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Over 700+ end users on the dVPN network right now. 75,000 weekly sessions. 72+ exit nodes. Over a 1,000,000 total dVPN session so far. All on a testnet. This is what real adoption looks like /biz/.

>check dem stats out for yourself

Sentinel is more than a decentralized VPN too. This will be one of the fastest growing projects when the decentralized token mixer, staking, and relay network is released. Mainnet is just around the corner.

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SENT staking will be a game changer. That is when the real FOMO will hit. Smart token economics by the team.

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I agree OP. Does anyone in biz know another blockchain project with so many real users?

Why everyone calls sentinel a pajeet scam? No one is hiding anything, download the app, check the code in github, read the documents, ask the devs in the telegram group

All the fudders here in biz are closing their eyes and ears not wanting to see or hear anything about sentinel and just shouting "scam!!! scam!! pajeet!! fagott!! will dump bag on you!! p&d!!! "


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>700 end users
wow I can see sentinel has hit the masses. It will flip btc you just watch

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Yall don't even know where this is going.

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Because we actually looked at the code, and what of it is there is absolute shit copypasted from pajeet blogs.

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How many SENT do I need to make it?

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Where did they copy and paste the proof-of-bandwidth protocol from? Where did they copy and paste the relay network? How about the token mixer?

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You guys even talk like pajeet scammers kek!

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Shill me a project with similar adoption anon.

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That would fall under the part that's not been published on github.

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Anon sacred to make these bitcorns.

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You have seen fewer lines of code in github than pussies in your life, and your mum told me you are still virgin

Learn first in primary school how to do multiplications and divisions before even mentioning the word code. Sentinel is quantum physics and you are a tard thinking the earth is flat

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Imagine missing out on this project because you are offended they used open source. Wireguard and SOCKS5 I guess is also a no-no in your book?

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No, sentinel is actually encryption, non-quantum, bog standard AES, but nice try pajeet. Listen and believe.

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I know brother, quantum physics was just an analogy to try to explain how idiot that fudder is

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Is that what you took from it? No, open source is an absolute must for privacy, anon. But one must know what they're doing when implementing their tools.

And yes. Socks is a meme that stopped being effective in the mid 00s and Wireguard, while an excellent project, is still immature and incomplete, and not for use outside of testing.

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Sentinel has even contributed to tendermint code, what are these fudders talking about

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Open it up boys, Open it up

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This is why it is a TESTNET anon. To test out different configurations and to see what works best. Feel free to jump into the telegram chat if you have any suggestions on improvements. They are very receptive to discussing security protocols and implementations.

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If they don't know not to use OpenDNS then there's no reason to believe they will ever get it right. They can't even bother to write a decent key generation script.

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Exactly, it is a fucking testnet currently, they have no idea what's coming after mainnet

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Sent about to fly. Resistance has turned into support. Looking purty

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Not all code is public yet, it will be after mainnet so fudders liers like you wont be able to copy fast lol

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Musoffa is letting his baby go anon.

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They have a larger network, have been doing it for over year now and they have a coin that you pay with. It's still in beta but check it out.


it's a free VPN for now

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Thanks, will use their VPN for free anon.

I wont buy their MYST token though, since there is 0 VOLUME!!!!! ahahahahahah

For the token I buy SENT staking token

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De-listed from binanace
Slav coin
30M dollar ico
Used funds to short Eth got rekt
SENT has been around for over two years. GET REKT

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Am I looking at the right project here? Seems like a dead project. $31 volume? kek

Where can we see their network stats? Why would I want to buy a specialty token to use the VPN? Why not just allow any token to be used as payment to ease adoption?

Do they have a relay network? How about TOR exit nodes? How about staking or private enterprise solutions?

I don't really see how they are remotely close to what SENT has built.

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lol myst is nothing. Stick to sent. The vpn is one aspect. Wouldnt you rather hold the privacy hub of the cosmos tendermint ecosystem...

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I don't get how anybody can take a look at the dVPN space and think MYST, Privatix, etc have a better solution. SENT is the only one where adoption is frictionless and streamlined. Pay with any token (and fiat on-ramp rumored after main net). dVPN Lite where bandwidth is free, but if you want faster speeds/latency/options, you can upgrade to the full suite. Token staking, private enterprise networks, etc, etc, etc

No other solution comes close.

