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Where my boys at?

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I made a file to explain why reserve is better than other stablecoins

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2M RSRetard reporting in. Been doing my duty FUDing all day, it's hard work desu

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You're doing kek's work
Topping up my stack to 5 mil thanks to your efforts

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rumor is project has been abandoned.. even if its not $300m dollars are unlocked in 4 months time

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Godspeed anons, keep up the good work.

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1mil goon reporting 4 duty.

iron hands win the long game.

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700k Selling 20% at 4 cents

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Only 1.1M bag here. I’m just worried I’m not gonna make it.

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You discord shills keep fuddinf your own positions and I'm gonna go nuclear on uou

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Shut up and post the Hannahs. It's literally all you faggots are good for.

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Sergeant Major reporting in, sir

Thank you, great friend

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We need 3 more weeks of this

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Why shill this while it’s down? Anons only buy the tops.
t. Unironically bagholding

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im just a fucking private, kill me please

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Sergeant major reporting here. $1 EOY. We all in this together.

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Keep buying private. You still have couple months to accumulate.

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Today is the last day of accumulation.

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Nevin is Saj 2.0, like literally, with his disappearing act. And rsr will be delisted from idex next month.

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Why would it be delisted from idex? Also, how has Nevin disappeared?

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>Why would it be delisted from idex?
They will ban US based projects that don't allow US citizens to buy.
>Also, how has Nevin disappeared?
Have you heard from Nevin since his so-called "update" about the roadmap? They don't seem to know what they are doing, pivoting from one thing to another.

Also, I would RUN from any project that does ZERO marketing. Every single one that claimed "the project speaks for itself and markets itself" turned out to be duds run by assholes who aren't willing to spend a cent on marketing - another commonality with Sparkster. Lack of marketing is a red flag because a. Shows a complete disregard for the community b. Something might be amiss. I bet you there's nothing to show, they have been sitting on their asses doing nothing.

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>responding to nigger-tier fud

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Listen up you fucks. I'm a Lieutenant Colonel in the RSRmy and i didn't get here fudding my way to the bottom. I market bought top just like everyone one of you normies.

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Can you stop with this Discord group shill, it's embarrassing AF. Are you the guys who would do the Forkdelta scam too? Sounds familiar.

If you want gains that aren't cucked by paid shills, buy Trustverse, and join the new Asian global elite. with china back in the game, it's just a matter of time.

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>Burger Based
>Team is genuinely interested in overcoming this particular challenge
>Team actually understands the problem and what the long term and large scale advantages of the tech can be
>Making sure they stay within all regulations
>Hits all the buzzwords
>Backed by Peter Thiel, Jack Selby, and Coinbase
>Its success will be what we needed cryptocurrency to be all along
>Is everything Libra isn't

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Brainlet here. What exchange can I find this on?

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Go to CMC and click on the Markets tab. IDEX, Huobi, or some other shitsites.

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Discord trannies fudding their own hold. Why though? It's so transparent, and the fud levels are so retarded. If you really wanted to keep 4chin/reddit/twitter out, you'd just say nothing. Fudding on 4chins is equal to shilling on plebbit.

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Algorithmic stablecoins are subject to catastrophic failure by making false assumptions
Interesting choice of language. Could you expand on this? False assumptions regarding what, market trends?

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>$300m dollars are unlocked in 4 months time

Redpill me on this FUD.

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Totally false.
Private investor tokens and the minority of the team's tokens will be unlocked once main net is fully launched (and RSR can be used to earn arb profits). This might happen in a few months because development is ahead of schedule.
The remaining tokens (50%+) are locked in the slow wallet. If the team wants to withdraw from this wallet they need to give one month's notice (controlled by a smart contract), so we can see way in advance if they are planning to dump.
The slow wallet makes it impossible for the team to dump on you without warning.

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>Private investor tokens and the minority of the team's tokens

So how much do each of these amount to?

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Yes. They are basically assuming market does A and goes B. Most of these coins have been abandoned or are low end projects because you will get rekt scaling them.


Go to 44:30 and watch for 10 minutes

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DYOR, it's on their blog, white paper, etc.

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Is it over soon? Will we see even one more pump?

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It was over before it even started. The shittiest huobi ieo that barely pumped. Get out now while there are still dumb buyers.

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>3 posts by this ID

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Specialist here
Im sitting on about 500 ripple, should I sell my ripple bags for rsr? The memes are somethjng else bros, should I do it?

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It's getting sad Anon.

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Dont all in but I would pick RSR over XRP. Do some research

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They in your pic, faggot.

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I remember reading 16.5% somewhere but could be mistaken. Can probably figure it out from etherscan. Top 40 wallets are contracts / devs / exchanges.

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>tfw no insignia for 30m holders.

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>tfw when someone says tfw then doesn't post a face

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So? Point to one thing I've said that isn't true. You are either naive or dishonest on purpose. Everyone fucking knows that zero marketing is the kiss of death. If rsv and the app are so great why aren't they letting the world know about it? Your shitcoin has broken support and is in a downward spiral while the CEO is sitting on his backside relaxed and not delivering.

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Must accumulate more

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>Everyone fucking knows that zero marketing is the kiss of death. If rsv and the app are so great why aren't they letting the world know about it?


