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>Working a salescuck job
>Keep receiving absolutely bottom of the barrel, shit-tier leads

I really want to quit and find a new job

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Top tier leads are for closers you faggit.

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Im a closer I was doing well before i started getting shit leads

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what do you guys sell?

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what a closer

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What the fuck is a lead?

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I'm in logistics and early on in my career I had the chance to go into sales. So glad I didn't.

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>tfw sales at a freight company

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nigga step ur level up
fuck the leads
contact companies and business
do your research
no one is going to be mad if you close a deal out of your ''to call'' list

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>just call them bro
There's half a million other companies they probably would rather do business with, fuck this

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>be me 18
>start working as a dumbass PR/Ticket sales for night club in summer resort
>boss assigns me a sector so I literally just talk to people on street
>work for 2 hr
>feels suboptimal
>ff 1 day
>visit 40 hotels and tell receptionists i'll give them % per entry ticket for my club and collect customers in a shuttle bus & return them
>start selling 500+ tickets on the daily basis
>be top seller 1 week after i started job
>FF 4 seasons
>be PR/event manager, don't even have to work but to give daily speeches to money hungry drugged up autists in order to get people in night club
>get % of 3000 tickets on a daily basis
Did i listen to my boss and just stay at the street and try to sell tickets?

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there were a million other night clubs in the resort i was working at

You seem demotivated bro, just watch some shitty youtube videos for salesmen.
You can't close if you're in a bad place mentally

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>just think of a creative idea bro
You don't understand this job there's nothing i can do

I want to quit, this job is stressing me out far too much. Fuck salescuck jobs unless it's for an actually good company.

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than quit my nigga
find a more chill job that has little to none incentives in sales (if still interested) so you can crush there
it's like ez mode if experience in sales

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I've heard of people selling cars or furniture and making a fortune. That seems so much easier and more rewarding.

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also yeah, sales jobs drain souls but, meh.
Find a nice thing to do in order to take it out.

beat up hobos for a $5

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Lol sorry anon, but god that shit is fucked. Selling a product is one thing, trying to sell space? They're going with whoever can get them the lowest rates, regardless of what they tell you in a face to face. I've been in freight for almost 15 years now, and have seen it time and time again.
> Hurrr we're done using FedEx! They fucked our shipment up for the last time!!!
We get slew of orders, deliver everything perfectly, ff 2 weeks
> Hurr can you look at these invoices...they seem expensive...!?
Verify rates correct, inform them rates are accurate
> Oh. If you can't match FedExs rate we're going to have to go back to them....
Repeat this scenario at least once a year. That is just not something I ever want to be in charge of selling.

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car sales has it's ups and downs
usually you'll be under a ton of pressure from your boss to literally scam people.
If you find a reputable dealership go for it.
Furniture is insane, the margins on it are unbelievable if you can also upsell.

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Did you work for a carrier? I'm working for a freight brokerage(which is even worse because nothing is in your control)

Yes i've heard the high-end furniture and appliance places are a goldmine selling to boomers

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>be me
>friend gets me "job"
>turns out its semi scammy internet selling
>door to door kms
>jk become top seller in first 2 weeks
>quit 3 months in because company I worked for kept taking "clawbacks" from my cheque and no base wage

>ff 2 months
>get sales job at SaaS company
>make $95k first year, top seller
>tfw on track to make $140k this year at 22

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Forwarder/HDA/Wants to be way too much/Really just wants to get sold to AMZN or WAL/Pilot Freight.

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my nigga

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Not sure what HDA is but this job blows, you deal with absolute scumbags and people screaming and swearing at you for damaged or late shipments

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amazon/ebay niggers are getting ridiculous

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Oh it's not that kind of shipping it's freight like things on pallets and crates and machinery and shit

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ye fuck it man, just find something that makes you feel good.
How long have you been with the company?
How are you dealing with rejections?
You should not give a fuck desu.
If you're comfy with your skills you can sell whatever.
I for example stay away from a semi useless products and the energy/gas sales etc
Find something you're more or less passionate about and you'll love it I swear.

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HDA=Home Delivery Agent
Trust me, that's nothing, the entire industry is fucked. I'm an ops manager of what is known as a cross dock/sort facility. It is constant insanity, monunental stress and pressure, fighting with corporate for even the most basic resources needed for my operation to function etc. I have had several bosses over the years stroke out or have heart attacks way too young. It's a motherfucker of an industry, but at the same time, if you're young, willing to work hard, and aren't functionally retarded, you can find yourself going from bottom floor to management in a few short years with no college degree or debt. Sales is Honestly just the last area of this industry I'd be, you'll catch me loading trailers again before you see me trying to sell space on a container or truck.

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There's not many jobs out there so i had to settle for this, i don't enjoy it at all but what can you do I've tried applying to different companies but no dice

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>building supplies salesman

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You wanna start sucking my cock? I'll pay you 100 bucks a year. Maybe a raise every 5 years.

>They used to call him "Vacuum Anon", he'd make your cock look like a fuckin' mirror

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Yeah man transportation in general is shit, i need to get out

Is that bad? Seems easy just sell lumber or tile to some cuck builder

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Yeah honestly the only reason I'm in it still is flat out addiction, which I will say does happen to a few of us in this industry. I'm in talks with L Brands to join their logistics team which sounds comfier, but then I'll be going into the dying sector of retail, so dunno if I'm going to pursuit or not. At this point I'm stuck in logistics whether in the industry itself or with the logistics aspect of any company, save yourself if you're not.

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Any suggestions for me? Should I also look for logistics position in a different company?

