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Last chance to buy BCH at 0.03

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This chart covers the past 10 days. The BCHBTC ratio has bottomed out and can only go up from here. What are you waiting for, anon?

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lmao rolling for btrash going to zero

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>Buying anything Bitcoin
>Having a (somewhat) functioning brain
Pick one

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good one anon, i'll roll

BTC is the King hands down

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Just to give some perspective, I'm a programmer.
Done so since 8yo, am 22 now.
I've always had perculiar interests in everything, and I'm open to anything.

The way bitcoin is setup is unsustainable, the low TPS and POW are inefficiëncies that truly limit it.
I would dare to say, this has been done on purpose.

But, why? Sensically I'd say the devs didn't see it getting this far, but somewhere I think this is a setup.
A massive redistribution of wealth when bitcoin crashes.

Crypto is here to stay, Bitcoin might have been first but has become ancient because of this.

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In 2015, the community had the opportunity to come to consensus to implement better scaling.
Parties left at the last moment, and there's no changing their mistakes now.

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>>Buying anything Bitcoin
so you realised this but don't have bsv? what are you doing nigga?

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Because BSV is also highly inefficiënt.

XRP are the only ones who did their job correctly.
It's made in c++, a limitless and highly efficiënt language.
Supports javascript, useful in mobile and web application
Invests in itself
Unlimited TPS
No excessive energy usage
Codius for smart contracts
Ripple labs has also proven themselves with rolling out xcurrent and xrapid

I'm in link for your memes, and ethereum is the brainlet techy meme so just expect gains but don't trust it.

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This, never buy any other Bitcoin than BCH

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Bitcoin Illegal kek

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Blockchains don't have programming languages, they are a networking protocol, you dumb fucking ape. Who cares what language one of the client implementations is written in?

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You'd care if you try to understand the scale at which a true currency has to function
Efficiency has always been the 1. factor in every competitive market
It reduces cost and time, which increase value or relative gains
If inefficiencies don't matter now, they will in the future.
Better save the time and resources by doing it right the first time, or keep walking after the facts.

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Sorry for my syntax, I'm really tired

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You are a moron if you think whatever programming language the client is written in has anything to do with the protocol's performance.

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ripple are gonna find their hands tied with patents from nchain
they won't be doing smart contracts for one
eth is fucked and can't scale for the same reasons, link will follow it to the toilet

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Yes I'm a moron.
My AI which processes 30 3MB frames/sec on a godforsaken raspberry is also retarded.

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Let me look into that, got some links?

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they have a couple hundred pending
they got one relating to uses of smart contracts in the EU and some other countries this month
i can't even find any from ripple labs except the banking one

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Hey look everyone I made a robot toy, I’m some kinda genius huh?

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Mostly because software patenting is not worthwhile
If you change the slightest thing in a software concept, the patent doesn't apply

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Ahahahahahahaahahahahahhaa what a nerd

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Yeah, you're a retard because you're still talking about processing power, instead of network bandwidth / latency, or consensus algorithms, which are what determine a blockchain's throughput and speed. Buy you are talking about what programming language the client was written in and that is "supports javascript" w/e that means.

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If you ask nicely, I can drop a link so you can play with it :)

In the mean time, I have an announcement to make..

*brr, brr*



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I think bitcoin's original design is actually the most elegant and battle-tested of any crypto out there. The reason BTC is doomed is because they've restricted the capacity of their network to a mere 3 transactions per second. Bitcoin Cash retains the elegance but actually scales massively.

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Poo poo pee pee

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Emotion should be left at home when rationality comes into play

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Because Core devs want a job for life. Can't have a job for life if the protocol is set.
The same applies to other industries e.g. pharmacy industry has customers for life with forced adult vaccinations (they're trying to get this done) and drugs in general, whereas many chronic issues can be fixed by applying lifestyle changes.
A wholistic view of the crypto market is the only way to explain it. If you're going the reductionistic route, prepare for short term gains but long term losses.

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This is wise

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No emotion about it, pal. Bitcoin's design just works. BCH is the version of bitcoin that actually implements the original design.

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>He thinks he will make it.

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Where do you think lightning channels go when they close?

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Where do you think all corrupt under the table backhanded payments go when they emerge back into the visible system?
And do you actually think this negates the point that such payments are made and such corruption takes place? Or are you just making noise for the sake of it?

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How about you answer my question before going on a desparate schizo-fueled tangent?

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It was an answer, that you didn't understand it is because you're retarded. You don't counter the point that some transaction medium is not subject to monitoring by indicating that it is eventually attached to some other ledger that is subject to monitoring, any more than you counter the point that raw sewage is not potable water despite a connection to the water table.

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The answer is BSV. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it. Creg is going to pull the bottom out of the market the only question is when.

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no matter how desperate to believe otherwise you are, lightning is not bitcoin.

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he sure knows it.

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The correct answer is into the mempool. Where do transactions in the mempool go?

Anything that moves Bitcoin UTXO sets around is Bitcoin. If I put Bitcoin onto a physical device and gave it to you for you to spend, with the exchange happening off-chain, are you saying that what happened *wasn't* a transfer of Bitcoin?

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> The correct answer is into the mempool. Where do transactions in the mempool go?
The correct answer is outfall, where does water from the outfall reservoir go?
> Anything that moves Bitcoin UTXO sets around is Bitcoin. If I put Bitcoin onto a physical device and gave it to you for you to spend, with the exchange happening off-chain, are you saying that what happened *wasn't* a transfer of Bitcoin?
You realise such devices have existed since before lightning was a thing and are flatly not a solution to the artificial limits of btc? Why am i bothering to ask? Of course you don't realise that. You fell victim to the most obviously transparent con imaginable and still try to soothe your idiotic ego by pretending it's all just too complex for anyone else to understand the mirage you have in your head you think is reality.

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>try to soothe your idiotic ego by pretending it's all just too complex for anyone else to understand the mirage you have in your head you think is reality.

No, it's very simple actually.

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It's a quote, so surely it must be true.
Good luck on your schizo quest.

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Why BCH pumping? There is already a worthless alternative out there, LTC.

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Maybe because it's the only coin that actually can compete with "the king" bitcoin and whales realize they can 30x their stack by switching to BCH.

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>22 year-old currency expert

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Perhaps perhaps

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I'm looking at NOIA for the biggest EOY gains, in the coming months. Low marketcap of 1M and an initial circulation rate of 1.41%. If I got this right, those buying in the first 3 weeks will be able to partake in the coming 1-to-1 airdrops. Obviously, you need to have the right tokenomics to make it in 2019, NOIA has this. All Bitcoin copies seem to have been beating hard in markets like these. Though, I'm a fan of BitcoinCash and think this Bitcoin Hardfork will stand the test of time. Hoping for gains myself, but I'm mostly holding Bitcoin

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