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How did anon know?

So when will the official announcement come? It's confirmed they need an oracle and chainlink is the leading solution.

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you are all so fucking retarded

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>they called us maniacs

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FB wont be working with a memecoin faggot

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no arguments

the post is in the archives, check yourselves

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delete this OP

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Check Calibra Wallet's IG.. shiiit.. month ago, isn't that older than whole Libra release?


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Would have integrated it into one coin if they sought after the usecase rather than having two individuals classes with one owner outside the corporations hands. That’s not how business operates, especially megacorporations

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Exactly, that's why they're using link

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yeah facebook, backed by visa and mastercard, will not just spend the money to make their own network. give me a fucking break. you shills are working overtime today. gonna script some more 77s soon? GTFO the board already.

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That's never happening. Can't believe how far this meme has gone, holy kek.

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sold at 4$. Link is a scam. Libra won't use your centralized oracle solution, they will use their own centralized oracle solution because there is nothing revolutionary about that.

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that's not how a decentralized oracle network works. it needs to have its seperate token and ecosystem. this is like saying why doesn't facebook build its own browser or search engine.

building a decentralized oracle network takes more time than money, aka traversing the sybil problem. facebook has no intention of doing this. if they were making their own network why is evan cheng an advisor to chainlink?

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when will you people stop fudding your own bags



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honestly I would have had more respect for Sergey if he would have just admitted at the SF meetup that he hasn't even talked to anyone about Libra. The fact that he said "oh I can't talk about what we may or maybe are not doing" was so lame. It didn't feel bullish at all. he has a good vision, shouldn't need tricks like that. just say No we haven't talked to them, and we don't fucking need to, because we are B2B anyway!

dude go look around on Linkedin. Those big time executives advise to at least a half dozen companies that have nothing to do with their main gig. It is what those guys do at that level. They advise to everyone who will listen. Means nothing. Again, I'm pretty sure Mastercard, VISA, and all the other companies putting up tens of millions of dollars for Libra, will insist on owning that network. Why does Libra need to be decentralized? It fucking doesn't. It will be centralized KYC and super surveillance. That's the damn point

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>muh scam
have sex

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high iq post

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doesn't matter if libra itself is decentralized. chainlink will be the standard oracle solution. it will be simply the best and most secure way of retrieving data. network effects and all that.
also >>14924121
there are more breadcrumbs but meh

>They advise to everyone who will listen. Means nothing.
yeah just like ari juels and nick szabo mean nothing for chainlink? none of it is a coincidence.

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Lol that people are still in denial about LINK being the biggest moonshot since ETH. You guys are going to necc yourselves next year. Some people never learn.

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>doesn't matter if libra itself is decentralized
meant to say centralized.

centralized solutions/coins alike will also use chainlink.

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They won't because it's an unneeded additional cost. EXTREMELY simple economics.

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how does the dumpening fit into all this?
sergey taking profit for production before they enter into a contract with fb that demands clean market demeanor so that they have to operate without being accused of manipulation? (which, honestly, almost every move in crypto would be conventionally defined as)

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nope. explain to me why SWIFT wants to integrate chainlink for payments then? banks themselves are centralized, wouldn't they just use a centralized solution instead?

oh wait, that ruins the WHOLE POINT OF SMART CONTRACTS

LIBRA WILL USE SMART CONTRACTS AND THUS WILL NEED A DECENTRALIZED ORACLE NETWORK. network effects will bring everyone to smart contracts and the link network.

have sex.

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not to mention the insignificant cost of using a decentralized solution is HEAVILY outweighed by the profits/reduction in expenses made by switching over to smart contracts

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simple economics, yes
for simpletons

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Really gets the ol' noggin joggin.

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Look I probably understand link better than all of you. If you didn't dump at 4$ after the normie hype, you are fucking retarded.
Data aggregation tech isn't new. The trust system makes you want to pay less and less for a contract. You have to adapt the data aggregator for every new data entry, there will never be a singularity, just a stupid hybrid system. Better tech already exists for decentralized p2p cryptographic value transfer.
LINK is just a json parser with useless tokenomics built around it. Everyone knows this at this point. Why use the blockchain if you are just going to break it.

I sold the top, I'm having sex, I'm winning while the team keeps dumping on your faggot ass. Buy BTC or get left behind.

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Thanks for the new pasta.

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>net work

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big if true


fake and gay

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Not fake, just check from Instagram. The account is real.

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Not sure if this is official account, but someone knew about Libra very early and is clearly a linkmarine too.. Facebook insider?

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I have to say I am comforted by how slow, thoughtful, and clearly strategic Smartcontract has been in developing Chainlink itself, the environment that will support it, and its strategic partnerships. That's what actual implementation takes. I am happy it has not been built on mega hype, excluding the enthusiasm here in this tiny echo chamber. I have the constant impression that they are always quietly working on something big and are not eager to hype or even announce it until having dotted all the i's and crossed the t's.

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yo check your discord DMs we're supposed to be fudding today

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stealth phase is over, no more fudding

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Checked. Sergey isn't taking profit. For Link to be successful 4 things are needed. Number 1 a system.... Number 2 API info for nodes to access... Number 3 a viable node network... Number 4 customers that are willing to try using this new protocol to automate processes and execute Smartcontracts I would suggest number 1 is abt done and he is working on the other 3, all of which will require giving an incentive to bring them into the fold. Those node operators must be in place before customers can be marketed to use the system. IMO he is doing exactly what he needs to do to bring all the pieces together in the coming months. That is my theory and am comfy.

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>How did anon know?

Anon, anything that requires real world data on a blockchain for smart contract operations needs an oracle. There's only one fucking oracle solution that's worth a damn. DO THE MATH.

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>honestly I would have had more respect for Sergey if he would have just admitted at the SF meetup that he hasn't even talked to anyone about Libra.

We already saw his presentation file for Facebook, we know he's been in talks with them.

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You are a rambunctious little lady this afternoon, aren't you?

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It's decentralized You fucktards. If he kept all of the links it would be centralized.
Just the fact That he is able to dump 700k stacks like that shows there Are willing buyers

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Lmfao you guys are trying really hard to make link holders give up their hands. You must be a prophetic saint coming to save us from financial devastation. Thanks anons for all your continuous fudding you really must have best intentions at heart LOOOOL not

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What a sad lie
What a funny pasta

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we know of facebook since evan cheng chang pang whatever his name is

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Yes but look at the dates though. It's still a bit eerie. Libra was officially unveiled 18 days after link mainnet.

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how did he know? and who is he? we'll never know...

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Let me put it this way. Have you ever seen Adelyn and Evan Cheng in the same room together?
Finkle = Einhorn

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