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>tfw took $13.50/hr job

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I bet you rub it in the face of your friends that make $12.50 an hour

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> mfw I worked for 8€/h
> at 25

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Good. All pink wojak posting faggots deserve to work shit jobs for being annoying homos

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>making $25/hr
>25 years old

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>7 an hour

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belidve in jesus and you will be rewarded 10 fold in heaven sinner

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>tfw took $15/hr job
we'll see how this pans out
I was making $10/hr before but working half as much, so I had lots of comfy free time

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I make $24/hr at 27. Fucking kill me

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where the fuck do you live?

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where do you fellows live that such a wage isn't decent?

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$15 an hour is basically the best you can hope for with no education, highly marketable skills, connections or experience.

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I have a bachelors though

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>tfw my overtime wage is $74/hr
>tfw anything over 8hrs is overtime
>tfw I work 10-16 hour days regularly
>tfw 29 years old

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>10-16 hour days regularly

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Cause we're busy as fuck and my boss doesnt care how many hours I work.
It's a trade job so i work until i cant work anymore.
Great to do while you're young and can save, get the hours while you can and move into a cush desk job that pays more in your late 30s

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oh, that makes sense
good luck friend!

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I live in NYC. It's basically the bare minimum to survive here as a single guy. I still have a roommate though. Also I work another job part time so I can put $300 into crypto weekly. It's still soul crushing

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>16 an hour at 19
How am I doing?

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half of US states still follow federal minimum wage.
t. wagie at 8.50/hr, need to get sober for a few days and get a job that pays more

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Less than 5 years ago I was making $10/hr now I'm making 130k/yr

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Not bad fren!
What sort of career are you after? Still in school?

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I make $60/hr at 21 while I'm still in school. If you've got enough of a brain to navigate 4chan you've got enough of a brain to navigate jobs market in 2019 without settling as a minimumwagecuck.

Like fuck you would make about 50% more per hour doing DoorDash and GrubHub...

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22 here is your city/state's standard of living higher? I live in one of the lowest in the country but 8.50 isnt cutting it

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Security. I’m starting school very soon

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Good luck anon. Don't end up like me. 23 years old telling myself I'm going to start school next semester for 5 years

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People aren't giving away $60/hr

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He’s larping

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holy fuck man that's terrible.

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howd you dun it

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I'm making $11.50 and I graduated college 3 months ago

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LMAO what a bunch of fucking losers in this chan

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Oh no no no no no

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I'm literally laughing so fucking hard right now

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I make on average $25 a day doing nothing and I don't pay rent. It's pretty great, I'm going to scale up what I'm doing and be making ~$150 a day by the end of next year then move to some cheap eastern euro country until I scale up to ~$500 a day doing nothing.

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>$25 a day
do you work in a sweatshop?

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17.35 an hour

I want to find another job.

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Maybe if you're fucking retarded

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Literally how do you manage to pull a job like that at 21?

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I don't do any work or go anywhere or do anything and am not geographically tied to any location, so no not a sweatshop lol

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U must be doing something to make 25 a day

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I make $6/hr :( wtf guys how do I stop wagecucking

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I make 16.85 an hr
29 yrs old
Michigan no college

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No. I did a lot of work to make 25 a day, now that work is done and it will only grow at this point, for the rest of my life. The rate at which the amount per day I get grows can be increased with more work, but without doing anything I'm making money.

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Whats your secret?

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>no degree
>government job
>live alone
>decent car

Tfw no gf

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idk just be yourself lol.

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nice larp faggot

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I was just offered a promotion at work. No idea what it's going to pay but probably 18/hr. I plan on taking out a loan and learning comp Sci or accounting. Science and business degrees can get you a pretty cushy desk job. Google WGU anons. There's a reddit sub dedicated to it. Pretty neat uni to get a degree fast

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t. still in school

ya okay dude, you probably run a blog or some dumb shit that will never scale to what you envision. Kek

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you're not in US are you? that's illegal

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It's legal if he's an illegal

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>25 y/o
>unlimited straight ot

could be better but im not mad.

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Panamá, it sucks man why didnt you fully invade the crap out of this country

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You're incorrect, but yeah I get why it might sound like that sort of things. What's funny is that I make money on the weekend too while you're resting up from your wageslaving and dreading the fact that you're going to be going back into work in 48 hours.

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I'm making 1.6.5/hr at essentially a skilled factory line repair type job and i'm going on 26 in a month

I could probably get my A+ certification in a few weeks of studying, I plan on quitting this week because of opportunity cost and I mildly dislike this job. Talk me out of it, nobody in my life will give my any criticism. Everyone I talk to says the same fucking thing when I bring it up which is "why". Yea fuck me right why try to escape mediocrity like the rest of them. Help me fellow /biz/rlies is there anything wrong with wanting to quit my current job, taking a month off, and trying for something better? I swear to god I can't get a straight answer out of anyone IRL it's like they're brain damaged parrots

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Wow that’s bullshit. I wouldn’t work one minute of ot.

