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I live in a state where it is legal to grow up to 12 cannabis plants on your property, but technically you cannot sell it unless you have a licensed dispensary, which I do not. Pic related: my first attempt at growing. I am expecting several pound of high quality marijuana by October. This is more than I can consume on my own, so now I am wondering (hypothetically) about selling it in the gray market to fuel my crypto investments. I can’t be bothered to sell it ounce by ounce (even though that would be much more profitable). How can I find a buyer who will hand me thousands of dollars cash for several pounds in one exchange? Or better yet BTC. I’m thinking that is the safest way to unload the product. Also, how does one theoretically launder this money? Again, all hypothetical.

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fuck off glow nigger

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You don't
It is too easy to grow, even with it being illegal the profit margins are worse than unemployment and minimum wage. For it too be mildly profitable you need to be able to make about 6 grows a year, harvesting around 10 kilogram and grow at around 40 cents a gram. Also the risk involved is retarded
t.former semi professional grower

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What the fuck is a glow nigger. I am a respectable Caucasian professional with a hobby of cannabis cultivation. Advise or kindly fuck off, faggot.

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Start growing coca leaves

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>This is more than I can consume on my own
Don't sell yourself short. If you set your mind to it, I'm sure you can consume all that weed before your next batch is ready to harvest.

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btw looking at those leafs you can be happy if the ladys survive till october. You have clearly no freaking idea what you are doing

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Thank you for your reply. As you can see I am growing outdoors. Does that change the equation at all? I figure a big cost for most growers is electricity, which I don't have to worry about as I am using free sunshine. Also, I am not looking to make a career out of this. It’s like my other hobby of dog breeding. I dont expect it to make me rich. Its just a small stream of petty cash to braid my income. I have a day job.

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That is day 1 of transplant from indoor. They had been under a cheap LED. That is literally their first day in the sun. They will explode now I reckon.

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>big cost for most growers is electricity
No, the big cost is logistics. You have two choices. For maximum profit you have to sell it in gram, which will take ages and the risk is astronomical because you have to deal with retards that can rat you out when being caught smoking their shit in a car on a McDonald parking lot. The other option is selling to distributors, which involves again multiple risks, you need to make the connections, hope they don't get ratted out and rat you out. Also you can't expect to earn the same profit. Kilo goes for about 1000 buck in those circles.

If it is just for hobby, you can make some extra bucks, sure, but again risk is retardedly high

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maybe try to make bubble hash or something

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I can spot nutrition burns
You would need to wash the earth out and readjust fertilizer, if you want to do it right. Sure if you just leave it be, you will get something to smoke but you will certainly not reach the maximum able to reach

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>Not selling your weed in exchange for crypto on the tor markets

You sound retarded you will never make it

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if you can't sell it, then don't sell it. sell something else, rolling papers for example. sell a pack of rolling papers for $200, then give away an oz. with the purchase as a freebie.

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It means you glow in the dark federal bureau of investigation agent of african decent. Now leave before the ghost of Terry runs you down.

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>doesn't know what a glow nigger is

Is a glow nigger

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Why don’t you get a job as a sub-contractor for one of the legal shops and make 1099s for the work you do for them and just donate the weed?

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Yakuza detected

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Now that you've put those plants outside they'll start budding very soon. You might get 2oz each off plants that size.

T canuck grower

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Don't risk it. Why fuck with plants when under the radar stuff in crypto like OTOcash is about to 25x, then you sell, compound, repeat. Don't be stupid.

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>itt: the C__ N_____s are glowing in the dark

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Outdoor grows are ditch weed, I live in Canada so everything is legal but myself and everyone in my immediate circle still buy off individuals with indoor/hydroponic connections since it's better and cheaper at $8/g. I'm sure you can sell it but you'd want to do it bulk and anyone who knows what they're looking at wont want to pay much more than $2/g $900/pound price point for outdoor.

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Idk man , ive seen some insane sungrown dank. Sure, most outdoor is ditch, but I am using high quality genetics (gelato 33) and good soil and nutes. Plus it is enclosed in a greenhouse , as you can see, which will minimize pest risk. Plus outdoor plants usually grow much larger, basically twice the size of indoor plants on average. In any case, i would not scoff at 900 usd per lb if thats all i could get. That will buy a nice alt stack.

But there are still more than 12 hours of sunlight per day. Wont they still stay in veg then? Also, I thought plants were supposed to continue getting taller and wider even into flowering, at least for the beginning part.

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check out autoflowers my friend, no need to worry about light and darkness hours. mephisto genetics makes the best, check'em out. and the subplebbit, /r/mephheads

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Sell overpriced tshirts then give a bag of weed as a gift to the person buying

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They'll start budding any day now if you're in the northern hemisphere. They 'stretch' for the first couple weeks of flower and get taller/bushier very quickly.

Those plants will yield about 2oz or so each

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Good lord theres so many generate dopeheads on here

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the reason outdoors grow bigger, is because theyre in the soil. yours are in containers,so the overall size is a function of the root mass.

