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How to avoid hiring people that live with their parents?

Every millennial cunt I hire that doesn't pay rent is mouthy and disrespectful because they know they can get fired any minute and run back to daddy.

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stop running a shitty business that needs teens to make it work

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You obviously don’t pay well. The better you pay, the more you can expect out of your employees. Pay higher and be much pickier about who you hire

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Literally this. Get what you pay for.

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is that sergay's shirt?

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>t. never run a small business

If you cant keep people in line you cant work with them, and I do pay well.

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Did you take this picture you fucking creep. People like you make me want to hunt you down and beat some sense into your brain. You don't take a picture just so you can post it on to the internet it's such a low life kind of thing to do.

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toppest jej

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Boomers think 13 dollars an hour is paying well because that was a lot of money in the 80s

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Who is she?

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looks like just a random girl on the metro, likely chinese given the hanzi on the poster behind her

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>I do pay well
How much for what kind of work?

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Nice now i have to learn mandarin thx

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Depends on their seniority, and marketing.

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>If you cant keep people in line you cant work with them
You sound like a cunt to work with. You don't want people to "work with you". You want people to stfu and do what you tell them without complaining.
>and I do pay well.
Doubt it.

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You need to pay 25$ an hour if you want somebody with value that won't self destruct your company just to spite you.
Am literally watching this go down at my job.

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Didn't answer the fucking question, shifty boomer. Obviously you're paying dogshit wages

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Boomers trying to short change all their millennial new hires who subsequently either dip at the first opportunity or do the minimum to stop from being fired .

Anyone with good skills/experience will be working a good company for a fair wage and won't even return calls about your "no benefits and only slightly above minimum wage, but it's alright because we have a ping pong table in the break room" job

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All you need to do is require prior experience.

Some of the best kids I've hired lived with their parents. Ofc, I'm sure the fact that they weren't in apartments/suburbs helped with that.

Experience and good references tend to be the best though. If you aren't a nigger, you should be able to figure out how genuine/intelligent the references are and make a great gamble from that.

I've also noticed that kids who hold onto their religions part high school generally have a better with ethic than the self declared atheists.

Hire from white middle class areas. White washed hispanics will either be your best workers or your biggest nightmares. Stay away from blacks. Asians are a safe bet. Preppy white kids are bad news, as are white kids who dress poorly out don't maintain their appearance.

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fuck you shekelstein. I'll mouth off because you are not deserving of respect.

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you deserve to be mouthed off at, self-fellating middle manager faggot

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this is why I only hire people who hold UND. It shows that they are mature and successful independent people.

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You're clueless.

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Kek. Struck a nerve on the boomer.

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Start hiring anyone who wanys to work. If you cant train them properly you need to find another job. Manager ass

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Why do people only have patience for their nagging whore girlfriends but not for some young worker. Thats what wrong with this society. And why would you post a disabled (i must add cute) on your complaining thread u dufus

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You overvalue yourself

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More people should view work like your workers do to be honest. My work quality and speed is impeccable actually, literally everywhere I work you can chart when I started because within 4 weeks I have labor and food costs down 30% and 10% more sales from upselling. I currently work at a small investment firm not fast food though, still by the end of the this month I will have generated 2 clients for the company entirely through online presence by taking over the website development and saving them money on an overpriced wordpress expert who didnt even do SEO. I also made a call on a levegred ultralong bonds fund in the months since ive started that netted us 10% across all retirement accounts.
Throughout all my retail, food, and currently finance jobs I have never been paid more then $2 over minimum wage despite making traceable contributions of $50k+ to these buisnesses, along with being the fastest worker most people have met netting me 6 goy of the month awards over my 4 years in the job market. Not to keep jerking myself off like a basedboy but I do feel comfortable saying im a top wagie, I am intensely effective in my work, especially being a young zoomer most people just don't expect it from me when they hire me.
Despite all of this I can also comfortably say hard work is a scam. I have made more money focusing on literally any of the projects I choose to take up then I have wage slaving, and these arent buisness projects it is just self improvement projects that I can turn some profit on while im learning new skills. Most buisness owners are just stuck in boomer mindsets like you OP that your outputs dont matter if your not a well adjusted individual, I dont show up late and then act angry when I dont get raise, if im showing up late to your wageslave factory its because I already realized you split hairs or think my work isnt worth much, or maybe you think that I wont notice i'm only making pennies, so I would rather spend that time jerking off.

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how about you tune down your ego and accept that you can't get along easily with everyone? I mean, if someone is complete cunt then just fire him, but don't expect that everyone will like you and show you respect.

also, try to think of what you're doing wrong, there's got to be something you can improve.

