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24 Hour Volume is now at $3 981 122 USD

It was at $5M two days ago, at $10M on monday, at $20M.

Don't go near that shit.

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*at $20M two weeks ago

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thx for keeping us updated ;)

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thats actually bullish retard. Sellers dry out

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Sell wall is coming down. Dont buy into this fud. Buy in ONE and 1000x your money

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the level of low effort fud in this

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ONE is my most comfy coin stack rn...this shit is gonna x20 easily

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Its cause the fool hasnt accumulated enough yet and things fud will give them more time. Joke on them. It wont.

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Easy 100x. 20x is baby play.

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Just bought 3k ONE. How fucked am I?

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you're gonna 100x your rupees. so youre good from my perspective

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You think this will hit 1.40usd?

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I think it will hit $2

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Will I make it with 246k ONE?

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Easy buy now so you dont have to made the biggest mistake in your life again

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yeah, like Sentinel last summer

Went from 0,013 to 0.00000013, bullish as fuck, lol.


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harmony is legit as fuck project. why pick a failed project to compare?

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what about the fake resumes of the team?
what about the failed tests?
what about coinbase refusing to list it?

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legit as fuck abahhahabahahavrbdkdknahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha

all brown people should die

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Do you just imagine fake news in your head and write your imaginations?

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>what about coinbase refusing to list it?
Sauce on this? Because it's literally been a month and a half.

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the fuck are you even talking about? All points are completely made up

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btw, i'm comparing it to sentinel because the begining looks exactly the same price-wise and volume-wise to Sentinel one year apart. It never pumped.

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Its not even close to the samething. This is a white chad coin. Man up and buy in.

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Why is every Harmony thread filled with poor delusional moonboys? This shit will never see $.10 let alone $1 you fucking losers.

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Okay dipshit.

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Enjoy your btc loses.

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You deserve jail without trial. "All brown people should die" is the most despicable comment I've read. Do you wake up in the morning looking forward to writing racial slurs?

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Yes this isnt pol you scum bag

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If it scales, which it has. it will hit those levels easily.

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Harmony is the One

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There are already tons of platforms that can scale. It means nothing. Here is Zilliqa's chart.

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meh, is this the best you have?

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hahaha many very speedy

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Data and fact are better then 3 fake news lol low IQ

evil Pajeet or jealous burger?

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man I can't wait to laugh at all of you once harmony reaches 1$

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