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Gentlemen, thank you all for coming. If you could all please gather around and take your seats. I have a very important announcement to make once you're all settled. In the mean time feel free to see Mr. Nosenberg for refreshments as the crowd continues to trickle in.

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who are we fucking shooting

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Ooh excellent, made it just in time.

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Goo evening, gents. I will be tonight's entertainment...

Tonight's song... Beat Jannies

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Can I shill my pi Network while we wait?
>Pi Network app code:Embron
You can also cloud “mine” a coin that has actual monetary while you wait for Pi to take off at the beginning of 2020
It’s electroneum ETN
Get the electroneum app now
You can generate more if you enter in a referral code:DC3986

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Heh, presentation's over faggot

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Am here fren. Whats the news

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Glad I made it in time. Traffic was terrible. Some awful wagie riff-raff clogging up the roads. How are all you gentlefolk doing? I simply CANNOT WAIT for this announcement.

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is it a good announcement or a bad announcement?

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I am here as a representative of gamers

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Oh I'm delighted to be here, can't wait

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when are you stinkies going to stop this is getting really pathetic. We had our run, I sold at 3$ and am never buying back.

Just fucking accept this was an exit scam and get on with your goddamn life.

Buy back BTC with what you've got left and set up a masternode like PIVX for example.

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tink tink tink

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Did I miss it? The acid is making it hard to read

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ok fren

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I have a pronouncement to make
Ahhh Saahhh Eee
Thank you

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Glad I could make it, fren. Are there any jannies around that could fetch me a drink? I am quite parched.

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Good day gents. Umm, janny! Janny! Over here! What are you doing standing there slacking on the job! clean up the mess from the retard autist and then pin this thread! Do your job or you won't get paid!

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I am quite comfortable over here, take your time mister!

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