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Either you're a larp or a clueless boomer so stuck in his ways you're calling the kettle black. How about you actually respond to some of the questions in the thread?
Inb4 boomer running a small business thinks 14 dollars an hour is "generous" and he's a "job creator"

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shut the fuck up boomer, try reddit maybe they'll humor your stupid shit

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>Every millennial cunt I hire that doesn't pay rent is mouthy and disrespectful
Smart enough not to work for a self-entitled cunt with this attitude.
Let's get some details on the table if you are so sure of yourself.
Job role, approximate region, salary. Go.

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I don’t live at home and I’m mouthy and disrespectful because EVERY employer I have worked for treats me the same, also because I know you faggots can’t just fire me, and I make sure you cunts know it too

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Forgot too add
t. 28 year old

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say that to my face on day of the pillow you faggot boomer

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Talking back to me, having a messy desk, turning up late, complaining when I make an example of someone, not showing enthusiasm for the work through your body language etc. Isnt acceptable in any working environment, I dont care how much of a hotshot someone thinks they are.

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You sound like a great boss and I'd like to apply for a job. How much is the starting salary?

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Good, knowing my competition contains at least 1 total brainlet makes me fucking hungry for some cash. Smell yah later pops

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The cardinal rule of relationships of any kind:
The person who needs the other the least holds the power.

These people you employ obviously have options and a safety net. You need them more than they need you. Supposing that is the genuine problem(and u arent just shit at screening).

The fix? None. Pay em more, screen better and find people who need you more. That is wagecucking at its core. Find wagecucks.

If you consistently higher this type of person(kids? Idk ur business) you need to stop obviously.

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confirmed larp, dodging questions faster than a kike in court. GTFO here oven dodger

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try treating them with respect :3

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I'm not fucking telling you how much I pay, safe to say its plenty as my workforce is my biggest expense.

What do you want to know?

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>What do you want to know?
I just asked you - how much do you pay?

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keep repeating that while avoiding the question because we both know it's bullshit.

How much do you pay grandpa?

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whats wrong shes hot

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In the UK, approximately 45-50% more than minimum wage for new starters, and I regularly review salary.

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lmao you deserve to have your head smashed in with a brick you boomer piece of shit. enjoy dying alone

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I'm going to laugh so much when your bitch ass gets redistributed.

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General type of business/type of work?
Urban or Rural? Not trying to dox you, obviously the center of London vs a rural village is going to be an extreme difference.

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yeah well get fucked. maybe youre just a cunt that nobody respects because you are a deluded retard who cant give a straight answer go out of business

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Fuck off faggot, every employer (especially small business) Are penny pinching Jews, YOU think you pay well but you don’t. From the few post you have made its clear you are a cunt

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So you are just another faggot employer who thinks he is so great because he pays above the minimum, kys.

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I was kicked out of my house when I was 18, you bet I learned to respect my employer as I had to earn my keep.

City in the Midlands, grant writing mainly.

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So even your parents thought you were a cunt. What a great little wage slave you've been.

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That explains it. You hate family. Cause you had not a warm one yourself. I understand now. Keep family and job separated ok? Dont unto wish others what you did not like. You will never have that feel of moms tendies while you are playing some vidya. Try to not be too hard on yourself.

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So just going off a cursory bit of research on the cost of living in Leicester(random pick), and on a cheap unfurnished studio apartment. You expect your starting employees to afford basic needs such as rent? Fucking boomers.
Describe how you'd budget a lifestyle if you worked for yourself.

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Moms tendies while raiding molten core was a blessing and a curse at the same time. Many precious hours wasted.

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Living in the UK is expensive and wages are low, that's life, it's the same at every job.

If you think anywhere pays fresh graduates 40K you are fucking retarded.

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Mate, word of advice, screen prior to hiring, and hire those with experience. Depends on the job and all, that's for you to decide.

But most of all, stop being a fucking cunt gaffer, treat your employees merely as human beings, friends perhaps. Kindness goes a long way, although you are the authority, you shouldn't be an authority figure. Double down when they wrong and reward when they go beyond, and just treat them like any other fucking human being.

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That's not what I asked cunt.

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Yeah soon we will all be mediocre. Super rich. And the massive communist style underclass 99% of the world pop. Just globalized. The new nike slogan.

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>wwaaaahhh why wont people be mindless wagecucks for me!!!!!!

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But you are living well ain’t you cunt off the sweat of those Millennials

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What you do OP? im a graduated zoomer from midlands, just hire me and you'll get no trouble from a fellow /biznessman

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Kill yourself fucking twat. No shit everyone treats you like shit when you're a piece of turd.

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Look at the ID of the posters people. Colors arent everything. I know its warm but try to focus. Youre embarassing us.

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Not everyone who lives with their parents is a little shit

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Good thing I'm self employed so I can treat people how ever the fuck I want. Suck it ragie wagie

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But those who aren't little shits don't live with parents for long. Society rewards them enough so that eventually they can leave if they choose to.

