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How do I leave my drunk druggie mother of my child and keep my rights to my son. Any anons split up after having kids? Not married but I have a broken arm am I'm unemployed as of right now.
>I'm aware where I'm posting this and understand most of you are incels

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is this OC?

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Is this your wife?

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>Drunk druggie mother
>Unemployed father
You've already fucked your kids live up. Kill them, then yourself

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>Not married

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She looks like a fucking pig mate

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You don't think that ran across my mind already?

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Literally just capped the sharpie yes

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#1 priority: get a job. Any job.
If you have a kid together your only option is to fight for full custody. It's around $5-10k. You will have to prove you are extraordinarily capable of providing a better home.
Otherwise the courts give the kids to mom no matter how drug addled & whorish she may be & you get court ordered child support which she will buy drugs with.
Good luck.

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If she's just pregnant pretend you still love her and find a way to cause her a miscarriage. If the kid is already born ya dun goofed.

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patience and write her fuckups down with date and time, include the kid in the notes, how they felt etc. If you go before a judge you'll need to look calm and mature and paint her as not able to function with the kids. Druggies usually fuck it up eventually

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If you want to keep your son, you'll have to talk your son and make sure he likes you most.
Not by trash talking her tho.
And please confront your wife, tell her 'I think it's irresponsible to behave like this while we have kids, and this makes me unhappy'.

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Did you shave her eyebrows?

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5-10k for court fees lawyer ect?
I've been stock piling dirt on her in my secure folder.
And I'm getting a job in a couple days. Was waiting for my arm to heal enough.
Fuck I knew I should have been writing down dates and shit. I'll start with tonight's little debocal

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My son's 9 months old. That's why I'm doing this now and not 10 years from now

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How hard is it to fucking say you want to split up, and you arrange with her what you do with the son.
No court needs to be involved, use your damn mouth pussy bitchboy

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Lmao no she has none. Has to paint em on every time she leaves the house. They came off in the shower when she passed out in her puke on the toilet

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what these guys said. also collect as much concrete evidence of drug use and degenerate behaviour as you can OP, text messages from her about drug use, secret video and audio recordings if it’s legal in your state, the whole lot. also remember she’s gonna claim you did bad shit to try sway the court in her favour.

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I'm leaving tomorrow and have a place to live. I honestly don't want the courts involved at all. I just don't want to assume she won't fuck me, and then fuck me

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Never stick your dick in crazy anon

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I think this problem might go much deeper, I think she's aboslutely unhappy.
OP can you tell the entire story? Unbiased?

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Thanks fren

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this anon is right. just perform extended suicide and do everyone a favor

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>Absolutely not happy
I'm sure she's not, but who would be when she knows deep down I don't love her. I'm only with her because of our kid.

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Was contemplating a vasectomy when I was 21, then 3 years later...

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Why would you even date and have a child with a drug addict?

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>>>15048146 (OP)
>>Drunk druggie mother
>>Unemployed father
So who makes the money here that keeps you guys alive?

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>He doesn't know about europe
Never gonna make it

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would you mind cumming on her face and post picture?

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She's a waitress/bartender. I've only been unemployed a short while. My parents have helped out in past. Shes just really really stupid, and drinks/whatever with her friends.

I just jacked off to some pregnant chicks on /gif and don't have the energy. A nice sentiment though

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Is that her in the pic?

Why the fuck are you jacking off to pregnant women? Sort yourself out.

Gather evidence and sue the bitch for custody. Be tactical. That woman will raise a mongrel.

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Excuse me, but whats wrong with my taste in porn? Go fuck off faggot. I jack off so I don't cheat/rape

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Based on this thread you and your gf both sound like miserable humans.
You have to understand, people don't start taking drugs "just for fun". She most likely has huge mental problems she is trying to overcome with her lifestyle and you are a faggot for letting your girlfriend partying and getting wasted like that.
Sometimes a good dialouge and actually listening to your partner and his/her problems is easier and less risky than losing in court.

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she has a nice face, come on dude, jack off on her face

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I'd rape her ass so hard. OP, you don't know what you are giving up.

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I haven't given anything up anon. We aren't separated yet. It's my choice to stay or throw in the towel. I care more about my son in all of this, and both of us actually being happy some day, wether were together or not

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Spoken like a true shut-in or kid with a lack of real world experience. There's a big difference between someone who takes drugs for fun (which plenty of people do) and never get addicted and people who do get addicted which happened to his wife. Some people are more addiction prone to others, and everyone has different triggers. Drugs for some, video games for others, cell phone for many, 4chan for a few, etc. All of these things can ruin your life to varying degrees. Even within cell phone addiction for example some people get so bad they have to seek professional help or risk losing their jobs, family, etc., while others may be able to lead a highly functional life. A "good dialogue" doesn't help any addict. Usually they need something much more powerful than that to open their eyes, and the real change has to come from within. A "good dialogue" might actually be a trigger which sends them deeper into a spiral.

