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Who elses entire financial future depends on triple digit LINK?

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who elses entire financial future depends on quadruple digit LINK?

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>imagine not being set for life at high double digit link

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I feel so sad every time I look at my 3000 linkies

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who elses entire life depends on $1000 LINK?

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Who else is a fucking idiot? This replys

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I make it around $11.53 technically, but I need Link to go to at least triple digits if I want a realistic chance of achieving all my goals.

I have expensive goals.

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Being a poorfag is tough, being late to the linkparty and a poorfag is fucked. At least we have a chance.

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If LINK doesn't hit triple digits within two years I'm unironically blowing my brains out. I have extenuating circumstances such that I am fucked and will be permanently unemployable after that time frame. So basically, I need to make it.

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You’ll get there, anon. Iron hands.

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>posts thumbnails
never gonna make it

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goals shouldn't cost anything, that's the point of a goal, you scored. If you paid for the score, you rigged the game, which means you lost twice.

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30 dollar link will set me up for life

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Wow there are still people who
Unironically hold Link? I thought most bizzers sold when the Devs started exit scamming

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>Triple digita

I need 4 digits

But i'm starting a consulting firm to sell smartcontracts/chainlink to companies

Lets see how the boomers react

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>I have expensive goals.
What are your post-singularity plans anon?
>goals shouldn't cost anything
What if your goal is to get the world record for longest skydive or something? Sail around the world solo?
For some of us making it doesn't just mean permaNEET status.

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I just need like 30-40 usd link to MAKE IT

t. living in post soviet mid yurop

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Imma start selling @$99

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This is retarded and you are retarded.

I want to start my own vidya company and not have to Jew my customers with lootbox's and pay to win crap. I just want to make good games like they were int he 90's and early 00's and not have to overly worry about finances. Old games can be made fairly cheaply (1MM or under even) but the market for indie games is so fucking saturated, I need to make sure I can operate at a loss for a few years while releasing quality titles until I can get noticed and gain a fanbase for my company. If I am always strapped for cash I am gonna be tempted to release DLC's and costume packs and complete pack bundles and all that shit that ends up pissing customers off. I've got enough Link that at triple digit Link I will be earning around 1MM a year just from node profits anyways, so that would be a perfect fallback until my games start becoming profitable and my company gets a good reputation and my releases start getting "hyped".

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$100 and I’m set, that’s doable...r-right?

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I wish I had dumped every other token I had into link below a 1$. so I could x5 my stacks.. But for real you linkies are fucking crazy.

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When Link went on that 4 month bullrun last year all the way up to 60 cents, then briefly dumped to 45 cents, I sold every other coin/token I had and went all in Chainlink on the dip. My only regret was not doing it earlier.

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kekd you nulunkers dont know what you've gotten yourselves into. Just hold on, its not too late to enter link with your shitcoin postions

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I need $50 and I’m done. At $25 I’ll be thinking of it strongly

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$25, $50, and $100 confirmed price points

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i really need this to get to at least 50$ to escape my horrible future as a wagecuck. i hate my job so much and it consumes all of my time and leaves me exhausted every day

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Please make games great again. Please. They are so fucking shite. Also don't forget you can go the kickstarter route.

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Money is literally just passion fuel. I didn't hold through dips and go all in on Link with my fiat several times over the last few years just so I can be a rich neet and do nothing. Every time I was thinking of my dream vidya. I swear I will make vidya great again.

The most expensive thing about making games is paying programmer and artist wages. So I am gonna need to keep my company as small as possible until I start gaining profits on the games themselves. Also unfortunately I can't start making my dream vidya straight away either, it's too costly an idea. Gonna have to start with smaller "indie" tier games that many will consider just indie shit unfortunately. But unlike other indie studio's going this route, that absolutely need to rake in a profit on their low budget indie game if they want to make their dream games, I've got a Chainlink node backing me as a safety net, so I can operate at a loss for years and still make good low budget vidya. Plus all the engines for the old 90's FPS games are all open source now too, so very cheap to just make some 90's style FPS's to begin with. I also want to start with cheap stuff because I have no skill managing a company or making a game myself, so I do need to start really fucking small doing something easy so that when I inevitably fuck up, the consequences are small, and I can learn from it. Make small game, make mistakes developing it, make loss on sales, Link node is the safety net, make another small game, make small mistakes, almost break even on sales, Link node is my safety net, make small game, make no mistakes developing it, make small profit on sales, Link node funds next game, make slightly more ambitious game, experienced in developing now, make bigger profits on sales, sales from previous game fund the next game, Link node possibly not even needed anymore at this point other than being backup funds to expand team. At least that's my realistic assumption of how things will go.

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What’s the likelihood of link reaching $500?

