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Sell me your coin(s)

>for the slow biztards just shill me your project

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Great movie. Get Link OP, it will be $8 eom

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LINK or you will end up being a wagecuck

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MITx got listed on Bitmax yesterday, now in a small dip. Two more exchange coming — Binance Dex and OKEx. Also big partnership is coming. Get ready anons. Congratz to the ones that will act fast and decisively.

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Fuck don’t remind of the pen. My fucking sales manager let us do that shit every week

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>sales job


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What is so funny. I am also in sales, and I am happy to be. Making ton of money by just talking to people. I can even work at home 4/5 days a week.

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Bitcloud pro will smash money in your face EOY 4USD

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buy link or u have small pp

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right now is a great entry point to link. news today will skyrocket the price.
vidt is still cheap and with growing user/partnerbase it will likely reach at least $1 in the coming months.
sent is less than a penny and you can pick up a massive suicide stack. a year from now it'll be one of the biggest projects in the spotlight

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Do you want a coin that has first mover advantage? A project that allows enterprises and and businesses to select whichever blockchain they want to use and actually solved the interoperability problem? A project that is essentially creating an internet of blockchains without being a blockchain itself but rather by being a blockchain OS? Then invest in Quant(QNT) today nigger!

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