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Also depends on the parents. Every family is different. Sometimes parents are overbearing and make the childcodependant. But sometimes the boss is just a slave owner and then falling back on parents and quitting job is a goof thing. OP maybe got kicked out. But some people end up in the crazy house because of their parents. So i dont know why OP is complaining and he didnt even get thar bad of a deal. And posting a disabled girl is just disgusting in this topic. It nullifies his complete credibility. It has to be a sick larp.

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Fuck off kike, glad I will never have to work for you.

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>ywn have a qt pegleg asian waifu

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Every person who walks into your office should get respect and a start period observance. If you cant handle this job then stop hiring people. People arent machines. Everyone been through shit just you faggot.

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So you accepted you'll eventually be homeless? Or are you just deluded?

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Everyone will be homeless soon. Every millenial. Have you seen housing prices boomy? And that doesnt mean boomkin

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I will have plenty saved up from living with my parents, I don't waste my money on products I don't need.

>> No.15035770

Plenty saved up from your part time job? Kek

>> No.15035775

And for those who have no sweet parents like OP there will be those cheap beehive small sleep compartments like in china cities and japan tokyo. Where you got a couple square meter to live.

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The grapes of wrath

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>Respect my creativity and respect my mouthing off to you

I'm a millennial that rents with a roomie but hoping to buy soon.

It's funny to see the basement dwellers coil at this post, but I think OP has found an interesting correlation. I've seen it in my life as well. Though of course there are exceptions.

But it would be asking for a unicorn if your salary doesn't pay for a decent standard of living for the area.

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At normal rent ofc. Automation they said.

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You guys will wake up sooner or later. All rural life is disdained for city life. We are being brainwashed to accept ever smaller spaces. And lower standards of life. Because of Guilt

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So easy to say a person is shit and what not. Human life is almost a commodity at this point. A very dangerous approach. This ends bad always. History knows

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dubs of truth

>> No.15035935

Lol it's some random creepshot. Beautiful girl though.

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Look for lil niggas who have multiple states/cities at previous jobs on their resumes. It's a sign that those little niggas don't live with their parents because they likely moved out of their hometown and thus are self reliant. Also, you're probably just bad at interviewing/screening prospective employees. I also think you're larping.

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Take trains and wake early to a couple jobs in other cities. Smug up that resume a bit. Be back in time for moms tendies. Gaming on the laptop on 4g in the train with a kfc bucket if you had to do afterhours.

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Yo word dawg. But you know rhe struggle is real for the average African American. The white devil likes to keep us down.

>> No.15036048

Nobody cares enough about you, nigger, to waste any effort on 'keeping you down'.

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So you pay 25K usd starting and rent is $1000-1500+ starting in the UK depending on area.

I really hope this is bait.

>> No.15036078

I enjoy making boomers like you shit your pants.

Yes I'll take that extra responsibility. *yawn* Sorry, boss, I'm working as hard as I can... I'll work extra hard! *leaves on time* Oh yeah, I'll do that tomorrow...

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OP you ever thought about why your employees mouth off to you? 1 reason I can think of would be low pay. Since you say it's not that, what else? Sounds like a personalilty clash. Now what has a greater statistical probability of being true; every single younger person you deal with has a bad personality? OR maybe you're the asshole?

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If he's in CA every young person really is an insufferable cunt unless they were raised by Mormons.

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Yeah that's pretty crazy. Boomers are a piece of work.

God I wish I didn't have to pay the rent jew.

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Every politically left leaning young person, regardless of location, is insufferable. I wish employees could legally screen by checking voter registration, which is so easy to do

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>> No.15036172

Still thinking in left and right terms. Babby

>> No.15036191

>Live with parents
>Delicious meals cooked by my mum
>No money sent to the rental jew
>Comfy house to live in
>Parents often travel on weekends so I can bang girls on the weekends
>Saving up a shit tonne of money and about to buy my first property (to rent out)

I will become the rental jew, I will acquire resources from those less settled than me

>> No.15036206

It's more like 400 you idiot.

It's not all of them it's just most of them.

>> No.15036219

Dont worry the regulations will come. You will be the janitor in your own rented out property.

>> No.15036229

>If you cant keep people in line you cant work with them
You sound like a cunt

>> No.15036233

The right leaning youth of today have trad values, they are like boomers but smarter and more cunning.
The left leaving youth of today are generally lazier because they always had a safety net to fall back on, and want to continue this by voting in socialism for everything and sharing with everyone. I would much rather deal with one than the other

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Its a generalization and they are always bad. You only create future problems like a pendulum swing never ending the causes

>> No.15036268

History repeats itself. And history can get ugly us try not to repeat it.

