15122212

il mare, nice

>> No.15122232

that looks incredibly comfy

>> No.15122263

You would hire people to do the work brainlet.

>> No.15122321


>be serial killer
>go for some kills
>"uh-oh, there's a fence, I'm doomed!"
>tfw zero kills

>> No.15122352

Boomer detected

>> No.15122369

unironically based desu senpai

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>> No.15122389

i grew up in a top 5 school district, was in the gifted program, all that bullshit, and i'm still a college dropout who posts frog memes on biz. this is a retarded fantasy

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What's the deal with rural folk hanging hub caps on walls? You see it in restaurants too.

>> No.15122978

where else are you supposed to put them?

>> No.15122982

they are showing off their rims like black folks

>> No.15123004

implying jumping this fence would be easy and even if you jump through it, it will make sound loud enough for dogs to run full speed at your ass, implying killing dogs would be easy, implying jumping that fence won't set off alarm with motion detector,implying you even thought this through for a second

>> No.15123026

best one

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>> No.15123752

space is gay

>> No.15123933

dont tap the glass.

>> No.15124241

>all these idiots wanting to live in a meme cabin in the woods and near a lake

Enjoy your mosquitos and bugs

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>> No.15124432


>> No.15124711


Frugal living, faggots. You want to spend your whole fortune on gas and water bills? Gtfo

>> No.15124768

dont hurt the doggos, faggots. Pls get a real doll

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>> No.15124947
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Do you know what communism is? That shit will be appropriated immediately as it has clear military value. lmao retard.

>> No.15125180


>> No.15125433

I rather live in a big underwater facility like in Soma.

>> No.15125556
File: 513 KB, 762x638, 1564453501005.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wake up, want to look out on the sunrise over the martian landscape
>can't clearly see because of the triangles

>> No.15126012
File: 253 KB, 1024x698, 1564505137562.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

one just like pic related. It's my parents house, but I want one similar to it. I could get a loan for it but I don't want to be a debt slave for 20 years

>> No.15126048
File: 86 KB, 658x580, poj4g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15126122

>11st century

>> No.15126635
File: 137 KB, 1202x902, kauffmann desert house plan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck yeah my dude. TOP fucking taste, mr. Kaufmann

>> No.15126687
File: 141 KB, 511x424, Richard Neutra.Casa von Sternberg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Im more in the Richard Neutra gang

>> No.15126735
File: 324 KB, 1920x720, F7408D7C-6673-437D-9DEB-4691FC79DEB7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The ultimate goal from gains

>> No.15126860

It NEVER looks as good as the painting.

>> No.15126890

>muh school system
White kids = white genes = high IQ = success in life.
Same reason Asians do well, even in poor urban school systems.

>> No.15126943

Beautiful. My momma (rest her soul) was a colorado girl, always spoke fondly of Breckenridge

>> No.15126967

no thanks, way too much work taking care of all that land.

>> No.15127167

Your parents have good taste.

>> No.15127195

is purchasing a home bad business?
im 25 with 50k in savings

>> No.15127260

good thing that isn't space then little nigger

>> No.15127270


I actually grew up on a farm and it's a 24/7 job. You don't take a vacation and you're constantly worried about weather conditions, making sure your cattle doesn't get hoof-and-mouth disease, and other crap that's out of your control.

Growing vegetables and having a few fruit trees isn't too much work. And if you want animals, a few chickens, pigs, goats, and rabbits are the way to go. They're not high-maintenance compared to horses, sheep, and cattle.

>> No.15127349

Why do you want to have large houses or mansions like the ones posted here? Unless you have a huge family and don't mind the upkeep of cleaning and maintaining a large residence by yourself, why not get a nice 2-story Dutch colonial or something that you can have all to yourself?

