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Previous thread: >>14936827

The Goal:
The goal of this operation is to crush XRP. For too long the XRP hoard has roamed freely without being challenged for the shitcoin that it is. Today we have a golden opportunity to remind them just how weak they are. We will spam their blockchain with images and files of such memetic power that it will overload their nodes.
The cost for uploading a 11MB file to the XRP blockchain is about 1$
Therefore, one could upload approximately 1TB of memes to the XRP blockchain for $10,000
This cost is too much for one man. But for a Legion, it is possible. 1TB meme bomb on the XRP blockchain would ruin this shitcoins reputation for ages to come. That is our goal for this hunt.
So prepare your shorts, we're going in.

>IndImm allows you to upload any file, of any size, to the ripple blockchain. It is thus permenant and can't be changed (Indestructible and Immutable = IndImm). You have to use ripple payment transactions and the cost works out to roughly 3.6 Megs per XRP or with today's exchange rate, 11 megs per 1 USD.
>I've been browsing biz a while where I was introduced to crypto and have been working on this for a couple months. I'm looking for any and all feedback, ESPECIALLY on the section of the site on how to use this tool to upload files anonymously and securely with a VPN+Tor and anonymized ripple.
>The code is completely open source and runs locally only using angular, no server side code. You talk directly to the blockchain from your device.
>More details on how it works are on the How IndImm Works section of the site. I'll be including more detailed/tech focused information soon.

Source code is here: https://github.com/ndm-inf/ndm
Links to site: http://www.IndImm.link
The above redirects to: https://ndm-inf.github.io/ndm

Example of a file uploaded with IndImm:

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Copy/pasting interesting post:
OP I couldn't join the discord (is it gone?) but send me and email at [email protected]

This could easily be monetized in an elegant way that will not bother users. I can put you in touch with the developer that will do it. Should only take a weekend.>>14936827 (OP)

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>short XRP
>flood it with CP
>let big tech publications know that Ripple is now used by pedophiles
>outraged articles come out

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Well deserved BUMP

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this kills (((them)))

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new invite link to the discord:

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Someone add to Network

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I hope he adds webm play tomorrow.
It would be great to store porn there.

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>crush a coin by paying for transactions with long memos
There are just two possibilities.. Either the devs missed a fundamental attack vector, or someone is going to burn his money for nothing. Interesting in any case.

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Hiya anon

Just a heads up the operation will begin pretty short term, xrp github #3007 issue giving time constraints. Discord will give specifics when time comes

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>XRPtards on twitter right now

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i wonder if gifs will work

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Some Hitler speeches should make it a compelling adoption case for or (((banker))) friends

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some anon in the last thread said it would only take $80 to do one
someone please do it

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Thanks, just bought 10k

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It’s our time to rekt normies.

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I'm all for This

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Next up tron please.

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XRP holder here. Please don't do this.

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Let's send this shitcoin to zero, bros

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buddy, dump before its to late.

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So what's the point in waiting a day or two before starting to upload?? Doesn't this just give them more time to react?

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>XRP holder here. Please don't do this.

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You guys are really pissing off the Jewish overlords. Kek keep up the good work.

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None of this is worth doing unless we can go all in with shorts then coordinate a move that dumps XRP into the ground. Coordination gentlemen.

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Can someone post a transaction ID that contains data so I can check it out here: https://ndm-inf.github.io/ndm/viewPortal ?

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instructions and how to videos for slow anons are being created.

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there's the risk XRP goes up because it finally highlights a possible use for this piece of shit

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10k to kill a multi million dollar coin
> ok

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mfw people actually believe that they can bring down XRP.
Literally all that's going to happen is that you're going to spend shit tonnes of money just for nothing to happen.

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If that were the case why are they so afraid of the website?

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>mfw people actually believe that they can bring down XRP.
We are legion, anon, we can do anything.