>> No.15036288

Most boomers are literal brainlet normies who rely on intuition and a fixation on secondary characteristics. From a biological/evolutionary point of view this makes sense, if you need to quickly evaluate the threat of an enemy or the health of a potential partner your brain uses heuristics and zeroes in on the colour of their fur and the length of their claws etc to get an estimate. Boomers are obsessed with this “firm handshake, clean pressed suit” mentality to evaluating the potential of a candidate. However as technology and automation start developing faster and faster these heuristic measures will be left by the wayside because in the fast paced world you can’t just skate by on your gol; swing. Pretty soon the impact between having employees who have a strong understanding of technology subjects and those who don’t will be so great that firms prioritising superficial measures will be left by the wayside as the bottom 99% of employees will be rendered useless. Your days as a small business owner are numbered boomer.

>> No.15036307

Stereotypes are usually right and did not come about randomly. It's simply noticing patterns are extrapolating this information.

I'm usually a good judge of character and living in New York city I meet a lot of people my age (25) who are rather insufferable. Guess their political affiliation 99% of the time

>> No.15036313

> Depends
Shut the fuck up boomer. Day of nigger nursing home coming soon.

>> No.15036318

>it's just most of them
Kys and liquidate your shitty company

>> No.15036324

There will come a day you might make a mistake about someone and then you will regret it

>> No.15036343

If you live in Manhattan ofc everyone you meet is a liburl its a self fulfilling prophecy

>> No.15036347

OK. You got me fag. Nice bait

>> No.15036360

Nah. I'm subconsciously aware of what you say that generalizing is bad. I treat every person I meet with respect until they give me a reason not to. It's usually after the fact when no harm can be done that they prove me right

>> No.15036368

am i a degenerate for wanting to pull that fake leg off her, and fuck her as she lay helplessly on the ground?

>> No.15036382

OK but why does every liberal have to be insufferable. That's my point. The other anon told me not to judge based on political affiliation, then shouldn't the left-leaning be at least 50/50 easy going and pain in the ass? Instead almost all of them are assholes, which fulfills the stereotype and makes me right to judge how I do because much more often then not I'm right

>> No.15036383

Faggot boomer with gay company and no technical abilities detected

>> No.15036384

>against open borders
>complains when stuck with entitled rich kids
Top kek.

>> No.15036404

Why mention this here? That in itself is really degenerate.

>> No.15036406

Open borders are the solution because those other countries are doing so amazing on their own right so we gotta #let them in!!!
OP is in the UK btw where they have so many Pakis and Polaks it might as well be open border

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how much LINK for qt cyborg waifu?

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Hating millennials because they've been dealt a bad hand and they are understandably frustrated by their credit card debt fucking parents is nothing to be proud of. Millennials become really nice and hard working after 25 years of age. Don't hire them straight out of college. Unlike you, their brains are still developing until their late 20s.

>> No.15036561

Fire 'em all. Let God sort 'em out.
t.Project Manager

>> No.15036572

Immigrants you idiot fuck.
Pay 10% more than minimal wage and they'll never quit

>> No.15036575

Dumpf style

>> No.15036605


Bad policy keeps you down.

>> No.15036621

Hire illegals you filthy boomer. You obviously deserve shitty employees

>> No.15036676

Found the boomer.

>> No.15036683

shit dude, you stepped on a lot of feelings in this thread. kek. biz is all newfag millennials who live with their parents now?

>> No.15036694

Boomers like you should jump out of a skyscraper headfirst.

>> No.15036710

I hope a pack of niggers rob your house, rape your wife, murder you, and she uses your life insurance to raise her mulatto rape baby

>> No.15036720

probably per week, since youre from the uk

>> No.15036725

I always take pics of attractive female job candidates.

>> No.15036739

A majority of boomers will be dead of natural causes in 20 years. I can take solace in that.

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Cry harder zoomie faggots lolol

>> No.15036768

A boomer who probably has never been laid. You seem like you would be fun at parties.

>> No.15036791

>my workforce is my biggest expense.
It generally is, in running a business. You get what you pay for. Pay more, you will get a better pick of people to work for you. It really is simple.

Society has deemed it important to support degenerate single mothers, no point in complaining when we have have a mass of young shit heads, we all paid/supported it to happen. you get what you pay for!

>> No.15036818

And it compounds, once something has been bought it will be seen as normal and after a while cheered on. Until the problems start. Then suddenly the fingers point in another direction.

>> No.15036883

Those problems started sooner. When father mother family units started being torn down. Sexual freedom of women and divorce rape. Postmodernism

>> No.15036939

The root is always same. A curse and a gift at the same time. Basically the reason for this board.

>> No.15036940

>stop running a shitty business that needs teens to make it work
Millenials are the new teens /biz/

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What's with all the hatred in here for people over the age of 30? I wouldn't employ any of you lazy fucks.

>> No.15037020

since 9/11 is the cutoff point of millenials, there are still a few that are yet to turn 18

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I usually put a weight lift requirement in the job description. E.g you must be able to lift 75lbs to be considered for this cashier position. That gets rid of most femmiest weaboos and crackhead homeless

>> No.15037046

fuck off boomer

>> No.15037049

People avoid that shit because they think it means they'll be overworked. No ones going to apply to 100lbs lifting requirement.

