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>Accumulate ETH and LINK
>Stake on normiebase when staking services are live
>Get coinbase debit card
>Live indefinitely off staking gains

Anything wrong with this plan?

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Don't keep everything in one place. Other than that it would be cool.

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Not your keys, not your crypto

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new plan

>Manage nodes myself or through various services
>Load up crypto debit service with bot running periodically
>Live indefinitely off staking gains

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A good idea if you bought 1,000+ ETH under $10, or 100,000 Link under 25 cents. Anything above that, or less than that amount, you won't be able to live on it.

Buy PNK if you want similar gains / plan and hold to a 200M market-cap.

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Run your own staking nodes. Hold almost all of your savings in DAI deposited to Compound (currently earning 16.31% interest, faggot).

Get a DAI debit card or periodically send some of it to your bank account.

Literally live like a king.

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I have 800 ETH, 65K LINK

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then you can't do what you said because coinbase wont let you

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>anything above that

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explain yourself

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need 100k link

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Where can I find this info?

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Nowhere. People here are talking out of their asses. There is no info available concerning staking rewards.

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Not true at all

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Except for if shit hits the fan and the crypto you're invested in crashes for whatever reason

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That's the risk, though that's the risk I'm currently shouldering right now carrying these bags. I'd like to think that risk would lessen over time.

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>>Live indefinitely off staking gains
>Anything wrong with this plan?
This part.

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You need $1,000,000 worth of token to stake on coinbase. No particular number of token.


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so 1k LINK should be sufficient then

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Stop buying 2017 or pre shitcoins. Stop making whales rich by buying their bags. Buy UND. Wait for Binance.

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So what gains are we even going to see from staking?
Like if LINK SOMEHOW does $1000 my 3.8k linklet stack would be 3.8 million dollars. How much money would I get from staking?

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That depends on how much demand there is for data from various smartcontracts etc. It's complicated, but in a growth phase where smartcontracts are getting adopted, I'd say the yearly ROI could be like 30% even. That will get more lower and stable as others see such a huge ROI and start running nodes as well. At $1000 I'd say it will be like 12% max, but then again the derivatives market is like 1.4 quadrillion so there is still a lot of room to grow which means the ROI might be higher as well.

It's really fucking complicated, but Serg said we're gonna make it next month so don't worry about it.

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XSN, bro. It's like 10 cents a coin right now, a masternode will cost you around 1.5k. in terms of staking potential I'm convinced it'll be the new DASH.
Read this then TRY not to invest, you're incapable, you need this, msternodes are addictive, watching those free coins roll in is so satisfying.


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