OP your best bet is this - film her doing drugs and other things which make her unfit as a mother. The guy who said you need a job is not correct. At the end of the day the safety of the child is #1, and if she makes more money than you she will be on the line for alimony if you get custody. I've seen this happen even with perfectly good mothers. Case in point: a recent case I dealt with a mother had moved back to her home town with her 5 year old child after splitting with her alcoholic, jobless leech of a husband. The judge awarded the husband majority custody (she gets 2 weekends/month) because they felt the child being removed from their school was more damaging and felt that the mom was such a good mother she'd likely move back to be with her child. The mother had no way to prove the father's alcoholism which was the main point of contention, so at the end of the day it became all about the "dramatic" change of moving which seemed the most damaging risk in the equation.

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The judge wants to pull the child out of harm's way but the harm needs to be proven. You need to PROVE you're going to be a better person to live with re: safety (emotional and physical) of the child.

So, if you leave her, get as much physical evidence of her being a bad mother and a danger to the child as you can. Images of her doing drugs, audio or video of her yelling or being violent in any way. Audio or video of her being drugged up around your kid, maybe making bad decisions like trying to drive your kid while she's fucked up, etc. Then move out, somewhere close where the kid doesn't have to change school districts or anything. Then sue for custody. GL.

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Most american soldiers were given Heroin during Vietnam war (a drug that is known for being very addictive) in order to cope with the mental pressure. The government was afraid of bringing thousand of new junkies back home as soon as the war ended, but guess what, most of them stayed sober as soon as they returned home to their families and known environment.
I grew up with really abusive parents. My mother was an alcoholic beating the shit out of me for no reason when I was younger. She wasn't always like that, my narcissistic/schizo dad turned her into that. And he on the other hand had also problems with his family when he was young, making him develop his own mental problems.
Most people aren't born as drug users or schizos, of course there can be genetic factors, but the main factor that turns people into shit is their environment. You are an idiot if you think people need drugs or alcohol "for fun". I have never met someone with an actual fulfilling and happy life/family who was smoking weed or getting drunk every weekend. Of course some people can deal better with problems than others, but truth is, that we are all just a bunch of animals without any free will looking for ways to escape/cope as soon as we subconsciously feel bad.

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This is biz forum, if there's no wealth Involved then this is a shitpost.

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What's her drinking/drug habit like? Too bad to fix? Is she passed out from going out separately to you?

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Poison her drug stash and kill her via an "overdose" these are rarely looked into when recreational drugs are involved especially opium ones.

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Shut up, you're unemployed.

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Like I said, you're sheltered. I live a perfectly high functioning, happy life with a family & every now and then I will engage in a drug of some sort be it alcohol weed or otherwise. I know plenty of people just like me. I might go 6 months or a year or more without smoking weed then I might decide to smoke weed for a week straight and paint or write music every night while high. Drugs are not about escapism for everyone, for some people it's the opposite - a way to further explore the pleasures life has to bring you. I actually specifically only do drugs when I'm in a happy/good mental state, I don't feel the desire to do them when I'm feeling down. Again, addiction =/= drug use, and drug use =/= negative environment. Try not to think about your limited anecdotal experience as a universal truth.

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kill her, in minecraft, too or she'll just make more

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You know this doesn't sound like a business and finance issue u got there
I'd consult with a ghetto divorce lawyer
he'll probably tell you to get and hold a job anyway to look better in front of a judge
so get and hold a job you degenerate

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Drinks most days of the week, weed, occasionally coke or Adderall, way more in the past but started almost right off the rip after she gave birth

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You fucked up your kid's life enough, you also want to take it away from the mother at 9 months in a bitch fit? I support the other Anon suggestion to kys.

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Give us her social media then we’ll take her off your hands so you won’t have to leave her.

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Didn't even read the post, I'm not married to her. She was not talking her birth control and told me she was and got pregnant. So fuck her. You don't understand how I pray I live long enough for my son, but not outlive him.

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So drinking is the main issue, she's not coming home coked and pilled up a lot? Is she drinking during the day too or does she just come back from bartending shifts wasted?

If it's a recreational style as described then it probably won't give much in court. It can also be fixed. If she's hammered middle of the day and doing lines in the morning then she's fucked.