>double time after 10hrs

But I have a boomer job. So I have to live with being an under 30 boomer

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sorry anon. i would say come here but we are full. you may have to start a business to make it. maybe get a work visa for a better country.
straight ot just means 1.5x after 40hrs. wish it was double but its ok. can make $350 just working regular day on saturday, i do if im bored

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Gotta start somewhere man

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Minimum wage is higher than that in literally every single state that that in the United States, so it is definitely not anywhere here. The federal minimum wage is the minimum wage for the entire nation, including each state.

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>work fast food
>only employee with work experience in the chain
>work 8.5hr shifts that drag on to 10hrs because I do all the work
>"""supervisor""" ugly bitch always texting and talking to other employees instead of working
>bitch always makes me do the chores of the morning/diner team
>she also cuts out employees to save 12 rupees because the boss said so
>I end up just doing everyone's extra work (end at 1-2 am sometimes)
>have to ask employees to do chores and hope they do em because I have the same status as them since I declined the offer to be the shift lead (uni starts in a month)
>sometimes snap at other employees when they dont listen to me after I have asked them to do something multiple times
>get shit on by manager/boss for snapping at other employee because of muhworkenvironmentgoyum


12.5/hr CAD

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Be honest anon, did you get a dumbfuck degree in something useless?

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itt: NEETS pretending

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whats your trade?
i would do a trade if arizona wasnt so blistering fucking hot all the time, i think im going to end up doing medical sonography or radiology or something

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$25 an hour at 25 is a great paying job. I’m 37 and I make $14 an hour

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and being illegal in the US is pretty much legal.

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i didnt need advice anyaywa haha

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Arizona is a great state for that. Just dont get conned into working for practically no money.
Look up Goettl, they pay well for your area.
Dont go to school for it either, just fling resumes at companies until it sticks and they hire you as a helper.

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You americanos do realize that "I earn x amount $" doesn't mean anything?

There are different tax systems around the world, for exp someone can earn alot less euros, but still makes more than you after taxes or the other way round

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quit your bitchin son, back in my day we only got $1.50/hr.

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Baste frog poster. It’s like the coolest family in the trailer park with a slightly used 2018 Kia. He’s the family pride and joy for being the first assistant manager in training without a DUI on his record.

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thanks anon, ill do some more research

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How? I work for amazon in the LITERAL wage cage like its not even a meme and I make $17.50

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>24 years old
>quit a 13.50/hr call center job to take an 11/hr security job
Overall I think its an improvement.

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Security jobs are cushy, especially if you get a nighttime patrol one that doesn’t have cash on location.

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Mine's not even on location, it's all remote.
Honestly, we SHOULD be getting paid a little bit more, like $15 minimum, but Hell, it's better than the last Hellhole I got out of, and I've got crypto to make me rich eventually. Plus the whole economy is leaning towards longer hours and less pay, nothing you can do about it except get rich.

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Wrong it's better than being legal you get free health care

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think its just the fear of having a work history gap on your resume that makes people say stuff like that but only you know what you want and hopefully how to get there.

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how do you do remote security i wanna do that

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>$4.50/hour in Eastern Europe :^)

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My company is unique. It just sets up connection to their clients existing camera system to have them watched by us.

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Boomers rise up

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>0 job stability or security


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wtf thats under minimum wage

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>something useless
It's not like most jobs are that hard. Credentialism is cancer

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so you watch cameras at home for 11$?

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What’s a good annual salary to have for a single no kids guy? I know it depends on where you live but just as an example. I am 23 make 60k w a meme community college certificate but my coworker said that after a couple years experience I could expect to make 80k. Should I go back to school? I want to avoid the debt if possible but don’t know if it’s worth it in the end.

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506.25*4 = 2025

I dont know brah. I would like 2k to put into link every month

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> mfw I don't care at all because I made it off TRV

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I make 28.5 dollar every hour. Unfortunately I dont live in the US so it's basically like minimum wage over there. God I wish a pack of cigs didn't cost 17 dollars.

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$22 a day


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4x the cost of cigs in the USA.

>$28.5/4 = $7.125

As it compares to the cost of cigarettes, you have the buying power of someone making $0.125 less than the minimum wage in the US.

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Want to keep in touch and do business? What are you interested in ? Throw me some mail - [email protected]

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fuck it man go get your associates or something. night school might suck but you can definitely improve your situation. i know plenty of guys who fucked around for their entire twenties before finally getting a decent gig. i'd say work on it before its too late though.

oh and yeah if you start to succeed in life you'll quickly see which of your friends actually give a fuck about you

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shut up retard

>> No.14948977

going to school is a meme for pathetic faggots who think there is some easy way to bounce into success. It sounds like your problem isn't not going to school but a general lack of motivation. You can do it, anon.

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I've always wondered, when Americans say how much they earn hourly, is it after taxes or before?