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Tough to say, what's your background in the industry? The industry itself doesn't give a shit about degrees, only your experience, whereas a company hiring for their logisitics division is likely going to want a degree for any real position beyond a dock worker/forklift operator because HR retardation. I'm in a good position now that companies will suck dick to get someone with as much LTL/FTL/general logistics experience as me, but I assure you the decade plus getting that experience was really horrible and pushed every limit I had. If the role you're at now is one of your first in the industry, I recommend running the fuck out, if it's not look for an ops agent job, international ops is actually based af and can pay really well for 40 hour weeks.

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>If the role you're at now is one of your first in the industry
Yes it's my first

Just a few years of brokerage experience handling ltl, full loads, flatbed partials etc I've built up an okay book of business I don't want to leave behind though, what's the approach with that? Just put large margins to milk them for everything? How should brokerage position be described on resume to sound good

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Oof how to make the most out of, or savs your book isn't going to be my forte as like I said I luckily stopped myself just before joining sales, but I'd guess you should determine your next move, and if It's to say another broker, try to carry that book over with you. I actually have a friend that recently left Pilot to do brokered sales and is loving it, but she's also entirely salary so I'm sure that's a good chunk of the reason why. Maybe the answer is to find a broker that doesn't work off commission, or only as bonuses etc. If you have a decent book of business built, and not much else as a fall back option, it's hard for me to advocate you leaving the industry entirely when almost any broker would suck dick to get you with them and away from your employer. As far as making it sound good on your resume, over exaggerate the volume of loads you deal with, or otherwise exaggerate your own efforts/skills in relation to handling them, but if you're OK with staying in the industry I'd just focus on highlighting that you come with a book of business.

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You can't take the clients with you though, companies either have you sign a non-compete or monitor your previous accounts very closely and have someone followup with them once they leave. The latter in my case, that's why i was thinking to just milk the existing ones i have and not care if they get mad or whatever after

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Also, you'd definitely be a shoe in as an ops agent with your brokerage background, so maybe go that route and then work up through ops supervision to management like I did, or try to get into international once you have domestic ops experience. All things to consider. I don't see most companies outside the industry seeing much value in your experience, not that they're right about that whatsoever logistics is logistics is logistics is what I always say, but they generally want someone with retail/DC logistics experience, not to mention a BA in logistics.

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I tried to sell insurance once. I opened an office and everything, spent 6 months getting licensed like an asshole. After 8 months I was completely broke and in big trouble with my company for not selling 10 policies a week.

Was all worth it to tell them to fuck off

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Lol well there's 'can't', and then there's can't. The friend I actually already brought up faced legal action from Pilot when the stations biggest customer totally coincidentally stopped using them at the same time and word got back to higher ups that they were going to her future employer, which delayed her start time at the broker for a few weeks, scared the shit out of her, but ultimately lead to absolutely nothing. She isn't even in sales Lol.

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Also sorry if the ID shift confused you, I'm the same logistics anon.

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Seems kinda risky lol but yeah fuck this industry too much stress not enough pay, at least getting a normal salary would be cool

Where did it go wrong in hindsight? Anything in particular?

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it's a total scam. they cant compete so they cannibalize their own sales people just like the company in that movie

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Well with freight brokerages in particular they're all shit and scumbags but all claim to be better than others, some clients I have I don't know why they pay us so much money, it'd be far better to just hire their own dedicated logistics guy

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It definitely is, but this is also America, and there is nothing unique or patented about anything any freight company offers, there's nothing stopping companies from following YOU because they've grown to depend on, rely on, or believe in your skills. There's nothing illegal about you calling all of your customers and thanking them for being such a pleasure to deal with etc. and letting them know you're going to be leaving the company. I'm willing to bet any broker you go to interested in hiring you will know the tricks. If you look at a lot of broker jobs, they openly advertise they are looking for people who come with books, I don't think they'd make it such a common desire if non-competes were nearly as iron clad as they seem.

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Yeah a lot of sales jobs just seem to implement the "churn and burn" technique, if you fail when then YOU just suck and we'll get a new guy in here and see if he makes it. What was your approach and where were you coming up short with your prospects? Just curious what other sales jobs are like

Hmm that actually makes some sense, idk ill see what my options are. The good news is i saved quite a bit of money and was even thinking of going back to school or something.

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Yeah I wish I could give you more details about what happened with her, but even though we're 3000 miles away once my employer brought legal action against her and I became aware of it, as management that topic became forbidden, so I don't know many details about what the actual legal actions against het could have resulted in, or how she got out of it. I will say that with your experience a degree in logistics would be a smart route, which I normally don't say to anyone and usually just reccomend working your way up.

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I want to stay as far away from it as possible, i just took the job because i was a neet prior and they happened to hire me

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Haha yeah I don't blame you, and yeah I'm honestly surprised to hear it was your first job in the industry, definitely not a common entry point as it's like a niche of the niche that logistics/transportation already kind of is. I got into the industry as a 20 year old kid helping deliver shit on a truck all day, I could also just read write and speak in clear English so was pushed onward to an ops agent. Now I'm 11 years in with a staff of 40 retards I wouldn't trust with a cup of coffee and a week that's 80 hours+ long. It's definitely not a great industry.

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yeah they shared some phone numbers to cold call. I dont know where the numbers came from but the supposed sales expert took me for a drive one day and told me I should walk to random businesses and door to door at residences. I asked him, really? They have no soliciting signs tho? He said people rarely call the cops. That just confirmed it was a complete bullshit operation and I was going on the 8th month of no pay so I had to pull the plug because I was so broke. Fuck that noise. Also they told me to just sell to friends and family.

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Sales sheet, numbers potential client iirc

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This. Selling freight is an absolute shit fest nightmare. We get like 10 people a week walk up and ask to see the "shipping manager". More than 100 calls as well and we only ship 5, maybe 6 orders a week. FUCK selling freight.