>> No.15037068

Flex on all the other employees by firing the shit out of the ones that don’t take it seriously, the other employees should understand that they’re expendable and their best bet is improving their performance and growing within the company (if that’s possible in your model). Also maybe stop hiring people you meet at Starbucks and Job Fairs and instead hire someone who previously worked a skilled laborer position and teach them the specialized skills. As much as I hate to say it, Mexicans that are here legally tend to live with their families and don’t fuck around when it comes to making money.

>> No.15037083


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File: 60 KB, 251x1024, 1564351224354m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15037202

You want good people? Then poach them from other businesses. Get good service somewhere? Give out your card.

>> No.15037234

I'm a CPA and work 70 hour weeks on average. Go ahead and tell me how lazy I am.

>> No.15037244

Cutoff for millennials is 1995 you dumbass. I was born in 1994 and am barely a millennial.

>> No.15037267

you have to go black

>> No.15037271

Its 1999 you dingus. MILLENIAL, as in the last generation of the millenia

>> No.15037275


Look at the address on the resume. If it looks like it's in a boomer suburb, toss it out.

>> No.15037301

You just tossed out the applications of 100 boomers.

>> No.15037313

You have to go back

>> No.15037316

Spreadsheet faggotry

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>> No.15037353


>> No.15037416

my sister just graduated with a phd and got a 50k gbp a year job as a blockchain researcher
pay more faggot

>> No.15037437

50k is not even middle class. But good for her

>> No.15037456

it's good for a 24 year old

>> No.15037487

Stop putting the shekel above the people at the end of the day its just a big game. Be happy if you win. But remember you could have lost also.

>> No.15037592

Based. Reminds me of that spic that saved Wal-Mart $30mm as a warehouse worker. Probably didn't even get a raise, kek.

>> No.15037662

McDonald's can probably say their workforce is their biggest expense too, but that doesn't mean they pay well.

>> No.15037705

10/10 masterful troll

>> No.15037836

Hmm I always thought larping as a woman was the best way to trigger biz faggots and collect Yous, but larping as a boomer to trigger the millennials and zoomers might be better. Thanks OP.

>> No.15037895

itt: entitled millenials who expect the world for choosing to work for someone else
Color me surprised

>> No.15037960

every woman ive ever worked with did no work, no matter the pay. even 140k a year and not much work was done

t. worked for fortune 50 company

>> No.15038007

Lmao you can tell there are a lot of asshurt millennials that still live with their parents that OP perfectly describes ITT. Pathetic board.

>> No.15038075

>Hating millennials because they've been dealt a bad hand and they are understandably frustrated by their credit card debt fucking parents is nothing to be proud of
No, hating lazy entitled faggots is definitely something to be proud of.

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> I pay well
> didn't state mine of work or rates

Let me guess, you pay marginally over minimum wage but use state and federal law minimums to determine the rest of your benefits?

3 days off a year PTO? Need a doctor's note and a guilt trip? Medical only once you have 50 employees? Oh and it's half of bronze tier so it's effectively fucking worthless. BuT iTs PrE TaX sO iTs lIKe 30% mORe

Pay raise? Nah. How about a GAS CARD. That way you can write it off too!

Off yourself you waste of resources

>> No.15038117

hey suprise for u u bitch ass work for bloomberg billionaires, surprise!

>> No.15038131

No response. OP is a fag.

>b-b-but everyone else does it.

Doesn't make it right.

>> No.15038138

>get fired any minute and run back to daddy.
so you dont like the fact that you cant threaten them with bullshit and have them get scared? you're a typical faggot. How about you make your workers want to perform

>> No.15038140

Hey retarded faggot millennial, you are going to be homeless when your parents die or kick you out!

>> No.15038154

T. seething assblasted millennial. Kys

>> No.15038166

>Need a doctor's note and a guilt trip?
This shit is crazy to me what the fuck is the point of sick days if you can't use them for actually being sick? I'm not going to the doctor if i have a fucking flu. Yet I have to because those kikes want to see proof you are sick.

>> No.15038168

i already want them to do that
instead of being a home slave
like ur tesla and instathots? boomer,gud.
that's billionaire want to brainwash u
i am nothing
so do u

>> No.15038170

Fuck off pajeet

>> No.15038182

U can't, try fuck off pichai and other codemonkey indians please, billionaires like them over u!

>> No.15038183

>you are going to be homeless when your parents die
>sell house
>have $250-300k plus whatever you sell off from instead the house
yeah m8 unless there parents are absolute 100% fuck ups then they'll never be homeless.

>> No.15038233

Learn english and I might consider humoring your retardation angry pajeet

>> No.15038250

qadam qadam bahae ja! kike puppet

>> No.15038298

Paying slave wages isn't respectful

>> No.15038312

CUT welfare and ler people in. That is how greatness is achieved.