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What would you and an army of incels do? White Knight her? Get fucked

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>trusting a drunk druggie with birth control
>blame her later on

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She's a fiend for anything anon. And she's a cunt to always yelling in front of the kid. She passed out after taking 3 nips on the toilet, fell into the bathtub and puked fully clothed. Then yelled and woke up the baby at 1 am. I'm convinced she took a pill of some sort or drank way more than that

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Right haha I'm not saying I don't deserve this, but the kid deffinanatly doesn't

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Ok OP, which country do you live? Also, if you don't take legal matters and involve courts in this, you are fucked. Chances are that the baby momma will go after you, and involve the police, court etc. Would be a big disadvantage to you unless you take matters in hand first

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I'm assuming the split won't be peaceful, same goes for custody of your son

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No you dumb cuckold fuck, I want to bang her. She’s cute and has a thick ass, excellent P&D.

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Just started working as a lawyer this year, far from an experienced one but I do have some knowledge to help you out

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Good luck OP, you seem to be away so I'm out. Hope all goes well with you and the kid

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Every woman turns into a vindictive cunt when child custody/support come into play. They have the entire family court wrapped around their finger & the family court system encourages them to use it as a weapon against men.
For example: They can file a restraining order for any/no reason & a temporary restraining order must be issued to err on the side of safety. No hearing, just immediately pushed through & granted.
With any restraining order all weapons are confiscated & never returned.

Srsly, don't go this alone. You cant make verbal contracts with a woman you have a kid with - you need a lawyer to cover your ass.

Family court favors women & they make money off of fucking fathers over.

I know I sound like some crazed Mgtow dude & I'm not at all. Family court is a dangerous, fucked up system that eats fathers & their rights for breakfast & you need legal protection.
You have been warned.
Look into ARAG, its insurance for lawyers & gives you a huge discount.

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What is she gonna do when she looks herself in the mirror?

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Juden courts will do everything they can to give op’s incompetent ex full custody. They love making sure that white children will grow up dysfunctional. Op really needs to have an overwhelming amount of indisputable evidence if he is ever going to win against the one sided bias courts.

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>I'm not married to her.
I did read your post, but a ghetto divorce lawyer probably has a lot of experience with child custody regardless of marital status.
I genuinely wish you well but you need a professional, not indians, neets, and incels on biz.

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Since we on topic...how do i cleanly leave my autistic depressed and clingy gf of 4 years? I am probably her only ray of light in her life

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Checked. The answer is all the gainfully employed anons in the thread.

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its easy to put shit on her but she into drugs for a reason. Your probs a not doing your part in the relationship

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Post stories of her drunken druggy exploits anon.

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you're kinda of an idiot. Op is not pulling his weight in the relationship more then likely and wants out.

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what ever just post nudes or a pic with your dick in her mouth

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Install security cameras and get footage of her popping bottles and her behavior afterwards, if you get some awful but undisputable footage (like abusing the children) go toy a lawyer and get advice. These important matters are worthy the money and time of the lawyer. Don't do anything rush.

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this is why i don't understand why breeders and sex-havers feel any superiority to incels
you're a complete fucking loser who knocked up a worthless woman and getting fucked for it lmao

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Also if there is other proof (purchase of certain meds, hospital visits) and you can use them at court collect them. Also talk to the children, explain to them that their mother is sick and that they need to report it in order to get help for mommy. Get them by your side.

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Im a sex haver. I had a dozen pregnancy scares and they not fun. A couple times i spent sleepless nights. I use two contraception methods and still ...these breeders use pull out method probably or believe thots on bc. I was almost tricked like op once

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Stay with her faggot:(

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You're obviously not aware of where you're posting this because it's 100% the wrong fucking board for this topic

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>you're kinda of an idiot

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takes pics, record the yelling, easy with an app for your phone, record also when you confront her that her drug abuse is bad for the kid. etc. record it

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This! 1000% collect evidence. And be aware of what is already out there, text messages, social media. Scrub what you can. Take pictures, be able to pass a drug test, may need to pass a hair test, almost impossible to do without being clean for months. Good luck anon

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Nevertheless, your highest goal should be to make a good and caring mother out of her.

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>your goal should be to transform another person
jesus fucking christ no

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>not pulling his weight
The woman is a drug-addled whore.

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Yes, accept it. He is your savior.

>> No.15051463

Developmentally speaking he needs a mother figure in his life as well. Do you have family you can trust?

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>how do i cleanly leave my autistic depressed and clingy gf of 4 years?
>I am probably her only ray of light in her life

Are you actually me?

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Just go. Don't forget to all-in OTOcash so you can get off the lawsuit scott free.

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Coping druggie brainlet

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