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i want to do /biz/ a solid, you guys were the reason i caught the link, vid and qnt pump and made a very good amount on all three.

There's a new and, relatively under the rader exchange, but known to all the smart money and big institutional investors.

This exchange is complying with regulations right from the bat, so they wont have any trouble later. Being backed by all the big boys who help do the heavy lifting with politicians, They are currently getting crypto laws passed in san marino that will allow corporations and smart money to buy crypto from the eu legally and then soon the usa and the asian market, They have custodian services to store crypto on the exchange for the companies until they need them which is already being used. Theres rumors by who but I won't tell you just yet but they are globally traded companies.

They are going to be offering icos like binance does, the first one is going to be from a big car manufacture, youll find out more next week

This exchange is called OceanEx. 5x up from ico, only 20mil marketcap, potential to reach 200 mil in the next few weeks. Its gonna be a run up like qnt was, long term expect bnb gains tokenomics will be improved very soon
This exchange is how institutional investors and companies actually using the blockchain are going to buy shit like xrp, iota, vechain, Link and most likely qnt. Call the above decentralised shitcoins, they probably are but who cares as long as we make money.

This coin wont even need to be shilled to the average reddit fag because we dont need them smart money and institutional investors like wallmart, bmw and those 300 banks xrp signed up with are going to pump this exchange coin way way past the fucking moon

Believe what im saying, dyor on this exchange or don't your loss

Also fiat integration is coming in the next couple of weeks with more eu legislation

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they wash trade all their volume and it's clear as day. fuck off

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There was a meetup today. The low down is crypto to fiat is being finalised, goverment back stable coin which will be traded on this exchange more info next week, and finally there's this carbon credit initiative with the UN. If you dont know what that is i suggest you find out. There is minimal official info out there as its under a lot of NDAs but this is by far the biggest thing,bigger then fiat pairings, bigger then wallmart news, this is about working with multiple goverments incl china and is the biggest thing that will happen to crypto in the forseeable future. Im talking normie adoption, and oceanex has a part to play in it.

A very small scale example of how this carbon credit system will work is this. The goverment wants to reduce carbon emissions. So they encourage normies to ride electric bikes everywhere. To incentivise this they give them a certain amount of carbon credits for every hour they ride this bike.

Now the normie then can spend this carbon credit on other companies that are part of this initiative or they can go to oceanex and exchange it to fiat. This is a relatively simple example but imagine every normie being incentivised to use this in the whole fucking EU and then expanding to usa and china afterwords. My words honestly don't do justice to how big this will be.

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First I've heard of this. Are you sure your not taking out of your arse there. Where's the proof

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Dont take my word for it. Seriously look into this carbon credit initiative yourself.

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Another thing is, they have raissed millions of dollars in series A funding led by Fenbushi capital and few other investors. This is the only company they have invested in this year.

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Furthermore they are going to do token burns like binance does by buying a certain amount of oce every quarter. Now you see how big binance is with just crypto savvy faggots using it. Like i said oceanex will be used by fucking wallmart, large car companies, shipping companies, normies worldwide and also crypto savvy people since binance is shutting its doors on us faggots for now. The token burns will be a sight to behold

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Another huge tokenomic thing they have going on which will take a huge oce out of circulation is the oce whale club. The highest tiers will take 10s or 100s of millions out of circulation in exchange for 25-95% of fees. Obviously the higher the fee discount the higher amount of oce you will need to hold. With only 3 billion in circulation, the big companies will be using the highest whale level meaning a billion at least will be locked up. Just imagine how high the price will go.

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Lads if this isnt at the very least encouraging you to dyor then i don't know what to say, its why you missed btc at the beginning, why you missed eth and why you missed xrp. And now why your gonna miss oce. If you dont take 5 mins of your time to check it out you honestly dont deserve to be rich

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A suicide stack would be a 100k oce. Thats literally 400$. Its just a bit more then 1 eth. Fuck all those other shitcoins. A sure moon and financially comfort for the rest of your life for 400$ and your not taking it..

