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Get out of ETH.

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on a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you like us?

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This thread won't age well

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Always do the opposite of what biz says

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Do you think anonymous strangers online have your best interest at heart? OFC do the opposite of biz

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Checked.... and shit.

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6 to 7
most people are at 4 or 5

.02 will break soon, BTC continues

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He is right. Eth is about to dump...

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you fucking retards are so fucking fucked

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it's at a 2 year ratio low, 6 months before pos (spec finalized already), and down like 90% from the ath.

it's also the most used blockchain, light years ahead of anything else in terms of tech, developers, and investment.

every other project except for a few legacy coins and a centralized banking cartel coin is built on top of it, and it is literally going to 0% issuance while paying dividens soon.

I can't even comprehend why someone would "get out" at this point.

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>light years ahead of anything else in terms of tech
>every other project except for a few legacy coins and a centralized banking cartel coin is built on top of it
are all redditors this fucking ignorant?

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i really, really like this picture. do you mind if i save it?

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Here’s the brainlet I was waiting for. Neck yourself

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suit yourself

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The only thing more cringe than btc maximalists are eth maximalists

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fortuitous digits notwithstanding, what's going to cause this dump? cheers.

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that shop is awful. Vitalik did kind of ruin his winning spree by promoting BCash..

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Try your luck with moon3d and get good profit

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All my student loans are in eth

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Rebutal of his points is that it's "cringe". Nice.

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obviously the projects not built on eth are the ones behind eth in tech.

>some Russian abstracts the blockchain so you can have any sort of centralized, decentralized, inflationary, deflationary, gimmick, etc coin on top of it, literally anything you want, and get the "blockchain" part for free

>still make your own chain

that's really how you know those coins are money grabs. even Facebook's coin would be cheaper and faster if run on L2 eth than having it's own chain, and it could keep 100% centralized control and hide all transactions with zero knowledge proofs, but hey it's just a money grab.

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I buy more eth every time I see FUD, I'm doing pretty well.

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Trend continuation, it's not going to double bottom above .02 which is of psychological importance, every day that goes by continues to gaslight ethereum fans. mETH addicts will say I'm trying to gaslight, no the ratio does that I'm just explaining. Still got a lot of nervous holders deep in the red itching to capitulate, despite the best efforts of ethereum fans no one actually cares about the tech's supposed actually used functions.

It's all just confidence larping, they are always switching narratives year after year to justify this expensive experiment and count on people not being able to follow their labyrinthine and ever changing narratives. These people will brag about how ethereum's monetary policy is flexible and subject to change and they don't even understand how that is a bad thing (pic related), but they'll confidence larp you about how it can even compete with Bitcoin's SoV meme. They are ignorant of and uncaring about economics, and not good enough at covering all the necessary game theoretic bases given they want to completely change their system in 2020. This is unforgivable in a crypto. At best it'll be a bumpy ride in 2020 with the price recovering near the end of it.

The process of rolling out 2.0 in 2020 will do nothing but create organic FUD when BTC is at the heart of its bull. Biggest pump to ETH in the past was the ico craze and that's over. Still at the start of the BTC bull run with no alt season in sight. The current speculative schelling point among non heavy bag holders is that alt season might start after BTC goes well past 20k at the absolute earliest. That's when eth holders will actually be able to preach to new entrants and not just themselves and jaded people already in the space.

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you see, the ethereum blockchain is amazing

but ethereum itself is useless

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Rare psycho

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