>> No.15127442

That's an island off iceland, I believe they literally gave it to bjork

>> No.15127471

Capitalistic consumer idea of perfect life, flooding from every TV screen, making people retards

>> No.15127562
File: 1.25 MB, 1500x1112, 1552295672217.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15127592

based and animaniac pilled

>> No.15127759
File: 550 KB, 1903x1258, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd give anything to live in the house I grew up in again.
I might be inaccurate, but it was build by a student of frank lloyd wright in the early 20th century, or someone associated with him, I can't remember if this is true or not, but there's also another frank lloyd wright house on the same street as this house was.

It was just an amazing house, filled with hidden places and storage in the attic and basement. Huge open basement with an old style furnace and servant quarters, we build a pool in the back yard with a fountain that was beautiful. Then my dad got fired from his job and we had to move to another state and it fucked up all our lives. Thanks Dad.

If I had the money right now I'd try to move back to this place if I could. So many memories...

>> No.15127795
File: 200 KB, 940x656, AI Prison.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Iota hits $10,000
>I can pay for personal robot mercenary army because billions in Iota
>Machines sell humans for only a few miota each, because humans have no economic value
>Collect degenerate 4chan humans to pass time
>Made it

>> No.15127831

brick +shutter combo = comfy hartford county NE

>> No.15127833

pretty standard architecture here. I'd go slightly more traditional with it but would kill for identical setting too. thanks lad

I'm sorry to hear that anon. I kinda chuckle when seeing other anons trying to picture themselves living in mansions or on such huge plots that they could never maintain it themselves, but I do have soft spots for people with simple wishes like yours. You shouldn't blame your dad if he did his best and I do hope you'll once be able to buy back the house and live in it. You lost it once and you know its value now and by the looks of it it's pretty cozy, hope you manage to get it back

>> No.15127871
File: 2.83 MB, 1440x960, LuxuryCabin_12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yikes, get ahold of yourself, zoomer. Play where? 15 square feet of lawn and I bet assholes whip that corner doing 45. Typical shithole Californian tract housing, probably goes for about $3million right about now too

>> No.15127925

Holy shit those woods look comfy. Where is that?

>> No.15128130
File: 19 KB, 500x500, images (31).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Im going to buy a block of land in sydney and self build out of recycled materials with the money left over.

>> No.15128147

>try to buy a block of land in sydney
>instantly gets outbid by chinese investor

>> No.15128186

half the houses posted itt are on luxuryestate.com. i really hope i can grab a nice comfy house before any of u linkfrens grab all of them.

>> No.15128202
File: 425 KB, 810x1080, CornHill7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks like home. My Dad lost his job and house and we had to move out of state too, circa 2001. Wasn't really his fault though, it was always part of the (((plan))).

>> No.15128257
File: 630 KB, 1280x955, (JPEG Image, 1280 × 955 pixels).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My best guess is somewhere in PA, duckduckgo found it in gatewaylodge.com's wordpress media library.

>> No.15128321

looks like nougat

>> No.15128830

Longhouse is loooong.

>> No.15129343
File: 23 KB, 720x405, 5592bf3f29541e777eb9ed874fbdcf8929d28e75891366c67cf7dbb894b5925d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They love it. I'm not fucking chihuahuas up the ass, I'm screwing dogs that are large enough to be size-compatible.

>> No.15130165

Depends on your timing. TBQPH right now I think you'd be fucked. We're arguably in a worse spot than in 2006.

My story:
>want to buy a house
>get offered a high paying job that would require endless travel
>buy condo instead
>four months later
>company collapses due to mismanagement
>get another high paying job on the other side of the metro area
>have to commute 45 minutes each way every day
>two months after that
>family of elephants moves in upstairs
>from 6am to 2am they are stomping around and bellowing
>can't sleep
>every time I start to fall asleep one of them gets up to go to the bathroom or some shit
>end up having to make a choice
>either go up there with my shotgun and murder them all or move
>decide I'm rich and can move
>buy house on other side of city
>move and sell condo
>barely break even on condo
>two years later
>major earthquake
>find out my house is literally two blocks away from a newly discovered fault line
>every house on top of that fault line is red-tagged as uninhabitable
>dodged a bullet, at least until the next major quake
>economy falls apart due to dot.com collapse
>lose my job
>can't find another one
>forced to sell house
>Greenspan inflates new bubble
>no one will hire me, lost old career entirely
>can no longer ever afford to live in Seattle again