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Something else i haven't mentioned. The oce website is unblocked in china. Binance is blocked and most other exchanges. Take that as you will

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Ocean Ex and Vechain are closely intertwined. When Vechain succeeds, oce will too. Vechain was seen meeting and signing a letter of intent with wechat. The main way China pay for everything. This was before the stable coin news but could be linked

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Damn its fucking quiet in here

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In terms of security they have AI and complex algorithims to decide when to do Hot/cold wallet swaps so in the case of an attack (very unlikely) minimal damage occurs.

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Current price is 0.005. Circulating supply is 3 bil. Market cap is 20 mil.

Expected projections, 0.05 at least in the next couple of weeks.

0.5 when vtho buying starts ramping up which should be soon

And 5$ just a bit after eoy

These are all conservative expectations btw.

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Their first ieo is going to be soon. Rumour is its a decent sized company maybe a car manufacture but could be wrong

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>xrp, iota, vechain, Link and most likely qnt. Call the above decentralised shitcoins


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Imagine buying this instead of UND.

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OceanEx is a part of the Vechain Scam Senpai

The **OceanEx CryptoFarm**

> Total Lockup Amount: 50,000,000 VET

> Annualized Expected Return: 10% (guaranteed) + 2%~ 5% (expected VTHO production income)


Also don't forget they prefer BTC:

> Deposit BTC to Get Up to 20M TIC & 1M VET


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>This exchange is complying with regulations right from the bat
into the trash it goes, we want decentralization not cucked shit like bittrex

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Whats the scam? Soz I'm retard.

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Spelling mistake you nitwit. I meant centralised. Vechain and xrp are for sure a little centralised not sure about the others

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Shilling some shitcoin no ones heard of. Is it another vidt trash heap

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Lad, how is this a scam. Its annualised returns so yearly. You have to apply monthly to do it. The people who did last month have already got their crypto back with the promised return.

Whether they prefer bitcoin or not is beyond the point. Fees are paid in oce. You need to have oce to participate in the oce club and get high discount rates. You need oce to participate in ieos. Btc is the top trading pair right now. Of course theyre gonna use that as its more liquid

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>Current price is 0.005. Circulating supply is 3 bil. Market cap is 20 mil.
>Expected projections, 0.05 at least in the next couple of weeks.
>0.5 when vtho buying starts ramping up which should be soon
>And 5$ just a bit after eoy

I am bullish on exchange tokens especially after binance kicks off mutts but on what basis are these predictions drawon from. Seems like thin air shilling. Not to mention a quick archive search shows you copypaste this OP regularly.

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If you want decentralisation you have shit like forkdelta.

Big companies and normies and smart money arent gonna buy from decentralised exchanges. Its less liquid, difficult to use and full of absolute shitcoins anyway.

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There is none. He's chatting shit. Basically to cater to people who prefer holding rather then trading they have this cryptofarm thing where you deposit a certain amount of crypto and get a 1% return every month. 10-15% a year.

The people who did it last month got what they were promised and you have to apply monthly. These returns are realistic. Your not stupid the other faggot is

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12% guaranteed returns realistic retard? Deposit BTC and get TIC and VET a good return on your investment retard?

It's part of the VeChain scam. Pretty much the same people running this shit tier exchange

> Annualized Expected Return: 10% (guaranteed) + 2%~ 5% (expected VTHO production income)


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Okay first of all yes these are my personal predictions. Il be frank with you they are pulled out of my arse, however they are based on all the info i provided above.