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>So? Point to one thing I've said that isn't true.
Most of your statements are your prediction of what will happen (delisting, pump finished, etc.). Those can't be disproved today, but I've capped your comments so we can point and laugh at you when they are proven wrong.
>They will ban US based projects that don't allow US citizens to buy.
Coinbase owns equity in Reserve, and specifically insisted on getting equity rather than tokens. Why did they do this? Because it leaves the door open to listing RSR on Coinbase. The team has former SEC staff advising them. Try and think a few moves ahead anon.
>They don't seem to know what they are doing, pivoting from one thing to another.
The project has not changed direction. They swapped the order of two deliverables on the roadmap, bringing forward the RSR/RSV interaction that actually provides the value for this token.
>Also, I would RUN from any project that does ZERO marketing.
Chainlink has done zero marketing and we would all be happy with LINK-like gains. I bet you think Tron is a great example of marketing.
They have no need to market to investors as they do not need further funding. They will start marketing their app to its intended user base once it is launched.
>Shows a complete disregard for the community
No, it shows that this is a serious business rather than a shitty pump and dump.
The facts that the team changed the roadmap to provide earlier value to token holders, and have locked their tokens in the slow wallet, demonstrate the team have the community's interests front of mind.

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You'll find out soon enough it's all fluff. There is nothing in the pipeline, no development hence the constant delays. No clear goals they don't even know what they are doing.

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Thanks for caring about our wealth anon, now fuck off.

That being said: after the shitstorm received by Libra, keeping low profile while working with merchants (remember, the app is not public but it is used) proves the team is smart and knows EXACTLY whet they are doing, and they are helping killing Libra and not the other way around.

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>5 posts by this ID

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Schloppy the fud is getting pretty low quality...

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I'll get to it tomorrow. Having a hard time finding high res military officer logo pngs

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100 000 000 000 RSR

why are you shilling this?

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Because it's the same fucked up tokenomics XRP had when it was .03 cents with better backing

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>He doesn't know

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this is honestly why I'm bullish on Sntvt. The team is pushing marketing a lot to the right people. Lots of Twitter and youtube influncers on board. RSR marketing is done on biz, which is not normie money. normie money will go to Sntvt because of Twitter and Youtube

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Just bought 100k

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Also, low effort fud. Wasted get.

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I hope we all make it
I went out and got drunk last night
And now im hungover contemplating life
I hope we can all quite our jobs

I appreciate the FUDers giving is more time to accumulate
I dont care what coin your in... lets escape this fucking rat race

We are in this together

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>only 3.8 billion in circulation
>burn rate higher than xrp
>token arbitrage with RSR RSV swap
>major silicon valley backers
>de-risked leveraged short on tether
>provides a decentralized stablecoin arena for a decentralized oracles that interface with SWIFT
Hop in!

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>literally the stablecoin that backs 2020 ETH 2.0/ LINK mainnet
>absolutely zero attention or interest from /biz

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Count me in bois
Just got 687k

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Good job. Welcome aboard Staff Sergeant.

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Thanks. Im enjoying the meme quality of RSR memes. There’s something luxurious about minimalistic B/W memes.

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It's because we'll all have the cash to fuck models in classy 1950s Italian fashion magazine environments

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Did the team do any more interviews with furries?
Imagine putting more than a suicide stack on this project.

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whats the best exchange for americans to buy this on

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- the devs don't know if it will works
- libra will take 99.9% of the stablecoin market
- 97% of the tokens are unlocking in 4 months, which were bought for half the price it is now (making marketcap over 300 million = dump 90%)
- governments will ban it
- rumor is devs abandoned project
- thiel never invested. he was given free tokens. same goes for all other "investors"

have fun getting delisted

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Based trips

Spoken like a true RSR chad

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>97% of the tokens are unlocking in 4 months,
Weak fud that has already been debunked in this post.
>governments will ban it
Vintage 2011 BTC fud.
>rumor is devs abandoned project
Your uncle who works at nintendo told you right? Oh shit I better sell.
>thiel never invested
More hot tips from your uncle?

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Get some on Idex before KYC on 24th then hold

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Am i aboard the RSR train?

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small stack. gonna be 200k EUR in a few weeks

>> No.14889283

Ok mate time to throw more money on this project

>> No.14889305

50% RSR 50% FTM all-in, 0% BTC. All or nothing in 1 year.

>> No.14889326

I'm fully on board RSR but that's a bit too optimistic for near term barring alt szn, I'd put 5-10 cents as a reasonable target for late august

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Why do you guys keep speaking this nonsense?

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i was the fudder. i rebought. it's not going any lower. looks like it's going to pump to 5200

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Sergeant Major reporting for duty!

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app + rsv is launching within the next 50 days.. it will get global media attention.. media will compare it to libra.. price of rsr will pump

libra won't be out of years. reserve has first mover advantage.

100-1000x potential over 8-10 years

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Increase both Anon! Target 500k RSR and 1000 Link. You will make in 2 years.

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tfw means "that feel when", not "that face when". You've legitimately convinced me that you aren't from /biz/, which really worries me.

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why are we downwards pumping

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this girl is a jailbait.. you see her photos and you think she's she's under 18.

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Seems to be back under chinkbot control on Huobi... needs a new exchange

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That is absolutely true. People will also realize that RSR is decentralized compared to Libra, controlled by few private companies.

>> No.14893030

This is the last 1000x coin remaining in crypto.

>> No.14893166

>This is the last 1000x coin remaining in crypto.
>That is absolutely true. People will also realize that RSR is decentralized compared to Libra, controlled by few private companies.

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I am still accumulating. 1 millions so far. Hope it doesn’t moon in couple weeks as I am waiting for my next paycheck.

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