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Guys I have never bought ripple because it is a centralized jewish cancer. I find it morally repugnant to even consider buying a single XRP. Can I somehow participate in destroying ripple without buying any XRP?

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Well, it deserves to go up if their ledger is truly immutable. If not it's just a gay corporate shitcoin punching way above its weight class in terms of market cap. Being in bed with the banks shouldn't be worth that much.

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You must embrace it, to destroy it, anon

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Post some good poo poo pee pepes. Nice and ripe poo coming out and spilling all over. And best racist stuff and have anons upload it.

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please upload a retro games library to make it DMCA resistant against companies like Nintendo

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Can someone give me the tldr on how to do this?

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They don't want cp and unethical stuff on their blockchain because they want to be an official and regulated currency.

You're almost as cringy as XRP fanboys

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>You're almost as cringy as XRP fanboys
I did it on purpose

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see the game plan channel for more details....

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But somehow Link is not in bed with banks and global corporate conglomerates. Jesus you people are morons thinking this will have any negative effect on XRP. If anything you guys are increasing it’s value. Fucking retards the lot of you. HAHAHAHAHAHA

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I just realized, can't you get $10 of free XRP from coinbase earn? post ur code and ill do it

>> No.14946243

get out

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We're doing it for the memes anon

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>can't you get $10 of free XRP from coinbase earn?

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It's pretty slow to load.

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its downloading metadata and the like from the XRP blockchain to render that image. of course its slow.

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Worked pretty quick for me.

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How much data does it need to pull the render that?

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This is 16KB.

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>to be an official and regulated currency
Cant be decentralized and permissionless and official regulated currency. These things are incompatible.

>> No.14946478

Then why dont you long XRP if you're so confident in its ability to increase?

>> No.14946538

I agree. That's not their plan.

>> No.14946544

>some autist uploads that horrible sonic the hedgehog tails diaper comic over and over taking up 1TB

im laffin

>> No.14946587

It may not be ripples plan but the sure release press statements all the time wailing how they are more decentralized than btc and their xrp army loves to talk about how btc is a scam for ancaps. Fitting that xrp is punished this way.

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Ripple won’t give a fuck.
Ripple is just one organization that uses the XRP ledger.
If people want to pay to host data on the ledger, great. It’s another use case for XRP.
If an XRP validator is concerned about the data being stored, they can choose not to run a full history node.
I don’t see what the problem is. There’s already CP on the BTC and ETH chains, and plenty of people still run full history nodes.
All you’re doing here is proving the XRP ledger is decentralized, that Ripple doesn’t control it, and that it has multiple use cases.
If you load CP you can be traced via your XRP purchase. There’s no way to get XRP anonymously.
So you’re basically going to end up spending money on XRP, thereby pumping the price, just to store some data which can be stored on any decentralized blockchain anyway.
The absolute state. Go buy some BTC on this dip instead, much better use of your money.

>> No.14946599

You retards are longing Xrp every time you buy it to participate in this retarded going nowhere scheme scam

>> No.14946612

Imagine being so deluded that you didn’t know this

>> No.14946646

This guy understands what you ‘genius autists’ dont

>> No.14946707

>You retards are longing Xrp every time you buy it to participate in this retarded going nowhere scheme scam
>xrp devs: please dont do this people it's bad for validators!!!!11!!!
So if it's simply going long why are devs so upset and telling people to not use.

>> No.14946753

Here’s the hack:

>Step one buy XRP
>Step two use XRPL memo field

Twitter losers from the XRP Army just played 3D chess on /biz/ Embarrassing.

>> No.14946761

this isn't working?

>> No.14946784

if it works then it should go up
the fact that they initially fought it would be even funnier

>> No.14946802

we don't care if it affects it positively or not
censorship resistance is the true use of blockchain and why it's so valuable

>> No.14946811

this also did not load

>> No.14946822

not understanding that as little as 10k can cripple the entirety of the XRP blockchain.