And a friend's:
>Greenspan bubble has created a huge real estate boom
>housing prices shooting up everywhere
>they buy a house
>top of the market
>2007 hits
>all the mortgage lenders start going bankrupt
>turns out the whole thing was a giant financial scam
>Florida real estate prices plunge off a cliff
>economy is fucked
>everyone is losing jobs
>they lose their jobs
>they lose their house

(to be continued)

>> No.15130283

>>15130165 (continued)

So as I wrote: depends on your timing. TBQPH right now I think you'd be fucked. We're arguably in a worse spot than in 2006.

>obama gets shoveled into presidency because Bush was a retard
>Ben Shalom Bernanke ((((oy vey!)))) inflates yet another bubble
>housing prices THROUGH THE ROOF!!!
>all the people who bought rotting foreclosure properties in 2010 make out like bandits
>Florida slums turn into desirable investments again
>Trump gets into office
>sees all the structural problems in the economy
>knows we're fucked unless he can get Americans working again
>tries to stop terrorists from flying in as welfare leech "refugees"
>gets blocked by Hawaii Judge appointed by obama
>tries to stop H1-Bs from taking all the good-paying tech jobs
>gets blocked by "pro-business" Republicans and Dems
>tries to deport illegal immigrants
>gets blocked by illegal-vote-harvesting Dems and "pro-business" Republicans
>tries to stop China from mercantilist policies designed to destroy our economy
>gets blocked by more obama judges, "pro-business" Republicans, and Democrat sellouts
>Federal Reserve keeps jacking up interest rates until U.S. economy is on edge
>China economy is teetering on edge
>stock market is crashing
>recession indicators flashing
>Federal Reserve does one tiny rate cut as a "fuck you" to Trump
>probably going to lose 2020 election because Google wants to keep hiring more cheap H1-B labor
>only possibility of salvation is that literally every single Democrat candidate is insane
>wants to give free healthcare to illegal aliens
>wants to bring in shitloads of rapefugees
>housing sales and prices are starting to fall from peak

Yeah it's a great time to buy a house, Anon. :-/ In two years you'll have lost your downpayment, been foreclosed upon, and be living in a cardboard box.

>> No.15130355

Thanks for the effort to post these. Some things are still illuminating on /biz
What are you doing now? Still in Seattle?
Did you change industries post .com crash?
I hoe that you have made out like a bandit in Crypto
Good luck anon, may your link stack get you that house

>> No.15130395
File: 2.48 MB, 1521x944, fires.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15130478

I agree people romanticise farming a lot. Friends of mine have a property with a seemingly huge number of chickens, ducks and guinea fowl, as well as a couple of bee hives. And of course vegetable gardens, fruit trees and flowers. They spend a lot of time looking after everything (as do the kids) but he has a full time job too and she works part time.
How accurate is it to say that making a commercially viable farm is what makes it hard? Their family could subsist on what they grow for a long time. Probably not indefinitely, but they’re definitely well set up and it’s not hugely stressful.

>> No.15130533

>cold, autistic and boring
Sounds amazing tbqh

>> No.15130563

beautiful house, looks extremely comfy/possibly haunted. Love it. Move back in some day.

>> No.15131019

Thanks, kind Anon. I am doing ok. I had to leave the U.S. to find work, and discovered that it's amazingly easy to make and save money when one isn't being taxed to death by the U.S. government (yay for the Foreign Earned Income Exemption!). I did the math, and in Seattle I was literally paying over 50% of my income out to taxes. Where I am now, it's 12% and that includes the national health insurance scam that lets me go see incompetent quacks for a $10 copayment. But I can afford to go get real healthcare when I need it now, so it works out.

Yes, I bought some Bitcoin. I wish I'd bought more, but if the Asuka Prophecy comes true, I'll be just fine.

>> No.15131157

Can you reveal which country you went to?

>> No.15131311

Penthouse in NYC or Toronto Canada