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>imagine being excited about a singular use case from iExec RLC

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rlc using chainlink oracle now?

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RLC is using RLC's oracle

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sorry you bought this shit coin and are drawing down massively and figured shilling it on a vietnamese basket weaving forum and compared it to the 4th industrial revolution would somehow raise the price.

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> imagine the only way to get (you)s on behalf of your dead french shitcoin is to compare it to the standard for decentralized oracles
sage and hide

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its not oracle it Doracle

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Imagine thinking your literal who scamcoin is going to ruffle the feathers of the smart contract industry standard.

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doracle is short for decentralized oracle

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imagine being do insecure about your shitcoin that you make infographic full of blatant lies about chainlink

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imagine being so insecure about your shitcoin that you cry about it months later

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Linkies salty that their coin under development for 2 years was out done by a side project in one weekend at a tranny party

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I'm not the one who is crying, Franjeet. Cope.

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>implying you aren't crying about a chart

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>RLC does it all!
>It's like everyone's crypto all in one!
Reddit-tier reasoning.

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>oh nooo!! I’m only up x14 now! What a miserable investment!
Get lost nigger.

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kind of prove my point kek

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those digits are not deserved.

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Not saying it does it all, but it does everything your shitcoin does and more.
Those gains don't matter until you realize them.
kInD oF pRoVe mY pOiNt

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RLC is interesting, but fails to impress so far. LINK can also cover some of iExecs use cases though - trusted off chain computing.

The biggest concern about RLC though for myself is that they are French. Had enough of that with ARK and REQ. LINK seems a lot better connected in the industry being in SanFran, and that usually helps being the dominant system used.

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>trusted off chain computing.
show me where link can do this

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Too lazy to search for it, on my phone right now - but Sergey had this as potential use case in a presentation last year. As they support SGX and Secure Enclaves they can run code off chain and bring it back in trusted. Threshold signatures are also a huge thing and have a similar approach.

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Market values chainlink at 24220 sat and rlc at 290 sat. Cope.

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Ting ting ting we have a winner

t. French first lieutenant

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Okay. So when LINK can do that or show an example then I'll agree with you. iExec can do both oracles and trusted offchain computing. You can use iExec's oracle right now.
It's seemingly a lot harder to do trusted offchain secure computing than it is to make a decentralized oracle. iExec is specializing in it and is about to have a huge update in December. Plus I don't think LINK will ever be able to do supercomputing tasks/fog computing. That's why I'm going with iExec, plus being capable of oracles is just the cherry on top.

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>mUh pRiCe fUd
Cope. Literally no one knows about iExec besides biz, and that's how you make money by buying things that no one knows about. As much as you want to believe LINK is a godsend, the real reason why it's known in the market is because of the autists spamming it 24/7 here and spreading to the rest of the internet like a plague.

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Let me know when Google post about RLC and it gets listed on Coinbase. Oh wait, it never will.

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I can show you iExec brand and logo ON Intel, IBM and Ubisoft websites, not just a blogpost

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I can start making cola doesn't mean I can compete with coca cola.

Just because your shitcoin can do oracles doesn't mean it automaticly has the industry backing.

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Should buy them all while you can.
Sell the kids, mortgage the house, go all in on baguettes

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Beware of gooks posing with things.

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>comparing a skateboard to google security

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dorc is the next short

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Beware the posing gooks.

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you can say that for anyone, keep coping
lol don't make fun of haiwu he :(

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>>”the standard for decentralized oracles”
>doesn’t have any decentralized oracles

What is wrong with linkies? You need to update your scripts. The shilling needs to at least make sense.

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wait until you learn about Kleros

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typical chink trying to scam retards
meanwhile in reality

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lol it doesn't? Are linkies just delusional pajeets scamming people?

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And here we have another bait that was eaten hook line and sinker and had the absolute opposite effect of what was claimed it has.
Old memes don't mean automatically more credibility. Also the pictures can be contagious was a wrong narrative, (((you))) all ate hook line and sinker

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>keep coping

Keep posting pics of gooks at various locations and events.

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oh wow.
A blog post AND a 4500 view blog video!

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>say that Chainlink doesn’t have a network of decentralized oracles
>some distraught bagholder starts blabbering on about ‘memes’ without addressing anything I said whatsoever

Of course, linkies only think in terms of memes and JPEG’s, sometimes even PNGs. Try to explain things with words and they just won’t be able to comprehend anything in sentence structure. Arguments presented to the linkie need to be in picture format, preferably containing a paste in frog of some kind looking at the viewer directly. You people truly are the dumbest people on this while board. Emotionally attached to an ERC token because you saw lots of other (non genuine) posts on an anime website saying they love it and it’ll make you rich. Be a good linkie now and never sell. True “””””marines””””” go down with the ship after Chainlink are finished market dumping the entire 30 million in around a year and a half’s time.

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And? Price will be driven by mainnet usage, not poorfag franjeets like you.

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>linkies are the emotional ones
>posting an emotional wall of gibberish

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Im never selling , never buying ur shitcoin fuck off kike

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Rlc pajeets are stinkies, remember that, rlc is a meme

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>at a tranny party

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