Such as

>massive companies, normies and investors using this exchange
>the companies will hold 10-50 million oce each to take advantage of the highest oce club level this gaining 50-90% discount on trading fees depending on their level. This will take a huge chunk of the oce out of circulation.
>oceanex burning oce every quarter with trading fees from these big time corporations and normies.
>people paying trading fees selling millions and eventually billions of vthor and maybe other crypto on a daily basis to companies

So even though these figures are out my arse they are achievable based on the above points

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If it was monthly I would agree with you. Its yearly. 10% in crypto yearly when trading using bots isnt hard lad

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So what would that make the price of Vechain? Just curious

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Yeah i do shill this semi regularly. You see shit like vidt and fucking pajeet shitcoins such as brap and nuke and fuze and it annoys the fuck outta me. These are obvious scams based on nothing but speculative hype with flimsy fundementals and gimmicks and you realise this is why crypto is considered a fucking scam. Then people fall for these shitcoins in the promise of a quick moon and get left beholding. Crypto doesn't have to be a zero sum game. We can all win. This exchange has solid partnerships and backing which will bring it to the top. It will be like the bnb coin. Has anyone been left bagholding bnb? No because it keeps going up cos binance is a solid exchange.

This is different from binance in the sense it is conforming to regulations thus making it corporation friendly. Its custodian services allow corporations to let oce store crypto for them. So when these corporations pay for transaction fees to put products on the blockchain, some crypto like vechain would allow the gas be paid directly from the custodian wallet bypassing the need for the corporation to even need to hold crypto. Although regulations in the future will make it easy for them to hold crypto. Anyway i went off tangent, this won't leave any bagholders because corporations will continue paying oce fees to buy gas for their real world transactions which will exponentially increase as time goes on and crypto technology has proved itself

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Time to go back leddit you stupid cream guzzling fag

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Vechain is currently at a 600 mil market cap at 0.0055 with a I think 55 bil circulating supply although double check I maybe off.

So each vet produces a certain amount of VTho (gas). 37 million gas is generated a day. The maximum amount of gas so far burnt in one day is 30 million.

Once more gas is burnt then produced vechain, vtho fiat price will rise as theres not enough supply to need demand. So vechain will adjust the fees so you need less Vtho to make a transaction but the fiat price will go back to a reasonable rate so business can continue using it.

This will make vtho more valuable, and increase the daily roi for holding vet. Now vechain ceo is expecting billions of transactions daily. That means billions of vthor burnt. Right now its barely 30 million burnt.

So when we get to that level of burning vtho, vechain will make vet generate more vtho per vet to keep the fiat value of vtho stable. Now at current prices of 0.0055 per vet that will give vechain a incredible roi. So the market will push the price of vet till it goes back to 5-10% roi.

Now iv been talking theoretical above, i havent given actual price estimates. That is because I honestly don't know, this is a first for crypto and has never been done before but if that amount of transactions happen on vechains mainnet, and it seems like it will considering all their partnerships and being used by wallmart and dnv gl ( the biggest insurance company worldwide) then the price of vet will be high enough that it will probably beat btc.

Now this helps oces price because vechain will need somewhere for them to trade the vtho and oce is that place. Vechain and oce are so intertwined they literally share the same office. If billions of vthor is burnt on vechain daily, the companies will need to buy that vtho daily from oceanex. The amount of money oce will recieve from trading fees from this alone will make their quarterly burn rates crazy.

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I was born on 4chan you faggot

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Also big orders of 50 million vthor have been bought by companies on oceanex already. We know this because they sent the vtho to the addresses creating real life transactions. Could be wallmart, could be someone were not aware of yet.

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take this faggotry back to plebbit... NAO

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>I want to do /biz/ a solid by introducing them to the shitcoin exchange promoted by chinkchain that we've known about for almost 2 years that people sell theor worthless VTHO on for more worthless VET

Vechain out out out

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This first step in regulation Vechain and by extention oceanex have managed to get passed in san marino was only for ICO and STO regulation.

Passing laws in san marino is how they will be compliant with eu laws. Their are many more laws that will be passed in the coming months via vechain, oceanex and their powerful backers lobbying politicians.