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seething crippledick

>> No.14949439

>making $2/hr at 22
>live in eastern Europe
Save me bros

>> No.14949443

$25 an hour at 26

Not great but not too bad

>> No.14949452


Around $100k straight out of college is "good," but after 2-4 years experience that should double, if they don't, find a new job. So much cash has been injected into the economy salaries are pretty much doubling from 2-3 years ago, some companies refuse to pay competitive prices though because they still have workers who don't know how much other companies are paying are still working for 1/2 market rate. If you're still making 5 figure with a college degree, find a new job.

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Let me add my hat in the ring
> 18/hr, 27/hr overtime
I normally work 58-68 hours a week at 21. Document Control for a construction company, basically a highly paid pencil pusher. Mostly work for an hour for every 10 hours. I just shitpost/vidya since the hours interferes with school.

Once im done with my contract I would have saved up enough to pay for my living expenses and just go to college for 2 years to finish bachelors without needing a job, obviously Ill work, but its not completely necessary

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100k a year

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Im from the UK and the average graduate will earn is around £10-12 an hour. ($12.5-$15) Not sure why you Americucks complaining so bad? Some of you are getting paid nearly $20 to clean floors ffs. you don't even pay much tax

>> No.14949582

It is because their health insurance can be $500+ a month, the cost of living is higher and most of them have a lot of debt from college / university.

>> No.14949583

It’s a community college degree though not a real one. Am I underachieving?

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>minimum wage in uk
>16hrs per week
>write bots that trade short term
>£1-4000 per month since last october
>sleep 1pm-8pm
>no friends
>no gf
just spent another night staying up reading old sci fi books and listening to racist podcasts.
the 16hours per week might seem retarded but it is worth it

>> No.14949636

yeah i thought about health insurance but i didn't realise how much it was. The cost of living is probably less than most UK people unless they live in inner cities and i have uni debt as well but the repayment scheme is very lenient, not sure if theirs is or not.

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buy DAG eoy 1000
buy it or your a FAGGIT

>> No.14949681

>live in Germany
>do an apprenticeship
>literally earn 750 € (BEFORE TAXES AND OTHER SHIT) while working full-time

And this is supposed to go on for 2 more years.

You fucks really have no reason to complain. I would literally be out on the street if I didn't get my own form of gibsmees just so I can fucking survive.

>> No.14949731

Stop flipping burgers faggots.
- Ask yourself what do you want to do in life.
- Go back to school or do courses
- Go learn something in your field.
- go coding, video editing, writing, freelancing what so ever. There are shit loads of kids watching stupid stuff.
Living by paycheck to paycheck for 10 dollar an hour. You will be a poorfag forever. Unless you live in the 3rd world country.

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Who the fuck talks in bucks/hour instead of bucks/year

>> No.14949842

Because only retards work full time nowadays.

>> No.14949908


People who only think one day ahead at the most.

>> No.14949957

>44 dollars an hour
>in the process of buying a decent condo

>> No.14950706

pretty normal in germany. I knew 40 year old who worked for 6.70 euro/h

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Will be making a 13.75 by the end of the year...

>> No.14950939

yeeeeeeah that's a lie. there's no way you're making 60nhr

>> No.14950955

im not thinking of wagecucking for year

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People who are paid by the hour aka pleb wagies

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right now I'm 20 and haven't got a job. last job was working in a supermarket that paid $15/hr, before that I was working in a bar that paid $8/hr.

I got no qualifications or nothing so the only jobs I can see myself getting at working in shops and minimum wage jobs.

life sucks. there's no way out except suicide.

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>tfw child support

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>tfw 23 and making $28,70/hr with 6 weeks paid vacation a year

never even set a foot in a college

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All the images on this board are 404d for me today. Wtf. Please help.

t. 30 yr old boomer

>> No.14951019

Or working on yourself and getting credentials and skills? The problem is in your head.

>> No.14951025

> tfw just got promoted now making 55K, just had a phone interview for same position with another company for 65
Happy waggie is happy

>> No.14951028

Here in Poland you can live for a few weeks with 13.5$

>> No.14951086

> tfw when make 100k/yr on paper
> tfw when monthly paycheck is under 5k…

The system is so fucked…

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I'm 23 and I earn £7.70 an hour

>> No.14951387

30 years old
Work two jobs
10/hr at about 34 hours average a week
13.20/hr with an overnight differential of 1.00(14.20) at an average of 32 hours a week.
I live on the 10.00/hr job for rent,phone and groceries(650-700 monthly expenses). The night job all the money is deposited into my savings that I don't use. No car but I don't go out at all.

>> No.14951407

But you have 100k LINK at least right?

>> No.14951419

yeah but I don't even have gcse's. I left school early so I think I really am fucked. only hope is to do something artistic and hope I can make some money off it

>> No.14951429

That sucks bro today I’ve got to mow 3 lawns and clean a gutter
It’ll take like 3 hours and I’ll make $110 then come home and shitpost

>> No.14951430

I haven't invested in anything yet. I know it's the name of the game but I don't know how to go about doing so. I just started browsing here a few days ago.

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>tfw 27yo making 8€/hour in shitalia
Sirgay better not be lying to us or im gonna end myself

>> No.14951490

>that pic
I feel so attacked right now

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