>> No.15038343

That’s why we hate boomers

>> No.15038448

They're probably not entitled at all, this boomer fuck's just stingy as shit.

if by greatness you mean turning into the 3rd world

>> No.15039122

Not for someone with a PhD, she probably has crazy student loans and even if not thats way underpaid for a PhD. I was making 43k during my last semester of college bumped to 65k the minute I graduated with just a Bachelor's in engineering. All my college friends make +/- 10k of what I do

>> No.15039275

Why let them in when we have enough homeless citizens vets and our own nigs to take care of. Citizens first

>> No.15039287

why in the fuck are there so many pajeet street shitters on /biz/ holy fuck

>> No.15039318

then just fucking fire them and don't hire teens, idiot. if you know the problem is you hire idiot tweemos then don't. Are you not the boss of your fucking bussiness? Fucking act like one you pathetic cum guzzler faggot
you're such a weak bitch no womder your employees treat you like shit

>> No.15039333

how many btc for one legged chinese girl?

>> No.15039344
File: 229 KB, 360x438, 1553235446681.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

stop hiring niggers. If you have a big problem with keep employees you need to ask yourself why you are such a shit person. There is a fucking reason you have high turn over and its not the employees you are hiring it is YOU. Unless you are hiring niggers and other non-whites even then its your fault for being so stupid.

>> No.15039348

>3rd world
That is literally how the USA was built and why it had a competitive advantage for so long.

Because our useless citizens can't fend for themselves, it is best to let them die (if even your family hates you enough to allow you to be homeless, you don't deserve any pity) and replace the scum with productive people.
I mean, lets be honest here, vets bums shit all over the street, at that point, even pajeets outvalue them

>> No.15039353

> Imagine actually believing this
I've gotten a shit load of raises over my life, and not a single one got a bit more out of me as an employee.
> Wow Mr. Sheckleberg is giving me $50 more dollars a week! I'll be an even better waggie now!
If you ever thought that way know you're functionally retarded.

>> No.15039371

>complaining when I make an example of someone
haha oh man no way you own a business

>> No.15039400

If someone is being paid $8/hr and you give them $15 and every year you give them a bonus or something they sure as fuck will work harder. Now if you are already making a fuckload of money then those wage increases will not have as much effect to you as someone who works at the bottom.

>> No.15039410

What makes you say that?

>> No.15039451

If you're retarded you sure will, if not and are capable of critical thought you know that A. Clearly your work is up to par as not only am I continuing to be paid, but my rate of pay is increasing, and B. You're not going to be paid $30/hr for what just 2 years prior was an $8/hr job. I would continue working exactly as I had been.

>> No.15039518

If you are openly berating someone in front of co-workers you are a shit business owner. You also don't make "EXAMPLES" of people. Its fucking retarded if these people are older then 18 then treat them like adults instead of like your kids. I've worked for managers who did this and every single one under them felt like shit and quit often. Stop being emotionally invested in people whom you hire unless you are good friends with them/trust them.
It depends on the job but most of the time you will end up treating the job more like a career if you get a raise.

>> No.15039550

If you make an example of people they know not to fuck up.

>> No.15039564

Thats not what you do retard they aren't children. Write up a fucking policy and have them sign it at a meeting dingus. If they fail to follow it fire them.

>> No.15039576

That only works when you hire something like five wagecucks, fire one, promote one and leave the other three right where they are.
The carrot is not enough, they must fear the stick.

>> No.15039629

Gl having to hire someone new every 2 weeks lol get fucked nigger

>> No.15039642


>> No.15039653

It astounds me how consistently brainlet and entitled boomers are. Thank God they took lead out of gas before I was born

>> No.15039665
File: 68 KB, 720x960, 1564244025261.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bullshit, people work slower when they are miserable and they will look for other opportunities.

>> No.15039669

I would be all for replacing them with actual hard-working immigrants, but a lot of immigrants who come start out on welfare and many of them remain forever. That is not okay. Another big argument against immigration is that these people come to America, take jobs that could go to good citizens, and accept less money to do the job, work for two or three years, and then they go back to their country with enough money to retire. This has the adverse effect that these immigrants lower the wages because they don't need as much to live in their country, whereas Americans who do live here need High wages because the cost of living is so high here. Also the fact that these immigrant waves will never end means that there will be an endless supply of people taking American jobs, keeping them for only a year or two, and going back but then a new immigrant takes their place. The only way this would work is if we block the means for them to sap money from the American economy and bring it back to their shithole country. Otherwise this is sapping resources and money from the US people. Fuck them I dung give 2 shits about helping the third world, we get absolutely nothing in return for it

>> No.15039790

You don't do that with your whole staff, brainlet, just with the bottom.

