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>Be Jewish
>Father wants me to study finance
>Father sends me to Study at the London School of Economics and Finance
>Aim to become a banker at Goldman Sachs
>Father already has some connections
>Rich future secured

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>Be Jewish
>Father wants me to study finance
I didn't expect that twist...

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>father works in finance
>hates it
>wants me to do anything but finance
>fuck around through out highschool
>almost drop out
>fuck around at college
>almost drop out
>take one econ class
>suddenly everything is 11/10 best student in class
>gonna end up working in finance
>dad sighs and tells me that he hoped he would never have to talk to his old finance buddies again
>dad is disapointed in me
>he liked me better as a free spirited rebel.
>One time I come home wearing my suit from interview.
>Dad looks at me and shakes his head
>Goes and lays down for 3 days
>mfw I re triggered my dads burnout even though he is retired.
>Rich future secured

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>be 45
>22.7 mil net worth
>realize you would trade every dollar of it for the unconditional love of a beautiful woman
>realize you wish you spent more time with your family
>realize that no matter how much money you have you still feel empty inside
>realize no amount of money can replace the guilt you feel for lying about the holocause continually and perpetuating the lies about jews being persecuted for years.

this is your future.

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You obviously have no idea how Jewish family structure works.

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>be shitposter
>poorfag life secured

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I know you will never get a beautiful woman to fall in love with you. The deep unconditional love that only the truly fortunate find once in a lifetime. I know that when you're 45 you will wish you spent more time around your kids when they were younger. And I know you're lying about the holocaust. Just stop lying bro, we all know it never happened. Come clean and you'll feel so much better.

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you dont understand jews.
they love money the way normal people love people.

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Hey OP can you get me into an internship in CS there? I am not a jew but I have a nose that can hide that

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ohhhhh that's what i'm missing. so even though he won't have all that shit, it's all good cause he'll just lie about the holocaust taking place until he's blue in the face and then look at his bank account and that will give him that warm feeling inside?

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>ID: sn+eK

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This is essentially what happened to me

My dad wanted me to make furniture in the garage, which I love

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Mad poorfag detected
Go cry about how da joos are keeping you down
Go jerk off to your hitler posters
And most of all
Stay poor faggot

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>born into middle-low class Scandinavian immigrant family
>will never have the network connections of being jewish

end my life

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>Believing the holocaust happened

good goy

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relying on network that is how you know you are a pussy

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>father dies
>leaves everything to his only child - me
>will never have to work a day in my life

started browsing /biz/ as i wanted to get into real estate. realized no one on /biz/ knows anything about anything but i stayed for the memes.

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basically this:>>1491416

being born in a socialist country, full of opportunities where you can get top-tier education even if youre poor as fuck is the shittiest excuse i've ever heard for not being succesful.

man the fuck up and do something. crying won't help. crying when you have a lot of opporunities just makes you a fagpussy

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>socialist country


lol wut

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Jesus christ, stop posting this image.

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socialism=/=social democracy, foo

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yeah no matter how many classes i fail in school i know that my grandparents always loved me the most and their paid off $500k suburban house will go to me

i plan to just work part time or do contract software work and then live off renting the place out

that or sell it when the market is ripe and live off interest

have my gf move in

never have kids

mad DINK

retire at like 40

make video games and do fucking nothing with the rest of my life

being privileged is awesome

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are you an idiot?

he can get almost free education, this is not the usa where you have to go into debt if you want to attend college and youre poor.

if youre poor basically get free everything, isn't this the biggest opporunity you can have if youre poor?

no? these are countries where around 60% of the money you earn goes back to the state in a way or another, how is this not socialism? poor people get almost everything for free (thanks to the taxes) how is that not socialism?

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You realize if you're poor you get financial aid in the US, right? Not to mention colleges vary in price

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sounds like your dad is a wise man

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Oh boy! here it come the "feel the bern" socialist goyn

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Well, at least in Sweden, you get a job based on contacts mainly, not education/experience

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iktf senpai

>be jewish
>want to be a lawyer since I was five
>parents want the same
>currently at a top 10 law school first year
>father knows three lawyers each with a net worth of 10 mil+ who he will introduce me to

oh boy am I laffin

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>London School of Economics and Finance
There's no such thing.

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Goldman will be bankrupt in two or three years at this rate.


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>unconditional love of a beautiful woman
have you ever met a woman?

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Should have done that.

I'm an accountant, and if it wasn't Friday today I might have killed myself.

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>Make videogames
Wake up faggot

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oh boy!

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Top keks naive goy

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>Be Muslim
>Mother wants me to be Jihadi hero like Father
>Father taught me evils of the Jew
>Access to AOL v2.5, can learn to make vest bomb
>Eternal virgins secured

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Jews are basically the Iksar in EverQuest.
They are the most intelligent ethnicity and have superhuman ability in finance, but literally everyone hates them, and when shit goes south, they'll the first scapegoats.