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Is this the greatest scam of the modern time?

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Isn’t it obvious anon? LINK whales rode the wave all the way to $4 and now switched to starting the same game with SENTinel. Only suckers stay in a downtrend with dead money.

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Is this the gayest thread of all time? Let's see. Check these digits.

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whos got a link to the stream

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Wait until it breaks top 10 fag

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Yes and Ari Juels Is the mastermind behind it. Sergey is just the front.

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Enron 2.0

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Probably. I'm honestly impressed by /biz/' ability to organize so much confusion around the subject.

Chainlink is clearly positioning itself to be the largest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen, and people are completely oblivious to it because they can't wrap their heads around image board memes and the spillover they've had.

You only have to visit the chainlink website and look through the vast amounts of documentation for setting up a node, becoming a certified node operator, or developing an external adapter to understand that at the very least; the project is not an exitscam.

But people can't even bring themselves to do that much. So crippled have the general public become by the information overflow of the modern internet they just aren't able to comprehend what chainlink is.

Tech corporations are essentially becoming banks, and it's the tech savvy who are going to profit practically overnight.

> kek

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In case anyone needs a quick and simple bitcoin QR code tool for sending and receiving check out:


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I wouldn't quite say I am depressed, but this shit has for sure numbed myself and my emotions to anything. All i do throughout every day is pull up binance to check links price and charts, then i switch to this hell hole in search of some kind of good news or a small glimmer of hope that i can escape this shit cycle and life I put myself in. I'm a true believer, have all my link on a ledger and am holding to 0 or 1k+. (.40 average buy in) What's fucking worse is the only people I can talk to about it is you autistic fucks since I haven't told a soul about any of this. This is maybe my 3rd post since 0 fucking 9, so all I REALLY do is read..... read every single cancerous link thread and post since it was pretty much first mentioned here, day in and day out. Im surprised i havent worn a hole through my phone where the refresh button is from how many times I hit the fucker. This has become my life and I can't talk to anybody about it because you people are the only ones who know, and you all are just boxes of text, sometimes with funny pictures and hot thots. What may be the best/worst decision I have ever made and may ever make in my entire life came from a bunch of autistic fucks on a Taiwanese booger eating anonymous forum that I've been visiting since 2009. You all talked to each other in depth while I sat in the corner and just listened like an autistic weirdo. FUD will never work, I'm immune.

Am I the only one?

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>vast amounts of documentation
Literally a 5 minute tutorial on how to punch in a few lines of code.

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>Am I the only one?
No I'm doing the same thing. I think if you are like me then the problem is you hate your job which is causing you to hate your life and become obsessed with Chainlink because it will free you from your shit life, caused by your shit job.

My solution is I am trying to find a fun job to do in the meantime while I wait for link to hit 1k+. I'm trying to become either a wildlife officer of a firefighter. Both of these will pay less than my engineering job and I may have to live like a poorfag for awhile, but it's better than my soul sucking desk bound cubicle job. Sure I get paid well, but I'm miserable.

I'd rather be poor with a fun job for 1-3 years or however long it takes for the singularity then be miserable until it hits.

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Lol Enron had revenue over $100B

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sergey dumps > /biz still holding > shows the avg iq on this board

anyway my iq made me buy this in april and sold after cb launch

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Come to the discord. It's in the sidebar of /r/linktrader

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>falls for scam
>gets rich
damn I hate when this happens

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Makes sense about the whole job thing, and i think you're right about it. Unfortunately, in my mind i already made it so i want to start up the countless hobbies i have planned, and it sucks that i cant.

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Do you have any idea how big a wall a five minute article and some coding is to everyone that doesn't go to school for it, and here? It's an impenetrable fucking barrier, Trump wishes he could have so solid a border defense.

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invite invalid/expired

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you can always sue the scammers and lose all profits on lawyers
works like a charm every time

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So many people on this board need to have sex

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