As I said, you just need to cut welfare and that, coupled with open borders, would fix the whole fucking economy again. Like, not in twenty, not in the ten years, but only two or three (first year being hard because of much needed correction and literal blood flooding the streets).
It is important to understand that the current model incentives criminals and freeloaders that want to get in the US - they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by moving there. Meanwhile, talented and honest people (mathematicians, doctors, entrepreneurs, etc...) face so many restrictions that it is better for them to have a worse life in their countries instead of going through the hellish bureaucracy,
Also, you need to understand how the global economy works - allowing people to work for you is not the same as charity, everyone involved in the deal gets richer, abundant cheap labor means lower prices all around. Even that immigrant who is retiring back home probably will be opening a business that will benefit you in the longer run, richer neighbors force countries to be more competitive as well.

>> No.15039869

>You don't do that with your whole staff,
You really must be some 15yr old faggot that has never held a job in his life.

>> No.15039873

Are you actually fucking retarded? If you made an example of someone in the form of berating them in front of others, I would purposefully do anything I could to make your business fail. Either that or I would walk up and fucking knock your old ass out.

>> No.15039925

I actually manage a call center, faggot.

OP is clearly retarded, the best way to fire someone is privately at the end of their shift at the end of the week.

>> No.15039978

Seriously. I can't wait to get my degree and go back into the military, because this type of shit makes me so angry. People are so fucking greedy, they hire someone for pennies and then bitch and complain when they don't get solid workers.

>> No.15040022

Isn't that what HR pages are for? I always get a page on the back of application forms that insists it is not part of hiring process, yet you need to fill it in anyway. Everyone knows this is bullshit and HR does use it for selecting candidates, especially when they have quotas to fill. But anyway, this page asks for things like age, sex, race, and next of kin. If the next of kin is a parent and the address is the same as the applicant's address, throw it out.

>> No.15040039

>I actually manage a call center, faggot.
things are different in white countries you pajeet faggot.

>> No.15040043

Now you are also being retarded.
You should assume that everyone is an incompetent twat until they change your mind - which means that you should also assume that everyone will see you as a waste of space until you prove otherwise.
Go and do a solid job for three months, see how management reacts, and just then start seeking employment elsewhere.
The majority of first hires are not even worth minimum wage if we are being honest here.

>> No.15040062

>The majority of first hires are not even worth minimum wage
says the guy who manages a fucking call center? No one who works for you deserves minimum wage, including yourself.

>> No.15040110


>> No.15040295

Hired a 23 year old mech engineering student to do machine drafting with AutoCAD at my water treatment machine manufacturing small business.
I pay her $10/hr and she's the best damn employee I have.
My Mainstays are older fellas like myself, the youngest of which is 43.
Those lazy assholes get here at 545 every morning and don't start working until 7.
This girl on the other hand, admittedly my son's girlfriend will browse Pinterest and Amazon picking out gifts when she's not busy, but when I send her a spec sheet over the email, she gets to work and sends me a drawing in an hour or two.

>> No.15040329

How much do you pay? Don't tell me it's $15 cause that's not enough.

>> No.15040375

traditional business owner here

make having a driving license a requirement for the job, weeds out a hell of a lot of people

VERIFY EMPLOYMENT HISTORY, kids just make this shit up- if you don't check to see if they have been continuously employed you're going to end up with trash.
be sure to check they weren't related to anyone on their resume as well- you can just ask.

also have succession planning, make a fake advertisement every 6 months to collect resumes in case you have to fire someone or someone quits unexpectedly- if you are only hiring when someone walks out you're going to end up taking a shitcunt and it will be your own fault

see if they want to stay in the industry, "where will you be in 5 years time"
if they say they won't stay in the industry that's fine; you're really just seeing if they lie to you or have no clue

>> No.15040457

Only hire people that look you in the eyes and give you a firm handshake.

>> No.15040488


vital qualities for advertisers, designers and accountants.
Alpha types cause trouble and aren't reliable, I don't want a prince or king to work my ovens

>> No.15040572

Why do you pay her only 10 dollars an hour. The second she graduates she will leave your company. If you want to keep her because she's good, incentivize her to stay

>> No.15040578
File: 37 KB, 604x340, 1452194696150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> I can only work with people who pretend loving to eat my shit the post.

>> No.15040643

>not having a fair wage distribution

if you underpay your people, they leave.
And before they tell you they aren't happy with their pay (they never do) employees just give up at work, apply elsewhere and drag the team down

>> No.15040738


Why would we be homeless when homes are soon going to be cheaper than water? There's millions and millions of stupid boomers with mortgages who borrowed extra on their home's "extra value" and they have variable interest rates. What do you think happens when the deflationary pre-collapse happens? 40-50% interest rates, millions of homes on the markets but not enough people with money to buy them.

In China right now, there are 50 MILLION empty homes. What do they do? They buy investment properties in other nations around the world. What if those property prices start crashing? A massive discount sell-off. Houses are going to be worthless soon. You'll see empty rotting houses everywhere within the next few years, the lucky ones will have squatters inhabiting them.