You will probably also have to control the light to induce flowering ASAP, that way you avoid running the risk of the plants getting moldy if they are still flowering in October. People throw tarpaulins over their greenhouses for 12 hours to control the light- or so I understand.

My advice to you is to forget about selling and concentrate entirely on producing the best quality weed you can. It'll take time, but you'll get there, and by the time you do the quality will speak for itself, and it will fly out the door..

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So many damn drug addicts on here

Grow the fuck up you junkies

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Fuck off, pussy. It is 100% legal to grow in my state. This is no different than brewing your own beer or making wine at home.

Thanks for the advice, my friend. Yeah im worried about mold, especially since it is getting so goddamn hot and humid in the greenhouse. I just installed a 16 inch oscillating fan, which will hopefully help move the stagnant air around and lower the mold risk. I will look into the light cycle manipulation via tarp. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I am using 30 gallon pots, which I thought was pretty big. I know the pros are using up to 200 gallon smart pots, but my greenhouse is only 7 feet tall, so I didn't want to run the risk of growing massive trees (or more likely wasting soil if they fail). Though, as you can see, they appear indica dominant , so i guess height isnt that big of an issue? In any case, even if I only pull 2 zips per plant, I will be happy. I rip through an ounce per month with my wife, so if these plants can supply our personal needs for close to a year, I will still save a good chunk by not being beholden to my dealer.

Btw, the 2 shorter plants in the front row are about 2-3 weeks younger than the ones in the back row. Unfortunately a bunch of my first batch of seedlings died, so I had to germinate new ones later on. How badly will this fuck up my harvest schedule? I figure in nature it wouldnt be uncommon to have plant of different ages side by side, right?

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It's federally illegal
It's schedule 1 just the same as heroin you degenerate junkie

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Heroin is a junkie drug. Cannabis is literally medicine for many people. Its only a matter of time until it is federally decriminalized. Pretty soon, almost the entire country will be legal on the state level, at which point it will be insanity for the federal government not to follow suit. Furthermore, the federal government is not going to do shit to me. They are not hunting down small time home growers. They’re not even shutting down dispensaries anymore. Get with the times.

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Junkies say the darndest things. Heroin and pot are both schedule 1 it's the same fucking shit and you are a drug addict.

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The differing size wont matter- they will both flower the same when the light cycle hits 12/12. The only difference will be the yeild, but as most of the plants growth is during the stretch period of early flowering anyway, the smaller ones will do just fine.

I would also recommend you 'learn' to take cuttings, which would be before you induce flowering. I say 'learn', because its not really difficult- just follow the instructions and it will work like magic.

The great advantage of cuttings over seeds, apart fro the obvious reduced costs, is that growing a few successive generations of a genetically identical plant will step up your growing knowledge in the most efficient way: you can apply lessons from this grow to the next and change up the things you want to do differently, while being sure that is the only variable, because your genetic stock is the same.

Don't you have some kind of venting on your green house? Is it a DIY? Oscillating fans just going to move the air around and pretty much a waste of power. Install a basic passive vent with flyscreen instead. That would be both cheaper, and better.

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You must be trolling

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Thanks for the reply. You have been very helpful. Yeah, I am reading up on cloning in preparation for the next grow. Im gonna go for 12 plants next time since that is the max you are allowed to grow at home in my state.

Yeah, the greenhouse has a small roof window that can be opened. I hadn't installed a fly screen, but I think I will do that now, It is the Harbor Freight 6x8 foot greenhouse, which I modified by adding some concrete foundation piers and wooden base (to increase the height and make it more wind-resistant) plus some shelving. Pic related; it looks very similar to this (pic from the guide I followed).

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I need a quick redpill on autoflowering seeds. How high is the risk to have them sent by mail? Indica autoflowerin exist btw? You recommed any sites or strain?

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Its a great hobby man, I'm happy to discuss it anytime. Id put a vent on the wall opposite the door- should be an easy fix if those are plastic/polycarbonte panels. Good luck with the grow!

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yes its safe having seeds posted.
indica dominant autos are widely available- auto Blueberry would be one example.
Ive used Fastbuds for autostrains in the past. I wasn't dissappinted, but the photo-period strains are the daddy.

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>its safe having seeds posted

Wow i wasnt expecting this reply. Cant they be smelt by dogs?

Also elaborate...btw my preferred high is physical

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Seeds don't smell. They contain no aromatic molecules. The only thing about the seeds that represents marijuana is the DNA, which is odorless.

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>I'm happy to discuss it anytime

OP here. I'd like to follow up with you regarding the hobby +/- /biz/ if you will. Do you have KIK? Mine is "jumbocash"

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Str8 up. I would smoke 12 plants in 3 months easy. I tried selling raw cocaine one time and never sold any of it lmao

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How do you profit from legal cannabis cultivation?
>get on my level

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What do you mean by physical high?

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I agree
You’re fucking retarded KYS stoner idiot

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Think outside the box OP. Why don't you find a way to extract the CBD oil, or invest in a machine that can?

Then sell bottles of CBD oil to stores or by other means

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>Absolutely based linkjesus. That field is amazing.

