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>Burger anons if you'll gather around I have an important announcement to be made, and an important discussion to be had.
>Yes yes, fuck niggers, fuck kikes, and fuck jannies of course.
>But perhaps more importantly, fuck the government.
>Our magic internet money has become too powerful to continue sailing the waves of wealth unnoticed by the all seeing eye of Uncle Sam and his banks.
>While this Wild West era has made many of us rich, we now stand at a precipice, and if we make one wrong step we could lose everything.
>All of us I'm sure had our own plans for this September. But with the recent wave of bad news (IDEX instituting KYC, Binance Dex announcing burgers will have to use a VPN, and of course Trump's tweets).
>I fear that if we do not gain together we will surely be JUSTed apart.
>And so I'd like to open the floor to discussion. What are your plans come September?
>Will you simply accept the rule of the fiat holders, trade only on coinbase with capital gains on every transaction?
>Are you holding your breath and hoping Stakenet will deliver on a true DEX?
>Are you moving to the Cayman Islands, or perhaps Bermuda?
>What are you doing? What should we all do?

Personally I have quite a bit of XMR in a GUI wallet and am slowly transferring all my portfolio that way, with the hopes that Stakenet will deliver, but I'd like to hear from other anons what their plans are.

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My plan is teach anons why privacy is important. (((They))) stick their nose everywhere.

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Get a huge ass stack of XSN, get masternodes, retire with our privacy wallets which we can send every LN coin anonymously. Did i miss something?

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I really do like XSN, but I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket you never know what could happen. Would like to have some sort of alternative.

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the heavier the burden of regulation by the US government the greater the incentive for innovation regarding DEX/vpn solutions. it's not a question of if, but when. several groups seem to be working on it. the only real question is how justed are we going to get by the government during the wait.


bisq is the only working solution atm but it isn't particularly easy to use. if there are any others ive forgotten please share

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Checking out BISQ now and it looks pretty cool but desu it seems to good to be true. How can you possibly cash out fiat without having to explain where it came from?

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the banks see a wire from some other niggers bank, its not as if you're not going to have to explain. they don't have to know crypto was involved though. in practice i imagine this depends a lot on how shitty your bank/government is.

t. never cashed out to fiat so i'm guessing

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I think it's a good solution for avoiding capital gains on crypto to crypto, but the "cash out problem" does still exist.

I am still a little more bullish on XSN since their staking is god tier. But I like BISQ as a backup.

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>cashing out
just wait for 5-10 years when crypto is so widely accept everywhere you can just buy the shit you want with it directly. why risk your gains, and privacy?

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