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Me being alive depends on link

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Good luck with your vidya dream.
I hope we all make it so we can pursue our passions.
I just want to draw all day but wagecucking eats up a lot of time.

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If I don't make it I'll just off myself eventually. I probably will even with money, but I'd hold off for a while, and at least leave my family some money.

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crpgs please

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Nah sorry dude, I don't have any plans to make one of them. I love FO1, FO2 and PST though. I'd also be happy financing/publishing someone else's CRPG project once my company is stable. But to be honest, there are a lot of Nu-CRPG's getting made these days anyways, it's becoming a very prominent niche. I haven't played any of the Nu-CRPG's myself though so I can't say if they are good or not.

I forgot to mention, in regards to Kickstarter, that wouldn't work for me because I have no reputation in the industry. All the successful kickstarters are veterans who have several classic titles under their belts already.

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we will at minimum hit $400 because there is no way xrp will have held a higher mcap then link ever will

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I share the same interest in vidya, gonna make the best mmorpg there is if I get rich from linkies

have to believe since I have abandoned everything else, religion, drugs, friends, I only find pleasure in my own success.

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Only have 1000 and I'm comfy af

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Based trips getting Ludwig cross-dressing veteran

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same, I too like to see when Link goes up by 1cent my portfolio increases by 10usd
makes me feel something that I have never felt, making over 8% returns in a day than from a year of them sitting on a savings account

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>I forgot to mention, in regards to Kickstarter, that wouldn't work for me because I have no reputation in the industry. All the successful kickstarters are veterans who have several classic titles under their belts already.
Fair point. Good luck buddy.

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Good luck, I hear these are fucking expensive to make, and are very "make or break" for the studio. I assume you want to make one that isn't a WoW clone? Honestly I am not even gonna try to make an MMO. I think even tying to break into the online FPS market is risky because there is so much fucking competition, and there is a real chance your game could die, or even be dead on arrival. I'm going to stick to singleplayer games as much as possible, and if I do venture into multiplayer territory, make sure I program in good bots so that the game can still function and last if the playerbase dies or the severs go down etc.

There are some MP games out there that have such well programmed bots I didn't even feel like I was losing out not playing with real people. I played Enemy Territory Quake Wars last year, IIRC it's fucking dead now, no ones playing and it's MP only, but the bot AI was so realistic in emulating how a human plays it didn't matter. Fucking loved that game.

>mfw I died behind enemy lines and no allied NPC's were with me so the enemy bots ran up to my corpse and started teabagging me and laughing in the game chat while I waited to respawn

>I only find pleasure in my own success.
Good motivator.

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Link at $100 puts me at $26Miilion
Not a game changer for me because I’m already wealthy. Id probably take a vacation for a few weeks but nothing really changes from my day to day life

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cringe, imagine caring about video games in 2019
and imagine thinking anyone will care about your indie hipster storytelling anime romance adventure roleplay game

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I don't care about modern vidya and I'm not making some fucking romantic walking sim turd.

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Well I have some idea for it, I have compiled and written over 10 A4 papers both sides about mechanics I want in the game, and I have some c++/UE4 experience, enough to make the basic mechanics myself.

Mainly the game is gonna be about personal freedom, and crafting system being basically a 3D modelling software inside the game, with no level/skill/XP/stat caps, everything is unlimited.

The idea of grinding for a year and then refining all of those drops/raw materials and making the best OP ass gear from them and ruling the place is a good start point, and it makes it basically harder, open pvp outside of cities and you drop everything except "soulbound" items that you can use magic to bind to yourself at a exponential cost worth weeks if not months of grinding

Also contact based combat so that if there is no armour where you hit then you damage the enemy as if there was no armour, defeating most of the "female characters dont wear real armour"
Oh and unlimited refining of raw resources at scaling values, and that every material acts different and affects all the stats, agility, movement speed, turning speed, attack speed, dmg values, carry weight, every item is physical.

And tons of other stuff I have planned, look out for an fantasy mmorpg (3rd person freeroam) with a name related to romans or something. Havent picked a clear name but might pick some latin/roman name about excursions.

Game will be a lifetime project and will always be under development.
1 monthly fee and everything else is free, no microtransactions at all, or at maximum cosmetic ones.

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nice larp, bitch

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I have 4,000 LINK and I'm just considering all-inning on BTC, maybe mining some 0xBTC and buying some CoinLion while it's early.
I seriously have lost hope for this token and I think Sergey will be fully exit-scamming us in a couple of months. The hype isn't there, and even though BTC is an absolute shitcoin, people buy into it. It's the best store of value. BTC seems to be the only thing that ever goes up, and your only other choices are riding the pump and dumps of shitcoins like LINK and CoinLion. And LINK's PnD is over.

