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RSR logo on a thot

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Man these deluded shill boys won't ever stop. What part of 'exit scam' don't you get?

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Look it's in free fall already lmao. And it's all the team's own doing. We will keep dumping this shit until the team comes forward with an update.

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Gonna buy that dip so hard

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BITCH, I got that RSR

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Literally who?

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Keep buying chink. It will dump even more after you buy till you've run out of $ to buy more. Then cry yourself to sleep with your useless bags of shit every night. They've got one faggot too many in the team. Peter fucking Thiel and beta cuck Nevin.

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$0.0027!!! Soon $0.002 what a fucking scam.

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Man, where were you in yesterday's posts? We started to be worry.

Pedro Theil

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If I were you I would be more worried that my shitcoin is about to dump to zero while alts in general are starting to look green. You are expecting the app and rsv to be released any minute now yet aren't concerned by this scam dump. It's insider dumping happening because they know the app release will be postponed.

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It’s not dumping at all. It’s been perfectly sideways for ages.

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sell signals

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Learn how to read a chart noob. This is going to $0.0020 if not lower. And it's solely the team's fault. In the traditional markets such fucking incompetent CEO's would have been fired.

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Some of the worst posture I've seen. Shes going to snap her fucking spine

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What did Nevin do to you? Seriously, seems personal.

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Why must inconvenient facts always be either fud or a personal issue? You just don't want to face the fact that this is a sinking ship led by an unfit incompetent ceo. Sooner or later you will. I'm not going anywhere, I'll be hanging around to laugh at you when the app release is delayed.

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How is he incompetent? Honest question, I wanna know. I like the shit out of RSR, so I know I probably have some confirmation biases going on when I look at it.

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I doubt if she walks like that anon. Would love to watch if she did tho, kek.

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Welcome back anon. We missed you yesterday. Hope everything is ok.
You have made a few contradictory claims in today's posts:
>What part of 'exit scam' don't you get?
>It's insider dumping happening because they know the app release will be postponed.
And yesterday you claimed the devs had already abandoned the project.
Can you clarify once and for all which of these mutually exclusive things you believe to be correct?
A) The devs are setting up to exit scam
B) The devs have already abandoned the project
C) The app is still being developed, but will be delayed
D) I'm just throwing out random unsubstantiated accusations with nothing to back it up

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Never selling.

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>I am doing this for helping anons
>I will be still here for laughing at anons
>Why must inconvenient facts always be either fud or a personal issue?
>999 posts by this id

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