"What I told the Secretary of State and the President of Association from the beginning is: Law, in theory, is not enough. If you have a super amazing law on paper but it’s not going to work in practice, the blockchain industry is not going to benefit from that. So what I liked is the really practical approach that they are going to take. For example, I can’t tell too much, because much of it is under NDA, but they are really sensitive to the topic of opening bank accounts. To be practical for everyone who is listening, all of us in this industry know this can be very challenging."

"One “pro” of this jurisdiction — will be in the next three years, the practical approach to real topics and they are really open to discussing the problems of companies onboarding in their country, and so this is really the most important piece, their outlook. There will be a lot of things happening in the next 24 months in San Marino."

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Vtho is supposed to be cheap you faggot. How else will companies afford transaction fees. The two token system ensures that instead of Vtho gaining value it will be the coin that generates Vtho (vet) which gains value.

Right now vets cheap because the mainnet is only now starting to get used and ramping up more everyday.

But im not here to shillvet. Im shilling oce, and this will increase in value in the next few weeks for all the reasons listed in my other comments

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Top kek but fuck plebbit

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VeChains exchange Oceanex.pro is attached to Walmart China, you faggot. Roflol...!!! Cope with it bitch. Go invest in btc or someshit...

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Oceanex ceo is so based him and Vechain CEO did a 8 hour AMA livestream. Imagine being this committed to your investors

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VET holders and the other shitcoins related to it are the most delusional holders in the entire space.

They literally believed CREAM that financing a company would give them returns. There are no returns. The vechain "foundation" can change the rules to optimized cost for anyone who uses the chain.

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take your chink scams and fuck off

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>30 posts by this ID
It's been a long night laowai. I think you should give it up.

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Just go buy something with an actual use case like Trust Verse

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Wallmart China is more like the pilot phase. Vechain tracked products are only in around 8 or 9 wallmart supermarkets right now. They are generating nearly a million transactions daily with just 10 stores. Imagine what they generate when they expand to all of the store nation wide. Also their product lines of tracked vechain products is set to expand by x4.

Furthermore theyre are not the only company using Vechain or going to buy Vtho from Oceanex.

Lastly you seem a little triggered lad. What's up, im genuinely asking?

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VeChain is attached to the president of China... Litterally its will be the choosen block chain of the worlds biggest economy. Project your vet or oce investment out from 5 years from now or even less... The autocratic president of China is taking meetings with the head of VeChain... It feels reaaal comfy. :)

>> No.14900796


You say that as if its fud. The vechain foundation can and will change the vtho generation rates and transactions cost so the fiat value of the transactions stay the same. Its literally the whole point of this blockchain. Its always been partially centeralised, you can't do this on something like btc or eth and thats why they will never be used commercially.

In increasing vtho generation will keep vtho cheap, it will increase the roi of vet thus giving its holders returns.

Come on lad if this is your idea of fud you disappoint me.

>> No.14900826


Do you still believe this after wallmart, DNV Gl, PWC, Jim Breyer, Vechain being on the San Marino crypton regulations board. Come on lad I thought you were better then that. The evidence of its legitimacy is right in front of you and instead your choosing to stay in your closed minded cocoon.

Like I said this is how people missed xrp, btc and eth. By not looking at whats in front of them. But not of them had these kind of partnerships, and so if you miss this you don't really have an excuse because you chose to stay emotionally invested in whichever shit coins you hold instead of looking at the facts.

>> No.14900838

I'm not Lowai and I can do this all week.

>> No.14900850

>names some random shitcoin with even telling what its for

Top kek

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I love this thread and I’m glad you’re proving all these stinky Linkies wrong. I’m a Vechain holder with 500,000 Vet hoping for $5!

>> No.14900904

Attached is a strong word. They have connections to the chinese goverment sure, but Vechain being taken over by the chinese goverment is impossible. Their registered in singapore, and if this was even a possibility, global companies like DNV GL and PWC wouldn't have put a stake in vechain and would not use them. Hell even the UN is planning to use them for their carbon credits.