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10x your crypto with moon3d. bonus schemes awaits

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link anon? Or is sent it?

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They like to buy high and sell low. Fomo will happen after its all ready to late. Its just the way the hurd moves. Early bird gets the worm.

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Over two years and they couldn't upload any actually working code? Impressive.

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MYST and SUB were complete jokes. That's what happens when you focus on hype first instead of development.

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SENT is slaying

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Wow i opened various sent threads in the last days, the fud is so strong for a project with a mcap this low.

Imo fudders are pricing in/anticipating a much higher mcap, i member with link it was the same, it was heavily fudded in the beginning, then we all know how it went

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I have 100k, is that enough?

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I need SOCKS proxies for OSRS
There's quite a few MMO goldfarmers (among the first to adopt crypto) like myself who need a cheap and effective residential rotating proxy solution, which SENT could potentially provide.
I currently don't hold any SENT, but I sincerely wish them the best of luck because if they succeed, I'd save thousands of dollars per year on proxy costs.

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The official cyber-punk/dystopian dissident portfolio is Ren/Sent/Monero.

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2 billion sent token, currently 8million market cap
whats a realistic market cap?

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The VPN industry is a $40B industry. There are no other decentralized VPN solutions that are as advanced as SENT. Take a look at the top 200 coins on CMC. 95% of them don't have a working product or actual users.

My conservative bets are $50M mcap by the end of the year with main net release, and at least $75 - $100M mcap early next year. If the network really takes off, it could be a top 50 project.

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>looks at github code base
most of the code base is is 1 years old.


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That makes sense, doesn't it anon? They have been developing for over a year now. Next big update is the main net that will be released in the next couple months - of course that won't be visible on Github yet.

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>pay with token

pick one..

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Can pay with ANY token - BTC, ETH, Monero, SENT, DASH, etc. As I also said, there is the possibility of fiat on-ramps as well. Why pick one when you can have all options?

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That is pretty cool. Why would anyone want to use fiat for a privacy VPN? It is a good option to have though.

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Fucking lol. Binance soonn lads

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Hmm, so tendermint team just pins a tweet about Sentinel. Not just tweets, but PINS, lol. But biz told me it was sent was a scam???? Pay attention guys SENT is a gem. This is about to get some rocket fuel. Enjoy it.

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See, that makes sense because you aren't trying to actually get any PRIVACY out of it. What I'm concerned about isn't the token price, but all the people tamhat will get duped by "muh privacy muh decentralization" and end up spilling metadata and DNS queries all over the net for corps to sell. As of right now, they're offering a scam on that front.

>open-source software
>not using public CVS so the public can trust your process
No, it doesn't make sense, actually, not if they want to be seen as transparent and trustworthy.

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Here’s a link

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This is the exact reason why they are in TEST NET right now. To figure out the bugs and to patch any security risks. I have tested for DNS leaks, but didn't see any on my end. You will see a lot of improvements by main net launch.

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testnet for 2 years...i swear alot of these crypto projects must be one guy in a room filled with hentai posters

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>a fucking vpn

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More then just a VPN anon. Seems like they have more users and adoption compared to 99% of the crap shilled on here. I guess they are doing something right. VPN market is $40 billion, so if they just take a small fraction of the market, they will be immensely successful.

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Adoption rate is impressive. The VPN market is huge. Can never have too many privacy focused solutions.

>> No.15075740

Sentinel is its own security suite eco system, not just a vpn.

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Biz of all people should be encouraging more privacy solutions. I don’t have any SENT but hope they succeeded in a creating a truely decentralized VPN.

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>they only need to capture 1% of the market

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Add this



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Go and eat a bullet sick faggot
And take your discord friends with you

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Just capturing .1% of the total VPN market would put them at a $40M mcap. That is a good risk/reward ratio to me anon.

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Sentinel Development is going to be HUGE

Trust me, I got insider news and you can add a VPN to your Telegram



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dVPN is a good idea for crypto adoption. Multi billion $ market that naturally does not trust centralized organizations. Seems like SENT is the clear leader in the space.