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>I dream of making vidya at a loss
seriously though please save vidya. take us back to 1983

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>imagine not being able to sell $2mm worth of Link every 3 days to thirsty beta NEETs from an address that starts with 0xdad
not gonna make it

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I spent literal years of my life playing UO pre-trammel and Asheron's Call on Darktide and I would come out of vidya retirement to play the fuck out of your game.

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Peepee poo poo linky goto zero

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Sounds like some EVE Online tier MMO combined with Dorf Fort tier ongoing mega project. Could gain a really dedicated autist fanbase, but would take a while to pick up and get popular, expect a few years of being "under the radar", and would be incredibly punishing to newfags too.

Personally I am put off by the grinding aspect myself so I wouldn't play, but it does sound daring and incredibly risky, and I love games that have contact based contact and armor values and every object is a real physics object with stats. I hope you get to pour your soul into your dream project anon. Good luck.

I don't dream of making vidya at a loss, it's just I am being realistic and not expecting to make a profit straight away. I am not going to try to hop on trends and scrounge for money and Jew my audience so I will likely not make big profits. I just want to make AA vidya that takes LOTS of creative risks, like how vidya used to be in the 90's and early half of the 00's. Too much money invested into one project leads the projects to become risk averse and samey and profit following, if you are only doing small cheap projects you can afford to take creative risks and try new things. And who knows, maybe one day I strike lucky with an idea and it becomes the next big new trend like PUBG or whatever.

In regards to operating at a loss. I am pretty sure even Microsoft adopted this policy when they came out with the OG Xbox. Operate at a loss for a few years, while heavily investing in making new IP's, and wait till you build a good industry reputation for the profits to roll in. There is just too much competition to get immediate profits, but fans can be very loyal if you take the time to win them. So the goal is long term gains with a fanbase that buys every product you put out a few years down the line, guaranteed gains.

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>tfw made it @ $30

It must be true suffering only having a sub-six-figure LINK balance. How do you guys not off yourselves?

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I have a similar dream but I want to get so rich I can just work on a game solo for 5 years and then release it for free. Like Tarn Adams but without even having to scribble dwarves for donation money.

The depressing thing is it could be an amazing game and it would still probably fall into the dustbin of vidya history just because I'm not spending a seven-figure budget on advertising, paid articles, bots, etc to push the game in front of the public eye long enough to make it go 'viral'. Ugh I pine for the days when games sold because they were fucking good games and not because they had the cleverest and most aggressive advertising/microtransaction schemes.

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Me too op, gone all in since summer 18 my entire future existence depends on link being over 100., some days I feel euphoric cause it's as though I'm just watching it happen to me and have no fear cause it just feels so natural. link becoming what we all know it will be sometimes seems the same as knowing the sun's going to rise tomorrow - I'm just waiting for it. I can't tell if this is what delusion is though, but I literally can't conceive of a future in which link hadn't blown up. If it never goes beyond 10$ or if in 2-3 years it's still under 10, I'll probably have some kind of psychological break down

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I'd start seeing a therapist now because you're about to be very disappointed.

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>I have expensive goals.
Chances are your goals probably don't actually contribute to society.

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>games advertising

Jesus christ it's so fucking bloated. AAA is a mess and so much money goes into uneeded things or just advertising. It's another reason I except to operate at a loss for the first few years because I am not dropping a cent on advertising my first few games. I might maybe pay a few grand if I think I've got something really good on my hands eventually, just to shill it on /v/, but fuck paying millions and trying to complete with the latest COD/BF/BLIZZARD release. That's a way to fucking bankrupt yourself. I will be spending my budget on the game itself and then rely on word of mouth.

But honestly anon, if your game is good, it will be discovered eventually. Which is why it's important to hold the rights to your game so you eventually profit. Remember Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines? Came out in 2004, not a fucking word, went under the radar, forgotten until it was revived in pop culture around 2012 due to some modders fixing it, it getting on steam and people buying it on sale. Happened to other games too. But you know what sucks, the devs didn't hold the IP rights, their company was dead and Activision owned it so all who bought VtMB just gave Acti more money for next years COD budget. Fucking sucks. Imagine if the devs had funded it themselves, held onto the rights, went temporarily out of business but suddenly started getting fuckloads of royalty checks a few years later and were able to revive themselves. I know there is a sequel announced too because VtMB is so popular enough another publisher bought the sequel rights of Activision and commissioned a sequel, but it's not the same guys who made the original so who knows how VtmB2 will turn out. If you make a truly good game, even if you don't make any money immediately and it's forgotten, as long as you hold the rights, eventually it will be discovered and you will make your money back. Look at the Oddworld series, dev actually held onto the rights after they went under in 05..

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are we deluded, or are we just hyper intelligent seers of the truth?

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Will sign up to Binance using the first referral code posted. I prefer a LINKfriend getting the money over a random schmuck.

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I need $150-$200.