If their was a possibility of being controlled by China none of these partnerships would exist because they would all trust in the vechain system thus making vechain worthless.

The worst the chinese can do is make their own blockchain which they will but that doesnt mean they won't use vechain for somethings.

For example they again the chinese are allowing wallmart china to use Vechain even though its decentralised. It may be one of the chosen blockchains of the chinese but that doesn't mean they control it.

>> No.14900918 [DELETED] 

I've been putting as much as I can in regularly but I only have 200k vet and 200k oce.

>> No.14900933

I'm a poorfag. I have half of your vet stack but i do have a substantial oce stack and planning to buy more oce after cashing out my qnt link gains to breakeven

>> No.14901101

Something else that is interesting is vechain is so sure of vet that they are buying back 25 million dollars worth of it. At these prices its a steal but it shows how confident they are.

If Vechain was a chink scam like most commonly referred to here they would be pumping and dumping. They didn't even announce the wallmart partnership, wallmart did it themselves.

Take for example Link (no offence linkies,I am a linky too although sold a lot of my stack close to the top at 4.10$ to buy back lower ), Link is dumping 700k a week. Now I would understand taking some for development costs but they have dumped much more then it looks like they would need. Vechain is doing the opposite meaning they have enough development funds to last them years and they have enough to buy back that much vet. They seem very confident.

On a unrelated the link dumping coupled with sergey seeming bullish which is out of character, makes me a little suspicious he may be trying to exit scam. The red flags are all there. But then you remember he is partnered with swift and microsoft and you know they would be more careful then to partner with a scammer.

Its the same with vechain, you call them a chink scam but look at the facts. They are working with reputable companies, DNV GL, UN, Wallmart China, BMW is their client, PWC. Why would these companies partner and spend that much effort and money on a chinkscam (Wallmart spent a million building the infastructure to track their products using Vechain). They wouldn't. They must see something in Vechain and by extenstion oceanex since they are so closely intertwined.

>> No.14901165

Jesus this thread is fucking retarded.

There is no incentive to hold VET. None. It was one of the worst performing too 50 coins of 2018 and 2019. People realized long ago the token holders are financing this company for free and getting nothing for it.

China's growth has slowed toa crawl and the endless scam of vechain never seems to end, particularly their new "buyback" using the token holders money and the scammy fucking stablecoin they're proposing.

Seriously keep this chink trash off this board and go back to pleddit where you belong.

>> No.14901285

Because of the way vechain is designed (sorry if this has turned into a bit of a vet shill thread but whats good for vet is good for oce), it won't have the scaling issues btc or eth has.

It was doing a million transactions the other day, it was using 0.04% of its total capacity, fees were still consistent at 0.02$ lower then btc and eth even though they do less transactions then vechain. The reason Vechain is so scalable is because it allows you to put a bunch of transactions into one single clause making it cheaper overall and more efficient. This is the future of blockchain.

Objectively speaking btc is a shitcoin because its too slow to function as a currency and now all its value is from being used as trading pair and the brand recognition and maybe in the future as a collecters token. Obviously just because it can't do what it was designed doesn't mean its worthless, but it is useless for what it was designed to do. It had 10 years and couldn't evolve.

Now vechain has the advantage in this because its partially centralised they can add new features easily. For example they added a feature so instead of the user paying the transaction fee with Vtho, you can defer the transaction fee to another acount by paying that account with the token your currently transacting. Then the account that recieves your token pays your transaction fee with vthor.

This is perfect for normies and will make it easier for them to use since they dont need to deal with so many tokens.

For example i want to send link somewhere, but i don't have vtho and im too much of a normie to figure out how to get some. So i send this link to wherever i want it to go and this transaction fee is deducted from my link (0.02$) and sent to a third party address who then pays for my my transaction for Vtho (also costing 0.02$) in exchange for that 0.02$ of link the normie sent.