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Sent and Pocketnet.app are the official biz choises o the week.

Decentralisation is the theme of the next rally.
Decentralised VPNs is a billion dollar market.
Who runs Tor on a CIA trap?
How does a chink call XI fat?
How does Abdullah fap?
How does Hans call Hitler friend?
With SENT!

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Every crypto project that relies on people buying utility tokens to use it will fail. People want to pay in fiat or rather not pay at all.
Crypto projects that deal in fiat are limited in their pumpability, though (no matter if your utility token is worth $1 or $0.1, you pay in fiat)

How is the SENT token going to capture value? Does the Sentinel project offer fiat payments?

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Sen token will be staking token in the Sentinel hub and all zones. So thanks to interoperability the transaction fees going through the hub and zones will go to Sent token holders and validator, same as with ATOM or DOT token, that's how value is capture, same as BTC miners capture value

Also, thanks to interoperability some fees will be paid in pegged-Fiat so Sent holders will receive transaction fee rewards in pegged-fiat also

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post hand

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>what is fake

Sorry, you should probably get into a low-cap like Zuckbucks and hold to your first sell target like the rest of us.

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Trash`-bags are getting heavy, huh

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current stats

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Unlikely going to pay for your entire life, but it could buy a very comfy home out-right.

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don't trust the brown skin

>> No.15079108

the white man fuds with facts.
the incels absement dwellers fud with weak emotional appeals
calling someone "pajeet" is just a projection of your own inability to profit from trends

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However, the stats are looking like shit, lately

>> No.15079354

that line is like that every day cause its a daily counter if you recheck the page in a few hours you will see the graphical artifact will be gone

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https://explorer.sentinel.co/ sentinel blockchain running smoothly

>> No.15080438

Jesus christ this thread just made me go and grab 25,000 sent
Am i going to make it? I also have 10k fantom

>> No.15080712

it all depends how much % of your total portfolio that is

>> No.15081187

a small bag of something that will be huge is better than nothing anon, good work

>> No.15081430

But that doesn't make sense. If they want to be open source, don't fucking develop in house. Especially if you want to fix bugs faster AND show people it's trustworthy.


>> No.15081657

It is open source, as open as linux. Go see if you can change critical path structure on linux faggot.

>> No.15081863

its huge use case for a lot of people worldwide nigger

>> No.15082147

Are you retarded? Linux publishes all its code and patches publicly for anyone to see. At least fucking know what you're talking about before embarrassing yourself.

>> No.15082238

Yep, and if you do not agree with it. You can not do anything about it. So being able to "see", is not worth much. What is worth a lot, is how much power you can project into the Linux open source market. Now if your a little bitch doing a linux project in a university, sure, you can call yourself Mr. powerful, because you see the changes and implementations. But at the end of the day, your a bitch made wage cuck, who has 0 influence in the high state actors that are involved in linux.

>> No.15082257

One more thing faggot, The market cares not for you to feel secure in what you can "see". Once SENT finishes open sourcing its work, you can purchase at a premium from the rest of the market. Now that it is "safe" and Viewable for "you". Fucking cuck.

>> No.15082332

>Yep, and if you do not agree with it. You can not do anything about it.
What the fuck are you blabbering about you mouth breathing retard? If you don't agree with it, you can write your own code, change it, and release it yourself, either compile it for your own use or release it for anyone to use. That's why projects like Linux-libre exist, you idiot.
>So being able to "see", is not worth much.
Except, you know, seeing that all the stuff is coded properly, there's no backdoor, and the software is doing what it claims to do instead of just taking someone's word for it. This is literally what open source means. Source is available. Where's the Sent source?
>Now if your a little bitch doing a linux project in a university, sure, you can call yourself Mr. powerful, because you see the changes and implementations.
No, I can see any changes I want right now by checking the Linux mailing list and Github mirror tree.
You're a fucking retard that has 0 idea what he's talking about, stop embarrassing yourself.

>> No.15082510

The top nation state and private actors who utilize Linux for critical path systems management from gas plants to SEMPA and trade infrastructure don't give a fuck about your shitty little cuck university code. You have an issue with Linux on the architectural and structural levels, to bad. YOU ARE never going to influence change. You are just a wage cuck. Sure make your little bullshit code and publish it. No one gives a fuck anon.

