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Hey fellers hope all is well on your end

I heard this place has the early info for all the moons that happen and I’m in need of moondust

Reddit has told me that nano is a great coin but it hasn’t been performing so well.

They always say it’s better than bitcoin and I believe them.

It has been going down heavily for the last few days I am not sure if I was duped or not. My wife is already upset with me for playing with crypto and stuff

I just don’t know what to do or think. Any info would help me

Thanks guys and keep up the research you seem to be doing great. This place seems very wholesome

Have a great day folks!

- J.R.

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Did someone say something?

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Hello, fellow Redditor!

Nano is okay. Ripple is better. Invest in Ripple!

- J.R.

ps. We have the same initials! Weird :)

I'm here to downvote FUD and chew bubblegum. And I'm all out of bubblegum.

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I’ve heard of the brap meme I think it’s intriguing. Lately I have been having the wifey sit on my face and do the brap meme to me. I haven’t been a fan. She is a vegan like me so maybe that has something to do with it :P

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Based pic, nigger

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Jokes on you negative Nancy


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brap is going to 10x soon
xrp is due to go up as well and since its an SJW coin you will love it

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>Here from reddit
obviously not from reddit.

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invest in tomo, after binance listing sell your tokens for a comfy 3x and buy whatever shitcoin you desire. thank me later

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Monkey madness

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Come inside boys, come taste the privacy

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Heh, JR number 2.

My name's Jeff nice to meet ya.

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Just climb across the wall anon.

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