>> No.14946835

Cuz they don’t want cp and other disgusting shit on their work space. I mean if you went to someone’s house or place of business with that shit they would fuck you up. How hard is it to understand common sense. The absolute state of you incels, Jesus.

And yes for the hundredth time, buying Xrp increases it’s value huuuuuurrrrrrr diiiiii fucking durrrrrrrrrrr

>> No.14946840

Buy 10k amigo.

Wasted dubs

>> No.14946842

>There’s no way to get XRP anonymously.
there is

>> No.14946851

>the asshurt ripples' damage control

>> No.14946855

it loads now, weird

>> No.14946857

This just makes me feel sad.
This could be my mom who is into new age shit and almost bought chainlink because I suggested it (but told her not to because I will just share my stack with her when link moons).

>> No.14946861

>There’s no way to get XRP anonymously.
imagine not knowing how to use tor

>> No.14946887

You can’t get XRP anonymously with tor.

>> No.14946894

Hope you rek the shit out of this garbage tier tranny meme coin
t. guy who is waiting to catch the bottom of XRP to buy back in

>> No.14946898

Yes there is retard.

>> No.14946935

Yes, there is a retard. You.

>> No.14946957

Extremely well made fake IDs for one, I'm not going to spell it all out for you on a Tuvaluan spearfishing market.

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>XRP bad
>Link good

The only reason why you believe this is because of the echochamber that is /biz/

>> No.14946962

Ripplet detected. Go back to twitter soccer mom

>> No.14946980

no u

>> No.14947000

It doesn’t support atomic swaps for XRP. You can use it to buy through shapeshift or changelly, but not anonymously.

>> No.14947010

Sure thing dude. You must be one of those leet haxzors.

>> No.14947013

People are just not smart enough to understand and resist social engineering ala Edward Bernays

>> No.14947022

>having a spare 140 bucks is l33thaxor now

>> No.14947024

no u

>> No.14947030

You seem increasingly nervous. Why is that?

>> No.14947061

Cuz everywhere I look people are becoming more and more stupid while at the time becoming more and more degenerate at a sub human level. At this rate the monkeys will surpass us and we truly will become a planet of stupid apes....but I guess we were always that to begin with

>> No.14947078

they only need $10k to flood the network with 1TB and bring it down. it'll lag for at least a few days. $10k is not enough to pump XRP but the damage is definitely enough to freak normies out and make companies disassociate from XRP.

>> No.14947125

>most prosperous time in history
>free flow of information
>end of fiat slavery is near
This must be terrifying for someone like you.

>> No.14947132

except he doesn't. it only takes $10k to upload a whole TB. That's not enough to pump it, but definitely enough to lag the network for days. + with CP that means no body can download the full ledger history because it would mean their servers is holding CP content.

>> No.14947153

>I watched The Century Of The Self and now I understand everything about social psychology

>> No.14947161

and forget CP. They can upload full movies. so now they would have companies like Disney suing ripple for copyright right infringement and would demand a roll back at least. ripple is in serious danger because of this.

>> No.14947170

>Cuz everywhere I look people are becoming more and more stupid while at the time becoming more and more degenerate at a sub human level.

No its just out in the open more. They didn't have forums and camera phones years ago. Degenerates can congregate now making it look worse than ever. Morally wise, things are no worse than the 60's.

>> No.14947191

>Cuz they don’t want cp and other disgusting shit on their work space
>their work space
>public, permissionless, open network
>but you can only use the network as we want it!!!
Kys tiffany.

>> No.14947274

The network won’t even notice 1tb, that’s literally nothing.

>> No.14947286

They can’t sue ripple lol, Ripple has no control over what people do with the XRP ledger, because it’s decentralized.

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File: 28 KB, 149x186, 1561788401365.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a whole TB
A whole one? Whatever will Ripple do?

>> No.14947333

yes upload cams of capeshit still in theaters. and new releases of pop diva shit in flac.