Comparing an OS system that tens of thousands of nation state, and high level private actors rely on is retard level shit. Of course the Open source publishing standards are going to be TOP of the LINE. That is why your wage cucking ass, can not influence the repo's on Linux in any INFLUENTIAL way. There is not a perfect binary behind what is the "nature of the most 'pure' open source procedures". Open source work stack flow is new, It has only existed the past few decades. With the recent advent and boom of crypto and the mixing of corporate work slack into open source; the most 'pure' open source procedure" becomes even more blurry. The entire industry is still figuring It out. The free market has 100% the right to manage their code based on how they see fit, and publish it when the surface area risk of competition is reduced. NOW if you are 100% fixed on the 'pure' open source procedures of multi decade projects like Linux, than spend the next 20 years volunteering for the foundation for free cuck. The rest of the capitalist are going to find out how to create incentives for THEMSELVES to create the future robust and open source projects. Now STFU up communist.

Again the market cares not for your need to "view" what you could not influence to change to being with. You can purchase the asset at a premium when it is open sourced anon. Not everyone can handle risk, you just proved you can not, not even differentiate between the two different sets. READ SOME - http://www.benkler.org/CoasesPenguin.PDF

>> No.15082524

Nigger If you can't figure out how to create incentives for you to work on the next robust open source projects, than your going to stay poor. That is obvious. No wonder your on 4chan spewing this shit, and not managing a few projects. Now go put in a proposal in for DECRED, and try to get some treasury funds, add to the code base, the foundation is looking for wage cucks like you.

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700 huh? Not bad... for a kid.

>> No.15082564

That's a nice buzzword salad, but you have no idea what you're talking about and are still just embarrassing yourself. Do your pajeet trainers not even tell you what open source means? It's not a vague term, it's firmly established and has a bunch of licenses behind it.

Literally anyone can submit a patch to Linux, literally anyone can change it to whatever they want and compile it for themselves, literally anyone can take it, change it, and publish it. Literally anyone can also see what's going in and out, which is exactly why many corporations rely on it. They can know there's no obvious backdoor just by checking the short log.

Now, the real question is, where is the Sent source code? Is it available on request? Because if not, we have a very fun situation on our hands, let me tell ya.

>> No.15082609

Open source is "pure" to you. It is quite clear. That Open source is your Jesus

There is nothing "pure" about Open source

Nor nothing "whole" about it

There are tens of thousands of "open source" projects, all with varying publishing standards.

Look the Ancaps think Capitalism is "pure"

The communist think Marxism is "pure"

Cyperpunk faggots like you think "open source" is pure. Get out of here, your shit sucks bad.

>> No.15082623

Say pajeet one more time, and ill stick this 12 inch BBC down your math anon. Give me your Address faggot. The entire world is watching, post it.

>> No.15082643

Bitcoin fungible implementation and Atomic swaps were not open source until they were. If you waited, you bought at a heavy premium. Again, your comparing an OS system that is a multi decade project with high level nation state and private actors to a new industry. Brain dead level shit.

>> No.15082648

Stop trying to move the goalposts with random buzzwords you don't understand and answer the question, pajeet. Is the code available on request?

>> No.15082678

No, dear Rajesh, you were the one who first brought Linux up in >>15081657, now stop deflecting.

>> No.15082679

The only goal post being moved are the ones in your head. There is nothing static about Open source. Quit trying to convey that.

>> No.15082691
File: 14 KB, 236x326, aaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jamal going to stick this 12 inch BBC in your mouth anon, post your address, i'll buy first class ticket to your address. The whole world is watching anon. Step up.

>> No.15082726

Is the source code available on request Kumar?

>> No.15082765

Yes, thats when you will be FOMOing in at 800 sats.

Just like all you faggots did with bitcoin when Greg maxwells bip implementation for scarcity became Public (:

Now post your adress anon, Jamal is hungry. The whole world is watching as your shake, and don't stand firm on your baseless insults. Post that adress.

>> No.15082786

So where can I reuqest the source code, then? Come on, show me this isn't a scam.