So enjoy your retirement plan you old fuck, your time is over and your money with it.

>> No.15041029

She's new, part-time, looking for experience and merely here for temp summer work. She came to us through my son, her boyfriend, who also works for us.
Definitely underpaid.
I will pay her 12-13/hr after 30 days, but I would like her to come to me and ask for it. She won't because she's too polite and shy, so I'll start that conversation.
I will pay her more when she has been with me a little while longer.
The best paid employee at my company is one of my shop workers, he earns 24/hr.
The next best paid makes 18, then 16, then 1450 (my son).
I'm not unfair, I let my workers have time on the clock even if there isn't work so that I can guarantee them a living wage, it's easier to have them at the shop all the time than it is to pay them more and give them less hours.

>> No.15041171

>hiring your son's girlfriend
whew, thats a glaring liability

>I would like her to come to me and ask for it.|
that's just foolish, many employees start looking for other jobs (low risk) before asking for a raise (high risk)

you're providing roasties for your son, not filling vacancies

and any boss who says "fair" in the context of wages is covering their own ego. every time.
a businessman pays first to retain, then to incentivize
It's not about a living wage or fairness, it's about creating a logical salary hierarchy in the workplace to foster skills development

>> No.15041502

>any boss who says "fair" in the context of wages is covering their own ego
If they were not fair people would not accept them. The problem is that delusional people want to be rewarded just for their continued existence, as if everyone was so fucking special.

>> No.15041663

so you have mechanical engineers who are making under $20/h and think you pay fair wages? (since your temp worker is doing this and all your other employee's earn less than $20/h except the shop worker)

or are you just using the word engineer loosely to make people feel more accomplished than they are? i worked with a network "engineer" once who didnt know the different between a MAC and IP address

>> No.15041723

you're hiring tenuous personal relations on bare minimum wages.

you will just constantly rotate poorly settled and paid staff like you were running a coffee shop, and as a result won't be able to give the many serious responsibility.

you can operate that way, but don't bullshit us about "fair".
your specialists have no career growth prospects because you can't easily promote them to managerial staff- you're only getting staff who can't find a better salary

>> No.15041892

Fair does not mean good, and never did.

>> No.15041940

Not good wages means not good employees, that's the path you chose for your shit business so deal with it amd stop bitching you fucking brainlet

>> No.15042057
File: 68 KB, 596x628, rea_ctio_nigg_er.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15042106
File: 89 KB, 1371x457, REPARATIONZZZ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15042165

Kill urself oldman

>> No.15042221

Let me spell it out for you.
Legal min wage workers annual net growth is $2k
Illegal min wage workers annual net growth is $31K
Millennials live with their parents because they are competing with illegal immigrants in the housing market. A sin that you boomers have too live with.

>> No.15042487

he's obviously complaining because he is frustrated that his turnover is high not understanding there are two sides to people leaving jobs - and he is definitely one of them

>> No.15042664

You don't have true engineers working for you then or else they'd go anywhere else and easily make double. I'm a 24 year old civil engineer, I make 68k salary. Every single one of my university friends makes +/- 10k what I do, thats 27-37 an hour give or take. I understand she's part time temp but that's barely above minimum wage. If I was graduated and saw your company had a job posting for even just a CAD draftsman, I wouldn't even enquire unless it paid at least 20 an hour, and I consider that quite low. 12 or 13 you want to pay is a joke unless you live somewhere like Mississippi where rent is 500 a month

>> No.15042720


>1 DAY

that day will never come shlomo

>> No.15042820

Sounds to me like you're providing your employees with a very inadequate work environment, whether that be in the form of pay, company interactions, overbearing management or a general lack of morale..

Firstly, this new generation doesn't "rely on running back to Mommy/Daddy" this new generation was simply raised to put happiness and comfort over material gain, be it in currency or items; you will be hard pressed to find a millennial willing to bust his/her ass with minimal compensation (DO NOT read pay, read "Good job! keep the hard work!" positive reinforcement, which is probably very lacking considering your attitude towards your employees)

Second, if you're relying on hiring teens for your business, you should already know you need to have very good management in place; that doesn't mean an asshole who yells all the time, that means an actual leader that accomplishes tasks and makes sure his /her team is accomplishing tasks as well.

Finally, it's really easy to project your issues onto others; especially a generation you seem to look down upon.. Unfortunately, it's hard to look internally and ask the question, "Am I the difficult one to work for?"

>> No.15042936
File: 220 KB, 642x681, 20190727_000855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15043041

You either run a absolute shit environment in one way or another which qualified workers can smell by the job posting, OR you are too inept to screen properly during hiring. Not all millennial are entitled shits, and especially in the city moving out is expensive

>> No.15043174
File: 386 KB, 498x498, plop.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not all millennial are entitled shits

>> No.15043197

If no one ever hires someone who lives with their parents, how will people who live with their parents ever be able to afford their own place?

>> No.15043217
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