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*tink tink*


As you are my closest frens, I want to give this gift for you.

Really low market cap, about 350-400k$ now. Not visible in coinmarketcap yet.
Product is ready and improving all the time.
Team just confirmed marketing will start in September when partnerships have been completed (will post screenshot for proof).
Everyone here is chasing 10x-100x, and I know it is really hard, but with this only 5 million market cap is over 10x. Even couple million would give 5x.

No, it's not Coinlion or anything else shilled here lately.

Trips to reveal it, good luck gents.

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>trips to reveal
Fuck you faggot

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also, op is a faggot

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yeah right, send it faggot, shill us your shitcoin and be done with it

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Fuck, I agree trips threads. That said

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Quads of the gods

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Check em!

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This guy got quads, more rare than trips therefore you MUST share OP

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Ok, you've really earned it, it is BCIO, Blockchain.io's exchange token.

No KYC needed, fast registration:

As you can see, BCIO/ETH and BCIO/BTC pairs available.

Price info also here:

There are multiple Medium articles about it, roadmap and whitepaper available. DYOR.
But for short, this is fully regulated and insured exchange, like Kraken for Europeans. Not going to be the next Binance, but will grow a lot anyway.
Margin trading and ICO's are coming. ICO price was 0,86$, with 0,06$ this is a bargain right now. Circulation supply is under 7 million.

Volume is shit atm but I managed to load nice bags and price didn't went up much yet. Recommend you do the same before September.

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Fucking deliver

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and is another exchange that no one needs

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There are still millions of boomers who will come to crypto. They need easy to use exchanges with support speaking local languages. Binance is too scary for many.

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I think it looks really good comparing to under 500k$ market cap.

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this pic makes me wanna buy suicide bag

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Buy then, you can get over 5000 BCIO with less than 0,03 BTC.

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almost bought from ico, glad did not. one eth goes now in.

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Wise move fren.

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Whitepaper needed and also reason for currency's existence not found. Verify, shill.

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oh look this scam again... another queer shows up going hey guys I uh have hue hue hue the next coin thats gonna moon heh heh heh and all you gotta do is get trips for me to hue hue hue post it !

every time with this gay ass shit... there is no magic coin it's just a queer making shitter posts to shitter post. thread hidden and op mocked for being another faggot wasting everyone's time.
bonus fuck you to all the dumb queer replying thinking op will deliver a coin that pays. stupid peasants just prancing along while he plays on his flute

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Whitepaper here, lots of good stuff in it.


Token will be used for fees, for p2p lending, in short and long margin trading, ICO's, voting etc.. much like BNB.

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Just check the whitepaper, that's all I ask. It is short and clear.

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This is even shorter document but gives you a clear picture what it is about.


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what makes this scam? company behind is legit and not asian

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Yeah this has nothing to do with scam, exchange is up and running, go and try.

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Imagine being this much of a pajeet.

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One thread, with links to whitepaper etc. and I'm a pajeet. Ok then..

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I was going to insult you because of your shilling thread but now I see the exchange looks nice to use and the whole thing seems legit. And it's nice that you didn't post any affiliate links. I will research it.

Where did you get the news for this coin? What is your motivation for posting this here?

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>Where did you get the news for this coin?
From biz long time ago, then forgot it and now decided to check what is going on.. and was pleasantly surprised.
>What is your motivation for posting this here?
Getting more money, for me and for you. More people know about, more they tell others, exchange gets users and token price gains value. It is so early for this, might have to wait a bit but current valuation is just ridiculous compared to team and what they can achieve.

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And those screenshots were from their official Twitter and Telegram.

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It's coinmetro

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Nice pyramid you have there bro.

GL on your shitcoin, might buy at 1 sat

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God, you're a cunt.

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You don't clearly understand the concept of a pyramid. :)

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700$ volume. nice anon

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>no kyc needed
so its gonna shut down in a month?

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