Don't let me down based Sergey

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don't know about the hyper intelligent part but yes it's seers of truth. Day to day I still get down and anxious but in aggregate, with the emergence of link, and watching it actually start to happen, I feel excitment. Thomas' talk last night is almost surreal in my memory now, cause is like watching the first rays of light on the horizon

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it's delusion, if something seems too good to be true, then it almost certainly is, take it from this oldfag who has seen many scams and failures in his time, not to say that Link won't go up, but all this talk of over $100 is just pure wishful thinking

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Speaking of under appreciated games, did anyone play Sacrifice? Came out in 2000. Super unique and great 3rd person rts gameplay and graphics were amazing for the time. I'm surprised no one has tried to make a similar game besides brutal legend from some of sane staff.

>> No.15109802

I actually have that, I got it into a triple back, Giants Citizen Kabuto, Evolva and Sacrifice. I played Giants and Evolva already, Sacrifice is still in the backlog. It looks cool though. I actually played Evolva just a few months back to distract myself from Link for a while. It's a pretty cool little evolution game about eco systems and food chains and evolutionary biology. Games like these are the exact type of low budget but high creative risk sorta games that I want to make, that don't get made anymore. Games like this were why gaming was considered such a good hobby back in the day. Back then if you tried to copy something popular, a game got ragged on as being an X Clone. Now it's just another competitor in the X genre.

I'm also a big strategy fan though, and anything that mixes RTS with other genre's is fucking cool. Might play it soon. I've just got so much on my backlog though to get through. Fuck waging and fuck stressing out about Link watching charts all day wasting time.

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the game area would be 25km x 25km, a circular area that is surround by impassable terrain/mountains. With multiple small crevices that lead to different biomes/areas that have unique flora and fauna, unique metals/minerals in mines, that all have unique properties corresponding to the biome, and a gigantic desert in the middle, with the big ass city with roman architecture, where all trade routes deliver things into.

Destroyable environments and people can build basically everywhere, make their own guild house, or hell just an outpost/town/village/hideout or even a city if you have enough manpower to defend it. basically minecraft tier building but it is restrict because of spam potential.

Also, because items are physical, if you find an item at marketplace in city B but you are at markeplace at city A, you have to either get to city A or buy a trader to deliver it to you, through trade routes that could be attacked by bandits(real people or npc), you could spend more to have better protection on your item delivery but it would cause suspision(with npc guards and real players when requested as guest)

Only safe areas of the open pvp are big cities under the control of either an AI faction or a player faction/guild who enforce their own set of laws they could display on the gates or throughout the city.

And there will be skills like in runescape/wow, but because of player freedom, there is no xp/lvl cap, with each level up of any skill you would gain 1 point to use in that skill tree with each level up +% values would increase how good you are at that skill, which would let you specialize into the sub-skills, or even sub-skills of sub-skills, like take for example blacksmithing, a blacksmith who specializes in armours wouldnt really know how to make sharp and great quality swords now could he?

That is where the playerbase comes in, artisans would literally rule the game(because I am not making that many npc merchants), while not being

>> No.15109927

that great and combat they could make the gear that the top 5% of PVMers use and also what the rest use,
gear would have condition so that it would get damaged over time and only those with high enough skill in blacksmith could repair them at a price of raw materials and the work, rarer the material more expensive the repair, also there are no failchances at crafting, that is the thing I hated most in BDO.

The skill tree would be split in 2, mind and body, skills would fall into either category, you would train the skills by using them at predefined values of XP rewarded from using more rare materials/fighting harder enemies.
And I want basically a slow but long grind be rewarding, if you trained your character to run at high speeds like some edgy naruto-ass fanboy, I would make that possible.

Same with the weapon crafting, its gonna be "choose what weapon type you are gonna model" a basic sword would require you to highlight the areas of what the model is, like the pummel, handguard, blade, and the edge of the blade. and I dont want restrictions on the lenght of blades but simply put, you cant really lift a blade longer than 5m if you havent trained your characters strength/stamina enough, or you could use magics, which are basically just enchanting and use for utilities, not that much for combat. Carry weight is determined by your pockets(size) and you could make them bigger on the inside with magicks.

basically magics are extracted from the monsters you kill by taking their blood/bones/innards and using alchemy/magic skill to make them into powders that you can make into crystal that you can "enchant" so to speak with different bonuses that are stackable

And there really wouldnt be fast travel, but there would be teleportation but it would cost so much that it is not viable to teleport with raw materials from another edge of the map to another to sell them at a higher price. Also it could be possible to make "portals" but only rich guilds

>> No.15109940

that great at* combat

>> No.15109979

and different biomes would have unique types of monsters, and when choosing your race in the character creation you can choose what biome you will be spawned in

>> No.15110085

Sounds fucking amazing and well thought out.