This can't be done on btc oreth because its too decentralised and inflexible making them unlikely to be used commercially

>> No.14901290

>Why would these people partner with a chink scam?

Because they are not getting scammed moron. You are.

Authority nodes are given out for free. It's allowed all those companies to do blockchain testing a very low cost, because you're fucking financing it lmao. These companies love vechain for it. They're giving away free shit.

Meanwhile the foundation dumps millions per quarter to pay for lavish globetrotting lifestyles while vechain insiders pocket money from trash coins like mustang cum and fagbet.

Generating VTHO is a fucking gimmick to trick you into thinking you're being rewarded for holding, yet the charts clearly show the rate of VTHO generation always surpasses the supply. Because it's centralized trash that they can control whenever they want. That's why it's worthless.

Unless you bought VET before December, 2017, you have lost money. The Reddit admins are even aware of the scale of the scam, and routninely try to subvert it to discourage people from losing their money.

Don't you think if VET was an actual threat vitalik or BTC holders or almost anyone would say something?!

It's a fucking SCAM. That's why. They don't even want it associated with them.

>> No.14901310

>39 posts by this idea

Tell us your Reddit name. It's gotta.be stockton_slap209.

>> No.14901368

In 2018 it was still in its building stages. The marketing and bull run fucked every coin but I admit vechain did get screwed harder then the others.

Its still in its building stage in 2019 but we are also seeing some solutions they made being used such as tracking wines for DNV GL and of course Wallmart.

The token holders are not financing anything for free, but companies were/are paying vechain for the gas initially for two reasons. The reasons being because it was still a proof of concept and they were demoing how it would work, and it being small scale would mean it didnt need much Vtho. The second reason being ocean ex hadn't been created yet so there was no way to buy Vtho

Now as transactions have been ramping up vtho has been bought from the open market by companys like wallmart and MyStory from token holders like me and you. Its only been small amounts such as 50 million here and there but its happening and will increase as the weeks or months go on.

What's chinas growth got to do with anything. Vechain is working with companies over the world theyre not reliant on China.

Lad how can a stable coin be scammy. Come on stop debating with emotion for a second and lets speak in facts. Your acting like an absolute tard.

>> No.14901387

Also the incentice to hold vet will be the return of interest in the form of Vethor which will increase as Vethor generation rates are increased whilst staying at the price of 0.02$. Yes its taken us a while to get here but companies are finally buying it off the open market as said beforr

>> No.14901422

Your chink scam will never be worth more than 500 million in marketcap because the foundation dumps on retail investors like you

>imagine missing yet another Bitcoin moon

>> No.14901446

>but companies are finally buying it off the open market as said beforr

Price that you stupid fag. You can't.

>> No.14901511

Oceanex is where all the vechain bagholders are going anon. I wouldn’t call them smart money.
The current positions based on IQ are:
135+: LINK
125-135: RSR
120-125: VIDT
115-120: LIT
90-120: BTC
xx-90: LINK

>> No.14901517

Companies paid however much vet the authority nodes were worth to the foundation. Obviously your financing it, thats what the ico is for. Companies testing Vechain at a low cost is a positive. They see Vechain meets their needs and that blockchain helps their business, so they then decide to expand that proof of concept to their whole business which costs Vethor and which they buy off oce
The foundation had to pay for this somehow, but its got to the point where DNV GL and PWC are full on shilling vechain to all their clients because Vechain have proved themselves.
Dbet was originally on eth and moved to vet. Nothing to do with vechain foundation. Its like cryptokitties and nothings wrong with that.

