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This is such a no brainer. 75,000 weekly sessions and over 1,000,000 sessions total so far. Main net launching in a couple months. Supported by the big boys behind Cosmos and Tendermint. Pay for bandwidth in any token you want. Decentralized token mixer. Staking SENT will allow you to collect fees in BTC, ETH, Monero etc. True FOMO will hit once people realize they can make BTC and ETH by staking SENT.

>Pic related

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Easy 10x. Pinned tweet about SENT from Tendermint convinced me this project is as legit as it gets.

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Market cap is tiny.

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yep lemme get in this going is going straight up up up and yep this aint going down no way yep yep up up up!

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this image should explain where SENT is heded

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That is a dangerous comment anon. Have you ever thought that cumming quickly is good? Better to get it in right?

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Network usage at ATHs! This is what making it feels like.

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>1,350,000 SENT
Will I make it? Will I live the comfy life?

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SENT makes my pipi hard

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you see what im saying

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Go away and stop shilling. You’re not welcome here.

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>comes to biz
>thinks there won't be any shilling

Don't you know anon LINK whales already dumped on you and now have moved on to the next 20x? If you have been around for a while, you would see this pattern over and over. SENT is the next chosen one.

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Sure sounds like an illegal security

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Found the basement virgin

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No top wallets have sold. This is going much higher.

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hmm No big wallets moving? IDEX is top accumulator for 1 year now.

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looks like its about to test previous highs, OP will we make it?

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> dumped before independent security firm posts technical review of DNS leakage and weak encryption.

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Found the SENT wale creating FUD

>Sneaky bastard

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This is why you do testnet first dumbtard. Don’t know what you are talking about with DNS leak as I tested this myself. Main net will be even more secure with more privacy options.

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This is looking like the next UUU

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sent just broke through resistance, its going to test ath and move higher

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i bought millions for minutes. im stacked. lets go

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I hope anon drops the FUD. I have been trying to buy this dip for a week now.

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hey, i would like to join your shill group on discord/telegram. I can post about 30 posts on biz everyday. can you please send me the invite so that we can talk about it more there?

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it just broke through resistance, anon
you are fucked
its going for the next leg up

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IDEX breaking out now! 15% higher price then Hotbit. Good arbitrage opportunity if you are quick enough.

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yeah, good tip dude, free money

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Tendermint PINNED a tweet about SENT. Huge show of support for the project.

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Try moon3d and get good profit

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They call me EasyMoney

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Where at anon.

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he spams this in every thread you fucking NPC, if you’re that lazy that you’ll buy something off of that low quality of a shill you deserve to lose everything

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Don't hate the player, hate the game anon.

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Try killing yourself scam3d shills

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written like a true shill

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weak fud anon, sent is still on testnet stuff like that is normal during testing period.
thats why sent has been on testnet from the last april so that bugs like this can all be weeded out before main net

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Kek this guy tries to fud the same shit over and over. No DNS leaks for me. Devs said in the Telegram that some improperly configured nodes may be causing this and will issue a fix for it.

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>Chrome Win10 v1.2alpha
Is it just me?

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Oh no! A testnet has a small bug that devs said they will be fixing! Let's ignore all the other strong fundamentals of the project and miss out on 10x profits because I can't get over a bug on the testnet!

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People just don't want to accept SENT as the new daddy

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Moving to "mainnet" won't do anything about the stolen closed source VPN software that is leaking DNS info.

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mash a bunch of buzzwords together and tries to fud, this is the average /biz brainlet.

good job missing the gains anon, will be sending some postcards from the moon

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ohh some bids are finally biting.

>wait a week for a dip

>buy higher ):

Grabbing some moon rocks. I am not missing this one.

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>stolen closed source VPN software
Kek anon, are you really this retarded?

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dropped a hard eth. think this project is legit

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>Thinks DNS and VPN are a bunch of buzzwords.
SENT team: your project looks interesting, pay more tech savvy shills, these guys are so retarded they make obvious

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Please post a link to the VPN source code or STFU

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Need more then that anon

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The more I look at this shit the less I trust it.
It forces OpenDNS, which logs all traffic and their ToS and privacy statement say that they can retain your info and sell it to third parties.
It uses easyrsa to generate the keypair, which it drops to /usr/share/easyrsa, and then tells OpenVPN to read from that file. As far as I've seen so far, it doesn't have any kind of verification, so in theory, it should be possible for anyone with root (literally any user) to just drop their own keys there and MITM the traffic.
It also depends on log level 3, which logs way too much info that can compromise your privacy easily. I'm not on a PC to check what /etc/'s default permissions are, but this should probably be user readable (and that's a bad thing ™). They seem to do this to determine how much bandwidth you've used, which means if they want to sell shit per GB, any user with root can most likely just continually rewrite it to get infinite free bandwidth.

Plus, OpenVPN just isn't made for hopping.

So far I haven't seen anything that would actually stop any of this shit. This needs some serious review, because I wouldn't trust this as far as I can throw it.

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Kek anon do you really not understand what a testnet is? Did you submit a bug report? The devs have always fixed bugs very quickly. You may even get a bounty for it. Implementation is moving to Wireguard which will will be used for relay / hops.

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based AF
retarded low grade shill that can't post links to the source or even refute any of your points. This PnD is gonna wrap up soon anons, don't be a bagfag

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How many you got pal

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How is "its a testnet" an excuse for sending all of your browsing history for sale?

>> No.15088586

Where do you guys buy sent from? What exchange?

>> No.15088600

>thinks a testnet will be perfect and bug free right away
Kek anon you really are retarded

Devs already said they are looking into it and will release a fix in the telegram group.

>> No.15088617

This isn't a bug. This is the fundamental "backbone" the whole thing is built on.

Also what's the "it" they are looking into?

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this anon gets it. Sent fags getting buttfucked inside the echo chamber.

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They have quit responding because they have no answers for closed source code, violating the GPL and leaking personal information of users to their DNS provider. Still..
>Please post a link to the VPN source code or STFU

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Who the fuck are you quoting

>> No.15088962

yall smell something in here?

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ya.. watch. Hey Rajesh, post a link to the VPN source code or STFU.

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Shut up and quit avoiding the question or admit you are shilling a closed source clone or OpenVPN that leaks user info and is in violation of the GPL. These guys are gonna get you sniffed anons by shilling you insecure VPN software for profit

>> No.15089098

I arb'd myself 20K more SENT yesterday by getting some retard on yobit to fill my exorbitant sell order. You guys are the only ones I can tell. Love you all, we're all going to make it

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Go to sleep anon, you seem to be extremely confused as to whom you're actually replying to.

>> No.15089118

Good fud anon. I’m sure changing DNS provider will be easy fix. OpenDNS is pretty common, but you are right there are better options. I am in the SENT telegram and messaged them your concerns. I’m sure they will address this shorty. They have fixed bugs very quickly in the past. Always good to have a second pair of eyes on development. Thanks for the audit!

>> No.15089158

Ask them how they're sandboxing the LAN once a user connects to a node. They have an iptables rule binding the VPN to eth0 but I can't see any sandboxing of the connected clients.

Also they should use their own DNS and send everything to /dev/null, this is a HUGE oversight that I'm sure everyone will try to downplay.

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Nice, this is the FUD thats gonna let me grab the dip.

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