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Chainlink is not a speculative coin.
It's not an investment. Did you ever read the whitepaper?
1 LINK is a reward for one completed transaction. That's it. Always 1 LINK. No asterisks.

>But the reward can be a part of the purposefuly designed for this purpose reward token, waaaa.
No. That's exactly the opposite of what the whitepaper says and 100% against the fundamental idea that makes this project attractive for potential widespread adoption.

Now, as the token has to be a reward for a work done in the Chainlink ecosystem, the price of 1 LINK has to be competitive with other solutions of this sort.
The more expensive LINK becomes, the less competitive it is and the less incentive for its actual use there is.

How this might go:
>Chainlink becomes a speculative asset.
It appears that this is what /biz/ wants, but it kills the use case and makes LINK useless besides the speculation.
>Chainlink works as intended and self regulates.
Chainlink achieves mainstream adoption and hopefully its price stabilizes at a competitive rate, which is around ~$0.60 per token.

If you've made money on this early speculative stage, great for you. But this stage is going to go poof as soon as any major announcements will be confirmed, ans it's likely that we're already past it.

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not gonna bother reading or bother selling

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18 decimals to a token bruv literally doesn't matter if it reaches 10,000 usd

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Why even bother writing this trash any more. Take it to reddit. Or just kys

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>A fixed reward of one Chainlink token is provided for each successfully resolved contract.
Decimals, which are inherited from the ERC token specification, don't change the core idea behind the project.

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>Chainlink achieves mainstream adoption and hopefully its price stabilizes at a competitive rate, which is around ~$0.60 per token.

Why sixty cents? Did you pull that out your ass or is there a reason you believe that to be the stable price?

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Imagine channeling your energy into writing shit like this.

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$0.60 + tax is currently the price of one transaction on Microsoft's COCO platform which is Chainlink's biggest competitor at the moment.

I'm trying to help you people.

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It doesn't give you 1 LINK when you successfully complete a transaction dumbass.

It gives you 1 (one) cup of coffee but there was a debate between Sergey and Rorey about how do redeem the reward.

Thus the LINK token was born and it was always intended to be a stable coin tied to the price of a cup of coffee (read the whitepaper).

The reason Chain Link is a good investment is because it is a hege against inflation. As the price of coffee rises, so do the Chain Link.

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did you know one chainlink token has 18 decimal points? why are you lying Op?

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Because the whitepaper doesn't care about technicalities, it states that 1 contract = 1 reward token, period.

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Because of trade wars coffee is about to skyrocket due to sanctions near the Brazilia Somali area so a cup is about to reach $300 EOY.

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Only if dollar becomes super worthless and the competition will have a similar asking price.

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ponzilinkers on suicide watch

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>im trying to help you people

top kek

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