>because items are physical, if you find an item at marketplace in city B but you are at markeplace at city A, you have to either get to city A or buy a trader to deliver it to you, through trade routes that could be attacked by bandits(real people or npc), you could spend more to have better protection on your item delivery but it would cause suspision(with npc guards and real players when requested as guest)

God that is so fucking cool. Oh I love this so much. I wish more RTS/RTT games dealt with logistics in this way as well. Movement of resources sets up so many opportunities for strategy, attacks etc, and many plot points too if you are trying to write a story, but so many games heavily simplify it. Have you played Men of War? Each unit has their own inventory, with physical items, and it's RTT (more complex RTS but no base building pretty much) and physical items include ammo, your guys can run out of ammo and you have to do ammo runs, getting guys to lift boxes and run to the front line to resupply troops there, or instead buy a truck and drive it to where the front is, but the truck is a big target for enemies and lets enemy know your guys are low on resources, and the truck has a fuel tank which can be shot and exploded causing wide area damage around. So just sparing 2 guys to haul crates is safer, and they have a lower profile, but man fuck they are slow and take ages to get there. Men of War Assault Squad 2 is so fucking good, especially with mods.

I wish your idea wasn't a grindy MMO, I'd play it for strategy and tactics and raiding trade routes. I just literally can't take grind in games for some reason. Still despite that, your game sounds so indepth and awesome. It's very systems based which always leads to a good deep and complex game.

>> No.15110091

Depends on how much it succeeds and scales when BTC moons to 100k+

>> No.15110335

Never heard of men of war but sounds nice, I liked playing rts like AOE2/3 and most strategy games.

Oh and I want basically guilds to be able to just make monopolies and such on biomes and then just open war with the people who want no monopoly and those who just sneak past the lines to transport resources to either side and be neutral about the war, by making profit out of it.

And I want the game to have visible history,almost like EVE online, if there has been a big fight there are always wrecks left over, so imagine how cool it would be to stumble upon a demolished city/town ruins hidden in the mountains/mines and just look over the ruins and random items strewn about some flags and insignias of a guild/city/faction you have never even heard about, and I want items to be like laying on the ground without "glow" or something like that, so that its realistic to some point that you cant just see every item in the room.

Oh and about crafting, if you are a blacksmith/artisan who makes gear/items, you can make blueprints which are basically patents for your items, which make people able to create the item without the level requirement at an npc smith/artisan if they have the resources and you can sell thos e blueprints at a market or just trade them to players or sell them in your own shop that you can design every part of.

Also I will just literally pick cherries by implementing some skills almost directly from SAO like "appraisal skill" and I will just rename them simply because they are good mechanics.

And I was thinking about making cooking/food a skill and make it so that you have to eat according to the real time frame, so 1:1 clock day/night cycle, but I am still hesitant about implementing hunger/thirst into it because it would make it too survival-esque imo, so there might be a separate server for that tho.

Oh and no global chat, I only will make an area chat of basically within earshot, but I wouldnt prohibit the usage of discord etc

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>imaging not being set for life with $50 link

>> No.15110506

How much Link do you have? You've got so much fine details of this it would be a shame if you didn't get to make it. Sounds like a dream project. You've got a lot of good ideas.

Men of War is a lot different than AoE. AoE is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) which are one of the more popular types of strategy games out there. Men of War is in the Real Time Tactics genre (RTT) which is much more niche and hardcore. Basically, the scale is smaller but the level of detail is larger. No worrying about basebuilding and resource collecting, just full blown autismal detail on squad and platoon level combat and strategies, logistics and all that. Vehicles have fuel, all weapons have ammo. You can still select blobs of soldiers like in AoE, but weapons and items are unique objects. You can tell a unit to drop his rifle, and pick up an SMG to give him better rate of fire, but the SMG might lack the range of the rifle, also he may only have rifle caliber rounds in his inventory, so better loot enemies/dead allies of SMG ammo too. Also if your guy is a grunt rifleman, he will only be trained in rifle skill, so will be shit with an SMG unless he gets some experience with that. Each unit has experience and stats with different weapon types and vehicles. Or hell, shoot an enemy out of a vehicle, or shoot their tires/tracks out to disable their vehicle, then kill them when they get out to repair the vehicle, then tell your unit to go steal the enemy vehicle and get inside and commandeer it. Bring it back behind your lines, repair more if needed, and maybe buy a tank specialist to drive it with more skill if you want. Also my favorite thing is the direct control feature. Hold Shift and you can manually aim and move your unit for precision.

I've heard casuals on /v/ call Men of War micromanaging hell because of the individual unit complexity where you are controlling large platoon size forces. Each soldier can even have his helmet shot off if an enemy gets a shot on it.