>> No.15082876

Anon, show me where you can request DECREDs fungible repo. You are really confused, You think that open source procedures are pure and to a universal standard. Because of this, you will continue to use that measuring stick to define a standard that does not exist. This is why you will continue to buy crypto assets at a premium when they become "open sourced" enough to your imaginary measuring stick that is suppose to fit the standard of tens of thousands of projects. Faggots like you can not handle risk, so you need measuring sticks of "old" to give yourself faith in the new. That is fine, the market needs boys like you. People like you are what create the spread. The nature of work slack is changing, figure it out anon. Jamal was nice enough to leave you a PDF to read. Now post that address, me and you have a date.

>> No.15082942

Again, you're completely retarded.
Does your English teacher in Bangladesh ever told you what intellectual property is? And copyright?
Well, funny thing about that, if the source is not available anywhere, even on request, SENT is currently committing copyright infringement as per the GPL.

So, basically, if what you're saying is anywhere near true, not only is what we have seen poorly written, it's also currently committing a crime.

Yep, this surely is not a scam.

>> No.15082974

Now you are mixing up contract law and licensing. Great stuff retard.

Also, the entire idea of the internet is to break down your Jewish economists ideas of " copy right" and "intellectual property" whats next, you going to argue for the banishment of memes?

This is why you can not handle the risk, you clearly don't see the trend and changes that are hapeening..

By your standards, Bitcoin, decred, XMR, and many other were not "open source" enough to participate or "trust". That is fine, that market needs bois like you. AGAIN, guys that can't handle risk, and see the trends in work slack will purchase things at a higher premium. Nigger, Jamal went to MIT, on AFFIRMATIVE action. Thanks bitch

>> No.15082991


The courts define infringement. Not you. Quit larping faggot. Take block stream to court.

>> No.15083013

OpenVPN is GPL. Any software using it as it's base or derivative of such must make their source code available as GPL. Look it up, Pranjesh. I really hope your Indian overlords have some lawyers on the retainer.

>> No.15083071

By your standards, Bitcoin, XMR, and DECRED, and many others were not open source enough to participate in, and were "scams". So thanks for verifying that you have 0 concept of the industry at hand, and keep using a Boomer measuring stick to define the "new". The industry is about regulatory arbitrage, if you don't understand that, GET the fuck out anon. The code exist, what is developed in private is to reduce surface area risk of completion. Quit with the carrot level fud anon. Look Jamal used your parents tax money to get educated at MIT. Deal with it. Also anon, your Pajeet projections are very toxic. They just show, that your a cucked incel, who probably can't provide kids and a nice stable environment for his wife due to the ever increasing competition of global labor markets. Your pajeet is the boomers "mexican". God bless you anon.

>> No.15083103

Neither of those projects are based on GPL'd code, retard. The law is clear. GPL'd code needs to be released on request. Look it up Kunal, I'm sure you can use Google.

>> No.15083213

>1% of $40 billion is $40 million

>> No.15083228

So what is it anon, the code is not open source because there is code developed in house to reduce surface area risk from competition or because of licensing law? Your loosing ground here. Your argument was on in house developments. Bitcoin to XMR, still have much in house development, and at the start, the majority of it was. Clearly that model did not fit your imaginary "measuring stick" of open source. Because it did not emulate Linux perfectly. Make sense. Its hard for an apple to emulate an orange perfectly. All in the github - and what is not, can be defined as risk. Again if this model does not fit your imaginary measuring stick of purity, you can define that information asymmetry when you choose to purchase for a higher premium or when it is "dereisked" enough for you. Now go get some Cosmos, and quit working for Sentinel for free Hillary Clinton. You've created enough free polarity to give those pajeets free advertisement for 3 months now.

>> No.15083444

God, you're retarded. Go read the GPL.
Your project can be open source without a publicly available CVS, but it's a bad look. Your code, however, cannot take a GPL code and then not release the source code, as that is against the law.

You're still running in circles and moving the goalposts. No code, not compliant, illegal. Sorry, I can't speak Hindi to make you understand. Go read the GPL, idiot.

>> No.15083501

SENT isnt my project, It is yours. That is why you seek to find clarity among your bizarre measuring stick.

>> No.15083596

It's a collective you, Kumar. Seriously, get some fucking English lessons.
I'm looking forward to the coin plummeting when they get taken to court.

