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And you guys still fud the shit out of link... pathetic

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Have sex incel

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Literally who?

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What is Chainlink? Is that like some kind of blockchain?

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Face it LINK is dead nobody cares about a fat man's philosophical tirade.

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>Google Cloud integration a month ago
>Oracle Startup integration a month ago
>Coinbase listing a month ago
>new nodes added every few days
>new use cases after 21 nodes
>new partners added every few days
>new events coming up shortly
>PSD2 activation in September

>"LINK is dead"


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That means nothing. Use your brain for as second. It’s a TEST PHASE. There are other concepts with other companies they test as well. ..

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and what OP? what?

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Reminder that the results of this aren't being published until q4 2026.

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>i-it's just Oracle, guys!!

imagine trying this hard

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I hear they'll be delaying it till q2 2242

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>fake partnerships
>KYC nodes
>zero income, resort to market dumping 700,000 tokens every 2 days
>Caymens pidgeonhole HQ
>illegal ICO scam
>ever working with American companies
>banking standards event having anything to do with your ERC token whatsoever
>”b-b-but the blOG!!s it said partner!”

Imagine being this much of a clueless poorfag.

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c o p e

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No that's just the progress blogpost. Final results date will be estimated in that.

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>streets that look like toilets.
No pajeet, those streets are just streets.

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How much Link do you hold?

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>fake partnerships

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>all priced in
You idiots are going down down down down

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I love this man.

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>google cloud services

Be honest with me Rajesh, you’ve never used Google cloud have you? There are a tonne of external services that GC could use. Sergey paid some guy he found on LinkedIn to pose this hypothetical use case. He did it.


So yes, people using google cloud are really going to use this so they can literally, solely fetch the price of ETH. They will run a cloud instance to check the price of ETH.

>1 LINK is required per-request
$1,000 EOY, r-right?
>$2.50 EACH TIME for a centralized service to look at ETH’s price and JSON parse it for you

I can’t wait to spend $800 a month to look at the price of ETH.

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>that pic
oh it's you again
at this point this is basically desperate avatarfagging

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Bro your fud is getting stale get creative faggot

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Haha holy shit destroyed

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>no rebuttal to the price issue
>no rebuttal to the zero chance of anything more than $4 for LINK
>no rebuttal to the utter uselessness of running a GC instance to check ETH price

Good linkie brainlet, good. I’m sure this Brazilian dude posting from his personal account on Twitter hasn’t been paid a few hundred Gs to talk nice about Chainlink. Employee corruption doesn’t exist at all.

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please dump your entire folder and your pastas like you always do, and I'll keep ignoring them like I always do, sounds like a plan?

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Based af

Google Cloud had been running a Chainlink testnet node for a while before that announcement.

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He's right though LINK is fucking dead. It's dumping below $2 tonight. Screencap.

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In chainlink we trust

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based fernando blowing that moron out. ORACLE REACHED OUT TO CHAINLINK. As in a $200B industry standard tech giant reached out to a ~100mil startup and offered to train its customers to use their technology and 24hour support for the startup.

you would have to be an absolute moron to not be all in on link at this point

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deluded, if Google was running a node you can be sure that the Chainlink scammers would be all over that, name dropping google everywhere. A few randos at google tried it for a few days, and that was the end of that blog post.

deluded. you need to understand that training 50 start ups to use Chainlink is LITERALLY NOTHING. It takes 2 seconds for any dev to look at Chainlink's docs and know how it works. There's 0 training required.

It's a fucking nothing partnership kek. They're not gonna use Chainlink. No one will. It's just some clickbait to try to shill their cloud services which are enormously lagging behind aws and azure.

Keep shilling your fake partnerships all you want, the result will be the same: a pump, then a dump back to 0.2.

Most people are waking up to the fact that Chainlink is all about lying about partnerships so this might not even actually pump.

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kek the testnet has been live for months. NO ONE IS USING IT. Not a single dev is using Chainlink KYCed oracles.

you are coping here. It's literally all fake partnerships.

>Google "integration"
kek it wasn't an integration

>Oracle "integration"
kek it's not an integation








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One LINK is required per request. How can one LINK ever be more than a few bucks?

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This. LINK has no use case whatsoever. Devs are just pumping their resumes by having what amounts to charity work done. LINKtards are so fucking dumb lmao! Sub $2 in 5 hours.

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Be honest with me now
How big is your link stack?

You chicken fuckers are too obvious. I doubt even a reddit fag who has only been on biz for less than a week still wouldn’t fall for this retard tier fud. Just shut the fuck up and be patient, we will all be rich soon enough. You’re shitting up my board and I don’t appreciate it

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>It's a fucking nothing partnership kek
>oracle taking it upon themselves to train 50 companies to provide their data and use smart contracts while offering 24/h support

let me know when oracle, the largest data provider in the world; decides to do that with qnt, nkn, or cardano.

look at xrp taking a plunge after swift came out with their own solution. and who is swift going to use to get data into their smart contracts again? oh thats right, LINK

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