>> No.15110550

well I have 1k links rn but I am gonna buy 500 more next week, and for safety I am investing 1k€ into random cryptos that /biz/ is always heralding as the "next btc"

>> No.15110565

and probably gonna try that men of war, sounds very interesting imo
>autistic amount of micro/macro is fun

>> No.15110578

>Depends on how much it succeeds and scales when BTC moons to 100k+
So like, never?

>> No.15110687

If you don't think BTC will moon you're just uninformed.

LINK is a gamble.

>> No.15110708
File: 220 KB, 642x681, 1564563924395.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15110737

Worry. Definitely get that 500 more. 1k is enough to "make it" in a financially free neet sense, and it eventually could be worth 1MM. But if you want to pursue projects like this you will need a lot more, or it will be a huge risk to your financial freedom. Personally I am all in Link and consider diversification a meme that I got burned on. Maybe just go all in Link, but if you are good at gambling shitcoins then do that too, then buy more Link with the gains. With 10k you can make this game for sure, but even with 2k it's possible if you wait a while. 2k Link at 1k per token. 2MM in Link, 120k a year node profits. It's possible.

Oh it definitely is. BTW ran out of post limit, but if you can find the damaged helmet on the battlefield, you can select your guy, go tell him to pick it up again and put it back on. Since every single item, even spend magazines and shell casings are all individual items in the game. But some are so small it's hard to see when you are zoomed out seeing the whole battle, there are some hotkeys to highlight dropped objects to make it easier, it's really needed when trying to find dropped weapons and grenades (units can drop shit if an explosion goes off near them and they get thrown about, I've had situations where I was running a squad to a trench, tank fired HE shell at us, narrowly missing but all guys got ragdolled, tank switched to hull MG and started shooting at everyone getting back up, so hurriedly sprinted survivors to the trench, only to find the few survivors were now unaramed because they all dropped their guns and I told them to run before they could pick them back up kek), or if you are a Bazooka guy, and your support guy holding all the rockets gets shot, and you need to double back and find his corpse every time you need to reload your Bazooka. Every item has weight and shit too, and you can't carry to much on your own or your guy becomes slow and runs out of stamina quickly and gets shitty aim.

>> No.15110749


>> No.15110754
File: 55 KB, 384x384, Anon makes it (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

link under $1 very soon

>> No.15110764

Threads like this really show where the forced memes come from. Some of you bagholders actual lives depend on an ERC shitcoin being one thousand dollars. Incredibly sad and fucking retarded.

>> No.15110777

If link hits double digits I become an instant millionaire. Problem is I am having serious doubts chainlink can even hit $5. I'm probably looking at years before this happens.

>> No.15110780
File: 1.44 MB, 800x1200, 1515686163330.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It might actually happen though

>> No.15110785

Chekt but cringe

>> No.15110801

quintuple digit link

>> No.15110804

>consider diversification a meme that I got burned on

>> No.15110829

Diversification is how to maintain wealth after you already made it. You don't make it by diversifying sub 10k portfolio's into a bunch of tiny positions across multiple shitcoins.

I would have had so much more Link right now if I didn't fall for the diversification meme in "promising alts" back in 2017.

>> No.15110842
File: 34 KB, 801x534, 13144757.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You paypigs are so funny

>> No.15110905

hmm, yeah I have 1k in other cryptos that I think might rise with link/btc so I am gonna hold on to those but I am gonna get 2k link before EOY

>> No.15110962

At this point I legitimately see LINK rising in price in 5 years to be an optimistic guess.
This shit is going straight to zero.
t. 3.8k bagholder

>> No.15110968

Sounds like a game where a player does paperwork all day long, so he could gear up after a year.
Who grinds this long?
Look at BDO, very fine mmo, but was ruined by cash shop.
No wonder people play at pirate servers because originals always go pay to win road.
Now think about how much money will you spend on a server and data plan to feed it.
I'm sure you will be broke in 6 months without a paying player base.

>> No.15110990

meh i only have like 4.4k link.. i'd be happy if i can make 100k off it i could make it work.

>> No.15110993

2k as a goal is good. Good luck to you anon. If you can get at least 100k a year in passive income from a node you are good, as you wont have to sell any Links to fund yourself or your game and risk losing financial freedom. And since you stated this is a longterm lifelong project, I think it would be possible for you to just work on this in your own time at your own pace doing updates here and there and ling comfy of node gains in the meantime, maybe once in a while hiring a freelancer to do whatever you need done. 2k is good, 2k also means you "make it" at $500 instead of 1k, big difference.

Your either braindead or the recent bear trend is making you delusional. Once staking hits, Link stops being speculative and stops succumbing to speculative retardation fueled price action like we saw recently. Staking is the reason Link may be at 1k one day. Not speculation.