>> No.14947341

The current full ledger history is a little over 9tb

>> No.14947377

they can sure sue every node that downloads full history though. you know companies would drop their full history nodes because of this.

>> No.14947437

Yes what a time to be alive to see billionaire pedos being pardoned by our pedo prez (and all our ex prezs) cuz they are all bffs and in the same club. And we advance towards a cashless society so that the elites can completely monitor/control us while tards like you cheer and say technological revolution! Completely validating my concerns

>> No.14947491

Fair enough...we have been raping and executing children since the early ages

Not her but keep attacking her and obsessing over her you pathetic sub human. So funny watching you all direct so much energy and hate towards ripple to bring it down, while actually inadvertently helping. Also campaigning for link which is the same sellout with banks mentality and creating memes that inadvertently will harm its progression just because they originate from this hateful place. Keep it up tar tards

>> No.14947514

Never seen it. Thanks for the recommendation

>> No.14947590


>> No.14947786

Doubt it. Otherwise they could sue everyone who runs a full bitcoin node too. You can store data on pretty much any decentralized ledger, I can’t see Disney going after nodes on any decentralized ledger just because they store some binary chunks that could potentially be rebuilt into a movie using the right software.

>> No.14947987


>> No.14948069

Samefagging, XRPtards are getting desperate

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DESTROY XRP!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in

>> No.14948146

It's based

>> No.14948156

You could convert these into XRP (alternatively BTC if you don't like converting shitcoins into more shitcoins)
>EOS 3 slots left

>XLM 3 slots left

>> No.14948160

Hahahaha the state of XRP Tards xDDD THATS WAT U GET TRAITORZ

>> No.14948287


I’m not the one buying xrp trying to destroy xrp. The state of incels

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File: 12 KB, 696x449, TRV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

someone upload this to the ripple chain for me

>> No.14948317

xrp hodler here

do it you leet incel faggots, you won't do shit

i'll be laughing in my lambo remembering about the one time a bunch of virgins thought they could upload cp to stop the standard

>> No.14948392

The discord has 326 members and phase 1 is getting /pol/ involved, the salty dev tweets just make it 2ez

>> No.14948589

>326 members
i forgot how many fucking pajeets browse biz

>> No.14948623

Bumping to cure delusional 'crypto' hodlers

>> No.14948634

And how would posting memes stop this?

>it's the jews meme
>thinks that meme's will stop le scary jews
fucking nigger IQ

>> No.14948641

subtle xrp shill, doing this will pump the price, retards...

>> No.14948753

It’s already pumping. Mission accomplished. These dumb pajeets have been psyopped into pumping XRP thinking they were going to ‘destroy’ it lol.

>> No.14948784

Well, someone is really really scared off XRP

Necc when the BOFA/SWIFT/APPLE/AMAZON/GOOGLE/SAMSUNG news are coming ;)

>> No.14948983

This thread reeks of 8cucks

>> No.14948998

Kek, jews owned them once again.
>hey guys pay money to destroy us!
These larpers just cannot for once in their memetic lives win

>> No.14949014

These dumbass basement dwellers never learn

>> No.14949027

Can I upload Daisy's Destruction on it?

>> No.14949086

yeah faggot
$10,000 initiative will pump your $13,000,000,000 shit
absolute retardation

>> No.14949344

Mine electroneum

>> No.14949584

Guys im feeling really sleepy and this thing seeems too complicated for me. Im out and i think you should be too haha. We tried but its not gonna work. Leave the thread guys

>> No.14949694

I’m awake now. Why didn’t you guys kill Ripple yet?

>> No.14949728

Nobody on /biz/ has 10k to blow lmao

>> No.14949736

Shit. I sure do not lmao

>> No.14950062

Please Goys, don't cripple ripple. I have significant life savings tied into this (((coin))). Let the banks have their fintech innovations, it will help all of us.

>> No.14950331

Kek, triggered.

>> No.14950341

xrp fags still going off on twitter.