Mustangchain details aren't even released yet so i can really comment on that
Generating vtho isn't a gimmick, like I said above the generation has passed the burn rate but the gap is slowly closing especially in the past month. In another month we should officially pass the burn rate
Its centralised but only partially, they had to do this to maintain a degree of control so they could add new features like the one mentioned two comments back. However they still adhere to a set of guidelines set for themselves, and they won't start doing whatever they want because then Vechain will be worthless due to not being trustworthy. All the work theyve done so far will be for nothing.
Yes we all lost money in january I will give you that one but the whole bull market crashed so it wasnt just vechain who lost money.
Okay lad about the reddit admins. They are fucking terrified of Vechain. Did you see that thread were they literally had pinned messages of all that fud of vechain. The reddit admins didn't do that for EOS which is more centralised, they didn't do it for verge or tron. But they did it for vechain, why else would it be other then fear
If they did that for every one of the most obvious scam coins like listed above then you would have a point. But they didnt

>> No.14901535

Btc and eth call everything a scam. Even nano which is superior to btc as a currency. The only thing that will persuade them is a high marketcap.

>> No.14901542


Kek this made me chuckle.
And yours is probably iboughtvenatthetop123.

>> No.14901549

Apart from instead of dumping they're literally buying 25mil$ off the open market.

>> No.14901577

Last week they bought 50 million vtho off the open market. More then what is generated in one day. Current price is 0.0015. Thats 75 000$ worth. This was probably wallmart, one company, only in like 10 store of 300, expanding product lines from 25 to a hundred by eoy. This is just the beginning faggot

>> No.14901627

Lit seems to be shilled by discord trannies. Vidt is a shitcoin. I agree with you about all the vet bagholders going to oce. But they're not the smart money im referring to.

I was referring to all corporations who would use it for buying vtho, crypto funds and normies who would use it to sell their carbon credits.

>> No.14901710

Coinbase have been the leading exchange for years yet they've done nothing for crypto in a regulatory sense.
Oceanex (which has only existed for like 10 months) and vechain have managed to help pass laws and are in the process of passing more. They've done more for crypto in that sense then coinbase ever has.

>> No.14901730

Man, just look at their website, instant eye cancer.

like seriously ..

>> No.14901744

>48 posts by this ID
always cute when Boomer marketeers take the wrong exit and land on 4chan and are red flagging what they shill for all eternity

>> No.14901767

I use the app or mobile version of the site, they don't seem to bad.

>> No.14901776

Shit I've been rumbled

>> No.14902015

Your fud is weak guys. I've got better fud right here for link. All of you should kys

>> No.14902259 [DELETED] 


>> No.14902684

>52 posts by this id
this is very clearly some retard pajeet from the dev team. nobody else would be this autistically motivated
stay away

>> No.14903442

Lol, look at the orders and orderbook. Obvious washtrading shit exchange.

>> No.14903453

>we dont need them smart money and institutional investors like wallmart, bmw and those 300 banks xrp signed up with are going to pump this exchange coin way way past the fucking moon

I stopped reading here, you're fucking delusional.

>> No.14903497

this, kys OP

>> No.14904218

Stop, no ones buying your bag

>> No.14905076

>imagine thinking this
Absolute kek

>> No.14905115

Yes I am apart from the fact one of the companies producing some of the large transactions on mainnet has already bought 50 million gas from the open fucking market. If you think im deluded at this point you're beyond help. This buying gas from an open market shit is right on the verge of becoming a daily thing

>> No.14905159

Go back to your telegram group Laowai

>> No.14905203

Most of Its api trading, it doesnt show up on the orderbook. They probably did this to help keep price consistent across exchanges. Yes it seems a little suspect, but they have to do this for now, that will all change soon when the big customers arrivem. Also it now has bigger vet volume then binance,

>> No.14905260

I'm already in profit faggot.

>> No.14905272

>Has to parrot another faghots fud as he doesn't have any of his own.


>> No.14905507

Lick my nuts Rajesh

>> No.14905617

>api trading
LOL, that's washtrading under a different name you delusional faggot.

>> No.14905660

Everyone does api trading you faggot. Binance, kuckoin fucking everyone. That means every shithead of an exchange washtrades.