>> No.15083842

team is anon, get rekt faggot, your government won't be able to shut down this project:
true bandwidth fungible on a global platform will be achieved your weak fud and your goverment will not stop sent.
cypherpunk movement was made to take power away from people like you, slaves of authority

>> No.15083976

Cypherpunk movement created the GPL, idiot. You're free to use any GPLd code for ANY PURPOSE, if your derivative code is distributed under GPL or a GPL-compatible license. It's literally one of the most permissive licenses in the history, only second to BSD and public domain.
They just have to literally give the source code to people who ask. That's it. Then they're compliant. It doesn't even have to be public - that's just a good practice. They can literally choose to snail mail a CD with the source code only to people who explicitly request it, but they have to comply.
Also, GPL compliance, while being decided in a court of law, isn't what the government cares about, so uh, nice schizoposting.

>> No.15083992

>1% of $40 billion is $40 million
Kek. Are you sure about that anon? Maybe try a calculator before you embarrass yourself further.

1% of $40 billion is $400 million
.1% is $40 million

>> No.15084035

haha the entire idea is almost the same as the Cosmos SDK tutorial. This is such a scam

>> No.15084037

you were arguing this whole time for restrictions on code which is free specch, you are just an authoritarian larping as a knowledgebale coder

>> No.15084052

This exactly. They are either not trying, or incompetent. I don't care which but judging from the pajeet shill army it's just another PnD

>> No.15084082

Like this closed source cloned insecure SENT scam? correct.

>> No.15084115

imagine being so retarded that you can't even go on the official site and find the github repo with the code.
at this point you should just stop trying to fud you are just embarassing yourself.

>> No.15084126

This is seriously poo butt level shilling. This thing exposes metadata all over the place and has weak security configs.

>> No.15084136

No companies will ever trust a closed source crypto scam VPN. This is funny.

>> No.15084152

>code is free speech
>a slab of beef is free speech
If you weren't retarded, you would know that GPL was made by literal socialists and that you can do literally anything you want with the code (even take someone else's work and sell it), UNDER THAT ONE CONDITION. That's literally it. One job. And they can't even do that. So they're either lying, retarded, or scamming.

>> No.15084153

that fud is old, team is already working on a better implementation check the tg

>> No.15084155

You fucking retard. If you don't like it you change it and compile it yourself. Literally throw your computer in a river.

>> No.15084170

The github repo doesn't have the code. It only has user-facing config files.

>> No.15084187


>> No.15084205

Holy fuck was that shit salad even english?

>> No.15084227

Jesus Christ stop making a new post for every quoted post faggot

>> No.15084247

At this point I'm pretty much convinced there are backdoors. DO NOT INSTALL OR YOU WILL REGRET IT. There should be a major thread about this. They might be stealing users information and as it's not open source they really can't refute it. I wonder why it's closed source and they are shilling it so hard.

>> No.15084270
File: 11 KB, 236x213, bchass.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

STFU faggot..

>> No.15084315

Incompetency doesn't make it closed source, you're also misunderstanding this completely.
They are within their right not to publish the code on a public CVS, the problem is whether or not they supply the code per request, as needed. The pajeet was right in that in-house development doesn't make it closed source.
But, at the point where they already have users and test version ready, they really should be publishing it so that the security community can actually endorse it, if its secure enough.
You're basically just counterfudding right now and it's pretty dumb.

>> No.15084361

kek anon talking about some imaginary backdoors now... seriously buddy, you sound very desperate here

>> No.15084362
File: 133 KB, 2062x942, image (8).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

retard. the cloned open source VPN software repo is empty. If there is a binary version(IDC) then it almost certainly has a backdoor.

>> No.15084506

You're a pajeet that was sent here to counterfud the shills, aren't you.

>> No.15084748

Take some Chinese, you might survive the massive lay offs coming to the bay area in about 5 months.

>> No.15084770

Anon, this guy is a total retard. He can't define his risk, so he confuses with it with his artificial measuring stick that he made up in his head.

>> No.15084778

I'm alright with Japanese, not being a Burger and all

>> No.15084797
File: 250 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190802-213938_Clover.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Check the ID you dumb fuck, you're replying to me about... Me. Bad showing, Prajesh.