>> No.14950599

lol fags. xrp will moon soon. end of summer is our time.

>> No.14951091

I can smell your cunt from here

>> No.14951395

kys you jelly faggot.
I'll just keep buying more XRP.

>> No.14951437

XRP is a programmer's wet dream.
They are the only ones who proved they have the willpower to go through.
There is no possibility of stopping it, the system is setup entirely and downright PERFECT.

>> No.14951464

XRP is literally unstoppable

>> No.14951482


Post pics of scat porn.

>> No.14951577

xcurrent, xrapid, codius.
Payment systems setup, with unlimited tps.
Written in c++ (limitless language)
Supports javascript, THE language of the internet
Smart contracts
Invests in itself

Almost never shilled or fudded by /biz/ brainlets

The future is here.

>> No.14951758
File: 54 KB, 1191x568, Discord3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder who is scared now?

>> No.14951948

its afraid

>> No.14951989
File: 66 KB, 1070x569, Discord9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's alright, whoever buys XRP off exchanges will be able to be tracked by watching the funds of XRP move from the exchange, to your wallet, to the network. Inheritantly, your real identity can be found thanks to Know Your Customer / AML on exchanges.
Nobody is safe :)

>> No.14952074
File: 16 KB, 747x467, image0 (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

then why can i buy XRP on binance with a fake name since they dont require KYC to trade....

>> No.14952087

Good to know my wallet is now multifunctional, and I can bring my waifu pictures wherever I go.

>> No.14952107

this is the last big FUD before ripple moons.

i will never sell. fuck you fudders you will NEVER get my bags.

>> No.14952114
File: 10 KB, 251x242, GTFO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh and, nobody will find them even by accident after this thread dies.
Waste your money hahahaha, more for me

>> No.14952132

Because you input money to become crypto somewhere, and its all tracked.

>> No.14952139

Oh no, they’ll find out who the people were who used the network for a purpose allowable by the network

Criplets are the biggest retards in crypto and deserve to suffer for it. Show tits Tiffany

>> No.14952165

"hur, im gonna buy crypto @ kyc exchange, send it to a wallet, then send it from that wallet to a non-kyc exchange like Binance to exchange for XRP, like my deposit tags aren't tracked or anything"

>> No.14952180

Its all written in the wall.

ripple has been in coinmarketcap top 3 since 2012. ripple is actually older than bitcoin.

ripple marketing budget (>300m$) is bigger than most of the shitcoins WHOLE VOLUME.

still /biz/ pajeets are buying those 2-men dev startup coins instead of real projects.

>> No.14952202
File: 160 KB, 600x600, 1540518953683.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anon, do you know what Monero is?

>> No.14952238

OP is secretly hoping someone here uploads CP to the XRP blockchain like some did to BTC.

>> No.14952249

"What do you mean? They still found me out even though I planned this all out with vpn and tor / using monero? It must have been all the talk about doing it and making it obvious"

>> No.14952262

>sells useless "healing" magnetic jewelry
>uses the money scammed from her customers to buy ripple
>gets justed by internet trolls

the real people she should be mad at is the developers, they havnt done crap in years

>> No.14952265

How are those shorts going on bitmex, by the way?

Getting rickety rekt?

>> No.14952366

Get fuckt

>> No.14952455

I can't believe those anons put cheese pizza images on ripple

>> No.14952510
File: 185 KB, 191x200, 1324785623324.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14952535

Did this actually happen?

>> No.14952568

Just stop. Op was from the nsa. Not joined discord or telegram. We are not the army of the nsa in his fight

>> No.14952665
File: 1.13 MB, 498x498, 1562767135373.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I gained €500 since your pussy raid

>> No.14952690
File: 28 KB, 460x339, 1554046241570.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sell magnetic jewelry for wellness

>> No.14953384

nobody's going to do this shit
this thread is already dead

>> No.14953404

unfortunately, that's an xrp bull flag

>> No.14953686

no one can stop #thestandard

>> No.14953918

lots of Link Marines in here with hundreds of thousands worth of investments

>> No.14953936

also 1TB $10k is total. so it would be pooled, not a single person.