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Ya learn to cut clones and root them. Next year start the clones indoors under 24 hours of light in like April, then put them into the greenhouse around the beginning of June in the 30 gallon pots. They'll get huge and could be a pound+ each at that size.

The size they are now you could have put them in 5 gallon pots or smaller and gotten the same yield.

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>my first grow
>im going to have high quality

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This is the only path to money for small time.

You need dry ice, ethanol, and a rotary evaporator. Chill the etOH by putting dry ice in it. Wash the plants with the cold ethanol. Recover the solvent. Put cannabinoids in a carrier oil and sell tincture. Sell it to who's buying. bing bang boom money.

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Sell it online for XMR, use the XMR to buy gold.

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possible if he is growing easy strains and have quality seeds or clones

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CBD is a schedule 1 controlled substance in the US just like heroin and pot unless it comes from hemp grown by a licensed farmer.

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Sauce for khazar milkers?

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I knew someone who was active in this business, and let me tell you the police is not the biggest threat, it's the G''s who will rob you at night and point a gun at your head. If you're fine with that ok

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Fuck yourself. This is a legitimate business opportunity in many parts of the world.

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>narcotics are a legitimate business opportunity
You must be one of those melanated types

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fpbp, op eternally btfo and /thread

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he likes to climb a ladder onto his roof and hang out

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this is a beautiful piece of land anon congrats. i bet you're making assloads of money. i live in colorado and have been thinking about getting a license to trim, ive heard i can get around $25 an hour which is more than i make bartending, does that sound about right salary-wise?

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>Pic related: my first attempt at growing. I am expecting several pound of high quality marijuana by October.

HAHAHA lol, growing weed is not that ez

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Not so sure there's "assloads" of money to be made anymore on average in legalized states.

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buy from Mephisto. best autos by a long shot.

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>Just grow and sell on the darknet bro
Even more of a logistic nightmare and will get you some extra years if caught
>Comparing industrial level farming in a legal state to illegal growing
The logistics must be a nightmare and the profit margins is probably rather modest. Basically being a farmer. But if you do what you love and don't have to fear to be put behind bars, not the worst choice

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>even more of a logistic nightmare
t. brainlet
Are all stoners this retarded

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I got a fren grower. He fucked up and his lemon haze had been 4 months in vegetative state.
The cones were formed, but not yellow, cos he kept the lamp on for 12-15 hrs/day.
What would you do in his place? How soon would you expect harvest time?

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I haven't touched weed in 10 years.
But organizing an industrial scale farming operation, yeah, you can just do it in your free time, in the evening, nothing involved, like just plant those seeds and wait. Farming equipment, maintain it, deal with distributors, hire farm hands, keep your grow save, deal with parasites, fertilizing... who needs that, like nigger just throw the seeds in the field it will make you passive income.

Guess you are the stoner here

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So you are just retarded then

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I'm in Canada, the black market is still the way to go. The government did a terrible job at trying to sell weed and it's failing terribly in the east coast. It's like $10 bucks a gram, no deals for buying in quantity or anything, people have been scammed with low weight, the process of going into the store to buy it is a little sketchy too.

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>t.no idea about farming
why do you even post?
Just drop a generic brainlet meme and feel smug projecting loser

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hold on a minute
the prices called out here for bulk selling seem to be 1-2$/g
so 7-11$ would go to distribution
that can't be right

>> No.15058104

>The bulk prices are between 1 and 2 a g
They are if you sell in kilos. And it is worth it because you don't have to deal with dozens of small time dealers and stoners, that let your risk rise exponentially. Also your calculation is not 100% true. The distributors sell to smaller distributors for around 5 to 6 a g, so they make about 4 dollar on a g. As said above, weed growing and selling is not too profitable. And with taxes I don't want to know how small the margin is

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can't be much different if you sell only 200 or 500g. the buyers would be the same.
so in the end everyone makes way more than the producer who IMO has the most risk. he even has expenses for the production

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Yep, the farmer is always the bitch, that is why most illegal weed comes from south of the border or in Europe from North Africa. But hey it is still worth it not to have to deal with fucking stoners, because the bigger distributors usually are better and safer to do business with. Looking at Link Jesus pics I guess he sells in tons and can be happy if he gets short under a dollar per gram

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No way you get pound(s) with that grow

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Protip: Experienced growers can attempt growing during the Winter season - growing during the Winter months can have interesting effects on the cannabis plant and will provide a harvest during the Spring.

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How often do you need to change the topsoil? I like your setup, I have shit soil so I'd need to do something similar.

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Over watered and nute burn.

>> No.15061208

Thanks. I am using Kellogg Organics Outdoor Potting Mix w/ ~20% perlite. I have just been adding a bit more of the soil mixture as they have gotten taller. Otherwise just continuing to water as needed and feeding with Fox Farms nutes every other watering at third to half strength.

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played out b8 nigga

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Do you not understand the difference between heroin and weed? Do you think weed is worse for you than alcohol?

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See if you can pay back friends, family, various services or anything in weed. Although if you do this on too astronomical amounts the IRS will catch you.

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