>> No.15111007

I have calculated the cost to be efficient at 1000 players if the monthly subscription is 10€, which I am sure people are willing to pay for since unique game.
And in my country internet/server hosting is cheaper and faster than in china

>> No.15111066

and a reminder that I will be working solo or at max in a small team, and I will do crowdfunding because why the fuck not?
already bought 200 links by selling some of the shitcoins I had left that I noticed will never rise up from below 1€ pc

>> No.15111099

Neat, and if you aren't American, 1k/2k Links will go even further since you have lower cost of living, lower wages for employees you might want to hire. Yeah if you are in a cheap euro/sea nation or something, I think your project is completely doable with what you have. Good luck fren.

>> No.15111109


Purring all of your savings into any crypto is pretty fucking dumb. Then again no man is made rich without taking significant risks.
You can add an extra 140$ if you use coinbase, links below.

Have 2/4 XLM and 0/4 EOS


>> No.15111115

I bought a suicide stack in 2017...everyday I regret not buying more oh well

>> No.15111136


So fucking delusional, I’m actually starting to feel bad for you guys.

>> No.15111139
File: 82 KB, 1080x720, moonman finland.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

binland, gonna have troubles with taxes if the cryptolaws dont change, but they will from pressure.
But I can get talented IT personnel for dirt cheap because of the recent unemployment drive that is going on here, and living is basically free when you consider that 1k€ a month is more than enough to live like a rich person in any other country.

>> No.15111147

Why doesn't /biz coordinate legitimate pumps of this? I don't get it. Everyone involved agrees to spend minimum of X dollars, buy X% of your stack at Y time, X% at Z time etc.

>> No.15111161

Read the Toronto protocols

>> No.15111173
File: 681 KB, 1541x5406, cumbrownies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

good luck herding cats, some attempts can be made though there are too many bad actors that would use this to pump a coin and dump before the channers do effectively fucking everyone over.

>> No.15111211

>why doesn't /biz/ PnD the most legit project in the space
Try to figure it out.

Link is an accumulation game.

Good luck with your game.

What is it? Just googled it and it says someshit about cancer and sick kids. What the fuck has this got to do with anything?

>> No.15111220


Gook cartoon posters are not only deluded, but mentally retarded and irredeemable shells of humans.

>> No.15111226

It's very clearly butter, which is what you should use for brownies, his dick isn't even touching the bowl, that anon is just based and both snack and kek pilled.

>> No.15111250

>Once staking hits, Link stops being speculative

Speculation won't stop here.

>> No.15111269

> 2k is good, 2k also means you "make it" at $500 instead of 1k, big difference.
2k linklet here. I desperately need link to be at least $500. When do you think it will happen?

>> No.15111293

2021, or earlier, 2023 EOY 1k€ and the up to infinity aka 100k in 2026 and 2028 it will hit a million

>> No.15111300

Only complete morons will keep speculating with their Link instead of staking them. Right now we are in an accumulation game to get as much Link possible before staking happens, liquidity dries up and the price skyrockets when people see how big the node profits are.

I don't know. But probably within a few years.

>> No.15111311

My financial future doesn't depend on link but $250 link would set me up for life (even after taxes)

>> No.15111328
File: 114 KB, 900x900, 409F870C-99DB-4220-ABE9-C2748323FBD9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for the hopium for brainlets like me frens. I am technologically and financially retarded but I can see patterns

>> No.15111364

If I only have 3.8k LINKs and have no hope of gaining more, is my best bet to sell them?

>> No.15111388

Hard to determine what's "making it". all i know is at 37 bucks im a millionaire. Wont even think of selling there of course but it will feel comfy.

>> No.15111419

well when you think about it, anything that is valued now will be more valuable in the future since we live in a world where we use up resources.

Where link resides in this? I dont know directly, but if you look at all the trends of cryptos that fill important parts of technologic advancement, like link does but they are not spreading that information around (yet), because they want to build a stable ground for it.

Easiest way to see if Link will make it, is to see how frequently it doubles itself in price,
if the intervals are getting shorter after doubling itself in value 3 times in a row in the same timeframe
(doubles 3 times in 3 months, 2€,4€,8€), it will only continue to go up, ATH will not stay for long in a positive growth trend.
Check this with any other crypto and you will see that, dont take into count any of the downfalls in price, only the times it has doubled its current price within a certain timeframe (always pick the same timeframe day/week/month when inspecting).

Chainlink is just too good and when the media gets its hands on it, it will gain more popularity = more normies investing = more money put in to the coin = value goes up = media tells about this = more normies invest, and it will go with this cycle till everyone knows about it and the price is over a million.

>> No.15111449

or it just flops after sergey fucked us in the ass by exit scamming at EOY

>> No.15111484

Hey Fingol, I like this turbo bullish prediction of 1MM per token. It's good. I remembered some of the mods for Men of War included playable Finland faction and Winter War maps/scenarios, so I typed Finland into the steam workshop for Men of War and found a bunch of Finland related mods. Honestly, I like that this game covers so many lesser known theatres just out of the box, but the mods just go crazy and cover pretty much the entire war. Mods are definitely recommended for new factions, new settings etc, there are so many good ones.