>> No.14954084

Hahahaha fucking retards buying Xrp to ‘cripple’ Xrp and then shorting the bottom. Don’t look now but Xrp continues to pump! Get rekt faggots, you deserve it! HAHAHAHAHAHAH

>> No.14954105

I’m glad someone else gets it. This wasn’t how /biz/ started. Now however it’s filled with teenagers who actually think it’s still funny to have frogs and anime people in their social media profiles.

Ripple is a done deal, you have to be real fucking dumb not to see it. Real actual international ties to banks and governments, Silicon Valley based with over 400 employees. Technically speaking the best actual currency on the internet. Codius, Coil. Some of the best developers in the US. The normie base is primed.

Yet, people here would rather chuckle at JPEG’s of frogs telling you to buy BreastMilkCoin because some poster told you ‘exchange come soon don’t worry, will moon to 20 sat’. You’d prefer to dumb your $40 allowances into joke coins and Russian Caymens scams like Chainlink and ripoffs like Ethereum. Vitalik took the idea from a Ripple employee who’s house he was staying at. That’s why Ethereum is a clusterfuck. He just ripped the idea without knowledge of how to actually guide and administrate it. All while he was trying to get a job at Ripple himself.

Some script kiddie actually believed he could take down the XRPL. Hilarious.

>> No.14954203

well /biz/ worked together before to empty Binance's LINK hot wallett in 2017

let's see if you can fuck a bankercoin up

>> No.14954230

>to have frogs and anime people in their social media profiles
Why should anyone care about this? Social media is a joke. Is there any reason to take it seriously if you're not required to have one by your employer?

>> No.14954267

How does anyone get cp on btc and eth? Like how the fuck is that even possible, and how do people download and see it?

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>> No.14954928

>This wasn’t how /biz/ started
Bwahahaha fucking faggot, you know this is a /g/ containment board right?...

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just so you know the XRPL History is OPTIONAL and gets deleted BY DEFAULT!
Here https://livenet.xrpl.org/network/nodes you can see the history stored by each node (if the node shares that info)
Note that if these nodes go down absolutely nothing will happen to the XRPL
Only the validator nodes are used for reaching consensus.

>> No.14954989

Ripple is a company they allow absolutely nothing on the XRPL because they do not own the XRPL and there are no ToS to use it either. You can do whatever you want with it. Although it may be a good idea to follow the local law that however is none of Ripples business it everyone's own problem if they break the law.
If there is something illegal on their server they will take it down like any other company. In this case here they just won't allow to fetch the memo off a specific transaction. Does that break anything? nope. Does it damage their business? probably not since every company that allows stuff to be uploaded somehow had illegal stuff on their server. If they remove it on take down notice you really can't blame them for anything.

If they block access to a specific memo will other sever still hold that data? Yes but ripple has no control over these other server so someone has to send each server a take down notice as if the file was uploaded multiple times to multiple servers.
If they all take it down it is in fact gone. So much about the "free storage" claim.

The XRPL does not use a BTC like history written in blocks which are chained together. It does only chain the hash of the ledger states to ensure data can be verified and can not be changed once a ledger has been closed. The Tx data however are not needed for this unlike BTC the XRPL has wallets and balances while BTC has in and outgoing Transactions for an address which lets you calculate the balance. Hence BTC Tx are written to the chain. The XRPL state is basically just a huge list of wallets and what they hold (very very simplified there are a lot more stuff like orders, escrows, trustines etc.)

tl;dr Nope no one has to store the history in fact shorty after the XRPL went online there was a bug which corrupted the headers of the history which means its currently not possible to fetch these transactions. It has no effect for the network at all.

all copypasta from the telegram chat

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