>> No.15084805

I don't have emotions over the the state of an object, esp an abstract object such as Linux. Sorry anon. Sounds like you do, Spend the next 30 years volunteering for Linux for free faggot.

>> No.15084860






>> No.15084905

The best threads on biz last two weeks have alll been about SENT. Brought back some much needed life to this board.

>> No.15084928

Nice, the most cucked nation on earth.

>Enjoy negative interest rates

>low birth rates

>being replaced by African immigrants

>And infestation of Uncle sam military bases.

No wonder you hold yourself to the boomer measuring stick, your entire country is a product of it. Jamal going to Japan next, thanks anon.

>> No.15084965

nigger you speak Ebonics, You know what music your girlfriend loves. Now show Jamal some love

>> No.15084998
File: 2.56 MB, 1037x1291, Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 2.04.43 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From your favorite anon - JAMAL.

>> No.15085015

I'm not Japanese you retard, you were talking about leaning other languages. Jesus Christ, not only you can't read, you can't even remember what you're talking about.
Keep defending the copyright infringing scam Manhoor, but this one is only for 2 rupees, sorry.

>> No.15085047

Why are you arguing with your own post now?
Why are all sent shills such Schizos, he's fucking yelling at himself.

>> No.15085085

Sorry was that supposed to be english? I like linux. You like curry and cock.

>> No.15085114

You study Japanese because your a white kid with a cucked anime fetish lol. This fetish came to be, because immigrants are replacing your ability to provide for a real woman. So you created your anime safe space. Your projection of having to compete with a global work force shows anon. I am sorry, that you have been replaced, and had to ditch your native tongue for a Japanese anime fetish. Now go back to working for Jack Dorsi, or the other 55 Pajeet CEO's, or one of the ZuckBurgs. You went from define open source, to copy right infringement. You sir, are brain dead.

>> No.15085137

Ebonics nigger, you know what music you girl friend listens to. Now send a video of her twerking to JAMAL

>> No.15085146

God damn sentinel is in good shape y’all. I’m using the free vpn to buy the token! So good! I think they have users all over the world. UAE China USA EU, how many crypto projects can u say that about? This is real utility. Mainnet is gonna be so sweet guys

>> No.15085365

Nah, I don't watch anime.
And yes, open source is not exempt from copyright, I know you Indians don't really know what that means, but it is what it is.

>> No.15085447

it makes you wonder, maybe thats why india will be the leading nation for gdp growth in the next years, cause they have not been scammed by copyright jews

>> No.15085510

So everything should be public domain, then? Bold claim on /biz/.

>> No.15085578


yeah i agree with the austrin pov on copyright

>> No.15085727

You should actually read the GPL then, genius, it's an antithesis to the current copyright system. It's the second most permissive license in the world which says you can do just about literally anything you want with any GPL licensed code, if you follow a few simple rules. You can even take someone else's work and sell it for your profit. So what exactly are you arguing here?

>> No.15085805
File: 62 KB, 740x554, 23EB4BCF-258D-41F5-A837-D9997444A316.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let’s not beat around the bush and get caught up on copyright bs with an anon project

Sentinel literally has the power to end censorship worldwide. Nodes from centralised VPN providers get blacklisted in China or Russia or UAE, with sentinel new ones pop up as anyone can host a new node any time. There is no way for authorities to keep on top. It’s literally going to change the course of human history.

>> No.15086153

im not arguing against gpl , im arguing against basic copyright

>> No.15086196

kek people get so heated and worked up trying to fud SENT

>> No.15086200
File: 34 KB, 512x420, 1563752682197.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> It’s literally going to change the course of human history.
If I was the one paying you to shill this I would tell you to reel it in a little

>> No.15086607

yeah ive never seen so much effort put into fudding

>> No.15087028

Are we there yet?

>> No.15087302

it’s an anti-shill

>> No.15087818
File: 58 KB, 463x609, HELATHY-BANDWIDTH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15088738

What do you think will be more profitable? Hosting several nodes or staking SENT?

>> No.15088780
File: 113 KB, 220x135, B3640567-5F85-4232-8525-4C412B71AC0A.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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