I played a match of Finland vs Soviet Union using 1941 tech levels, was very hard to win, though Finland has some nice anti tank rifles.

>> No.15111504

nice, gotta try those mods

>> No.15111507
File: 979 KB, 1924x1698, Ebin!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot image kek.

>> No.15111568

>1k€ a month is more than enough to live like a rich person in any other country.
Mitä vittua? (What in Finnish). You must live really deep in the country side.

>> No.15111584
File: 75 KB, 618x741, ADD7B163-766D-4461-B535-EFCCD17AA9C3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you give me a quick rundown on the talk from yesterday? I missed it.

>> No.15111585

nah, turku, but living with a roommate so everything is halved

>> No.15111611

No retard. Hold and then stake them in a node pooling service once they become available. At $270 you have 1MM worth of Link, and start gaining 60k in passive income per year, and that's just at 6% ROI which is boomer stocks standards for midrisk investments. It could be an even higher percentage. If Link reaches 1k you will be getting over 200k per year in node profits.

>> No.15111653

Link and truffle created a sdk that makes it easy to implement chainlink into your smart contract solution. It's not hype, but it means that devs will be able to create their favorite sc/dapp and not have to worry so much about how to make oracles work.

>> No.15111722

my goal is to buy a home, open my own garage and fix classic cars for fun, for that alone i need 1m at least, i also dont want to wagecuck anymore and want to focus on things i like, living costs money, for that i need at least 3m to be able to live nicely for the rest of my life.

some goals cost money to achieve

>> No.15112170

how much money people here actually invested in link?

>> No.15112241

Same. Link is only a way get more sats.

>> No.15112269

>no product
>fake announcements
>23 year olds for devs
>ERC token
>centralized supply, 1 billion total
>unfinished whitepaper
>claim to solve complex CS problem with no evidence
>couldn’t get any venture capital funding for supposedly world changing idea
>resorting to NEETbux raking ICO

You said $1,000 EOY last year, you’re going to say it next year, and the next, and the next. After that you’ll be conservative and try for $7.50. That’s if Chainlink still exists by then. It’s the only one of the 2017 ERC coins that’s still around. They will all however die. All of them.

>> No.15112326

>only coin that can completely dominate global derivative market within 5 years with smart contracts

>> No.15112339
File: 718 KB, 960x640, 1564867974236.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only a couple hundred people at best, the world won't miss us when we kill ourselves.

>> No.15112373





>> No.15112442

If link went to 200$ i would be good

>> No.15112443

Hey if you are still here add me on discord : gnomechompskeet #7061

>> No.15112512 [DELETED] 

done, look for jack.

>> No.15112565

add me on discord "Jack Noles #1684"
that is I am gonna invite to the server of the mmorpg after I have got something to show for it like a year or two

>> No.15112593

I don't have a discord fren but good luck anyways.

>> No.15112609

okay, cya in the future if our paths cross.

>> No.15112632

for a western to retire in east europe its kinda tempting because your money worth there is 10X+ at least in some places and the quality of life isn't significantly different

>> No.15112639

Tuhat markkaa vuoden lopussa!

>> No.15112646

AC was the shit

>> No.15112743

>eikun kolme markkaa :D

>> No.15112761
File: 28 KB, 691x501, what should I trade.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>0.2747 link
not going to make it
what should I transfer into link boys

>> No.15112810

get rid of BAT, BTC and DAI immediately, you wont make big bucks from btc with that little investment even if btc went up by 2x
DAI is a scam and BAT is just a flunk, nobody uses brave as a browser, just buy chainlink, 100 min

>> No.15113063

>But for real you linkies are fucking crazy

My friend who's a master at swing trading tells me this all the time.

>> No.15113352

I desperately need to be rich before the white genocide starts. Money is the only safety. Money is the only freedom.
Please Sirgay.
Don't do this to me.

>> No.15113713

Lol free coins from coinbase for doing training

Have 2/4 XLM and 0/4 EOS


>> No.15113923

Ehhh those do well because girls love it and games for girls thst are actually good is a small, almost non-existent, market.

I am a sucker for dialogue/decision based games. Fallout 2. Vtm bloodlines. Dragon age origins. New Vegas was ok but overall too much nothing-walking.
Someone suggest me some if you know what I mean, I heard KotR is like thst too.

>> No.15114034

You can have complete certainty of $500 per Link

>> No.15114668

Are you me?

>> No.15114698


I'd be fine even in LINK crashed but I only have 1k lmao. If it even went to $20 and never went higher I'd be happy as fuck tho

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