>> No.14905676

Correct. There is also washtrading on binance and kucoin.Oceanex is just a shittier version of it.

>> No.14905742

Like I said when things were on the verge of when things start ramping up and the big boys come out to play. The kind of volume it will eventually bring will put binance to shame

>> No.14905754

Faggots. This is your last olive branch. This is a direct quote from DNV GL, one of the largest companies on earth spanning globally. If they are this bullish on vet and by extension OceanEx. What's your excuse.

Q: Why did you choose VeChainThor Blockchain?
I’d like to call it an “inevitable coincidence.”
DNV GL is a global enterprise that focuses on delivering trust and is dedicated to creating commercial values and achieving mass adoption while VeChain is born with the mission of promoting blockchain adoption and “Creating Valuable Transactions”. With shared value and vision, it’s natural for the two to come together.
Here’s the story behind our cooperation. About three or four years ago, the headquarters of DNV GL and its office in China, through their own channels, both contacted VeChain with an intention to form a partnership. But they had no idea that they were actually in contact with the same company. Both claimed confidently, “We found a terrific blockchain company eligible for cooperation.” To persuade the other side that they’ve picked a better one, the two parties had an in-depth discussion and only to find out that they’ve chosen the same company. And so, the process following that went smoothly and DNV GL decided to establish a strategic partnership and invest in VeChain

>> No.14905821
File: 247 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190721_174547.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A corporation said this. A fortune 500 company. They look at Vechain and see a fucking unicorn shitting rainbows. These niggas know more about the industry then you do. This is the Corporation equivalent of Amazon picking a blockchain and using it to track their products.

Because of DNV GL, ALL THE MAIN PEOPLE in the corporate side of things know Vechains name. They re literally having to turn corporations away because they are so high in demand. They have a huge backlog because all the big boys want in, obviously they're addressed this all last year by expanding globally and are starting to meet the demand.

Look at the image. So corporate faggot is shilling vechain right now.

>> No.14905938
File: 658 KB, 1004x705, CREAM China Hustle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14905949

>out of date memes

Top kek

>> No.14906017
File: 35 KB, 500x383, 24DFE635-84D4-4314-97A9-9D5EE60D313C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is that your way of trying to scare us Linkie?

>> No.14906044

No replies because there’s no FUD, you don’t need to convince anyone here Anon. They’re all filling their bags

>> No.14906082

It worked. Im shitting my pants right now. I've been Vechinked along with every other Billion dollar company partnered with them. Kek.

Honestly lads I expected better fud. Not last years memes.

>> No.14906186


>> No.14906386

Cope harder, delusional bagholder. How did it feel to get CHINKED?

>> No.14906407

now at 60sat....150 sat in coming moths

>> No.14906449

After fiat pairing, the big companies will have easy access to buy vtho. Coupled with upcoming regulations that allow them to hold crypto, i reckon at least 600 in a few weeks to a few montha

>> No.14907159

This is like getting in on amazon at the ground floor. Vechain are in talks with ibm to create a collaboration between their private chain and vets public chain. All the technical side is completed its just the agreement that needs to be kinked out

>> No.14907898

It felt really bad. My money has gone 5x from ico with oce. Gonna do 10x in next couple weeks. Feels bad man

>> No.14908534

When you see oce moons and that you had a solid opportunity to make it, remember this thread.

>> No.14908765

Which means Vechain will also moon!

>> No.14908943

2000 Sats if everything goes according to plan

>> No.14909607

They have a symbotic relationship. Vechain needs oce to suceed but if the worst comes to worst oce can succeed without vet. But like i said they're the most solid projects in crypto at this point.

>> No.14910369

Vechain Maybe 500 sats at most eoy. But 2000 would be more 20/21

>> No.14910532


>> No.14911035

You have the IQ of an Indian chimp, pajeet. Die poor.

>> No.14911264

Have you taken your meds today? Show me on the doll where Sunny touched you

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